Joice, Iowa
1930 Census

Census taken by Clara Otterstad during the month of April, 1930.

Listed by head of household followed by household members and relationship.

Population: 225


Name                    Relationship    Age     Birthplace      Race    Imm.Year        Occupation

Leman A Johnson         Head            28      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Gudrun Johnson          Wife            25      Norway                  1921
Theoline Johnson        Mother          65      Iowa
Alfred Brecke           Farm Hand       20      Iowa            White                   Farm worker
James Dahlby            Head            41      Wisconsin       White                   Farmer
Viola Dahlby            Wife            36      Wisconsin
Helen V Dahlby          Daughter        10      Wisconsin
Harold J Dahlby         Son             7       Wisconsin
Walter Thompson         Farm Hand       21      Iowa            White                   Farm worker
Palmer Medlang          Head            26      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Alice T Medlang         Wife            26      Iowa
Vernell A Medlang       Son             3       Iowa
Delores P Medlang       Daughter        0       Iowa
Elmer Almelein          Farm Hand       25      Iowa            White                   Laborer

Thomas C Carlson        Head            32      Iowa            White                   Barber
Mary 0 Carlson          Wife            35      Iowa
Mary C Carlson          Daughter        2       North Dakota

Bjorgo B Aasland        Head            72      Norway          White   1856            Laborer
Brita Aasland           Wife            77      Norway                  1860
Byron Aasland           Grandson        20      Iowa                                    None

Ole Haugo               Head            53      Norway          White   1884            Laborer
Thora Haugo             Mother          78      Norway                  1884
Saave Haugo             Brother         31      Iowa                                    Odd jobs

Caroline Haroldson      Head            53      Iowa            White                   None
Clara T Evans           Daughter        30      Iowa            White
Thomas H Evans          Son-in-law      37      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Arden C Evans           Grandson        12      Iowa
Agnes C Evans           Granddaughter   8       Iowa
Cecil B Evans           Grandson        4       Iowa
Beverly A Evans         Granddaughter   0       Iowa

John H Bang             Head            45      Iowa            White                   Retail merchant
Oline J Bang            Wife            43      Iowa
Hubert P Bang           Son             17      Iowa
Marjorie E Bang         Daughter        16      Iowa
J Donovan Bang          Son             9       Iowa

Jens Hagen              Head            45      Norway          White   1902            Buttermaker
Elizabeth S Hagen       Wife            35      Minnesota
Bernice A Hagen         Daughter        19      Minnesota                               Bank bookkeeper
Hubert E Hagen          Son             14      Iowa
Julian E Hagen          Son             11      Iowa
Norman A Hagen          Son             8       Minnesota
Vernon B Hagen          Son             3       Iowa
Earl R Hagen            Grandson        1       Iowa

Ludwig M Kleppe         Head            60      Norway          White   1890            Lutheran pastor
Louise H Kleppe         Wife            56      Wisconsin
Virginia F Kleppe       Daughter        10      Iowa

Tena Egan               Head            77      Iowa            White                   None           
Marnie Egan             Daughter        48      Iowa
Arthur Paulson          Head            27      Iowa            White                   Truck driver
Mabel J Paulson         Wife            26      Iowa
Robert L Paulson        Son             5       Iowa
Inez I Paulson          Daughter        3       Iowa

George C Rowe           Head            68      Illinois        White                   Truck farmer
Lizzie H Rowe           Wife            69      Ohio

Christ M Holm           Head            32      Denmark         White   1919            Oil salesman
Mabel E Holm            Wife            25      Missouri
John N Holm             Son             2       Iowa

Emil M Iverson          Head            44      Iowa            White                   Electric salesman
Mabel D Iverson         Wife            38      Iowa
Elmo M Iverson          Adopted Son     7       Iowa

Theodore Anderson       Head            58      Minnesota       White                   Grain elevator worker
Tilda Anderson          Wife            59      Iowa
Frances Anderson        Daughter        23      Iowa                                    Bank stenographer

Louis L Skutle          Head            54      Illinois        White                   Mail carrier
Laura L Skutle          Wife            55      Wisconsin
Bernice Skutle          Daughter        25      Iowa

Anna D Evenson          Head            53      Iowa            White                   None
Abner E Evenson         Son             8       Iowa
John Paulson            Lodger          42      Iowa            White                   Band cashier

Effie Cunningham        Head            43      Iowa            White                   None
Margarett Cunningham    Daughter        18      Minnesota
Edith Mostrom           Daughter        17      Minnesota       White
Clifford Mostrom        Son-in-law      28      Iowa                                    Odd jobs
Lois C Mostrom          Granddaughter   1       Iowa
Margaret Mostrom        Granddaughter   0       Minnesota
William Cunningham      Son             7       Minnesota
Oscar H Aamodt          Boarder         35      Iowa            White                   Auto salesman

Samuel R Torgerson      Head            37      Iowa            White                   Bank cashier
Emma D Torgerson        Wife            38      Iowa
Dean N Torgerson        Son             3       Minnnesota

Theoline Trustem        Head            41      Iowa            White                   None
Julia Lee               Mother          87      Norway          White   1870

Carl A Granskou         Head            32      Wisconsin       White                   Bank cashier
Mandy G Granskou        Wife            30      Wisconsin
Layne G Granskou        Son             8       Wisconsin

Alfred Aasland          Head            50      Iowa            White                   Odd jobs
Lena Aasland            Wife            48      Iowa
Lizzie Hiemdal          Mother-in-law   80      Norway          White   1868
Ole C Johnson           Lodger          51      Wisconsin       White                   Laborer

Martin P Reinsmoen      Head            73      Norway          White   1868            None
Kaia Reinsmoen          Wife            61      Norway

Fred L Suby             Head            61      Minnesota       White                   None
Annie Suby              Wife            59      Iowa

Tollef T Rinden         Head            71      Norway          White   1917            None
Guro T Rinden           Wife            75      Norway                  1917

Dora Amundson           Head            50      Iowa            White                   Store clerk
Johanna Amundson        Sister          45      Iowa                                    Dressmaker
Amma Amundson           Brother         48      Iowa                                    Odd jobs
Sigri Amundson          Mother          80      Norway                  1871            None

Otto Calgaard           Head            66      Norway          White   1890            None
Oliana Calgaard         Wife            72      Norway                  1866      1866
Minnie Calgaard         Daughter        34      Iowa

Clarence Bang           Head            43      Wisconsin       White                   Store clerk
Lulu Bang               Wife            37      Wisconsin
Amos Bang               Son             15      Iowa
Myrtle Bang             Daughter        11      Iowa

Ernest Arneson          Head            37      Iowa            White                   Store clerk
Mabel Arneson           Wife            40      Iowa
Evelyn Arneson          Daughter        16      Iowa
Richard Arneson         Son             12      Iowa

Lyle Iverson            Head            36      Iowa            White                   Doctor
Mildred Iverson         Wife            30      Iowa
Phyllis Iverson         Daughter        6       Iowa

Cornelius V Kisner      Head            56      New Jersey      White                   Blacksmith
Lona Kisner             Wife            33      Nebraska
Francis Kisner          Son             9       Iowa

Lyal Randall            Head            35      Iowa            White                   Auto mechanic
Ola Randall             Wife            26      Illinois
Donna Randall           Daughter        4       Iowa
Dixie Randall           Daughter        0       Iowa

Victor H Randall        Head            33      Iowa            White                   Electrician
Gladys Randall          Wife            36      Iowa
Roy Randall             Son             14      Iowa
Lylah Randall           Daughter        11      Montana
Eugene Randall          Son             9       Wisconsin
Wayne Randall           Son             7       Wisconsin
Curtiss Randall         Son             5       Iowa
Lorraine Randall        Daughter        3       Iowa
Kathryn Randall         Daughter        1       Iowa
Inger Bilstad           Head            45      Iowa            White
Helena Honened          Sister          49      Iowa            While

Teman Gordon            Head            43      Iowa            White                   Retail merchant
Hilma Gordon            Wife            40      Iowa
Doris Gordon            Daughter        10      Iowa
Mavis Gordon            Daughter        6       Iowa
Carl Brecke             Lodger          40      Norway          White   1916            Auto salesman

Helen Hanson            Head            50      Wisconsin       White                   None
Ole Sundet              Lodger          85      Norway          White   1884

Sarah Arneson           Head            53      Iowa            White                   None
Thelma Brones           Niece           18      North Dakota    White
Lyle Brones             Nephew          24      Iowa                                    Truck driver
Max B Brones            Grand Nephew    0       Iowa

Sigri Napper            Head            80      Norway          White   1878            None    
Emma Midboe             Lodger          32      Iowa            White                   Saleslady

Nels M Olson            Head            72      Norway          White   1888            None
Ingeborg Olson          Wife            73      Norway                  1871

Arne Arneson            Head            66      Wisconsin       White                   None
Carrie A Arneson        Wife            66      Wisconsin
Julia Wing              Lodger          26      Iowa            White                   School worker
La Vina Brunsvold       Lodger          30      Iowa            White                   Teacher
Emelia Ellingson        Lodger          22      Minnesota       White                   Teacher

Palmer Sorenson         Head            31      Iowa            White                   Railroad worker
Anita D Sorenson        Wife            31      North Dakota
Joel V Sorenson         Son             10      North Dakota
Palmer A Sorenson       Son             2       North Dakota

K Samuel Paulson        Head            59      Wisconsin       White                   Bank president
Christine Paulson       Wife            47      Iowa
Kermit Paulson          Son             20      Iowa
Crystal A Paulson       Daughter        18      Iowa

Theodoe J Florentz      Head            55      Norway          White   1896            Butcher
Ida J Florentz          Wife            47      Iowa
Melvin R Florentz       Son             19      Iowa
Anna M Florentz         Daughter        17      Iowa
Glen A Florentz         Son             15      Iowa
Lloyd G Florentz        Son             13      Iowa

Milo 0 Dahl             Head            25      Iowa            White                   Salesman
Catherine Dahl          Wife            23      Iowa

Will Otto               Head            39      Wisconsin       White                   Drayman
Tressa Otto             Wife            35      Iowa
Delores E Otto          Daughter        10      Iowa
Dorothy I Otto          Daughter        7       Iowa
Helen L Otto            Daughter        5       Iowa
Carl F Otto             Son             3       Iowa
Florence I Otto         Daughter        1       Iowa

Knut Trustem            Head            47      Iowa            White                   Road construction
Gilla Trustem           Wife            44      Iowa
Gladys Trustem          Daughter        18      Iowa
Hubert B Ferris         Head            48      Minnesota       White                   Railroad agent
Gilma D Ferris          Wife            31      Iowa
Velma M Ferris          Daughter        21      Iowa                                    Teacher
Faye A Ferris           Daughter        19      Minnesota
Clifford Wogen          Lodger          25      Iowa            White                   Hardware salesman

Henry Kaasa             Head            41      Iowa            White                   Retail merchant
Clara Kaasa             Wife            37      Iowa
Orin Kaasa              Son             17      Iowa
Fern Kaasa              Daughter        7       Iowa
Burton Aasland          Farm Hand       18      Iowa            White                   Farm worker

Anna Almelien           Head            28      Iowa            White                   Telephone operator
Emma Almelien           Sister          30      Iowa                                    Telephone operator
William B Pascal        Lodger          22      Iowa            White                   Barber

Martin Evans            Head            59      Wisconsin       White                   Retail merchant
Mamie Evans             Wife            49      Iowa
Homer Evans             Son             29      Iowa                                    Drug salesman
Russell Evans           Son             27      Iowa                                    Postmaster
Emerson Evans           Son             10      Iowa
Donald Evans            Son             7       Iowa
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Ancel Gilbertson  Head    28      Wisconsin       White
Ancel Gilbertson        Head            28      Wisconsin       White                   Railroad worker
Hulda Gilbertson        Wife            27      Iowa
Floyd Gilbertson        Son             6       Iowa
Mavis Gilbertson        Daughter        4       Iowa
Knud Klemesrud          Head            25      Iowa            White                   Auto mechanic
Stella Klemesrud        Wife            28      Iowa
Annette Klemesrud       Daughter        0       Iowa

John Reublin            Head            44      Wisconsin       White                   Auto salesman
Ethel Reublin           Wife            41      Wisconsin
Gerald Reublin          Son             14      Wisconsin
Robert Renblin          Son             11      Iowa

Knut Ostford            Head            64      Norway          White   1893            Retail merchant

Syvert Berg             Head            49      Norway          White   1902            Railroad worker
Boletta Berg            Wife            51      Norway                  1902

Charles Abraham         Head            46      Syria           White   1896            Retail mechant
Lena Abraham            Wife            46      Syria
Wadiea Abraham          Son             20      Iowa
George Abraham          Son             17      Iowa
Schafia Abraham         Daughter        14      Iowa
Florence Abraham        Daughter        10      Iowa
Senoma Abraham          Daughter        8       Iowa
Betty J Abraham         Daughter        5       Iowa

Ben Lovik               Head            39      Iowa            White                   Restaurant cook
Threasa Lovik           Wife            35      Norway                  1912
Stanley Lovik           Son             14      Iowa
Norma Lovik             Daughter        12      Iowa
Ruth Lovik              Daughter        9       Iowa
Glennis Kittelson       Lodger          30      Iowa            White                   Implement mechanic      

Harry 0 Gjere           Head            29      Iowa            White                   Cobbler

Source: National Archives Film T626_691, ED 2, Pages 1A, 2A, 3A, 1B & 2B

Transcribed by Gordon Felland, 12/18/2004 (revised 3/18/2005)