Hartland Township, Worth County, Iowa
1930 Census


Census taken by Alfred J. Johnson during the month of April, 1930.

Listed by heads of household followed by household members and relationship.

Population: 555

                                                                        Imm.  Own or 
Name                    Relationship    Age     Birthplace      Race    Year  Rent  Occupation       
Aleck J Lee             Head            59      Iowa            White         Own   Farming                 
Sena Thompson           Niece           27      North Dakota    White
Selma Thompson          Grand Niece     9       North Dakota    White
George Thompson         Granddaughter   6       North Dakota    White
Harlan Thompson         Grand Nephew    4       North Dakota    White

Earnie S Roppe          Head            27      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Elma Roppe              Wife            22      Iowa            White
Dwayne Roppe            Son             5       Iowa
Patricia Roppe          Daughter        2       Iowa

Martin Flatness         Head            66      Norway          White   1885  Own   Farmer
Ida Flatness            Daughter        34      Iowa
Alvin Flatness          Son             25      Iowa                                Farm laborer

Willie Swensrud         Head            48      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Nick Aase               Head            32      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Cora Aase               Wife            28      Iowa            White
Neil Aase               Son             4       Iowa
Shirley Aase            Son             2       Iowa
Rudolph Aase            Brother         26      Iowa                                Farm laborer

Andrew I Johnson        Head            69      Minnesota       White         Own   Farming
Lucy Johnson            Wife            51      Iowa            White
Alfred  Johnson         Son             16      Iowa
Ida Johnson             Daughter        14      Iowa
George Johnson          Head            33      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farming
Alice Johnson           Wife            30      Iowa            White
Deverne Johnson         Son             4       Iowa                               
Dorothy Johnson         Daughter        2       Iowa
Anton Johnson           Uncle           40      Minnesota                           Farm laborer

Hilda Gabrielson        Head            56      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Gilbert Gabrielson      Son             35      Iowa            White               Farm laborer
Carl Gabrielson         Son             26      Iowa            White               Farm laborer
Orvin Gabrielson        Grandson        1       Iowa            White
Fanny Gabrielson        Daughter        17      Iowa            White

Clayton Land            Head            28      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Sarah Land              Wife            20      Iowa            White
Tilda Land              Daughter        1       Iowa

Oscar Land              Head            22      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming

Andrew Land             Head            64      Norway          White   1892  Own   Farmer
Anna Land               Daughter        18      Iowa            White
Ora Land                Son-in-law      39      Iowa            White               Farmer
Ida Land                Daughter        35      Iowa            White

Martin J Spilde         Head            42      Minnesota       White         Own   Farmer
Betty Spilde            Wife            42      Iowa            White
Julius  Spilde          Son             14      Iowa            
Marvin Spilde           Son             9       Iowa
Nina Spilde             Daughter        5       Minnesota

Harry M Hilman          Head            29      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farming
Sophie Hilman           Mother          54      Minnesota       White
Clarence Christianson   Head            44      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Clara Christianson      Wife            45      Iowa            White
Klinard Christianson    Son             13      Iowa

Knute Myli              Head            50      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Halgrim Myli            Father          83      Norway          White   1868
Christina Myli          Sister-in-law   38      Iowa            White

Tollef Christianson     Head            65      Norway          White   1866  Own   Carpenter
Mary Christianson       Wife            63      Norway          White   1869
Alice Christianson      Daughter        19      Iowa

Thomas A Johnson        Head            35      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farming
Mabel Johnson           Wife            35      Iowa            White
Wallace Johnson         Son             8       Iowa
Blanche Johnson         Daughter        6       Iowa
Mardell Johnson         Daughter        2 11/12 Iowa
Fern Johnson            Daughter        1 5/12  Iowa
Andrew Mostrom          Hired Man       57      Norway          White   1882        Farm laborer

S Iver Iverson          Head            55      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Jennie Iverson          Wife            50      Iowa            White
Sophie Iverson          Son             26      Iowa
Jay Iverson             Son             23      Iowa
Simon Iverson           Son             17      Iowa
Kermit Iverson          Son             13      Iowa
Ila Iverson             Daughter        10      Iowa

Anton Ringsen           Head            52      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Hannah Ringson          Wife            48      Minnesota       White
Donald Ringsen          Son             17      Iowa

Clarence 0 Reyerson     Head            30      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Lillian  Reyerson       Wife            28      Minnesota       White
C Nels   Hengesteg      Uncle           56      Iowa            White               Carpenter

Owen Christianson       Head            36      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Bertha  Christianson    Wife            37      Iowa            White
Tillman Christianson    Son             8       Iowa
Peter C Nelson          Head            46      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Helmer 0 Larson         Head            33      Minnesota       White         Own   Farming
Minnie Larson           Wife            33      Iowa            White
Lloyd Larson            Son             10      Iowa
Ole H Larson            Father          56      Minnesota       White
Oscar J Baklund         Head            53      Norway          White   1882  Own   Farming
Annatte Baklund         Wife            42      Iowa            White
Alfreda Baklund         Daughter        17      Iowa
Olga Baklund            Daughter        15      Iowa
John C Nelson           Head            41      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Esther Nelson           Wife            38      Minnesota       White
Carl Nelson             Son             14      Minnesota
Clifford Nelson         Son             12      Minnesota
Minnie Nelson           Daughter        10      Minnesota
Jimmie Nelson           Son             8       Minnesota
John Leegaard           Head            40      Minnesota       White         ???   Farmer
Rose Leegaard           Wife            34      Iowa            White
Kenneth Leegaard        Son             12      Minnesota
Ingvold Leegaard        Son             10      Minnesota

Owen A Perkins          Head            58      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Sina Perkins            Wife            51      Iowa            White
Claude Perkins          Son             24      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Maxine Perkins          Daughter        16      Iowa
Lois Perkins            Daughter        9       Iowa
William Perkins         Granddaughter   5       Iowa

Julia Perkins           Head            45      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Melford Perkins         Son             17      Iowa            White
Arnold Perkins          Son             16      Iowa
John Sondrol            Head            37      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Selma Sondrol           Wife            31      South Dakota    White
Gladys Sondrol          Daughter        7       Iowa
Josephine Sondrol       Daughter        2 6/12  Iowa
Oscar Sondrol           Son             0       Iowa

Helmer Anderson         Head            35      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Lena Anderson           Wife            31      Minnesota       White
Harlan Anderson         Son             6       Iowa
Myrtie Anderson         Daughter        4       Iowa
Lillian Anderson        Daughter        3 6/12  Iowa
Lorraine Anderson       Daughter        1 1/12  Iowa

Clarence Mostrom        Head            33      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Gena Mostrom            Wife            29      Iowa            White
Cecil Mostrom           Daughter        7       Iowa
Anna Mostrom            Mother-in-law   66      Wisconsin

Andrew Mehus            Head            44      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Hilma Mehus             Wife            43      Iowa            White
Dianna Mehus            Daughter        13      Iowa
Marjorie Mehus          Daughter        8       Iowa
Elaine Mehus            Daughter        6       Iowa
Martin Mehus            Brother-in-law  48      Iowa            White               Farm laborer        
Elmer Mehus             Nephew          13      Iowa            White

John A Sime             Head            66      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Eliza Sime              Wife            61      Minnesota       White
Alfred Sime             Son             40      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Esther Sime             Daughter        23      Iowa
Evelyn Sime             Daughter        20      Iowa                                Country school teacher

Elmer Sime              Head            27      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Trudy Sime              Wife            23      Minnesota       White

Adolph Sanderson        Head            47      Iowa            White
Alvina Sanderson        Sister          40      Iowa
Julia Sanderson         Mother          84      Norway          White  1880
Gilbert Sanderson       Brother         56      Iowa                                Farm laborer

Orlanda Thompson        Head            46      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farming
Ida Thompson            Wife            40      Iowa            White
Harvey Thompson         Son             8       Iowa
Dean Thompson           Son             7       Iowa
Merrion Thompson        Daughter        4       Iowa
Helen Thompson          Daughter        1       Iowa            White
Julia Thompson          Mother-in-law   62      Norway          White   1878
Gilbert Thompson        No relation     17      Iowa            White               Farm laborer

Ole Kleveland           Head            27      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Agnes Kleveland         Wife            25      Iowa            White
Fravis Kleveland        Son             1       Iowa
Rose Kleveland          Cousin          18      Iowa

Chris Nelson            Head            28      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farming
Mable Nelson            Sister          16      Iowa            White

Andrew Stime            Land lord       60      Iowa            White         Own  

Gilbert Petterson       Head            38      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Elvina Petterson        Wife            32      Minnesota       White
Helena Petterson        Daughter        9       Iowa
Loretta Petterson       Daughter        8       Iowa
Harlin Petterson        Son             6       Iowa
Phyllis Petterson       Daughter        4 1/12  Iowa
Arnold Petterson        Son             2 11/12 Iowa
Marjorie Petterson      Daughter        1 10/12 Iowa
Maynard Petterson       Son             1 10/12 Iowa
Gaylord Petterson       Son             11/12   Iowa

Halvor Enerson          Head            64      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Josephine Enerson       Wife            57      Iowa            White
Ernest Enerson          Son             23      Iowa                                Farm laborer

Carl Nelson             Head            56      Norway          White   1900  Rent  Farming
Olina Nelson            Wife            46      Norway          White   1900
Axel Nelson             Son             25      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Helmer Nelson           Son             23      Iowa                                Road work
Casper Nelson           Son             20      Minnesota
Inez Nelson             Daughter        18      Minnesota
Alfred Nelson           Son             15      Iowa
Clarence Nelson         Son             12      Iowa
Maurice Nelson          Son             10      Iowa
Olaus Espedokken        Head            44      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Henry Mandt             Head            34      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Nora Mandt              Wife            25      Iowa            White
Lucille Mandt           Daughter        4 6/12  Iowa
Norris Mandt            Son             5/12    Iowa

Martin Johnson          Head            65      Illinois        White         Own   Farming
Ada Johnson             Sister          66      Iowa            White
Frank McHenry           Head            34      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Alvina McHenry          Wife            26      Iowa            White
Curtiss McHenry         Son             7       Iowa
Donald MeHenry          Son             5       Iowa
Selmer Bendickson       Head            29      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Gladys Bendickson       Wife            21      Iowa            White
Doris Bendickson        Daughter        2 9/12  Iowa
Clarice Bendickson      Daughter        6/12    Iowa
Anton Petterson         Head            53      Minnesota       White         Own   Farming
Sena Petterson          Wife            53      Iowa            White
Philip Petterson        Relative        13      Nebraska
Ellen Loberg            Head            55      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Albin Loberg            Son             38      Iowa            White               Farm laborer
Elmer Loberg            Son             22      Iowa            White               Farm laborer
Ernest Bjelland         Head            30      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Bernice Bjelland        Wife            28      Iowa            White
Robert Bjelland         Son             4       Minnesota
Richard Bjelland        Son             9       Iowa
Selmer N Nelson         Head            31      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Doris Nelson            Wife            28      Minnesota       White
Leslie Nelson           Son             2       Iowa
Thomas Nelson           Uncle           69      Iowa            White               Farm laborer
Peter Madson            Head            44      Denmark         White   1911  Own   Farming
Ida Madson              Wife            38      Minnesota       White
Richard Madson          Son             14      Minnesota
Agnes Madson            Daughter        12      Minnnesota
Lucille Madson          Daughter        9       Iowa
Marie Madson            Daughter        6       Iowa
Paul Madson             Son             1 7/12  Iowa

Gilbert Sanderson       Head            54      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farming
Nora Sanderson          Wife            45      North Dakota    White
Leon Sanderson          Son             15      Minnesota
Lolene Sanderson        Daughter        13      Minnesota
John Tenold             Land lord       69      Iowa            White         Own   Farm laborer 
Irving Butler           Head            36      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Esther Butler           Wife            36      North Dakota    White
Leighton Butler         Son             13      Iowa
Georgia Butler          Daughter        11      Iowa
Elaine Butler           Daughter        6       Iowa
Vernon Butler           Son             3       Iowa
Winifred Johnson        Head            39      North Dakota    White         Rent  Farming
Clara Johnson           Wife            33      Iowa            White
Clare Johnson           Son             9       Iowa
Marcille Johnson        Daughter        6       Iowa
Marion Johnson          Daughter        4       Iowa
Leland Johnson          Brother         22      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Gladys Johnson          Adopted dau.    15      Iowa            White

Arnold Loken            Head            29      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farming
Sena Loken              Wife            28      Minnesota       White
Thera Loken             Daughter        1 4/12  Minnesota
Roy Reyerson            Head            40      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
May Reyerson            Wife            35      Minnesota       White
Hazel Reyerson          Daughter        14      Iowa
Morris Reyerson         Son             5       Iowa
Jens Loken              Head            46      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Clara Loken             Wife            33      Iowa            White
Lorraine Loken          Daughter        9       Iowa
Burnel Loken            Son             5       Iowa
Ole Sime                Head            67      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Chris Reyerson          Head            65      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Lizzie Reyerson         Wife            64      Iowa            White
Henry Reyerson          Son             31      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Oliver Reyerson         Son             29      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Clarence Reyerson       Son             24      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Robert Reyerson         Son             21      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Palma Reyerson          Daughter-in-law 22      Iowa            White
Loraine Reyerson        Granddaughter   5       Iowa            White
Curtiss Reyerson        Grandson        2 11/12 Iowa
Herbert Reyerson        Grandson        1 2/12  Iowa
Soren Loland            Head            49      Norway          White         Rent  Farming
Christina Loland        Wife            39      Iowa            White
Margarett Loland        Daughter        15      Iowa
Dora Loland             Daughter        12      Iowa
Jacob Loland            Son             10      Iowa
Stanley Loland          Son             4       Iowa
Ruth Loland             Daughter        1 3/12  Iowa
Dewayne Mehus           Son             1 3/12  Iowa            White
Marvin Perkins          Daughter-in-law 20      Iowa            White
Elmer Lokken            Head            29      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Elma Lokken             Wife            30      Iowa            White
Bernette Lokken         Daughter        0       Iowa
Ben Lokken              Father          71      Norway          White   1861
Renna Lokken            Mother          65      Norway          White   1865
Herman Ewald            Head            47      Germany         White   1883  Rent  Farming
Hannah Ewald            Wife            44      Minnesota       White
Mildred Ewald           Daughter        17      Iowa
Marjorie Ewald		Daughter	11
Garrall Ewald           Son             7       Iowa
Alicemae Ewald          Daughter        1       Iowa
Asbjorn Dahl            Hired Man       21      Iowa            White               Farm laborer

Tom B Olson             Head            41      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Martha Olson            Wife            40      Iowa            White
Dale Olson              Son             13      Iowa
Ruth Olson              Daughter        14      Iowa
Irene Olson             Daughter        7       Iowa
Jeanne  Olson           Daughter        4       Iowa
David Olson             Son             1       Iowa
Andrew Dahl             Head            53      Norway          White   1893  Rent  Buttermaker
Dorothy Dahl            Wife            34      Minnesota       White
Adrian  Dahl            Son             17      Iowa
Lawrence Dahl           Daughter        7       Minnesota
Gene Dahl               Son             9       Minnesota
Silvia Dahl             Daughter        4       Minnesota
Lawrence Farley         Head            33      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Luella Farley           Wife            28      Iowa            White
Lemore Farley           Son             7       Iowa
Chris Lien              Head            46      Norway          White   1904  Rent  Farming
Tena Lien               Wife            43      Iowa            White
Thea Lien               Daughter        15      Iowa
Carroll Lien            Daughter        17      Iowa
Cyrus Lien              Son             8       Iowa
Jens Evenson            Hired Man       46      Norway          White   1890        Farm laborer
Alfred Haugen           Head            39      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Amanda Haugen           Wife            28      Iowa            White
Minerva Haugen          Daughter        9       Iowa
Elaine Haugen           Daughter        6       Iowa
Arthis Haugen           Son             4       Iowa
Gust Reyerson           Head            69      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Lenard Reyerson         Son             26      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Caroline Reyerson       Wife            60      Iowa            White
Alice Reyerson          Daughter        42      Iowa
Andrew Hufka            Head            34      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Amanda Hufka            Wife            36      Iowa            White
Melvin Reyerson         Head            34      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming         
Olga Reyerson           Wife            24      Minnesota       White
Ida Bakken              Head            50      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Alvina  Bakken          Daughter        24      Iowa
Alice Bakken            Daughter        21      Iowa
Joseph Bakken           Son             17      Iowa
Oscar Bakken            Son             14      Iowa
Olga Bakken             Daughter        12      Iowa
Seymore Reyerson        Head            27      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Hazel Reyerson          Wife            18      Minnesota       White
Andrew Reyerson         Father          62      Iowa            White
Bertha  Reyerson        Mother          54      Iowa            White
Hazel Reyerson          Sister          22      Iowa
Lenis Reyerson          Brother         16      Iowa
Arthur  Reyerson        Head            35      Iowa            White         ???   Store keeper
Marrie Reyerson         Wife            29      Iowa            White
Lee Reyerson            Son             4 9/12  Iowa
Edvin Reyerson          Head            28      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
William Reyerson        Brother         35      Iowa                                Farm labor
Elsie Reyerson          Mother          62      Iowa            White
Oscar Egland            Head            31      Minnesota       White         Own   Farming
Clara Egland            Wife            32      Iowa            White
Carol Egland            Daughter        3 5/12  Iowa
Eivine Egland           Daughter        1 7/12  Iowa
Ida Egland              Sister-in-law   30      Iowa            White
Richard Egland          Nephew          4 9/12  Iowa
Peter Foley             Head            52      Iowa            White         ???   Farming
Thea Foley              Wife            54      Iowa            White
Alexander Foley         Son             27      Iowa
Mabel Foley             Daughter        25      Iowa
Roy Foley               Son             23      Iowa
Clarence Foley          Son             18      Iowa
Ruth Foley              Daughter        16      Iowa
Clara Foley             Daughter        13      Iowa
Bernice Foley           Daughter        11      Iowa
Lauritz Dommersness     Head            60      Norway          White   1893  Rent  Parochial school teacher

Hans Furness            Head            64      Norway          White   1884  Rent  Pastor of Lutheran church
Kaaren Furness          Wife            57      Wisconsin       White

Gust Peterson           Head            60      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Gilbert Foley           Hired Man       45      Iowa            White               Farm laborer
Halvor Rugland          Head            69      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Anna Rugland            Wife            57      Iowa            White
Gilbert Rugland         Son             37      Iowa
John Rugland            Son             35      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Sena Rugland            Daughter        31      Iowa
Alfred Rugland          Son             29      Iowa                                Farm laborer

Severt Hengesteg        Head            49      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Jossie Hengesteg        Wife            47      Iowa            White
Ernie Hengesteg         Son             20      Iowa
Harvey Hengesteg        Son             18      Iowa
Lyla Hengesteg          Son             16      Iowa
Eldora Hengesteg        Son             12      Iowa
Janet Hengesteg         Daughter        5       Iowa

Carl L Buse             Head            50      Norway          White   1892  Rent  Farming
Chestna Buse            Wife            42      North Dakota    White               
Jasper Buse             Son             19      Minnesota
Ina Buse                Daughter        17      Minnesota
Eva Buse                Daughter        15      Minnesota
Amy Bure                Daughter        13      Minnesota
Albert Buse             Son             11      Minnesota
Lea Bure                Son             10      Minnesota
Carl Buse               Son             7       Minnesota
Edward Buse             Son             2       Minnesota
Elmer Eide              Head            27      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
James Eide              Partner         23      Iowa            White               Farming
John Eide               Head            60      Norway          White   1890  Own   Farming
Julia Eide              Wife            59      Iowa            White
Elnore Eide             Daughter        29      Iowa                               Mac in garge 
Josile Eide             Son             33      Iowa
Oliver Loberg           Head            50      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Ida Loberg              Wife            49      Iowa            White
Otto Loberg             Son             13      Iowa
Ingvald Loberg          Son             8       Iowa
Elmer Hengesteg         Head            26      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Ellen Hengesteg         Mother          61      Illinois        White
Alice Hengesteg         Sister          21      Iowa
Ole Nystuen             Head            56      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Lawrence Johnson        Head            26      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farming
Mable Johnson           Wife            30      Iowa            White
Helge Hove              Head            47      Norway          White   1909  Rent  Farming
Bertha Hove             Wife            38      Norway          White   1893        

Nels Nelson             Head            60      Norway          White   1885  Own   
Randa Nelson            Mother          91      Norway          White   1885
Clarence Ranum          Head            50      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Clara Ranum             Wife            48      Iowa            White
Gunvold Ranum           Son             16      Iowa
George Manus            Head            44      Illinois        White         Own   Farming
Mable Manus             Wife            41      Iowa            White
Elizabeth Manus         Daughter        7       Iowa
Clarence Foley          Head            33      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Ole Foley               Father          49      Iowa            White         Own   Farming 
Caroline Foley          Mother          53      Iowa            White
Elmer Foley             Brother         30      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Lesdvesne Foley         Brother         17      Iowa
Bernice Foley           Sister          14      Iowa
Ruben Foley             Brother         12      Iowa

Albert H Emerson        Head            35      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Mable Emerson           Wife            34      Iowa            White
Deloris Emerson         Daughter        10      Iowa
Hans Kaldahl            Head            63      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Tilde Kaldahl           Wife            57      Norway          White   1900
Alma Kaldahl            Daughter        23      Iowa                                Town school teacher
Lewis Mellem            Head            45      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Regina Mellem           Wife            41      Iowa            White
Carl Nelson             Head            54      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Sopha Nelson            Wife            47      Iowa            White
Alice Nelson            Daughter        21      Iowa
Marvin  Nelson          Son             18      Iowa
Ruby Nelson             Daughter        14      Iowa
Claton Nelson          Son             9       Iowa

Gust Torgerson          Head            59      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Ingeborg Torgerson      Wife            57      Indiana         White
Naoma Torgerson         Daughter        23      Iowa
Dagney Torgerson        Daughter        25      Iowa                                Country school teacher
Adolph Torgerson        Son             21      Iowa
Walter Torgerson        Son             19      Iowa
Dena Torgerson          Mother          86      Wisconsin       White
Ludvig Loland           Head            56      Norway          White   1917  Rent  Farming
Gena Loland             Wife            41      Iowa            White
Syford Loland           Son             14      Iowa
Ruby Loland             Daughter        7       Iowa
Roy Mandt               Hired Man       21      Iowa            White               Farm laborer
Annie F Johnson         Head            51      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Willie Johnson          Son             24      Iowa            White               Farm manager 
Alice Johnson           Daughter        21      Iowa            White
Josph Johnson           Son             19      Iowa            White
Nina Johnson            Daughter        14      Iowa            White
Emma B Heggestad        Head            45      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Ervin Heggestad         Son             18      Iowa            White
Hazel Heggestad         Daughter        20      Iowa            White
Helen Heggestad         Daughter        16      Iowa            White
Lawrence Heggestad      Son             14      Iowa            White
Melba Heggestad         Daughter        10      Iowa            White
Toyde Heggestad         Son             8       Iowa            White
Martin Thompson         Head            41      Wisconsin       White         Own   Farming
Inge Thompson           Wife            42      Iowa            White
Jewell Thompson         Son             17      Iowa
Arnold Thompson         Son             14      Iowa
Glenn Thompson          Son             10      Iowa
Clifford Thompson       Son             7       Iowa
Robert E Hove           Head            38      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Alma Hove               Wife            35      Iowa            White
Reuben Hove             Son             13      Iowa
Curtis Hove             Son             11      Iowa
Adrian Hove             Son             9       Iowa
Ruth Hove               Daughter        5       Iowa
Dale Hove               Son             3 10/12 Iowa
Merrill Hove            Son             1 4/12  Iowa

Tom H Lunde             Head            54      Norway          White   1892  Own   Farming
Anna Lunde              Wife            45      Iowa            White

Andrew Helgeland        Head            58      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Emma Helgeland          Wife            53      Norway          White   1895
Robert Helgeland        Son             33      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Elmer Helgeland         Son             21      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Gladys Helgeland        Daughter        16      Iowa
Ole Helgeland           Brother         63      Iowa            White
Severt Helgeland        Head            54      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Andrena Helgeland       Wife            54      Iowa            White
David Helgeland         Son             19      Iowa
Kermit Helgeland        Son             9       Iowa
Helmer Hove             Head            27      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Gladys Hove             Wife            27      Minnesota       White
Olaus Hove              Head            70      Wisconsin       White         Own   Farming
Ingeborg Hove           Wife            56      Norway          White   
Oliver Hove             Son             20      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Ruth Hove               Daughter        16      Iowa
Levi Nelson             Head            65      Norway          White   1883  Own   Farming
Lena Nelson             Wife            56      Iowa            White
Ernest Nelson           Son             26      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Lawrence Nelson         Son             24      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Pearl Nelson            Daughter        21      Iowa
Arthur Nelson           Son             17      Iowa
Fannie Nelson           Daughter        14      Iowa
Ralph A Olson           Head            40      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Minnie Olson            Wife            39      Iowa            White
Russell Olson           Son             12      Iowa
Marvin Olson            Son             10      Iowa
Dale Olson              Son             8       Iowa
Max H Neil              Head            33      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Lillian Neil            Wife            32      Illinois        White
Majorie Neil            Daughter        9       Montana
Sylvia Neil             Daughter        8       Canada
Paul Neil               Son             6       Missouri
Charles Neil            Son             1       Iowa
Chris Johnson           Head            42      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Selma Johnson           Wife            39      Iowa            White
Walter Johnson          Son             19      Iowa
Jewel Johnson           Son             14      Iowa
Alice Johnson           Daughter        7       Iowa
Andrew Ringham          Head            38      Norway          White   1912  Rent  Farming
Emma Ringham            Wife            38      Iowa            White
Allison Ringham         Daughter        4       Iowa
Oden Turvold            Hired Man       19      Iowa            White               Farm laborer
Peter J Nelson          Head            44      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Susie Nelson            Sister          39      Iowa            White               House Keeping
Clifford Nelson         Head            25      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Amanda Nelson           Wife            30      Iowa            White
Glemmer Nelson          Son             2       Iowa
Martin Holstad          Head            58      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Julia Holstad           Wife            56      Minnesota       White
Alvin Holstad           Son             31      Iowa                                Farm renter
Mildred Holstad         Daughter        16      Iowa
Gilmore Sime            Head            22      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Ethel Sime              Wife            25      Iowa            White
Arnold Sime             Brother         22      Iowa
Tom Sime                Father          66      Iowa
Palmer Sime             Brother         19      Iowa
Nels Gustavson          Head            78      Norway          White   1867  Own   Farming
Katie Gustavson         Wife            65      Norway          White   1885
Lewis P Madson          Head            42      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Ida Madson              Wife            35      Iowa            White
Norma Madson            Daughter        14      Iowa
Anna Madson             Daughter        9       Iowa
Loyde Madson            Son             7       Iowa
Alvin Madson            Son             4       Iowa
Loise Madson            Head            79      Denmark         White   1872  Own   Farming
Anna Madson             Wife            79      Denmark         White
Eddie Wesset            Head            36      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Clara Wesset            Wife            29      Iowa            White
Kermit Wesset           Son             10      Iowa
Mildred Wesset          Daughter        6       Iowa
Florence Wesset         Daughter        3       Iowa
Alfred J Johnson        Head            39      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Christina Johnson       Wife            39      Iowa            White
Glenn Johnson           Son             12      Iowa
Arnold Johnson          Son             10      Iowa
Gilman Johnson          Son             10      Iowa
Janice Johnson          Daughter        4       Iowa
John H Johnson          Head            76      Wisconsin       White         Own   Farming
Anna Johnson            Wife            77      Wisconsin       White
Josie Johnson           Daughter        48      Iowa
Adelle Johnson          Granddaughter   16      Iowa            White
Bertha Johnson          Daughter        37      Iowa
Fred Banken             Hired Man       27      Iowa            White               Farm laborer
John J Johnson          Head            46      Iowa            White         Own   Farming
Anna Johnson            Wife            49      Iowa            White
Arville Johnson         Son             18      Iowa
Alton Johnson           Son             16      Iowa
Kenneth Johnson         Son             12      Iowa
Leonard Johnson         Son             6       Iowa
Nina Johnson            Daughter        7       Iowa

Merlin Johnson          Head            50      Iowa            White         Rent  Farming
Alicia Johnson          Daughter        16      Iowa            White
Joseph Johnson          Son             15      Iowa            White
Laura Johnson           Daughter        11      Iowa            White
Thor Kravig             Head            67      Norway          White   1866  ???   Farming
Clara Kravig            Daughter        38      Iowa            White
Arthur Kravig           Son             33      Iowa            White               Farming on rented farm            

Source: National Archives Film T626_691 ED 13 1A-5A & 1B-5B

Transcribed by Gordon Felland, 12/17/2004 (more info added 6/21/2018)