Hanlontown, Iowa
1930 Census


Census taken by Clarence Brunsvold and Frances C. Anderson during the month of April, 1930.

Listed by Heads of House followed by family members and relationship.

Population: 190


Name                    Relationship    Age     Birthplace      Race    Year	Occupation

Richard H Goodell       Head            60      Iowa            White           Livestock dealer
Lucy Z Goodell          Wife            51      Iowa            White
George W Goodell        Son             21	Iowa
Helen V Strawhorn       Lodger          21      Iowa            White           School teacher
Burley Waldrop          Head            39      Illinois        White           Section foreman on railroad
Anna J Waldrop          Wife            39                      White
Janice D Highsmith      Niece           6       Iowa            White

Charles H Dietrick      Head            65      Iowa            White           Railroad agent
Hannah Dietrick         Wife            62                      White
Charles G McNelly       Head            47      Iowa            White           Barber
Myrtle M MeNelly        Wife            36      Iowa            White           Postmistress
Mary Ardis McNelly      Daughter        16      Iowa
Norman D McNelly        Son             14      Iowa
William C McNelly       Son             9       Iowa
Samuel B Swarts         Son-in-law      22      Pennsylvania    White           Laborer
Charlotte A Swarts      Daughter        18      Iowa

William J Loveless      Head            43      California      White           Shop owner
Elda A Loveless         Wife            46      Minnesota       White
Boyd W Loveless         Son             9       Iowa

Theodore Olson          Head            49      Iowa            White
Belle Olson             Wife            52      Iowa            White
Guy Olson               Son             16      Iowa
Irville Olson           Son             13      Iowa

Elmer Bray              Head            50      Iowa            White           Hardware store owner
Ellen Bray              Wife            48      Iowa            White           Hardware store clerk
Alvin Bray              Son             21      Iowa
Lauretta T Bray         Daughter        19      Iowa
Thelma A Bray           Daughter        17      Iowa
Guy Hard                Lodger          46      Iowa            White           Railroad worker

Robert J Elliott        Head            28      Iowa            White           School superintendant
Florence E Elliott      Wife            32      Iowa            White
Bernadine L Elliott     Daughter        4/12    Iowa

Hans Thoreson           Head            54      Wisconsin       White           Trucker
Carrie Thoreson         Sister          56      Norway                  1874
Andrew Sand             Lodger          50      Norway          White   1882    Blacksmith

Tom O Thorson           Head            43      Iowa            White           Implement dealer
Nell E Thorson          Wife            40      Iowa            White
Adelaide C Thorson      Daughter        11      Iowa
Ruth C Thorson          Daughter        6       Iowa

John G Hegney           Head            47      Minnesota       White           Trucker
Julia A Hegney          Wife            44      Iowa            White
Oran A Hegney           Son             6       Iowa
Jeanette A Hegney       Daughter        1       Iowa
Anders Thoreson         Mother-in-law   79      Norway          White   1874

Claude A Morrison       Head            30      Iowa            White           Gas station manager
Caroline J Morrison     Wife            29      Iowa            White
Damon Morrison          Son             3       Iowa
Peter A Grove           Head            55      Iowa            White           Rural letter carrier
Georgiana 0 Grove       Wife            51      Iowa            White

Anton G Holcomb         Head            42      Iowa            White           Elevator manager
Agnes L Holcomb         Wife            40      Minnesota       White
Robert J Holcomb        Son             11      Iowa
Russel A Holcomb        Son             3       Iowa

Philip Karnatz          Head            56      Wisconsin       White           None
Gertrude Karnatz        Wife            38      North Dakota    White
Hazel M Karnatz         Daughter        6       Iowa
Phyllis G Karnatz       Daughter        4       Iowa
Lillian Kamatz          Daughter        14      Iowa
Ruby J Cameron          No relation     19      North Dakota    White           None
Mona C Monson           Head            70      Norway          White   1868    None
Carrie Monson           Sister          63      Norway                  1868

Ole N Methus            Head            41      Iowa            White           House painter
Elsie M Methus          Wife            31      South Dakota    White
Junior N Methus         Son             11      South Dakota
Gordon E Methus         Son             7       Iowa

John W Masoner          Head            73      New York        White           None
Emma G Masoner          Wife            68      Wisconsin       White

Melvin T Rye            Head            46      Iowa            White           Bank cashier
Nellie M Rye            Wife            43      Wisconsin       White
Harold M Rye            Son             17      North Dakota
Harriet A Rye           Daughter         3      Iowa
Harold A Jacobs         Roomer          24      Kansas          White           Teacher
Gilma L Jacobs          Roomer          22      Iowa            White           None

Henry N Brunsvold       Head            52      Iowa            White           None
Sophia Brunsvold        Wife            39      Iowa            White
Pearl L Brunsvold       Daughter        12      Iowa
Dorothy E Brunsvold     Daughter        7       Iowa
Carl T Field            Roomer          34      Sweden          White   1917    Carpenter
Blanch Brunsvold        Roomer          22      Iowa            White           Drug store clerk
Melvin O Ford           Head            39      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Bessie C Ford           Sister          52      Iowa            White
Stephen Ferner          Head            64      Minnesota       White           Odd jobs
Carrie Ferner           Daughter        31      Iowa            White

Peter O Peterson        Head            59      Iowa            White           Farmer
Edna Peterson           Mother          80      Norway          White   1901
Marie O Peterson        Sister          
Albert A Methner        Cousin          38      Iowa            White           Farm worker

Abel O Kaasa            Head            45      Iowa            White           Farmer
Carrie A Kaasa          Wife            46      Iowa            White
Kermit O Kaasa          Son             20      Iowa                            Farm worker
Bertram H Kaasa         Son             11      Iowa
Leola G Kaasa           Daughter        9       Iowa
Burnette D Kaasa        Daughter        7       Iowa
Gladys R Moechling      Lodger          23      Iowa            White           Teacher
Helen V Rose            Lodger          25      Iowa            White           Teacher
Viola L Meger           Lodger          21      Iowa            White           Teacher
Gladys E Dahle          Lodger          22      North Dakota    White           Teacher

Henry Doebel            Head            32      Iowa            White           Repair shop manager
Rua Doebel              Wife            30      Iowa            White

S A Brunsvold           Head            70      Norway          White   1899    None
Bertha Brunsvold        Wife            41      Minnesota       White

Norvel McMullin         Head            27      Iowa            White           Oil truck driver
Ruth McMullin           Wife            23      Illinois        White

P W Peck                Head            63      Iowa            White           School janitor
Stella Peck             Wife            61      Iowa            White

Harry Miller            Head            26      Missouri        White           Repair shop machanic
Lucille Miller          Daughter        5       Nebraska        
Wayne Miller            Son             3       Nebraska
Marvin Miller           Son             1       Iowa
Garnette Fankell        Servant         22      Iowa            White           Houskeeper

Martin Oswald           Head            43      Iowa            White           Rural route mail carrier
Merotz Oswald           Wife            36      Arkansas        White
Clarence Oswald         Son             15      North Dakota
Esther Oswald           Daughter        13      Iowa
Irma Oswald             Daughter        12      Iowa
Melvin Oswald           Son             10      Iowa
Irene Oswald            Daughter        7       Iowa
Bernice Oswald          Daughter        4       Iowa
Myron Oswald            Son             2       Iowa

Lester Nagel            Head            32      Iowa            White           Railroad yard worker
Clara Nagel             Wife            31      Iowa            White

Carl Kaasa              Head            41      Iowa            White           General store manager
Thea Kaasa              Wife            38      Iowa            White
Doris Kaasa             Daughter        16      Iowa
Kathryn Kaasa           Daughter        14      Iowa
Carlyle Kaasa           Son             10      Iowa
Laverne Kaasa           Son             8       Iowa

Andrew Sandvold         Head            51      Norway          White   1904    Tiler
Aslaug Sandvold         Wife            30      Norway          White   1927
Orville Sandvold        Son             1 7/12  Iowa

Even Calhoun            Head            59      Canada          White           Carpenter
Veronica Calhoun        Wife            54      Iowa            White

L J Ausen               Head            47      Norway          White   1904    Oil station manager
Inga Ausen              Wife            48      Iowa            White

Silas Hill              Head            69      Wisconsin       White           None

S G Richardson          Head            63      Iowa            White           None
Alice J Richardson      Mother          88      Iowa

Mertin Austin           Head            49      Iowa            White           Carpenter
Gena Austin             Wife            48      Iowa            White
Merlin Austin           Son             16      Iowa

Floyd Austin            Head            20      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Arlene Austin           Wife            24      Illinois        White
Donald Austin           Son             2/12    Iowa

Edwin Field             Head            35      Iowa            White           Truck driver
Esther Field            Wife            28      Iowa            White
Harold Field            Son             8       Iowa

Edward T Escherich      Head            50      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Juliana Escherich       Wife            48      Iowa            White
Ruth Escherich          Daughter        17      Wisconsin

Thomas Kaasa            Head            34      Iowa            White           General store merchant
Theresa Kaasa           Wife            28      Iowa            White
Harris Kaasa            Son             4       Iowa
Axel Brandt             Lodger          47      Denmark         White   1900    Tiler
Marion Hall             Lodger          28      Iowa            White           Assistant bank cashier

Maree Mau               Head            42      Iowa            White           Switchboard operator
Oval Mau                Daughter        14      Iowa
Gordon Mau              Son             10      Iowa

Jacob Knutson           Head            45      Norway          White   1903    General Store manager
Clara Knutson           Wife            47      Iowa            White
Hazel Knutson           Daughter        21      North Dakota
James Knutson           Son             19      North Dakota
Martha Knutson          Daughter        18      North Dakota
Harold Knutson          Son             14      Iowa
Izetta Knutson          Daughter        11      Iowa

Henry Brattrud          Head            56      Iowa            White           Blacksmith
Gertie Brattrud         Wife            43      Iowa            White
Kermeth Brattrud        Son             17      Iowa
Helen Brattrud          Daughter        13      Iowa

E A Gudvangen           Head            61      Norway          White   1885    Buttermaker
Andrew Gudvangen        Son             34      Iowa            White           Assistant buttermaker
Gladys Gudvangen        Daughter        20      Minnesota                       Teacher
Earl Gudvangen          Son             15      Iowa
Anna Scar               Servant         44      Norway          White   1901    Housekeeper

T A Knutson             Head            47      North Dakota    White           Billiard hall manager

C H Thompson            Head            39      Iowa            White           Bank cashier
Ida Thompson            Wife            40      Iowa            White
Earol Thompson          Daughter        11      Iowa
Elsia Thompson          Daughter        9       Iowa
Leland Schott           Head            23      Iowa            White           Machine shop worker
Lenora Schott           Wife            23      Iowa            White           Teacher

Fred Scott              Head            58      Michigan        White           Drug store manager
Daisy Scott             Wife            50      Iowa            White           Assitant drug store manager

Knudt E Harloff         Head            23      Denmark         White   1921    Bank teller

John Colby              Head            31      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Enid Colby              Wife            24      Wales           White
John Colby              Son             2       Indiana
Carl Halsses            Head            50      Norway          White   1886    Odd jobs
Gilbert Halvorson       Head            70      Norway          White   1887    None
Ross Fereau             Head            56      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Arthur Fereau           Son             26      Iowa                            Odd jobs

Source: National Archives Film T626_691 ED 5, Pages 1A & 1B; ED 9 Pages 1A & 1B

Transcribed by Gordon Felland, 12/14/2004 (revised 4/04/2007)