Grove Township, Worth County, Iowa
1930 Census


Census taken by O. O. Lund during the month of April, 1930.

Listed by head of household followed by household members and relationship.

Population: 382

                                                                        Imm.  Own or 
Name                    Relationship    Age     Birthplace      Race    Year  Rent  Occupation       

Harry L Thompto         Head            37      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer		                    

Blanch Thompto          Wife            33      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Harry Thompto           Son             6       Iowa
Erick Thompto           Father          64      Wisconsin

Elmer G Gullickson      Head            43      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Anna Gullickson         Mother          79      Norway          White   1867
O S Butler              Brother-in-law  37      Iowa            White    
Ella Butler             Sister          37 

Albert C Gullickson     Head            53      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Agnes Gullickson        Wife            33      Minnesota       White
Roland Gullickson       Son             10      North Dakota
Archard Gullickson      Son             7       North Dakota
Darwin Gullickson       Son             2       North Dakota

Malcom Gullickson       Head            58      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Minnie Gullickson       Wife            48      Iowa            White
Lester Gullickson       Son             20      Iowa                                Farm laborer 

Williams Wardell        Head            49      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Mary Wardell            Mother          73      Iowa

Otto B Holstad          Head            29      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Margaret Holstad        Wife            26      Minnesota       White
Orin Holstad            Son             6       Iowa
Waldo Holstad           Son             4       Iowa
Arden Holstad           Son             2       Iowa

Gerhart Gabriel         Head            51      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Lethia Gabriel          Wife            47      Iowa            White
Margal Gabriel          Daughter        17      Iowa
Ester Gabriel           Daughter        4       Iowa
Robert Buthus           Servant         21      Iowa            White         Farm laborer  

Martha Gabriel          Head            58      Norway          White   1893  Own    
Henry O Gabriel         Son             27      Iowa            White               Farm laborer
Hartwick Gabriel        Son             25      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Clarence Gabriel        Son             23      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Neele Gabriel           Son             18      Iowa
Alice Gabriel           Daughter        16      Iowa
Opal Gabriel            Daughter        13      Iowa

Albert L Linter         Head            31      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Anna Linter             Wife            31      Norway          White        
Conild Fleischer        Servant         37      Minnesota       White               Farm laborer    

Theodore Mandt          Head            50      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Martin Mandt            Son             19      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Mabel Mandt             Daughter        25      Iowa
Gilbert Mandt           Son             15      Iowa

Ben F Martin            Head            60      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Anna Martin             Wife            59      Illinois        White
John L Martin           Son             30      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Annemae Martin          Daughter-in-law 24      Minnesota
Donald Martin           Grandson        5       Minnesota
Anita Martin            Granddaughter   1 11/12 Minnesota
James Martin            Grandson        0 2/12  Minnesota

Oliver Amundson         Head            27      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farmer    
Oliver Olson            Servant         21      Iowa            White               Farm laborer    

Rubin Rustad            Head            32      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
May Rustad              Wife            31      Iowa            White
Margaret Rustad         Daughter        5       Iowa
Harold Rustad           Son             2       Iowa
Rana Rustad             Daughter        0 2/12  Iowa
Oscar Haroldson         Servant         49      Minnesota       White               Farm laborer    

John H Lang             Head            49      Germany         White   1882  Own   Farmer 
Minnie Lang             Wife            44      Illinois        White
Arthur Lang             Son             15      Iowa                                Farm laborer

Jobe W Wright           Head            60      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Betsey Wright           Wife            59      Norway          White
Millie Wright           Daughter        32      Iowa

Charley Siebrecht       Head            71      Germany         White   1882  Own   Farmer 
Clora Siebrecht         Wife            69      Iowa            White         
Emil Siebrecht          Son             39      Iowa                                Farm laborer

P Moe                   Head            41      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Bolreal Moe             Wife            41      Iowa            White
Loraine Moe             Daughter        16      Iowa
Phinis Moe              Son             14      Iowa
Louise Moe              Daughter        12      Iowa
Roberta Moe             Daughter        10      Iowa
Estes Moe               Daughter        3       Iowa

Clifford A Lumbert      Head            43      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Harry Hanson            Head            54      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Jasip Hanson            Wife            51      Minnesota       White
Arthur Hanson           Son             22      Iowa                                Farm laborer         
Loyd Hanson             Son             18      Iowa
Kermit Hanson           Son             12      Iowa
Henry J R Hanson        Son             5       Iowa
Rubey Gardner           Daughter        26      Iowa            White    

Ludvig Liane            Head            35      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farmer    
Clara Liane             Wife            42      Iowa            White

Carl O Pederson         Head            31      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Laura Pederson          Wife            27      Iowa            White

Alfred Aspeland         Head            36      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Rachel Aspeland         Wife            44      Iowa            White
Telford Aspeland        Son             15      Minnesota
Mertice Aspeland        Daughter        12      Minnesota
Ruth Aspeland           Daughter        9       Minnesota

John H Dralla           Head            50      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Cora Dralla             Wife            48      Iowa            White
Leo Dralla              Son             21      Iowa                                Farm laborer 
Minnie Dralla           Daughter        16      Iowa
Lloyd Dralla            Son             13      Iowa

Glenn M Pickle          Head            29      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Bena Pickle             Wife            28      Kansas          White
John Pickle             Son             5       Iowa
Deizinio Pickle         Daughter        2       Iowa
Robert Pickle           Son             1       Iowa
Ross Harmon             Head            30      South Dakota    White         Rent  Farmer    
Alice Harmon            Wife            29      Minnesota       White
Verle Harmon            Son             8       Minnesota
Mary Harmon             Daughter        2       Minnesota

Oline Turbett           Head            35      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farmer    
Idella Turbett          Wife            33      Iowa            White
Doris Turbett           Daughter        12      Minnesota
Marguerite Turbett      Daughter        10      Minnesota
Leonard Lau             Servant         19      Minnesota       White                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Farm laborer    

Charles Schutz          Head            47      Wisconsin       White         Rent  Farmer    
Gusta Schutz            Wife            44      Minnesota       White
Herbertt Schutz         Son             17      Iowa
Lloyd Schutz            Son             15      Iowa
Oswald Schutz           Son             10      Iowa

Christ J Nelson         Head            45      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farm laborer    
Mauel Nelson            Wife            35      Iowa            White
Wilfred Nelson          Daughter        15      Minnesota
Clifford Nelson         Son             13      Minnesota
Mayford Nelson          Son             10      Minnesota
Calvin Nelson           Son             8       Minnesota

Berge Gunderson         Head            87      Norway          White   1860  Rent  Farmer 
Sena Gunderson          Wife            84      Norway          White   1861
Arthur Gunderson        Son             46      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Marlin Gunderson        Son             43      Iowa                                Farm laborer

John Holt               Head            55      Norway          White   1880  Rent  Farmer 
Gennet Holt             Wife            40      Norway          White   1906
Melvin Holt             Son             17      North Dakota
Rufus Holt              Daughter        15      North Dakota
Rolf Holt               Son             13      North Dakota
Raymond Holt            Son             13      North Dakota
Donald Holt             Son             8       North Dakota
Sidney Holt             Son             6       North Dakota

Oscar Rustad            Head            63      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Sophia Rustad           Wife            55      Minnesota       White          
Stanley Rustad          Son             23      Iowa                                Laborer  

Willie H Wolff          Head            33      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Linda Wolff             Wife            30      Iowa            White
Gladys Wolff            Daughter        9       Minnesota
Margaret Wolff          Daughter        7       Minnesota
Ellen Wolff             Daughter        4       Minnesota
Walter G Wolff          Brother         22      Iowa                                Farm laborer

Werner Kruse            Head            32      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Karen Kruse             Wife            24      Denmark         White   1913
Leo Kruse               Brother         28      Iowa                                Laborer
Grace Kruse             Daughter-in-law 22      Iowa
Kenneth Kruse           Nephew          2       Iowa
Akadat Kruse            Niece           0 8/12  Iowa

Ben Troe                Head            47      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer
Lena Troe               Wife            43      Iowa            White
Lawrence Troe           Son             18      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Arnold Troe             Son             16      Iowa
Gladys Troe             Daughter        14      Iowa
Blanch Troe             Daughter        10      Iowa

Edward W Low            Head            50      Minnesota       White         Own   Farmer    
Anna Low                Wife            38      Iowa            White
Ruth Low                Daughter        8       Iowa
Robert C Low            Son             0 1/12  Iowa
Henry Myre              Servant         54      Iowa            White               Farm laborer    

Arlo Patterson          Head            56      Illinois        White         Rent  Farmer       
Edith Patterson         Wife            49      Pennslyvania    White
Robert Patterson        Son             13      Iowa
Vivian Patterson        Daughter        5       Iowa

J S Morris              Head            52      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Jennie Morris           Wife            53      Maryland        White
William Morris          Son             28      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Walter Morris           Son             19      Iowa                                Farm laborer  
August Morris           Son             15      Iowa
Mabel Benton            Daughter        27      Iowa            White    
Mary Benton             Granddaughter   9       Iowa
Genevieve Benton        Granddaughter   8       Iowa
Virginia Benton         Granddaughter   3       Michigan
Darlene Benton          Granddaughter   0 6/12  Iowa
Walter Benton           Son-in-law      38      Iowa            White               Farm laborer

Newell Bliton           Head            51      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Anna Bliton             Wife            52      Iowa            White
Lenord Bliton           Son             22      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Mae Bliton              Daughter        21      Iowa                                Rural school teacher
Eugene Bliton           Son             10      Iowa
Mack Bliton             Son             9       Iowa
Charlotte Bliton        Daughter        7       Iowa
Will Mielke             Head            45      Wisconsin       White         Own   Farmer    
Bertha Mielke           Wife            40      Iowa            White
Russell Mielke          Son             16      Iowa                                Farm laborer
George Mielke           Son             12      Iowa
Clarris Mielke          Daughter        9       Iowa

Fred Fredrickson        Head            45      Norway          White   1892  Rent  Farmer 
Ella Fredrickson        Wife            32      Minnesota       White
Harland Fredrickson     Son             10      Iowa
Irving Fredrickson      Son             7       Iowa
Da__ Fredrickson        Daughter        4       Iowa

John Fredrickson        Head            42      Norway          White   1882  Rent  Farmer 
Martha Fredrickson      Wife            34      Minnesota       White
Mildred L Fredrickson   Daughter        14      Iowa
Arnold Fredrickson      Son             12      Iowa
David Fredrickson       Son             9       Iowa
Alice Fredrickson       Daughter        7       Iowa
Helen Fredrickson       Daughter        4       Iowa
Otto Fredrickson        Father          72      Norway          White   1882  

John A Johnson          Head            54      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Mabel C Johnson         Wife            35      Iowa            White
Clifford Johnson        Son             15      Iowa                                Farm laborer  
Mertle Johnson          Daughter        13      Iowa
Amy Johnson             Daughter        11      Iowa
Mary Johnson            Daughter        9       Iowa
Bernice Johnson         Daughter        6       Iowa
Crystal Johnson         Daughter        4       Iowa
Edward M Johnson        Son             1 6/12  Iowa

Henry Neiland           Head            52      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Minnie Neiland          Wife            50      Iowa            White
Crystal Neiland         Daughter        20      Iowa
Margaret Neiland        Daughter        16      Iowa
Wilma Neiland           Daughter        9       Iowa

Oscar Walswick          Head            41      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Jennie Walswick         Wife            40      Minnesota       White
Irene Walswick          Daughter        16      Iowa
June Walswick           Daughter        14      Iowa
Edna Walswick           Daughter        12      Iowa
Orville Walswick        Son             10      Iowa
Lee Walswick            Son             0 10/12 Iowa

Oliver Walswick         Head            53      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Sena Walswick           Sister          61      Norway                  1870
Albert Walswick         Brother         56      Iowa                                Builder

C J Wall                Head            49      Canada          White         Rent  Farmer    
Jeannine Wall           Wife            50      Canada          White
Arland Wall             Son             17      New York

Ed C Flatness           Head            35      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Bernice Flatness        Wife            25      Iowa            White
Bertha Flatness         Head            75      Norway          White   1887  Own  
Louis T Flatness        Son             40      Iowa                                Farmer

H O Flatness            Head            39      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Anna Flatness           Wife            35      Iowa            White
Opal Flatness           Daughter        15      Iowa
Nora Flatness           Daughter        13      Iowa
LuVern Flatness         Son             11      Iowa
Arlene Flatness         Daughter        8       Iowa
Alton Flatness          Son             5       Iowa
Clayton Anderson        Servant         21      Iowa            White               Farm laborer    

Ed Swensrud             Head            69      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer        
Bell Swensrud           Wife            60      Norway          White
Bliss Swensrud          Son             38      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Alfred Swensrud         Son             34      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Irving Swensrud         Son             17      Iowa

L J Spilde              Head            47      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Emma Spilde             Wife            41      Iowa            White
Alice Spilde            Daughter        17      Iowa
Roger Spilde            Son             13      Iowa
Ruth Spilde             Daughter        10      Iowa
Richard Spilde          Son             8       Iowa

Paul R Thompson         Head            42      Denmark         White         Rent  Farmer    
Bessie Thompson         Wife            41      Minnesota       White
Russell Thompson        Son             18      Minnesota                           Farm laborer          
Arnt Olson              Brother-in-law  59      Norway          White   1882 
Lyle Olson              Nephew          15      Minnesota

Alden James             Head            28      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Clara James             Wife            26      Minnesota       White

W I Cobb                Head            59      Illinois        White         Rent  Farmer             
Allie Cobb              Wife            50      Illinois
Viva Cobb               Daughter        32      Illinois
Dickson Cobb            Son             22      Illinois
John Cobb               Son             17      Iowa

Clarence Flatness       Head            25      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Sena Flatness           Wife            22      Iowa            White
Inga Haage              Sister-in-law   18      Iowa            White    

John L McQuatters       Head            33      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Hazel L McQuatters      Wife            30      Iowa            White
Dale McQuatters         Son             11      Iowa
Junior McQuatters       Son             9       Iowa
Mack McQuatters         Son             7       Iowa
Nellie Green            Mother-in-law   50      Iowa            White                       
Ed Walk                 Servant         30      Iowa            White               Farm laborer    

Arnold Maimon           Head            33      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Grace Maimon            Wife            30      Iowa            White
Delmer Maimon           Son             1       Iowa
Wilbur Maimon           Brother         28      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Arthur Genty            Servant         22      Iowa            White               Farm laborer

C R McQuatters          Head            39      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Alfreda M McQuatters    Wife            39      Iowa            White
Ferne D McQuatters      Daughter        11      Iowa
Erma L McQuatters       Daughter        6       Iowa
Essie R McQuatters      Daughter        2       Iowa

John McQuatters         Head            73      Indiana         White         Own   Farmer    
Mary McQuatters         Wife            66      Iowa            White

Irving Maimon           Head            37      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Martha Maimon           Wife            29      Minnesota       White         
Sallus Nelson           Servant         23      Iowa            White               Farm laborer    

R L Dishon              Head            21      Minnesota       White         Rent  Farmer    
Dena Dishon             Wife            22      Iowa            White
Dante R Dishon          Son             2       Iowa

Albert Arnold           Head            46      Wisconsin       White         Rent  Farmer    
Irene Arnold            Daughter        10      Wisconsin
Evelyn Arnold           Daughter        8       Wisconsin

Arthur Hanna            Head            25      Iowa            White         Rent  Farm laborer    
Nolla Hanna             Wife            23      Iowa            White
John Hanna              Son             2       Iowa
Norma Hanna             Daughter        0 11/12 Iowa
Chester Hanna           Brother         19      Iowa                                Farm laborer 

August L Luth           Head            57      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Erika Luth              Wife            53      Germany         White
John Bottleman          Servant         32      Iowa            White               Farm laborer    
George Spuril           Servant         27      Minnesota       White               Farm laborer    

Erick H Hanson          Head            45      Iowa            White         ??    Farm laborer                  
Mina Hanson             Wife            47      Iowa            White
Katrina Hanson          Daughter        15      Iowa

John J Randall          Head            30      Iowa            White         Rent  Farm laborer    
Anna Randall            Wife            27      Iowa            White
Alston Randall          Son             8       Iowa
Arden Randall           Son             6       Iowa
Carl Randall            Son             5       Iowa
William Randall         Son             3       Iowa

Oliver G Mandt          Head            27      Iowa            White         ??    Farm laborer    
Mabel Mandt             Wife            20      Iowa            White
Alfred Mandt            Son             1 6/12  Iowa

Peder Walser            Head            62      Wisconsin       White         Own   Farmer    
Emma Walser             Wife            52      Iowa            White
Arthur Walser           Son             20      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Ruth Walser             Daughter        16      Iowa
Ernest Walser           Son             10      Iowa

B J Holstad             Head            49      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Hilda Holstad           Wife            39      North Dakota    White
Gilma Holstad           Daughter        20      North Dakota
Lillian Holstad         Daughter        17      North Dakota
Evelyn Holstad          Daughter        15      North Dakota
Luella Holstad          Daughter        14      North Dakota
Burnett Holstad         Daughter        12      North Dakota
Mildred Holstad         Daughter        10      North Dakota
Morrison Holstad        Son             9       Iowa
Irving Holstad          Son             7       Iowa
Idema Holstad           Daughter        6       Iowa
Eldon Holstad           Son             0 6/12  Iowa

Oscar Colbertson        Head            58      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Anna Colbertson         Wife            57      Iowa            White
Alvina Colbertson       Daughter        29      Iowa                                Public school teacher

Louis Linter            Head            69      New York        White         Own   Farmer    
Mary Linter             Wife            61      Michigan        White
Clarence Linter         Son             30      Iowa

Will H Pixley           Head            59      Michigan        White         Own   Farmer    
Mary Pixley             Wife            60      Iowa            White
Linton Pixley           Son             34      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Gladys Pixley           Daughter        30      Iowa
Will Gulchson           Servant         55      Iowa            White               Farm laborer    

Herman Sonderman        Head            28      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Rena Sonderman          Wife            27      Iowa            White
Marilyn Sonderman       Daughter        2       Minnesota
Mareta Sonderman        Daughter        0 11/12 Iowa

Botolf Odden            Head            57      Norway          White   1888  Own   Farmer 
Louise Odden            Wife            62      Minnesota       White

Carl J Erickson         Head            32      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Olga Erickson           Wife            32      Minnesota       White
James Erickson          Son             8       Iowa
Laveen Erickson         Son             1       Iowa

Alfred Knutson          Head            50      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Bertha Knutson          Wife            48      Iowa            White
O P Nelson              Son-in-law      26      Minnesota       White               Farm laborer               
Geneva Nelson           Daughter        26      Iowa
Nan Janice Nelson       Granddaughter   2       Iowa
Oliver Knudson          Head            46      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Hilda Knudson           Wife            42      Iowa            White
Cornell Knudson         Son             10      Iowa
Lucille Knudson         Daughter        7       Iowa
Norma Knudson           Daughter        2       Iowa

Fred I Aase             Head            34      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer
Inga Aase               Wife            36      North Dakota    White
Merle Aase              Son             0 3/12  Iowa
Gaylord Aase            Son             11      Iowa

Ole Stalheim            Head            47      Wisconsin       White         Rent  Farmer    
Ida Stalheim            Wife            40      Iowa            White
Gerty Stalheim          Daughter        20      Iowa
Mildred Stalheim        Daughter        17      Iowa
Carl Olson              Servant         23      Iowa            White               Farm laborer    

Henry T Knutson         Head            42      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Louise Knutson          Wife            41      Iowa            White
Leslie Knutson          Son             14      North Dakota

Marten Knutson          Head            51      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Dreri Knutson           Sister          34      Iowa

Ed Dixon                Head            49      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Selmer Mandt            Servant         29      Iowa            White               Farm laborer    

C G Mellem              Head            61      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Randina Mellem          Wife            59      Iowa            White
Carlin Mellem           Son             23      Iowa
Harold Mellem           Son             20      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Clarence Mellem         Son             18      Iowa
Source: National Archives Film T626_691 ED 12, Pages 1A-4A, 1B-3B

Transcribed by Gordon Felland, 12/10/2004 (more info added 6/16/2018)