Grafton, Iowa
1930 Census


Census taken by William O. Huebner during the month of April, 1930.

Listed by heads of household followed by household members and relationship.

Population: 250


Name                    Relationship    Age     Birthplace      Race    Year    Occupation   

Max Runge               Head            38      Iowa            White           Farmer
Emma Runge              Wife            38      Iowa
Virgil Runge            Son             13      Iowa
Hazel Runge             Daughter        10      Iowa
Vivian Runge            Daughter        6       Iowa
Evelyn Runge            Daughter        4 9/12  Iowa
Arlene Runge            Daughter        1 11/12 Iowa

Lawrence Dalluge        Head            27      Minnesota       White           Farmer
Ruth Dalluge            Wife            22      Iowa
Bernice Dalluge         Sister          21      Iowa                            Teacher
Birchard Dalluge        Brother         21      Iowa                            Odd jobs

Albert Streich          Head            40      Iowa            White           Farmer
Edna Streich            Wife            34      Iowa
Rosa Streich            Daughter        14      Iowa
Fern Streich            Daughter        6       Iowa
Joe Wagner              Boarder         75      Bohemia         White   1893 

George Wahl             Head            44      Iowa            White           Farmer
Mary Wahl               Wife            48      Iowa
Ray Wahl                Son             17      Iowa                            Farm worker
Armond Wahl             Son             15      Iowa
Rose Wahl               Daughter        14      Iowa
Lilian Wahl             Daughter        8       Iowa

Fred Reck               Head            55      Iowa            White           Farmer
Lizzie Reck             Wife            59      Iowa

Julius Bruesewitz       Head            68      Germany         White   1871    Farmer
Bertha Bruesewitz       Wife            63      Wisconsin
Myrtle Bruesewitz       Daughter        22      Iowa                            Farm worker

Emil Schauer            Head            56      Wisconsin       White           Farmer

August Bork             Head            67      Germany         White   1878    Farmer
Bertha Bork             Wife            63      Germany                 1870

William F Huebner       Head            26      Iowa            White           Truck driver
Anna Huebner            Wife            26      Iowa
Donald Huebner          Son             5       Iowa
Glenda Huebner          Daughter        4 2/12  Iowa
Phyllis Huebner         Daughter        2 4/12  Iowa
Eldon Huebner           Son             0 8/12  Iowa
Wayne Bork              Nephew          5       Iowa            White    

Leo Kirchgatter         Head            33      Iowa            White           Vetinarian
Wilma Kirchgatter       Wife            30      Iowa

Peder M Skram           Head            34      Norway          White   1913    Rural mail carrier
Emma Skram              Wife            32      Iowa
Arthur Skram            Son             5       Iowa

Helen Trettin           Head            48      Wisconsin       White           None

Alfred R Schmidt        Head            57      Wisconsin       White           None
Elizabeth Schmidt       Wife            57      Iowa 
Elsie Schmidt           Daughter        21      Iowa                            telephone operator
Erma Schmidt            Daughter        20      Iowa                            Housekeeper
Evelyn Schmidt          Daughter        12      Iowa

Edmund M Schmidt        Head            56      Wisconsin       White           None
Emilie Schmidt          Wife            54      Germany                 1877
Laura Schmidt           Daughter        20      Iowa                            Teacher

Conrad W Paulus         Head            68      Germany         White   1884    Depot operator
Elizabeth Paulus        Wife            63      Iowa        
Irene Paulus            Daughter        31      Iowa

William F Wilde         Head            80      Germany         White   1875    None
Agusta Wilde            Wife            70      Germany                 1878

Emma Hackbart           Head            54      Iowa            White           Housekeeper
Louise Hackbart         Sister          51      Iowa
Ferdinand Hackbart      Father          91      Germany
Alvin Kuehn             Brother-in-law  61      Wisconsin       White           Oil station salesman
Alvin Kuehn             Nephew          34                                      Garage manager

Fredrick Trettin        Head            79      Germany         White   1866    None
Matilda Trettin         Wife            69      Germany                 1877

Roy Buechele            Head            26      Iowa            White           Farm elevator worker
Cordula Buechele        Wife            27      Iowa
Mary Ann Buechele       Daughter        0       Iowa

John Bork               Head            29      Iowa            White           Pool hall manager
Vera Bork               Wife            23      Minnesota
Donald Bork             Son             3 10/12 Iowa
Harry Rappath           Brother-in-law  15      Minnesota       White    

Charlie F Christians    Head            61      Wisconsin       White    
Christina Christians    Wife            47      Minnesota                         
Roy Christians          Son             36      Iowa                            Merchant
Vallie Kline            Son             19      Minnesota       White           Odd jobs
Christine Kline         Daughter        16      Iowa

Reinhold Nack           Head            37      Iowa            White           Farm elevator manager
Lena Nack               Wife            39      Iowa

R J Tjornehog           Head            39      Denmark         White   1910    Buttermaker
Elsie Tjornehog         Wife            35      Wisconsin
George Tjornehog        Son             13      Iowa
Robert Tjornehog        Son             11      Iowa
Ruth Tjornehog          Daughter        7       Iowa
Kenneth Tjornehog       Son             4       Wisconsin

William A Nack          Head            44      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Ella Nack               Wife            43      Iowa
Elon Nack               Son             13      Iowa
Ione Nack               Daughter        5       Iowa

William F Brown         Head            81      Germany         White   1878    None
Wilimia Brown           Wife            76      Germany                 1878

Lloyd O Nack            Head            27      Iowa            White           Grocery store salesman
Selma Nack              Wife            30      Iowa

Casper Urbatsch         Head            61      Wisconsin       White           None
Ida Urbatsch            Wife            55      Iowa                            Telephone operator
Erma Urbatsch           Daughter        28      Iowa

Walter A Wagner         Head            29      Iowa            White           Meat retailer
Verna Wagner            Wife            21      Iowa
James Wagner            Son             0 5/12  Iowa

Herman Schmidt          Head            33      Iowa            White           Restaurant proprietor
Laura Schmidt           Wife            30      Iowa
Marcella Schmidt        Daughter        8       Iowa
Luetta Schmidt          Daughter        4 6/12  Iowa
Roslyn Schmidt          Daughter        2 8/12  Iowa
Marilynn Schmidt        Daughter        0       Iowa

John Edwin Baird        Head            41      Iowa            White           Tiler
Bertha Baird            Wife            43      Iowa                            Saleslady

Arthur A Albrecht       Head            38      Iowa            White           Barber
Elvira Albrecht         Wife            32      Iowa
Dorothy Albrecht        Daughter        8       Iowa
Elaine Albrecht         Daughter        3       Iowa
Arthur Albrecht         Son             1       Iowa

Otto Rosel              Head            54      Iowa            White           Druggist
Ida Rosel               Wife            52      Illinois
Adolph Rosel            Son             25      Iowa                            Pharmaist

Ed L Shultz             Head            44      Iowa            White           Carpenter
Sophia Shultz           Wife            32      Minnesota

David Diedrich          Head            65      Germany         White   1891    None
Minnie Diedrich         Wife            66      Germany                 1891

Frank Nack              Head            62      Germany         White   1868    None
Matilda Nack            Wife            62      At sea                  1868

Emma Nack               Head            70      Germany         White   1869    None

Dora Bartz              Head            79      Germany         White   1878    None

William F Kanzenbach    Head            56      Wisconsin       White           Lumber Co. Manager
Martha Kanzenbach       Wife            50      Iowa
Herman Kanzenbach       Son             23      Iowa                            Odd jobs
Arthur Kanzenbach       Son             21      Iowa                            Garage worker
Wilmer Kanzenbach       Son             19      Iowa                            Odd jobs
Ruben Kanzenbach        Son             15      Iowa                            Odd jobs
Ruth Kanzenbach         Daughter        15      Iowa
Irene Kanzenbach        Daughter        7       Iowa
Leona Wilde             Daughter        24      Iowa            White           Servant
Florence Wilde          Daughter        2       Iowa

Ernest C Arzberger      Head            57      Wisconsin       White           None
Anna Arzberger          Wife            60      Illinois

Ernest Bethke           Head            75      Germany         White   1873    None
Enstina Bethke          Wife            70      Germany                 1874
Emma Bethke             Daughter        50      Wisconsin
William Bethke          Son             41      Wisconsin                       Odd jobs

Julius Hollatz          Head            67      Germany         White   1873    None
Ernestine Hollatz       Wife            60      Iowa

Emma Hein               Head            43      Iowa            White           Housekeeper
Frieda Hein             Sister          45      Iowa
Elizabeth Hein          Sister          37      Iowa                            Housekeeper

Emma Boettcher          Head            51      Iowa            White    
Harold Boettcher        Son             11      Iowa

Edward M Glassel        Head            63      Wisconsin       White           None
Emma M Glassel          Wife            62      Wisconsin

Henry C Kirchgatter     Head            64      Germany         White   1880    None
Tracce Kirchgatter      Wife            63      Germany                 1880

Glen H Bringolf         Head            40      Iowa            White           Bank president
Caroline Bringolf       Wife            31      Iowa
Virginia Bringolf       Daughter        8       Iowa 
John Bringolf           Son             1       Iowa
Minnie Bringolf         Mother-in-law   53      Iowa            White    

Harry W Christians      Head            28      Iowa            White           Grocery retailer
Dorothy Christians      Wife            26      Iowa
Donald Christians       Son             2       Iowa

Adolph C Shultz         Head            41      Iowa            White           Implement dealer
Helga Shultz            Wife            41      Iowa
Dean Shultz             Son             9       Iowa
Everett Shultz          Son             8       Iowa
Eugene Shultz           Son             6       Iowa

Louise Glauvitz         Head            87      Germany         White   1874    None
Otto H Glauvitz         Son             56      Germany                 1874
William F Glauvitz      Son             42      Wisconsin                       Tiling contractor

Emil H Buechele         Head            30      Iowa            White           Truck driver
Arminda Buechele        Wife            26      Minnesota
Jane Buechele           Daughter        5       Minnesota
Alvin C Buechele        Brother         24      Iowa                            Truck driver
Arnold W Buechele       Brother         22      Iowa                            Oil truck driver
Bernice Rappath 	Sister-in-law	13	Minnesota	White		

Alfred A Bruesewitz     Head            31      Iowa            White           Garage manager
Elenora C Bruesewitz    Wife            27      Iowa
Eugene R Bruesewitz     Son             5       Iowa

Herman A Walk           Head            48      Iowa            White           Retail merchant
Anna Walk               Wife            45      Iowa
Armond Walk             Son             22      Iowa                            Salesman
Kenneth Walk            Son             14      Iowa
Margaret Walk           Daughter        5       Iowa

Charlie J Virchow       Head            62      Iowa            White           None
Sophia Virchow          Wife            60      Illinois
Rosine Virchow          Mother          91      Germany                 1866
Alfred W Walk           Head            38      Iowa            White           Garage manager
Katie Walk              Wife            36      Iowa
Irene Walk              Daughter        11      Iowa
Raymond Walk            Son             9       Iowa
Laverne Walk            Son             6       Iowa
Ruben Walk              Son             3 4/12  Iowa
Orland Walk             Son             1 5/12  Iowa

Frank C Trettin         Head            57      Germany         White   1875    Tiling contractor

John Bork               Head            60      Wisconsin       White           Railroad section foreman
Emma Bork               Wife            51      Wisconsin
Clarence Bork           Son             21      Iowa                            Railroad worker
Myrtle Bork             Daughter        26      Iowa                            Servant
Arthur Bork             Son             20      Iowa                            Pool hall worker
Walter Bork             Son             19      Iowa                            Railraod worker
Wilma Bork              Daughter        18      Iowa                            Servant
Ruth Bork               Daughter        17      Iowa
Irene Bork              Daughter        15      Iowa
Melinda Bork            Daughter        14      Iowa
Elsie Bork              Daughter        12      Iowa
Roy Bork                Son             10      Iowa
Genevieve Bork          Daughter        6       Iowa

Albert H Borchardt      Head            79      Germany         White   1857    None
 Henry Borchardt        Son             51      Iowa                            Farm worker
Lydia Borchardt         Daughter        32      Iowa                            Telephone operator
Myrtle Feldt            Granddaughter   24      Iowa            White           Grocery store saleslady

Charlie J Shultz        Head            74      Germany         White   1858    None
Katie Shultz            Wife            70      Germany                 1866

Martha Lange            Head            54      Wisconsin       White           None
Marie Lange             Sister          60      Germany

Herman C Miller         Head            52      Iowa            White           Hardware retailer
Clara Miller            Wife            52      Iowa
Earl Miller             Son             23      Iowa                            Hardware saleman
Marvin Miller           Son             16      Iowa

Elizabeth Trettin       Head            77      Wisconsin       White           None

Elizabeth Hasse         Head            82      Wisconsin       White           None

William A Hasse         Head            54      Wisconsin       White           Blacksmith
Kate Hasse              Wife            45      Pennsylvania
Ernest Doesher          Boarder         29      Iowa            White           Garage worker
Arnold Petznick         Boarder         27      Iowa            White           Bank cashier

Otto H Buechele         Head            35      Iowa            White           Carpenter
Alma Buechele           Wife            37      Iowa
Hubert Buechele         Son             4       Iowa

Ernestine Wagner        Head            72      Germany         White   1871    None

John F Uker             Head            45      Iowa            White           Hardware retailer
Alvina Uker             Wife            39      Iowa
Gladys Uker             Daughter        16      Iowa
Dorothy Uker            Daughter        13      Iowa
Lola Uker               Daughter        10      Iowa
Virginia Uker           Daughter        5       Iowa

Ida Landdeck            Head            76      Germany         White   1858    None

Carl F Landdeck         Head            44      Iowa            White           Minister
Marie Landdeck          Wife            44      Michigan
Esther Landdeck         Daughter        12      Iowa
Arthur Landdeck         Son             8       Iowa
Lois Landdeck           Daughter        4       Iowa

Reinhold O Bauman       Head            28      Iowa            White           Oil truck driver
Leola Bauman            Wife            23      Iowa

William H Trettin       Head            50      Iowa            White           School janitor
Louise Trettin          Wife            45      Iowa
Della Trettin           Adopted         11      Iowa
Leatha Trettin          Adopted         7       Iowa

Frank J Church          Head            30      Iowa            White           Professor
Jena Church             Wife            30      Iowa
Bobby Church            Son             8       Iowa
Billy Church            Son             5       Iowa

William O Huebner       Head            36      Iowa            White           House painter
Nova Huebner            Wife            26      Iowa
Dale Huebner            Son             1       Iowa

Source: National Archives Film T626_691 ED 19, Pages 1A, 2A, 3A, 1B & 2B

Transcribed by Gordon Felland, 12/01/2004 (revised 3/29/05).