Town of Fertile, Iowa
1930 Census


Census taken by Frances C. Anderson during the month of April, 1930

Listed by Heads of household followed by household members and relationship.

Population: 232

Name                    Relationship    Age     Birthplace      Race    Imm.Year        Occupation       

B M Mendsager           Head            64      Norway          White   1887            Farm worker
Emma Mendsager          Wife            55      Norway                  1893
Ivan Mendsager          Son             14      Iowa
Gunder Vas              Head            62      Norway          White   1890            Odd jobs
Isabelle Vas            Wife            41      Minnesota
Gullick Hegney          Head            81      Norway          White   1876            None
Aslaug Hegney           Wife            81      Norway                  1876
G O Sanderson           Head            55      Iowa            White                   Carpenter
Aura Sanderson          Wife            33      Illinois
Anna Sanderson          Daughter        1 3/12  Iowa

Ed Hammervold           Head            41      Norway          White   1920            Tenant farmer
Sophia Hammervold       Wife            41      Norway                  1920
Carol Hammervold        Daughter        11      Norway                  1920
Edith Hammervold        Daughter        6       Iowa
William Hammervold      Son             8       Iowa

Andrew Elthon           Head            67      Norway          White   1872            General store manager
Olena Elthon            Wife            59      Norway
Thelan Elthon           Son             20      Norway                                  Store clerk

Ed Rodberg              Head            37      Iowa            White                   Carpenter
Altie Rodberg           Wife            27      Iowa
Stanton Rodberg         Son             8       Iowa
Cora Rodberg            Daughter        5       Iowa
Lula Mae Rodberg        Daughter        3       Iowa
Rueben Rodberg          Brother         21      Iowa                                    Hardware store clerk

George Humphrey         Head            38      Iowa            White                   Truck driver
Josephine Humphrey      Wife            36      Iowa
Roger Humphrey          Son             14      Iowa
Naomi Humphrey          Daughter        5       Iowa

Andrew Suby             Head            61      Norway          White   1870            None
Celia Suby              Wife            53      Iowa
Morris Suby             Son             21      Iowa                                    Odd jobs
Doris Suby              Daughter        14      Iowa
Arthur Suby             Son             10      Iowa

Forrest Norem           Head            33      Illinois        White                   Oil statdion manager
Maude Norem             Wife            39      Minnesota
Duane Norem             Son             14      Iowa
Sheire Norem            Daughter        13      Iowa

L M Foster              Head            74      Canada          White                   None
Rosalie Foster          Wife            73      Ohio
Kent Foster             Son             34      Iowa
Beth Foster             Daughter        32      Iowa
W W Kirk                Father          98      Ohio            White    
Mattie Ainsworth        Sister          62      Iowa            White                   Teacher
Gunder Heaney           Head            55      Norway          White   1877            Plumber
Bell Heaney             Wife            54      Norway                  1902

M A Haugen              Head            31      Iowa            White                   Butcher
Evelyn Haugen           Wife            26      Iowa
Dean Haugen             Son             1 9/12  Iowa

Oswald Evenson          Head            31      Iowa            White                   Restaurant manager
Blanch Evenson          Wife            33      Iowa
Everett Evenson         Son             9       Iowa
Charles Evenson         Son             6       Iowa
Eva Marie Evenson       Daughter        2 11/12 Iowa

N O Ouverson            Head            42      Iowa            White                   Repair shop manager
Hazel Ouverson          Wife            31      Iowa
Lucille Ouverson        Daughter        11      Iowa
Billy Ouverson          Son             9       Iowa
Darlene Ouverson        Daughter        1 7/12  Iowa
Ernest Kuns             Lodger          22      Iowa            White                   Mechanic

Edwin Brown             Head            81      Wisconsin       White                   None
Mahthdel Brown          Wife            73      Wisconsin

Amie Mae Nye            Head            36      Iowa            White                   Switchboard operator
Max Nye                 Son             9       Iowa
C Norman Nye            Son             12      Iowa

Mary Roath              Head            61      Iowa            White                   None

Ben Miller              Head            45      Ohio            White                   Tiling
Ellen Miller            Wife            41      Iowa
Verle Miller            Son             20      Iowa
Alvin Miller            Son             19      South Dakota
Leona Miller            Daughter        17      Iowa
Viola Miller            Daughter        15      Iowa
Verna Miller            Daughter        14      Iowa
Iva Miller              Daughter        12      Iowa
Glennis Miller          Son             9       Wisconsin
Amos Miller             Son             6       Wisconsin
Orland Miller           Son             3       Wisconsin

Henry E Halvorson       Head            38      Iowa            White                   Lumber yard manager
Cora Halvorson          Wife            29      Iowa
Arlene Halvorson        Daughter        5       Iowa
Dorothy Ann Halvorson   Daughter        0 3/12  Iowa

James Rampton           Head            81      England         White                   None
Charlotte Skian         Daughter        60      Wisconsin       White                   None

N N Mestad              Head            74      Norway          White   1855            Carpenter
Caroline Mestad         Wife            70      Wisconsin

Orin Calhoun            Head            56      New York        White                   None
Cecelia Calhoun         Wife            55      Iowa
Floyd Calhoun           Son             8       Iowa
Carl Madison            Lodger          44      Denmark         White   1910            Tiling

Frank Jenkins           Head            44      Iowa            White                   Truck driver
Lena Jenkins            Wife            47      Minnesota
Jimmy Jenkins           Son             17      Minnesota
Clyde Jenkins           Son             12      Minnesota
Norman Jenkins          Son             9       Minnesota
Geneva Jenkins          Daughter        17      Minnesota

Laurence Jenkins        Head            20      Iowa            White                   Odd jobs
Cora Jenkins            Wife            19      Iowa

Mary Stout              Head            63      Ohio            White                   None

Mae Halvorson           Head            67      Wisconsin       White                   None
I A Halvorson           Relative        56      Minnesota                               Blacksmith

George W Hall           Head            28      Iowa            White                   Odd jobs
Violet Hall             Wife            27      Iowa

William R Carr          Head            66      Wisconsin       White                   Truck driver
Dora Carr               Wife            60      Iowa
Vesta Carr              Daughter        19      Iowa

Catheirne Back          Head            69      Denmark         White   1883            None

Leo Stokke              Head            30      Iowa            White                   Odd jobs
Hazel Stokke            Wife            28      Iowa
Silence Stokke          Daughter        8       Iowa
Francis Stokke          Son             5       Iowa                                        
Geraldine Stokke        Daughter        2 7/12  Iowa

Andrew A Johnson        Head            62      Iowa            White                   Farm worker
Belle Johnson           Wife            63      Norway                  1868
Pearl V Johnson         Daughter        21      Iowa
Kari Johnson            Mother          86      Norway                  1880

C Norman Jorgenson      Head            29      Iowa            White                   Oil Company agent
Mabel Jorgenson         Wife            30      Iowa
Robert Jorgenson        Son             6       Iowa
Catherine Jorgenson     Daughter        5       Iowa

J F Rhodes              Head            68      Iowa            White                   Odd jobs
Dora Rhodes             Wife            65      Iowa

Andrew Field            Head            33      Wisconsin       White                   Restaurant manager
Gail Field              Wife            32      Iowa
Hubert Field            Son             13      Iowa
Russell Field           Son             11      Iowa
Beverly Field           Daughter        1 8/12  Iowa

Peter Ouverson          Head            65      Wisconsin       White                   Insurance agent
Tresa Ouverson          Wife            60      Wisconsin

Hans Johnson            Head            38      Norway          White   1901            Odd jobs
Hilda Johnson           Wife            32      Iowa                                    Store clerk

Charles Eikenbary       Head            55      California      White                   Postmaster
Anna Eikenbary          Wife            47      Iowa
Charles Eikenbary       Son             10      Iowa
Vada Eikenbary          Daughter        5       Iowa

William H Humphrey      Head            68      Ohio            White                   School janitor
Edith M Humphrey        Wife            63      Iowa
Earl Humphrey           Son             20      Iowa                                    Odd jobs

Edward W Lilley         Head            36      Pennsylvania    White                   School superintendent
Lena Lilley             Wife            36      Ohio
Holdene Lilley          Son             11      Iowa
Betty Jean Lilley       Daughter        10      Iowa

A E Halvorson           Head            48      Minnesota       White                   Odd jobs
Jennie Halvorson        Wife            46      Norway                  1899

K O Sheimo              Head            80      Norway          White   1870            None
Sophie Devel            Daughter        48      Iowa            White    

Norman Oswald           Head            21      Iowa            White                   Farm worker
Lyra Oswald             Wife            21      Iowa
Norma Oswald            Daughter        1 6/12  Iowa

Minnie Oswald           Head            52      Massachusetts   White                   None
Marcella Oswald         Daughter        17      Iowa
Roland Oswald           Son             15      Iowa
Claire Oswald           Daughter        13      Iowa

C O Sheimo              Head            52      Iowa            White                   General store manager
Tille Sheimo            Wife            52      Iowa
Hazel Bortner           Lodger          23      Iowa            White                   Teacher

Carl Sheimo             Head            39      Iowa            White                   Hardware store manager
Hilda Sheimo            Wife            39      Iowa
Stanton Sheimo          Son             10      Iowa

Amelia Humphrey         Head            75      Illinois        White                   None
Lena Dalager            Head            45      Minnesota       White                   None
Norma Dalager           Daughter        11      Iowa
Ethel Howlett           Lodger          26      Iowa            White                   Teacher

Henry O Halvorson       Head            51      Iowa            White                   Odd jobs
Adeline Halvorson       Daughter        22      North Dakota
Clark Halvorson         Son             12 

E B Jones               Head            54      Iowa            White                   General store manager
Edith Jones             Wife            47      Iowa
Melva Jones             Daughter        16      Iowa
Dale Jones              Son             11      Iowa

E W Wescott             Head            63      Illinois        White                   Butcher shop worker
Ena Wescott             Wife            59      Iowa

Alvin Suby              Head            29      Iowa            White                   Odd jobs
Beulah Suby             Wife            27      Iowa
Arden Suby              Son             5       Iowa
Norman Suby             Son             3       Iowa
Adell Suby              Daughter        1 4/12  Iowa

Julius Tallackson       Head            49      Iowa            White                   Odd jobs
Jacob Tallackson        Brother         47      Iowa                                    Carpenter
Tona Tallackson         Mother          73      Norway                  1858

Ole Brenden             Head            62      Wisconsin       White                   Odd jobs
Etta Brenden            Wife            52      Iowa
Andrew Groe             Father-in-law   86      Norway          White    

Rev. Hjelmeland         Head            60      Norway          White   1890            Lutheran pastor
Anna Hjelmeland         Wife            58      Norway                  1887
Olaf Hjelmeland         Son             25      North Dakota
Agnes Hjelmeland        Daughter        18      Iowa
Carroll Johnson         Lodger          23      Iowa            White                   Teacher

Anna Rye                Head            66      Wisconsin       White                   None

Frank Purcell           Head            47      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Winnie Purcell          Wife            40      Iowa
Marguerite Purcell      Daughter        18      Iowa
Glena Purcell           Son             16      Iowa
Eva Purcell             Daughter        15      Iowa
Edward Purcell          Son             12      Iowa
Raymond Purcell         Son             10      Iowa
Francis Purcell         Son             7       Iowa
Dale Purcell            Son             4       Iowa
Ariel Gaskill           Lodger          81      Ohio            White    

Roy Larson              Head            39      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Mae Larson              Wife            36      Iowa
Genevieve Larson        Daughter        17      Iowa            White    
Wilma Larson            Daughter        13      Iowa
Eunice Larson           Daughter        11      Iowa

Wallace Deuel           Head            44      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Ethel Deuel             Wife            46      Wisconsin
Ivan Deuel              Son             22      Iowa
Vera Deuel              Daughter        16      Iowa

Martin Ouverson         Head            49      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Christina Ouverson      Wife            43      Minnesota
Leonard Ouverson        Son             19      Iowa
Harold Ouverson         Son             14      Iowa
Donald Ouverson         Son             9       Iowa

John A Ouverson         Head            45      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Elizabeth Ouverson      Wife            44      Ohio
Mavis Ouverson          Daughter        16      Iowa
Allen Ouverson          Son             11      Iowa
Francis Ouverson        Son             8       Iowa
Marine Ouverson         Daughter        6       Iowa
Baszel Robison          Brother-in-law  76      Ohio            White    

H P Engen               Head            46      Norway          White   1903            Buttermaker
Christina Engen         Wife            45      Norway                  1907                                                Assistant buttermaker
Paul Engen              Son             20      Iowa
Marie Engen             Daughter        17      Iowa

Louie Humphrey          Head            58      Ohio            White                   None
Humphrey                Daughter        18      Iowa
Ardis Humphrey          Daughter        0 1/12  Iowa

E F Kimball             Head            34      Minnesota       White                   Tenant farmer
Anna Kimball            Wife            35      Iowa
Arden Kimball           Son             9       Minnesota
Audrey Kimball          Daughter        7       Minnesota
Wanda Mae Kimball       Daughter        2 1/12  Iowa
Roscoe Ackerson         Servant         22      Minnesota       White                   Farm worker

Roscoe Norem            Head            30      Illinois        White                   Tenant farmer
Hannah Norem            Wife            30      Minnesota
Margaret Norem          Daughter        5       Iowa
Gersen Norem            Daughter        2       Iowa

Christ Billison         Head            62      Iowa            White                   Farm worker
Louise Billison         Wife            52      Iowa
Palma Billison          Daughter        13      Iowa

Sources: National Archives Film T626_691 ED 8 1A-3A & 1B-2B

Transcribed by Gordon Felland, 3/13/2005