Fertile Township, Worth County, Iowa
1930 Census


Census taken by Frances C. Anderson during the month of April, 1930.

Listed by heads of houshold followed by household members and relationship.

Population: 637 (does not include the town of Fertile).

Name                    Relationship    Age     Birthplace      Race    Imm.Year        Occupation       

R H Willis              Head            38      Pennsylvania    White                   Tenant farmer
Selma Willis            Wife            32      Iowa
Glenn Willis            Son             3 6/12  Iowa
Sarah Willis            Mother          65      Pennsylvania

Burton Rodberg          Head            28      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Andrew Anderson         Brother         44      Norway          White   1885            Tenant farmer
Simon Rodberg           Brother         31      Iowa                                    Truck driver
Aletta Rodberg          Mother          72      Norway                  1885

John M Hall             Head            51      Norway          White   1881            Farmer
Minnie Hall             Wife            49      Iowa
Myrtle Hall             Daughter        21      Iowa
Caroline Hall           Daughter        17      Iowa
Sylvia Hall             Daughter        15      Iowa
Ruth Hall               Daughter        13      Iowa
Johnnie Hall            Son             9       Iowa
Olaf Rodberg            Head            51      Norway          White   1889            Tenant farmer
Josephine Rodberg       Wife            48      Norway                  1885
Agnes Rodberg           Daughter        13      Iowa
Lila Rodberg            Daughter        9       Iowa

Martin Tweeten          Head            39      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Ruth Tweeten            Wife            33      Iowa
Lewis Varborg           Head            38      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Esther Varborg          Wife            33      Iowa

Millard T Brue          Head            24      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Amanda Brue             Wife            20      Iowa

Ed Gilmer               Head            42      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Marie Gilmer            Wife            37      Czechoslovakia          1912
Lucy Gilmer             Daughter        16      Iowa
Dorothy Gilmer          Daughter        12      Iowa
Geneva Gilmer           Daughter        10      Iowa
Vera Gilmer             Daughter        4 11/12 Iowa

Hans Lien               Head            26      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Anna Lien               Wife            27      Norway                  1915
Sylvia Lien             Daughter        3 3/12  Iowa
Arlene Lien             Daughter        1 8/12  Iowa

Martin Hovland          Head            53      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Elsie Hovland           Wife            48      Iowa
Homer Hovland           Son             28      Iowa
Gyda Hovland            Daughter        17      Iowa
Marvin Hovland          Son             13      Iowa
Arlo Hovland            Son             11      Iowa
Neva Hovland            Daughter        3 3/12  Iowa

Lewis Rye               Head            46      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Caroline Rye            Wife            48      Iowa
Gale Rye                Son             17      Iowa
Corlys Rye              Son             15      Iowa
Norman Rye              Son             11      Iowa
Arna Mae Rye            Daughter        6       Iowa
A C Erickson            Lodger          77      Wisconsin       White    

William Jones           Head            57      Minnesota       White                   Farmer
Lille Jones             Wife            46      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Shirley Jones           Sister          24      Iowa
Florence Jones          Daughter        11      Iowa

Ernest Halvorson        Head            24      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Ida Halvorson           Wife            25      Iowa
Arlo Halvorson          Son             2 2/12  Iowa
Dorothy Halvorson       Daughter        0 3/12  Iowa

Axel Strombom           Head            67      Sweden          White                   Tenant farmer
Caroline Strombom       Wife            43      Wittenberg
Harold Strombom         Son             30      Illinois
Mildred Strombom        Daughter        18      Iowa
Helen Strombom          Daughter        14      Iowa

Clarence Hedrickson     Head            48      Iowa            White                   Farmer
John Hedrickson         Brother         49      Iowa                                    Farmer
Helen Helland           Servant         50      Iowa            White                   Housekeeper

Aubrey Orcutt           Head            58      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Marion Orcutt           Wife            47      Iowa

Frank Lee               Head            29      Illinois        White                   Tenant farmer
Grace Lee               Wife            24      Iowa

W E Orcutt              Head            65      Iowa            White                   Farmer
June Orcutt             Wife            63      Iowa
Josephine Orcutt        Daughter        34      Iowa
Angeline Orcutt         Daughter        31      Iowa
Lloyd Orcutt            Son             27      Iowa                                    Carpenter
Gust Orcutt             Sister-in-law   61      Iowa

G I Sagen               Head            53      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Annie Sagen             Wife            42      Iowa
Mildred Sagen           Niece           15      North Dakota
Arlene Sagen            Daughter        9       Iowa

Martin Knudtson         Head            25      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Oscar Knudtson          Brother         37      Iowa                                    Repairman
Anna Knudtson           Sister          35      Iowa
Olga Knudtson           Sister          27      Iowa
Austine Knudtson        Mother          65      Iowa
Kenton Felland          Nephew          12      Iowa            White    

C R Steuerwald          Head            38      Indiana         White                   None
Letha Steuerwald        Wife            38      Indiana                                        
Ruth Steuerwald         Daughter        14      Iowa
Gertrude Steuerwald     Daughter        11      Iowa
Helen Steuerwald        Daughter        8       Iowa
Elias Steuerwald        Son             4       Wisconsin
Darrell Steuerwald      Son             1 11/12 Iowa
Norma Steuerwald        Daughter        0 1/12  Iowa

Peter Suby              Head            36      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Alvina Suby             Wife            42      Iowa
Vernon Suby             Son             7       Iowa
Rosella Suby            Daughter        1 8/12  Iowa
Minne Nelson            Mother-in-law   63      Norway          White   1890 
Tom Benson              Lodger          58      Iowa            White                   None
Arthur Halvorson        Nephew          17      Iowa            White    

Albin Stokke            Head            32      Iowa            White                   Tiler
Dora Stokke             Wife            27      Minnesota
Mavis Stokke            Daughter        5       Iowa
Ruth Stokke             Daughter        2 8/12  Iowa
Melvin Stokke           Brother         22      North Dakota                            Piano tuner
Chris Benson            Head            51      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Ida Benson              Wife            49      Iowa
Burns Benson            Daughter        21      Iowa
Olga Benson             Daughter        19      Iowa                                    Teacher
Thelma Benson           Daughter        16      Iowa
Esther Benson           Daughter        14      Iowa
Stanton Benson          Son             10      Iowa

Harry Thovson           Head            26      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Lauretta Thovson        Wife            25      Iowa
Robert Thovson          Son             6       Iowa
Arlis Thovson           Daughter        1       Iowa

John Honken             Head            30      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Anna Honken             Wife            29      Iowa

Henry Sheimo            Head            37      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Ellen Sheimo            Wife            34      Iowa
Keith Sheimo            Son             9       Iowa
Marlyn Sheimo           Son             7       Iowa
Richard Sheimo          Son             5       Iowa
Franklin Sheimo         Son             1 10/12 Iowa
George Gunderson        Lodger          32      Norway          White   1928            Farm worker

George Levang           Head            52      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Carrie Levang           Wife            48      Iowa
Joseph Levang           Son             18      Iowa
Irene Levang            Daughter        13      Iowa
Arthur Levang           Son             8       Iowa

Ellef Halvorson         Head            70      Minnesota       White                   Farmer
Sigrid Halvorson        Wife            45      Norway
Ruth Halvorson          Daughter        13      Iowa

Peter Gunderson         Head            41      Norway          White   1911            Farmer
Hannah Gunderson        Wife            37      Norway                  1910
Ernest Gunderson        Son             18      Iowa
Harold Gunderson        Son             16      Iowa
Tilmon Gunderson        Son             12      Iowa
Elmer Gunderson         Son             10      Iowa
Robert Gunderson        Son             8       Iowa

Mervyn Stevens          Head            31      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Arlene Stevens          Wife            26      Iowa
Adell Stevens           Son             9       Iowa
Martin O Fjeld          Head            51      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Ida Fjeld               Wife            46      Iowa
Evelyn Fjeld            Daughter        22      Iowa                                    Teacher
Mildred Fjeld           Daughter        20      Iowa
Gladys Fjeld            Daughter        18      Iowa
Antonette Fjeld         Daughter        17      Iowa
Palma Fjeld             Daughter        14      Iowa
Marlyn Fjeld            Son             11      Iowa

Enos Seglem             Head            32      Iowa            White                   Tractor work
Ella Seglem             Wife            31      Iowa
Vernon Seglem           Son             7       Iowa
Fern Seglem             Daughter        4       Iowa
Audrey Jean Seglem      Daughter        0 9/12  Iowa

Oscar A Brue            Head            39      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Nettie Brue             Wife            40      Iowa
Stanley Brue            Son             16      Iowa
Marcella Brue           Daughter        11      Iowa
Phyllis Brue            Daughter        9       Iowa
Norman Brue             Son             3       Iowa
Malina Brue             Mother          77      Norway

Palmer Johnson          Head            23      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Bertha Johnson          Sister          19      Iowa
Myrtle Johnson          Sister          22      Iowa
Edwin Johnson           Brother         17      Iowa

Leo Elthon              Head            32      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Synneva Elthon          Wife            34      Minnesota
Dorothy Elthon          Daughter        1 4/12  Iowa
David Elthon            Son             0 10/12 Iowa

Paul Humphrey           Head            33      Iowa            White                   Odd jobs
Lucille Humphrey        Wife            32      Iowa
Leighton Humphrey       Son             8       Iowa
Robert Humphrey         Son             6       Iowa
Cleo Humphrey           Daughter        4       Iowa
Earl Humphrey           Son             2 1/12  Iowa

Amanda Severson         Head            39      Iowa            White                   None
Josie Severson          Sister          56      Iowa
Sophie Severson         Relative        47      Iowa

James Purcell           Head            56      Massachusetts   White                   Farmer
Mary Purcell            Wife            53      Iowa
Vern Purcell            Son             32      Iowa                                    Farm worker

Charles McEnelly        Head            76      Vermont         White                   None
Mary McEnelly           Wife            76      Canada

George McNelly          Head            40      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Beulah McNelly          Wife            37      Iowa
Clinton McNelly         Son             18      Iowa

Chris Fineres           Head            74      Norway          White   1880            None
Johnie Field            Head            28      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Olga Field              Wife            23      Iowa
Laverle Field           Son             2 6/12  Iowa
Clarence Winterton      Lodger          21      Iowa            White                   Farm worker

J W Seglem              Head            63      Norway          White   1888            Farmer
Junie Seglem            Wife            53      Iowa
Steven Seglem           Daughter        17      Iowa

P C Anderson            Head            44      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Dora Anderson           Sister          41      Iowa
Annie Anderson          Sister          39      Iowa
Christina Anderson      Mother          79      Norway

Ole Tweed               Head            57      Norway          White   1884            Farmer
Annie Tweed             Wife            50      Iowa
Almer Tweed             Son             24      Iowa
Lillian Tweed           Daughter        20      Iowa                                    Teacher
Frances Tweed           Daughter        18      Iowa
Talora Tweed            Daughter        14      Iowa
Gladys Tweed            Daughter        11      Iowa
Iona Mae Tweed          Daughter        5       Iowa

Theodore Strommer       Head            43      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Lars Strommer           Father          84      Norway                  1860
Martin Strommer         Brother         40      Iowa

Lars Haugen             Head            60      Norway          White   1890            Tenant farmer
Mary Benson             Sister          50      Norway          White   1890            None

Gunder Felland          Head            40      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Anon Felland            Brother         27      Iowa                                    Farmer
Ingeborg Haugen         Aunt            52      Norway          White   1890            None
Elsie Felland           Mother          64      Norway                  1881

R G Rovang              Head            53      Norway          White   1901            Farmer
Betsey Rovang           Wife            52      Iowa                                    
Marvin Rovang           Son             18      Iowa
Jeanette Rovang         Daughter        16      Iowa
John Rovang             Son             14      Iowa

Andrew Felland          Head            47      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Tilda Felland           Wife            46      Iowa
Mabel Felland           Daughter        21      Iowa
Clarence Felland        Son             20      Iowa
Ernest Felland          Son             13      Iowa
Knute Felland           Father          79      Norway

Bennie Anderson         Head            45      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Ida Anderson            Wife            36      Iowa
Stanley Anderson        Son             16      Iowa
Stella Anderson         Daughter        14      Iowa
Viola Anderson          Daughter        13      Iowa
Beryl Anderson          Daughter        10      Iowa
Wesley Anderson         Son             6       Iowa
Dean Anderson           Son             1 6/12  Iowa
Kari Anderson           Mother          86      Norway                  1861                     

Squire Parker           Head            38      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Laura Parker            Wife            42      Iowa
Leon Parker             Daughter        12      Iowa
Warren Parker           Son             1 4/12  Iowa
Jennie Crowel           Mother-in-law   73      New York        White    

A E Myhre               Head            48      Norway          White   1884            Odd jobs
Caroline Myhre          Wife            38      Iowa
Perley Myhre            Son             15      Iowa
Ira Myhre               Son             13      Iowa
Amos Myhre              Son             7       Iowa

Gunder Johnson          Head            63      Norway          White   1887            Farmer
Maria Johnson           Wife            49 
Knute Selstad           Father-in-law   73      Norway          White   1879 

Herman Hovland          Head            36      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Ole Hovland             Relative        40      Iowa                                    Farmer
Albert Hovland          Relative        59      Iowa                                    Farmer

Grant Gaskill           Head            65      Ohio            White                   Tenant farmer
Carrie Gaskill          Wife            59      Ohio
Francis Gaskill         Son             23      Ohio
Leo Gaskill             Son             19      Ohio
Dorothy Gaskill         Daughter        17      Ohio
Donald A Gaskill        Son             14      Ohio

Edwin Petersburg        Head            41      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Mabel Petersburg        Wife            38      Iowa
Donald Petersburg       Son             11      Iowa
James Petersburg        Son             9       Iowa
Muriel Petersburg       Daughter        7       Iowa
Floyd Petersburg        Son             5       Iowa

Henry Petersburg        Head            37      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Clarence Petersburg     Wife            39      Iowa
Mary Petersburg         Mother          65      Denmark

P K Peterson            Head            54      Norway          White   1893            Farmer
Christine Peterson      Wife            48      Wisconsin

S O Field               Head            58      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Carrie Field            Sister          66      Wisconsin
Johanna Field           Sister          60      Wisconsin

Martin N Field          Head            38      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Amy Field               Wife            34      Iowa
Delores Field           Daughter        9       Wisconsin

George N Field          Head            43      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Amanda Field            Wife            33      Iowa
Alfred Rogness          Head            31      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Jeanette Rogness        Wife            32      Iowa
Jerome Rogness          Son             10      Minnesota
Junie Rogness           Daughter        9       Iowa
Oswald Rogness          Son             8       Iowa
Rosell Rogness          Daughter        1 10/12 Iowa
Byford Rogness          Son             0 8/12  Iowa
Ole Rogness             Father          64      Norway

Herman Bang             Head            35      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Edith Bang              Wife            27      Iowa
Alice Bang              Daughter        0 3/12  Iowa

Oscar Ramsey            Head            37      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Amy Ramsey              Wife            28      Iowa
LaVerne Ramsey          Son             4       Iowa
Donald Ramsey           Son             1 6/12  Iowa
Tollef Ramsey           Father          76      Norway                  1863
Ingeborg Ramsey         Mother          76      Norway                  1862

Lars Amundson           Head            39      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Ida Amundson            Wife            41      Iowa
Orlette Amundson        Daughter        14      Iowa
Ida Amundson            Daughter        10      Iowa
Lester Amundson         Son             5       Iowa
Joy Amundson            Daughter        0 3/12  Iowa

Henry Bang              Head            47      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Marit Bang              Mother          72      Wisconsin

Gullick Tweed           Head            62      Norway          White   1882            Farmer
John Stephens           Lodger          55      Norway          White   1884            Farm worker

K S Bergstad            Head            59      Norway          White   1884            Tenant farmer
L M Stephens            Lodger          52      Norway          White   1885 

Arthur Heimdal          Head            36      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Luella Heimdal          Wife            35      Iowa
Sybil Heimdal           Daughter        9       Iowa
Ruth Heimdal            Daughter        4       Iowa
Carol Heimdal           Son             1       Iowa

Johnny Slattum          Head            35      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Annie Slattum           Wife            23      Iowa
Duane Slattum           Son             1 8/12  Iowa
Eilene Slattum          Daughter        0 8/12  Iowa

Peter Tweed             Head            53      Norway          White   1882            Farmer
Gertie Tweed            Wife            48      Norway                  1901
Alvin Tweed             Son             23      Iowa                                    Butcher
Arthur Tweed            Son             22      South Dakota                            Farm worker

Christ Slattum          Head            67      Wisconsin       White                   Farmer
Julia Slattum           Wife            53      Norway                  1882
Ervin Slattum           Son             23      Iowa                                    Tenant farmer
Luella Slattum          Daughter        19      Iowa

Thor Rinden             Head            42      Norway          White   1907            Farmer
Oline Rinden            Wife            42      Iowa
Gudrun Rinden           Daughter        18      Iowa
Oscar Rinden            Son             15      Iowa
Theodore Rinden         Son             13      Iowa
Helga Rinden            Daughter        10      Iowa
Thelma Rinden           Daughter        7       Iowa
Arthur Rinden           Son             3 10/12 Iowa
Viola Rinden            Daughter        0 5/12  Iowa

Theodore Ramsey         Head            43      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Wilma Ramsey            Wife            35      Iowa
Beryl Ramsey            Daughter        12      Iowa
Wava Ramsey             Daughter        7       Iowa
Lynn Ramsey             Son             0 11/12 Iowa

Hans Mjelle             Head            55      Norway          White   1895            Farmer
Elsie Mjelle            Wife            50      Wisconsin
Lorraine Mjelle         Daughter        16      Iowa

Thomas Field            Head            55      Wisconsin       White                   Farmer
Gertena Field           Wife            51      Wisconsin
Stanley Field           Son             14      Iowa
Arlene Field            Daughter        17      Iowa

Turi Tweed              Head            45      Norway          White   1904            None
Jemima Tweed            Daughter        19      Iowa
Leroy Tweed             Son             14      Iowa
Edna Tweed              Daughter        12      Iowa

Andrew Almelien         Head            32      Norway          White   1901            Tenant farmer
Gunhild Almelien        Mother          56      Norway                  1901
Edward Almelien         Brother         19      Iowa
Reuben Almelien         Brother         17      Iowa

Melvin Slattum          Head            27      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Evelyn Slattum          Wife            26      Iowa
Lorene Slattum          Daughter        5       Iowa

Martin Holland          Head            41      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Laura Holland           Wife            43      Iowa
Stanford Holland        Son             19      Iowa
Norman Holland          Son             16      Iowa

Andrew Kittleson        Head            62      Wisconsin       White                   Farmer
Gena Kittleson          Wife            54      Wisconsin
Grace Kittleson         Daughter        24      Wisconsin                               Teacher
James Kittleson         Son             20      Wisconsin
Stanley Kittleson       Son             17      Wisconsin

Iver Stensrud           Head            47      Norway          White   1883            Odd jobs
Trena Stensrud          Wife            32      Iowa
Iva Stensrud            Daughter        11      Iowa
Howard Stensrud         Son             10      Iowa
Richard Stensrud        Son             8       Iowa
Maxine Stensrud         Daughter        7       Iowa
Robert Stensrud         Son             3       Iowa

Knut Tweed              Head            64      Norway          White   1882            Farmer
Maria Tweed             Wife            51      Iowa
Henryetta Tweed         Daughter        20      Iowa
Evelyn Tweed            Daughter        14      Iowa
Adene Tweed             Daughter        9       Iowa
Martin Tweed            Head            29      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Bernice Tweed           WifeTweed       23      Iowa
Syvila Tweed            Daughter        1 6/12  Iowa

Oscar Bang              Head            44      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Galena Bang             Wife            43      Iowa
Adeline Bang            Daughter        15      Iowa
Opal Bang               Daughter        11      Iowa
Senoma Bang             Daughter        8       Iowa

Nels Iverson            Head            78      Denmark         White   1880            Farmer
Jeanie Iverson          Wife            72      Norway                  1900

John N Petersburg       Head            71      Denmark         White   1878            Farmer
Hanna Petersburg        Wife            65      Norway                  1882

Hartvik Sorenson        Head            56      Norway          White   1893            Farmer
Sena Sorenson           Wife            57      Norway                  1882
Selmer Sorenson         Son             20      North Dakota                            Farm worker

Otis Tweed              Head            36      Wisconsin       White                   Tenant farmer
Florence Tweed          Wife            28      Iowa
Phyllis Tweed           Daughter        9       Iowa
Lois Tweed              Daughter        6       Iowa
Betty Tweed             Daughter        3 2/12  Iowa
Albin Tweed             Brother         22      Iowa                                    Farm worker

Roy Petersburg          Head            25      Iowa            White                   Farm worker
Carmen Petersburg       Wife            19      Iowa

Eva Olson               Head            36      Wisconsin       White                   Farmer
Virginia Olson          Daughter        7       Iowa
Carman Olson            Daughter        3       Iowa
Joe Grimstad            Brother         34      Wisconsin       White                   Farm worker
Nina Swenson            Aunt            53      Wisconsin       White    

Henry Kittleson         Head            59      Wisconsin       White                   Farmer
Mamie Kittleson         Wife            44      Iowa
Orin Kittleson          Son             18      Iowa
Homer Escherich         Stepson         15      Iowa            White    
Helen Escherich         Stepdaughter    13      Iowa
Norma Escherich         Stepdaughter    11      Iowa
John Kittleson          Son             4       Iowa

Leonard Olson           Head            34      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Christena Olson         Wife            31      Nebraska        
Nordyce Olson           Daughter        10      Iowa
Enid Olson              Daughter        7       Iowa

Albert E Brunsvold      Head            33      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Cora Brunsvold          Wife            35      Iowa
Rosella Brunsvold       Daughter        9       Iowa
Orlan Brunsvold         Son             4       Iowa

Inger J Escherich       Head            53      Iowa            White                   None
Blanch Escherich        Daughter        23      Iowa                                    Store clerk
Reuben Escherich        Son             19      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Vivian Escherich        Daughter-in-law 22      Minnesota
Frederick Escherich     Grandson        2 8/12  Iowa

G E Brunsvold           Head            52      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Emma Brunsvold          Wife            46      Minnesota
Earl Brunsvold          Son             19      Iowa
Alice Brunsvold         Daughter        14      Iowa
Arnold Brunsvold        Son             8       Iowa

Theodore Brunsvold      Head            50      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Christine Brunsvold     Wife            37      Minnesota
Beverly Brunsvold       Daughter        1 1/12  Minnesota

Ingval Rodberg          Head            37      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Bertha Rodberg          Wife            29      Iowa
Stanley Rodberg         Son             5       Iowa
Eugene Rodberg          Son             3       Iowa
Clarence Brunsvold      Brother-in-law  27      Iowa            White                   Farm worker

Paul Dahlby             Head            39      Wisconsin       White                   Farmer
Clara Dahlby            Wife            39      Wisconsin
Sybil Dahlby            Daughter        14      Wisconsin
Duane Dahlby            Son             9       Wisconsin
Jeanette Dahlby         Daughter        2 3/12  Wisconsin
Thomas Quisling         Lodger          17      Iowa            White                   Farm worker
O E Brunsvold           Mother-in-law   62      Norway          White   1886            None

Louis M Peterson        Head            36      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Ellen Peterson          Wife            31      Iowa
Harlan Peterson         Son             13      Iowa
Marie Peterson          Daughter        11      Iowa
Richard Peterson        Son             9       Iowa
Lois Peterson           Daughter        6       Iowa
Cecil Peterson          Son             4       Iowa
Jean Peterson           Son             2 4/12  Iowa
Ruby Peterson           Daughter        0 2/12  Iowa
Ruth Peterson           Daughter        0 2/12  Iowa

Adolph Tweed            Head            47      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Bertha Tweed            Wife            37      Iowa
Adeline Tweed           Daughter        13      Iowa
Elaine Tweed            Daughter        11      Iowa

Elias Oswald            Head            55      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Lloyd Oswald            Son             26      Iowa                                    Odd jobs

Merle M Hoffman         Head            36      Indiana         White                   Tenant farmer
Ella Hoffman            Wife            38      Indiana
Harold Hoffman          Son             12      Indiana

Leo Oswald              Head            24      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Genevieve Oswald        Wife            24      Iowa

Albin Oswald            Head            25      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Myrtle Oswald           Wife            26      Iowa
Gloria Oswald           Daughter        2 8/12  Iowa

Sam Nelson              Head            47      Norway          White   1903            Tenant farmer
Liv Nelson              Wife            45      Norway                  1903
Gladys Nelson           Daughter        16      Iowa
John Strandquist        Lodger          15      Iowa            White    

Gule Trustem            Head            47      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Anna Trustem            Wife            33      Iowa

N E Brunsvold           Head            64      Norway          White   1866            Farmer
Thea Brunsvold          Wife            54      Wisconsin
Erling Brunsvold        Son             22      Iowa
Marjorie Brunsvold      Daughter        18      North Dakota

Leslie Larson           Head            26      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Hazel Larson            Wife            25      Iowa
Leslie John Larson      Son             2 1/12  Iowa

Gerhard Burtness        Head            49      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Isabelle Burtness       Wife            46      Wisconsin
Gerald Burtness         Son             22      Iowa
Lester Burtness         Son             20      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Dorothy Burtness        Daughter        17      Iowa
Ivanell Burtness        Daughter        10      Iowa

Peter Norregaard        Head            52      Denmark         White   1906            Farmer
Maria Norregaard        Wife            51      Denmark                 1908
Soren Norregaard        Son             20      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Melvin Norregaard       Son             18      Iowa
Anna Norregaard         Daughter        16      Iowa
Isabella Norregaard     Daughter        13      Iowa
Walter Norregaard       Son             10      Iowa

Geroge Orvik            Head            39      Norway          White   1907            Farmer
Mabel Orvik             Wife            32      Iowa
Sherman Orvik           Son             11      Iowa
Eilene Orvik            Daughter        8       Iowa
Hubert Orvik            Son             5       Iowa
George Orvik            Son             1 2/12  Iowa

John Evans              Head            35      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Amelia Evans            Wife            35      Iowa
Isdella Evans           Daughter        12      Iowa
Lewavie Evans           Son             5       Iowa
Carl Banken             Lodger          23      Iowa            White                   Farm worker

John Furness            Head            58      Norway          White   1904            Tenant farmer
Adeline Furness         Wife            47      Norway                  1904
Jennie Furness          Daughter        19      North Dakota
Arthur Furness          Son             18      North Dakota                            Farm worker
Mabel Furness           Daughter        16      North Dakota
Esther Furness          Daughter        14      North Dakota
Alvin Furness           Son             14      North Dakota
Melvin Furness          Son             12      North Dakota
Ingval Furness          Son             10      North Dakota
Evelyn Furness          Daughter        9       North Dakota
Carl Furness            Son             8       North Dakota
Judith Furness          Daughter        7       North Dakota
Dorothy Furness         Daughter        4       Iowa
Helen Furness           Daughter        2 6/12  Iowa

Sever J Furness         Head            42      Norway          White   1905            Tenant farmer
Ida Furness             Wife            38      Iowa
Gladys Furness          Daughter        17      Iowa
James Furness           Son             11      Iowa
Edwin Furness           Son             5       Iowa
Jens P Eide             Father-in-law   75      Norway          White   1882 

T O Rye                 Head            51      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Christena Rye           Wife            50      Iowa
Orville Rye             Son             25      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Ethel Rye               Daughter        20      Iowa
Norman Rye              Son             16      Iowa
Claire Rye              Son             13      Iowa
June Rye                Daughter        10      Iowa
Robert Rye              Son             7       Iowa

Ole A Thovson           Head            40      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Olga Thovson            Wife            38      Minnesota
Helmer Thovson          Brother         32      Iowa                                    Farmer

Aage Eskildsen          Head            38      Denmark         White   1914            Tenant farmer
Elizabeth Eskildsen     Wife            35      Nebraska
Glenn Eskildsen         Son             9       Iowa
Arlene Eskildsen        Daughter        8       Iowa
Leo Eskildsen           Son             7       Iowa
Raymond Eskildsen       Son             4       Iowa
Richard Eskildsen       Son             2 2/12  Iowa
Betty Eskildsen         Daughter        0 2/12  Iowa

Emil Brunsvold          Head            40      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
George G Brunsvold      Father          68      Iowa
Barbara Brunsvold       Mother          68      Norway                  1866

George Olson            Head            61      Norway          White   1896            Farmer
Ida Olson               Wife            55      Iowa
Idella Olson            Daughter        22      Iowa
Oscar Olson             Son             19      Iowa
Ole Olson               Son             15      Iowa

Harvey Evans            Head            32      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Viola Evans             Wife            20      Iowa
Darrell Evans           SonEvans        0 11/12 Iowa

Louis Severson          Head            40      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Laura Severson          Wife            35      Iowa
Elaine Severson         Daughter        6       Iowa

Elert Erickson          Head            74      Norway          White   1880            Farmer
Christina Erickson      Wife            80      Norway                  1880
Elizabeth Rasmussen     Servant         21      Iowa            White    

Elmer Ulstad            Head            33      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Blanch Ulstad           Wife            33      Wisconsin
Delwin Ulstad           Son             7       Iowa
Faye Ulstad             Daughter        5       Iowa
Donna Ulstad            Daughter        2 8/12  Iowa

Henry Burtness          Head            57      Minnesota       White                   Farmer
Ida Burtness            Wife            56      Wisconsin
George Burtness         Son             32      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Norma Burtness          Son             29      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Vernon Burtness         Son             21      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Olger Burtness          Head            24      Iowa            White                   Farm worker
Soiderne Burtness       Wife            20      Iowa
Beverly Burtness        Daughter        0 8/12  Iowa

Knut Anderson           Head            34      Norway          White   1915            Tenant farmer
Margith Anderson        Wife            27      Norway                  1920
Lillian Anderson        Daughter        7       Iowa
Herdis Anderson         Daughter        5       Iowa
Gerhard Anderson        Son             3       Iowa

Amos Gilbertson         Head            34      Wisconsin       White                   Tenant farmer
Edna Gilbertson         Wife            29      Iowa
Lorrine Gilbertson      Daughter        3       Iowa
Shirley Gilbertson      Daughter        1 11/12 Iowa
Marvin Tvedt            Brother-in-law  20      Iowa            White                   Farm worker

John Trustem            Head            45      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Clara Trustem           Wife            31      Iowa
Everett Trustem         Son             7       Iowa

W T Russell             Head            41      Minnesota       White                   Tenant farmer
Ida Russell             Wife            46      Iowa
Clarinda Russell        Daughter        20      Iowa
Morris Russell          Son             18      Iowa
Norma Rsusell           Daughter        16      Iowa
Floyd Russell           Son             12      Iowa
Donald Russell          Son             6       Iowa

Henry O Gesme           Head            41      Wisconsin       White                   Tenant farmer
Sophie Gesme            Wife            43      Iowa
Lawrence Gesme          Son             17      Iowa
Selmer Gesme            Son             15      Iowa
Idona Gesme             Daughter        14      Iowa
Stanley Gesme           Son             12      Iowa

David Lee               Head            49      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Halvor E Brunsvold      Lodger          63      Norway          White   1867            None

Ed Olson                Head            57      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Julia Olson             Wife            49      Iowa
Mabel Olson             Daughter        15      Iowa
Orlando Olson           Son             12      Iowa

Guy H Patton            Head            43      Nebraska        White                   Tenant farmer
Elizabeth Patton        Wife            40      Missouri
Johnny Patton           Son             15      Iowa
Paul Patton             Son             10      Iowa

William Paschen         Head            80      Germany         White   1860            Farmer
Barbara Paschen         Wife            76      Germany                 1865
Gertrude Paschen Walser Daughter        48      Iowa
Wesley Bentley          Lodger          47      Iowa            White                   Farm worker

George Synder           Head            27      Indiana         White                   Tenant farmer
Ida Synder              Wife            25      Indiana
Dale Synder             Son             3       Iowa
Fred Hoffman            Father-in-law   62      Indiana         White    
Mary E Hoffman          Mother-in-law   59      Indiana

John Bendickson         Head            31      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer
Clarice Bendickson      Wife            29      Iowa
George Johnson          Lodger          25      Iowa            White    

Wm Fenkell              Head            59      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Barbara Fenkell         Wife            60      Iowa
Clark Fenkell           Son             20      Iowa
James H Kirk            Head            55      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Emma Kirk               Wife            54      Iowa
Elaine Kirk             Daughter        16      Iowa
Lorraine Kirk           Daughter        17      Iowa
Horace Kirk             Son             21      North Dakota                            Farm worker

Reuben L Tweed          Head            32      Iowa            White                   Tenant farmer

Nels E Field            Head            61      Minnesota       White                   Farmer
Mary Field              Wife            55      Minnnesota
Carl Field              Son             31      Iowa
Raymond Field           Son             18      Iowa
Leonora Field           Daughter        14      Iowa

Sources: National Archives Film T626_691 ED 10 1A-7A & 1B-6B

Transcribed by Gordon Felland, 11/29/2004 (revised 3/28/05)