Deer Creek Township, Worth County, Iowa
1930 Census


Census taken by Lloyd Moen during the month of April, 1930.

Listed by head of household followed by household members and relationship.

Population: 514


Name                    Relationship    Age     Birthplace      Race    Imm.Year        Occupation
Edwin Wahlers           Head            23      Minnesota       White                   Farmer
Lindia Wahlers          Wife            24      Minnesota

P W Hedgecock           Head            59      Iowa            White                   Farmer (owner)
Edna Hedgecock          Wife            49      Iowa

Albert Watney           Head            36      Iowa            White                   Trucking
Marie Watney            Wife            41      Minnesota                               Dry good clerk
Kermit Watney           Son             12      Minnesota
Helen Hatney            Daughter        11      Minnesota
Adrian Watney           Son             9       Minnesota
Willard Watney          Son             7       Minnesota
Myron Watney            Son             6       Minnesota

Oscar H Anderson        Head            47      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Lillie Anderson         Wife            37      Iowa

Carl Gran               Head            54      Norway          White   1883            Farmer
Nikolay Gran            Brother         59      Norway                  1883            Farmer

Ole M Hansen            Head            48      Norway          White   1886            Farmer
Kathryn Hansen          Wife            43      South Dakota
Raymond Hansen          Son             18      Minnesota

Rufus A Bisbee          Head            40      Minnesota       White                   Implement shop worker
Pauline I Bisbee        Wife            42      Iowa
Bernice Bisbee          Daughter        18      Iowa
Russell Bisbee          Son             16      Iowa
Lyall Bisbee            Son             14      Iowa
Loren Bisbee            Son             12      Iowa
Burnell Bisbee          Son             10      Iowa
Burton Bisbee           Son             8       Iowa

Ebenezer Richards       Head            72      New York        White                   Farmer (owner)
Lottie E Richards       Wife            68      New York
Morris Gaarder          Lodger          21      Iowa            White                   Farm worker

Ernest J Collins        Head            46      Minnesota       White                   Farm worker
Thea O Collins          Wife            43      Iowa
Amy L Collins           Daughter        16      Montana

John A Qualey           Head            32      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Emma E Qualey           Wife            37      Iowa
Leonard A Qualey        Son             4       Minnesota
Roger R Qualey          Son             2       Minnesota
Velmajean Qualey        Daughter        2       Minnesota
Peter S Qualey          Brother         47      South Dakota                            Farmer

John F Cale             Head            48      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Hanna Cale              Wife            48      Sweden			   1891	
Lucile M Cale           Daughter        15      Iowa
Ruth B Cale             Daughter        13      Iowa
Frances B Cale          Daughter        11      Iowa
Clarice A Cale          Daughter        6       Iowa

Arthur L Hulshizer      Head            27      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Olga E Hulshizer        Wife            26      Iowa
 James W Hulshizer      Son             4       Iowa
Odella F Hulshizer      Daughter        2       Iowa

Hanna D Wambeam         Head            51      Denmark         White   1887            None
Theodore R Wambeam      Son             24      Iowa                                    Farmer
Russell L Wambeam       Son             21      Iowa
Ethelyn B Wambeam       Daughter        15      Minnesota

Archie E Pike           Head            24      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Gwendolyn I Pike        Wife            22      Iowa                                    
Leargis I Pike          Daughter        3       Iowa

Harold F Clayton        Head            29      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Hazel A Clayton         Wife            23      Iowa
Virginia L Clayton      Daughter        2       Iowa

Warren Hulshizer        Head            21      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Gladys I Hulshizer      Wife            18      Iowa

Fred O Hulshizer        Head            49      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Rose A Hulshizer        Wife            48      Iowa
Fred O Hulshizer        Son             19      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Sylvester Hulshizer     Son             15      Iowa
Harold M Hulshizer      Son             11      Iowa
Dale E Hulshizer        Son             5       Iowa

Harry G Olson           Head            57      Norway          White   1884            Farmer
Minnie Olson            Wife            58      Norway                  1884
Alice E Olson           Daughter        25      Iowa                                    Servant
Lizzie Olson            Mother          83      Norway                  1884 

Edward A Prestegard     Head            43      Minnesota       White                   Farmer (owner)
Olga E Prestegard       Wife            36      Iowa
Orin P Prestegard       Son             11      Minnesota
Sylvia J Prestegard     Daughter        9       Minnesota
Elmer J Prestegard      Son             7       Iowa
Arthur N Prestegard     Son             4       Iowa
Joel A Prestegard       Son             3       Iowa
Ethel M Prestegard      Daughter        0 3/12  Iowa

Paul O Hendrickson      Head            29      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Judith V Hendrickson    Wife            25      Iowa
Merle E Hendrickson     Son             0 9/12  Iowa

John W Noe              Head            55      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Frieda M Noe            Wife            34      Iowa
Rachel M Noe            Daughter        6       Iowa
John W Noe              Son             4       Iowa
Louisa B Noe            Mother          73      Iowa

Lauritz Hendrikson      Head            64      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Helen M Hendrikson      Wife            63      Minnesota
Ernest M Hendrikson     Son             17      Iowa

Peter I Hendrikson      Head            53      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Clara Hendrikson        Wife            50      Minnesota
Chester J I Hendrikson  Son             24      Iowa
George A L Hendrikson   Son             22      Iowa
Elizabeth C Hendrikson  Daughter        9       Iowa                                    
Fern I Tue              Boarder         19      South Dakota                            Teacher
Bennie Harris           Lodger          17      Montana         White                   Farm worker

Julius Wagstad          Head            68      Norway          White   1884            Farmer
Emma Wagstad            Wife            62      Norway                  1886
Jack J Wagstad          Son             34      Iowa                                    Farm worker

Carl J Wagstad          Head            36      Iowa            White                   Farm worker
Bessie Wagstad          Wife            29      Sweden                  1884 
Clayton B Wagstad       Son             9       Iowa
Carlton J Wagstad       Son             0 1/12  Iowa
Christiana Hanson       Grandmother     91      Sweden          White   1886 

Ander Wagstad           Head            40      Iowa            White                   Farm worker
Matie C Wagstad         Wife            34      Wisconsin
Amanda Wagstad          Daughter        11      Iowa

Herman Curley           Head            34      Illinois        White                   Farmer
Ida E Curley            Wife            31      Iowa
Charlotte M Curley      Daughter        6       Iowa
Harriet A Curley        Daughter        5       Iowa

Frank H Forbes          Head            76      Massachusetts   White                   Lawyer
Emma J Forbes           Wife            61      Wisconsin

Henry C Wolff           Head            50      Minnesota       White                   Farmer
Helena M Wolff          Wife            45      Wisconsin

Perry J Holm            Head            58      Wisconsin       White                   Farmer
Joseph J Holm           Brother         57      Wisconsin                               Farmer
Caroline B Holm         Sister          55      Wisconsin
Emma J Holm             Sister          49      Iowa
Lauritz B Holm          Brother         47      Iowa                                    Farmer
Elina I Holm            Mother          86      Norway                  1852

Kersti Davidson         Head            83      Norway          White   1868            None
Enind Davidson          Son             49      Iowa
Inger M Finsand         Servant         42      Norway          White   1893            Servant
Eleanor N Wolff         Servant         21      New York        White    

Osman L Eilertson       Head            56      Illinois        White                   Farmer
Lillie I Eilertson      Wife            41      Iowa
Leslie L Eilertson      Son             19                                              Farmer
Alice I Eilertson       Daughter        15      Iowa
Helen L Eilertson       Daughter        13      Iowa
Orpha V Eilertson       Daughter        5       Iowa
Edwin J Eilertson       Son             2       Iowa

Peder A Anderson        Head            40      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Nora L Anderson         Wife            33      Virginia
Marie Anderson          Daughter        7       Minnesota
Wanda J Anderson        Daughter        5       Iowa
Mantie L Anderson       Daughter        3       Iowa
Peder A Anderson        Son             1       Iowa
Gerald E Anderson       Son             0 8/12  Iowa

William F Schlie        Head            49      Germany         White   1894            Farmer
Bertha Schlie           Wife            56      Wisconsin

Alfred Teigerson        Head            33      Minnesota       White                   Farmer
Viola Teigerson         Wife            25      Iowa
Edward Olson            Lodger          33      Norway          White   1915            Farm worker

Irving Hendrickson      Head            32      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Gilma L Hendrickson     Wife            25      Iowa

Isaac Anderson          Head            59      Sweden          White   1890            Farmer
Moly Anderson           Wife            48      Sweden                  1902
Arthur Anderson         Son             21      Iowa
Lesie Pace              Lodger          59      Iowa            White                   Farm worker

Victor Carlson          Head            64      Sweden          White   1890            Farmer
Ida C Carlson           Wife            62      Sweden                  1890 
George E Carlson        Son             27      Iowa                                    Farm worker

Henry B Lagemann        Head            37      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Melvia O Lagemann       Wife            37      Iowa
John B Lagemann         Brother         29      Iowa                                    Farmer

Lars A Aurdal           Head            65      Norway          White   1885            Farmer
Carie Aurdal            Wife            55      Norway                  1893 
Martha Aurdal           Daughter        27      Norway                  1902            Teacher

Jay C Hendrickson       Head            32      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Kittie Hendrickson      Wife            33      Minnesota
Jay Hendrickson         Son             1       Iowa
Ingeborg Sola           Mother-in-law   74      Norway          White   1885 

Ferney Siebrecht        Head            43      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Ida Siebrecht           Wife            43      Minnesota
Palmer Siebrecht        Son             17      Iowa
Eldora Siebrecht        Daughter        14      Iowa                
William Fliecher        Father-in-law   85      Germany         White   1870 

Any G Gulack            Head            32      Virginia        White                   Farmer

Henry Engelhorn         Head            40      Illinois        White                   Farmer
Lydia Engelhorn         Wife            40      Illinois
Ruth M Engelhorn        Daughter        15      Iowa
Russell M Engelhorn     Son             13      Iowa
Donald G Engelhorn      Son             10      Iowa
Muriel L Engelhorn      Daughter        4       Iowa
Pearl Bainggs           Boarder         24      Iowa            White                   Teacher

Roman Citurs            Head            53      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Bessie Citurs           Wife            38      Minnesota
Ray Citurs              Son             18      Minnesota                               Farm worker
Mary Citurs             Daughter        16      Minnesota
Leon Citurs             Son             14      Minnesota
Ruby Citurs             Daughter        12      Minnesota
Esther Citurs           Daughter        6       Minnesota
Earl Citurs             Son             3       Minnesota
Roman Citrus            Son             0 6/12  Minnesota

Charles F Opkis         Head            29      Nebraska        White                   Farmer
Manie D Opkis           Wife            22      Iowa
Cecil J Opkis           Daughter        3       Iowa
Edith L Opkis           Daughter        0 3/12  Iowa

John Johnson            Head            57      Norway          White   1895            Farmer
Louise M Johnson        Wife            52      Iowa
Arthur S Johnson        Son             24      Iowa
Maynard J Johnson       Son             14      Iowa
Annette Johnson         Mother          80      Norway                  1895

Edward Olson            Head            53      Norway          White   1894            Farmer
Thea Olson              Wife            48      Norway                  1884
Marvin O Olson          Son             17      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Pearl G Olson           Daughter        15      Iowa
Irene Olson             Daughter        12      Iowa

Lester L Hall           Head            36      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Mabel E Hall            Wife            34      Illinois
Leonard R Hall          Son             12      Iowa
Geneva L Hall           Daughter        9       Iowa

Melvin L Gordon         Head            29      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Ada M Gordon            Wife            31      Iowa
Vernon L Gordon         Son             1       Iowa

Fred G Pike             Head            59      England         White   1872            Farmer (owner)
Gladys Pike             Wife            17      Minnesota
Phyllis Pike            Adopted         0 5/12  Minnesota
Glenn Pike              Nephew          15      Minnesota
Herman Newman           Lodger          32      Iowa            White                   Farm worker

James Clayton           Head            64      Wisconsin       White                   Farmer
Isabella Clayton        Wife            58      England                 1892
James A Clayton         Son             22      Iowa                                    Farmer
Charles R Clayton       Son             19      Iowa                                    Farm worker

George W Demaris        Head            61      Iowa            White                   Carpenter
Ella Demaris            Wife            60      Iowa
Albert G Demaris        Son             27      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Clarence L Demaris      Son             22      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Wilma F Demaris         Daughter        17      Iowa

William M Reis          Head            58      Germany         White   1901            Farmer
Dora T Reis             Wife            58      Germany                 1901

William F Muller        Head            68      Germany         White   1867            Farmer (owner)
Clara H Muller          Wife            61      Germany                 1875
Bernice M Muller        Daughter        22      Iowa

Albert E Miller         Head            27      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Helen L Miller          Wife            24      Iowa
Margret J Miller        Daughter        6       Iowa
Dolores L Miller        Daughter        0 6/12  Iowa

Abner B Carberry        Head            45      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Leroy E Carberry        Wife            37      Colorado
Edythe V Carberry       Daughter        18      Colorado
Marion W Carberry       Son             16      Oregon
Lois M Carberry         Daughter        14      Oklahoma
Auther B Carberry       Son             12      Iowa
Cecil R Carberry        Son             10      Iowa
Merle R Carberry        Son             8       Iowa
Raymond H Carberry      Son             5       Iowa
Earle W Carberry        Son             0 11/12 Iowa

Frank M Finch           Head            52      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Alice M Finch           Wife            46      Iowa
Florence D Finch        Daughter        20      Iowa
Elna M Finch            Daughter        18      Iowa                                    Servant
Ina A Finch             Daughter        15      Iowa
Russell Finch           Son             12      Iowa
Earle F Finch           Son             8       Iowa

William E Miller        Head            58      Missouri        White                   Farmer
Caroline Miller         Wife            47      Iowa

Fred A Logemann         Head            35      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Bessie Logemann         Wife            28      Iowa
John Logemann           Son             7       Iowa

George E Muller         Head            39      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Margret Muller          Wife            30      Iowa
Dorothy Muller          Daughter        5       Iowa
Bole E Muller           Son             0 7/12  Iowa
Clarence Eckart         Lodger          20      Iowa            White                   Farm worker

Chris L Larson          Head            55      Wisconsin       White                   Farmer (owner)
Kate J Larson           Wife            49      Iowa

Rosie B Dockum          Head            57      Illinois        White                   Farmer (owner)
Hilda H Dockum         Daughter         20      Iowa
Rosamond Dockum         Granddaughter   13      Iowa

Ernest Dockum           Head            32      Illinois        White                   Farmer
Julia Dockum            Wife            23      Iowa
Dorothy Dockum          Daughter        9 
Jeanette Dockum         Daughter        7       Iowa
Jack Dockum             Son             2       Iowa

William G Anderson      Head            49      Iowa            White    
Hattie L Anderson       Wife            45      South Dakota
Gaylord Anderson        Son             23      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Harvey Anderson         Son             15      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Donald Anderson         Son             7       Iowa
Ternas Anderson         Daughter        2       Iowa

John T Anderson         Head            46      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Irene Anderson          Wife            38      Minnesota
Myron Anderson          Son             14      Minnesota
Elna Anderson           Daughter        11      Minnesota
Mahlon Anderson         Son             4       Minnesota
Merlin Anderson         Son             1       Minnesota

Turena Anderson         Head            72      Iowa            White                   None

Albert Bradwell         Head            50      England         White   1882            Farmer (owner)
Mary Bradwell           Wife            44      England                 1890
Edna Bradwell           Daughter        18      Iowa
Isabelle Bradwell       Daughter        16      Iowa
Dorothy Bradwell        Daughter        14      Iowa
Robert Simpson          Nephew          10      Colorado        White    
Donald Simpson          Nephew          7       Washington
Gordon Simpson          Nephew          4       Washington
Adam Lambert            Nephew          63      Minnesota       White                   Laborer
Martha Lambert          Wife            62      Switzerland

Ole E Moen              Head            45      Iowa            White                   Farmer (owner)
Clara Moen              Wife            46      Minnesota
Ruth Moen               Daughter        5       Iowa

Nels Anderson           Head            43      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Alma Anderson           Wife            29      Iowa
Russell Anderson        Son             11      Iowa
Victor Anderson         Son             10      Iowa
Faye Anderson           Daughter        5       Iowa
Alta Anderson           Daughter        2       Iowa

Walter G Pike           Head            49      Iowa            White                   Farm worker
Isabel Pike             Wife            51      South Dakota
Alice Pike              Daughter        18      Iowa
Truly M Pike            Daughter        16      Iowa
Ray Pike                Son             14      Iowa
Elmo Pike               Daughter        11      Iowa
Thelma Pike             Daughter        8       Iowa

Emil H Hansen           Head            36      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Myrtie Hansen           Wife            31      Iowa
Dallas M Hansen         Daughter        2       Iowa
Minnie Gordon           Head            50      Iowa            White                   None
Archie Gordon           Son             21      Iowa                                    Farmer
Milda Gordon            Daughter        16      Iowa

Louis Brunner           Head            54      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Nellie Brunner          Wife            48      Iowa
Russell Brunner         Son             26      Iowa                                    Farm worker

John B Tiara            Head            57      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Radnick Tiara           Wife            58      Iowa
John R Tiara            Son             27      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Joseph Tiara            Son             19      Iowa                                    Farm worker
George Tiara            Son             17      Iowa                                    Farm worker

Lloyd Johnson           Head            28      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Minnie Johnson          Wife            28      Iowa
Adelaide Randall        Boarder         19      Iowa            White    

Charles L Shepley       Head            27      Misouri         White                   Farmer
Florence Shepley        Wife            22      Iowa
Madonna Shepley         Daughter        3       Iowa
James Shepley           Son             1       Iowa

John E Anderson         Head            59      Sweden          White   1890            Farmer (owner)
Clara Anderson          Wife            52      Sweden                  1899
Willie Anderson         Son             22      Iowa                                    Farm worker

Lena Hanson             Head            56      Iowa            White                   None
Ray L Hanson            Son             21      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Alfred B Hanson         Son             18      Iowa                                    Farm worker

John A Brazel           Head            43      Illinois        White                   Farmer
Elfa Brazel             Wife            42      Illinois
Opal Brazel             Daughter        18      Illinios
Margaret Brazel         Daughter        16      Illinios
Gladys Brazel           Daughter        14      Illinios
Geneva Brazel           Daughter        11      Minnesota
Beatrice Brazel         Daughter        9       Iowa
Virgal Brazel           Son             6       Iowa
Doris Brazel            Daughter        1       Iowa

Carl Moen               Head            31      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Sylvia Moen             Wife            24      Iowa
Dale E Moen             Son             2       Iowa
Kenneth Moen            Son             0 8/12  Iowa
Alvin Moen              Brother         29      Iowa                                    Farmer

William Garner          Head            38      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Helen Garner            Wife            32      Wisconsin
Warren Garner           Son             11      Iowa
Maren Garner            Mother          84      Norway                  1890  

Nils L Lunde            Head            43      Norway          White   1905            Farmer (owner)
Gunderina Lunde         Wife            59      Iowa
Mary G Olson            Head            77      Norway          White   1895            None
Ole Olson               Son             48      Iowa                                    None
Gilbert Olson           Son             46      Iowa                                    Farmer
Dena Olson              Daughter        36      Iowa                                    Servant
Julia Pederson          Daughter        31      Iowa            White                   Servant
Hilda Pederson          Daughter        12      Iowa
Clara Pederson          Daughter        11      Iowa
Sylvia Pederson         Daughter        9       Iowa
Olaf Pederson           Son             6 

Earl Vincent            Head            38      Illinois        White                   Farmer
Cassie Vincent          Wife            43 
Thelma Vincent          Daughter        16      Iowa
Cecil Vincent           Son             4       Iowa

Christ Espeland         Head            68      Norway          White   1884            Farmer (owner)
Mary Espeland           Wife            62      Minnesota

Edward Vincent          Head            55      Illinois        White                   Farmer
Nellie M Vincent        Wife            64      Illinois

Hanna Hanson            Head            50      Iowa            White                   Farmer (owner)
Myron Hanson            Son             22      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Hazel Hanson            Daughter        16      Iowa
Elmer Hanson            Son             14      Iowa
Harvey Hanson           Son             12      Iowa
Maynard Hanson          Son             11      Iowa
Delbert Hanson          Son             8       Iowa
Fred Hall               Head            60      England         White   1870            Farmer (owner)
Marie Hall              Wife            58      Germany                 1881
Ruth Hall               Daughter        18      Iowa

Ida Rasmussen           Head            48      Denmark         White   1886            Farmer
Arthur Rasmussen        Son             21      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Lillie Rasmussen        Daughter        19      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Johnnie Rasmussen       Son             17      Iowa
Katie Rasmussen         Daughter        16      Iowa
Emma Rasmussen          Daughter        14      Iowa
Ida M Rasmussen         Daughter        12      Iowa
Peter M Rasmussen       Son             3       Iowa

Harold Sawin            Head            38      Wisconsin       White                   Farmer (owner)
Etta Sawin              Wife            37      Iowa
Willis Sawin            Son             14      Iowa
Russell Sawin           Son             11      Iowa
Neil Sawin              Son             10      Iowa

Manley Law              Head            46      Minnesota       White                   Farmer
Blanche Law             Wife            42      Illinois
Gabriel Law             Son             22      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Harold Law              Son             19      Minnesota                               Farm worker
Pearle Law              Daughter        16      Minnesota
Arlene Law              Daughter        14      Minnesota
Russell Law             Son             12      Minnesota
Caroll Law             Son              10      Minnesota
Lyle Law                Son             7       Minnesota
Bernice Law             Daughter        5       Minnesota
Allen Law               Son             1       Iowa

George Mathews          Head            25      Canada          White   1923            Farm worker
Lucile Mathews          Wife            24      Iowa
Margaret Mathews        Daughter        1       Canada

William Gentz           Head            45      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Mathilda Gentz          Wife            43      Minnesota
Roy Gentz               Son             18      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Raymond Gentz           Son             15      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Wilma Gentz             Daughter        11      Iowa
Florence Gentz          Daughter        9       Iowa
Dorthy Gentz            Daughter        6       Iowa
Charles Anderson        Head            48      Sweden          White   1897            Farmer
Ida Anderson            Wife            50      Sweden                  1897
Glenn Anderson          Son             17      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Russell Anderson        Son             15      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Chester Anderson        Son             13      Iowa
Doris Anderson          Daughter        11      Iowa
Clarice Anderson        Daughter        10      Iowa

Harlan James            Head            34      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Alma James              Wife            23      Minnesota
Dona James              Daughter        0 8/12  Iowa
Henry Noe               Lodger          36      Missouri        White                   Farm worker

Alfred Peterson         Head            32      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Rose Peterson           Wife            29      Iowa
Merlin E Peterson       Son             4       Iowa

Louie Rasmussen         Head            24      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Gladys Rasmussen        Wife            21      Maryland
Buford Hilles           Boarder         26      Illinois        White                   Salesman

Fay Thomas              Head            43      Minnesota       White                   Farmer
Gertrude Thomas         Wife            42      Minnesota
Leland Thomas           Son             19      Minnesota                               Farm worker
Clayton Thomas          Son             15      Minnesota
Valetta Thomas          Daughter        12      Iowa
Orville D Thomas        Son             10      Iowa

Fred W Dorgelloh        Head            40      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Susie Dorgelloh         Wife            47      Minnesota
William Dorgelloh       Brother         30      Iowa                                    Ford salesman
Carey Peterson          Boarder         34      Minnesota       White                   Grain buyer

Sam H Huber             Head            38      Iowa            White                   Garage mechanic
Anna Huber              Wife            37      Iowa
James P Huber           Son             8       Iowa
Delos Huber             Brother         33      Iowa                                    Stock buyer

Newton Huber            Head            36      Iowa            White                   Stock buyer
Daisy Huber             Wife            32      Minnesota
Era Huber               Daughter        10      Iowa
Philip Huber            Son             2       Iowa

Carl Newman             Head            46      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Emma Newman             Wife            43      Germany                 1888 
Caroline Newman         Daughter        15      Iowa
Gladys Newman           Daughter        12      Iowa
Helen Newman            Daughter        10      Iowa

John Larson             Head            45      Norway          White   1890            Section foreman
Ida Larson              Wife            43      South Dakota
Irving Larson           Son             21      Iowa                                    Farm worker
George Larson           Son             19      Iowa
Hilbert Larson          Son             17      Iowa
Viola Larson            Daughter        13      Iowa
Virgil Larson           Son             10      Iowa
Hazel Larson            Daughter        6       Iowa
Mildred Larson          Daughter        4       Iowa
Betty Larson            Daughter        0 9/12  Iowa

Daniel Newmann          Head            33      Iowa            White                   Farm worker
Hazel Newmann           Wife            23      Iowa
Robert Newmann          Son             2       Iowa
Margaret Newmann        Daughter        0 10/12 Iowa
Rose Newmann            Sister          24      Iowa

Fred Newmann            Head            35      Iowa            White                   Farm worker
Dena Newmann            Wife            35      Iowa
August H Newmann        Son             9       Iowa
William F Newmann       Son             7       Iowa
Herman E Newmann        Son             5       Iowa
Bertha R Newmann        Daughter        3       Iowa
Ruth E Newmann          Daughter        1       Iowa

Cornelius Golberg       Head            52      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Martha Golberg          Wife            43      Wisconsin
Grace Golberg           Daughter        17      Iowa

Victor Kerkhove         Head            50      Belgium         White   1910            Farmer
Mary Kerkhove           Wife            48      Belgium                 1913
Gerard Kerkhove         Son             21      Belgium                 1915                Farm worker
Albert Kerkhove         Son             17      Illinois                                Farm worker
Frank Kerkhove          Son             12      Minnesota
Sara Kerkhove           Daughter        8       Iowa

Martin Johnson          Head            38      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Norris Johnson          Son             11      Iowa

John Nelsen             Head            54      Denmark         White   1888            Farmer
Inger M Nelsen          Wife            45      Denmark                 1900
Raymond Nelsen          Son             23      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Viola Nelsen            Son             21      Iowa                                    
Emil Nelsen             Son             18      Iowa                                    Farm worker
Olga Nelsen             Daughter        17      Iowa
Rosella Nelsen          Daughter        15      Iowa
Martha Nelsen           Daughter        12      Iowa
Ruby Nelsen             Daughter        9       Iowa
Irene Nelsen            Daughter        8       Iowa
Nels Hansen             Boarder         74      Denmark         White   1892            None

Leif Odden              Head            27      Minnesota       White                   Farmer
Ida F Odden             Wife            28      Iowa

John Nesset             Head            42      Iowa            White                   Farm worker
Olga Nesset             Wife            33      Minnesota
Lorine Nesset           Daughter        9       North Dakota
Ornile Nesset           Son             7       Minnesota
Beverly Nesset          Daughter        4       Minnesota
Lincoln Nesset          Son             1       Minnesota

John Thompson           Head            58      Norway          White   1874            Farmer
Clara Thompson          Wife            52      Iowa
Francis Thompson        Adopted Son     18      Minnesota                               Farm worker
Caulin Thompson         Daughter        14      Iowa
Olaf Thompson           Son             12      Iowa

Toye S Throne           Head            37      Iowa            White                   Farmer
Carolyn Throne          Wife            38      Iowa
John W Hanna            Lodger          37      Iowa            White                   Farm worker
Chester Hanna           Lodger          19      Iowa            White                   Farm worker

Source: National Archives Film T626_691, ED 7, Pages 1A-6A & 1B-5B

Transcribed by Gordon Felland, 11/24/2004 (revised 3/18/2005)