Brookfield Township, Worth County, Iowa
1930 Census


Census was taken by Ole Grosland during the month of April, 1930.

Population: 646


Name                    Relationship    Age     Birthplace      Race   Imm.Year  Own/Rent  Occupation

Anna E Christianson     Head            58      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer                                                               
Gaylord Christianson    Son             17      Iowa
LeRoy Degn              Grandson        9       Iowa            White                      Farm laborer

Lewis I Holstad         Head            65      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Theoline Holstad        Wife            52      Minnesota       White
Odis G Holstad          Son             23      Iowa                                       Farm laborer

Gunder Waake            Head            35      Norway          White   1921     Rent      Farmer
Inga K Waake            Wife            40      Iowa            White
Johny Hagen             Lodger          14      Iowa            White                      Farm laborer  

William Anderson        Head            30      Iowa            White            Rent      Junk Dealer
Lila Anderson           Wife            23      Iowa            White
Wilma Anderson          Daughter        6       Iowa
Lovie G Anderson        Daughter        2 10/12 Iowa

Andrew Nordahl          Head            49      Norway          White   1904     Own       Farmer
Laura Nordahl           Wife            39      Iowa            White  
Palmer Nordahl          Son             19      Iowa
Elmer Nordahl           Son             15      Iowa
Lilly Nordahl           Daughter        12      Iowa
Andrew Nordahl          Son             9       Iowa

Christian J Sage        Head            66      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer   
Minnie A Sage           Wife            51      New York        White   
Chris J Sage            Grandson        11      Ilinois

John B Liljedahl        Head            29      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer   
Olga Liljedahl          Wife            23      Iowa            White
Illa J Liljedahl        Daughter        1 1/12  Iowa

Andrena Hopperstad      Head            55      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer  
Edna Hopperstad         Daughter        39      Iowa
Raymond Hopperstad      Son             18      Iowa                                       Farm laborer

Ole O Turvold           Head            46      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer   
Nellie Turvold          Wife            43      Iowa            White
Vernon Turvold          Son             16      Iowa
Maurice Turvold         Son             13      Iowa
Leighton Turvold        Son             10      Iowa
Frances Turvold         Daughter        8       Iowa

Carl J Christianson     Head            38      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer 
Caroline Christianson   Wife            41      Iowa            White

Olai S Vinje            Head            55      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer 
Dagny Vinje             Wife            45      Norway          White   1894
Lloyd Vinje             Son             21      Iowa
Mildred Vinje           Daughter        16      Iowa
Valborg Vinje           Daughter        10      Iowa
Ilamae Vinje            Daughter        2 9/12  Iowa
Sivert A Vinje          Lodger          35      Norway          White   1913               Carpenter

Martin G Blegberg       Head            51      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Caroline Blegberg       Wife            43      Iowa            White
Ruby Blegberg           Daughter        17      Iowa
Elmer Blegberg          Son             14      Iowa
Morris Blegberg         Son             6       Iowa

John S Byre             Head            54      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer 

Ole Grosland            Head            45      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer   
Clara Grosland          Wife            43      Norway          White
Louis Grosland          Son             19      Iowa
Martha Grosland         Daughter        17      Iowa
Elmer O Grosland        Son             15      Iowa
Adolph F Grosland       Son             12      Iowa
August J Grosland       Son             10      Iowa
George M Grosland       Son             8       Iowa
Evelyn R Grosland       Daughter        4       Iowa

Synva Turvold           Head            68      Norway          White   1890     Own       
Oscar Turvold           Son             29      Iowa            White                      Farm laborer
Selma Halverson         Daughter        28      Iowa            White                      
Melvin Turvold          Son             27      Iowa                                       Farmer  
Emil Turvold            Son             24      Iowa                                       Farmer
Olaf Halvorson          Son-in-law      31      Minnesota       White                      Machinist for RR

Laval E Butler          Head            44      Norway          White   1903     Rent      Farmer
Evelyn Butler           Daughter        14      Iowa
Mildred Butler          Daughter        12      Iowa
Arlene Butler           Daughter        9       Iowa
Opal Butler             Daughter        7       Iowa
Inga Liljedahl          Sister          54      Norway          White   1903 
Peter K Stine           Lodger          62      Iowa            White                      Farm laborer   

Orville L McHenry       Head            41      Missouri        White            Rent      Farmer
Raymond Brown           Boarder         16      Minnesota       White                      Farm laborer

Leslie A McHenry        Head            32      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Bertha I McHenry        Wife            27      Iowa            White
Virginia McHenry        Daughter        6       Iowa
Verna McHenry           Daughter        0 3/12  Iowa

Ole Amundson            Head            59      Minnesota       White            Rent      Farmer
Mary Amundson           Wife            59      Norway          White   1891
Marion Amundson         Daughter        25      Minnesota
Selmer Amundson         Son             17      Minnesota
Ervin Amundson          Son             16      Minnesota

Marie Nostrom           Head            55      Iowa            White            Own       
Ellen Nostrom           Daughter        17      Iowa
Wilbert Johnson         Brother         46      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer   

Tollef A Orpen          Head            68      Norway          White   1879     Own       Farmer
Joron Orpen             Wife            69      Norway          White   1882

Erick Lindley           Head            65      Norway          White   1893     Own       Farmer
Gertrud Lindley         Wife            68      Norway          White   1893
Ellet Lindley           Son             30      Iowa                                       Farm laborer
Elmer Lindley           Son             27      Iowa                                       Farm laborer
Cleinest Lindley        Son             18      Iowa                                       Farm laborer

Alfred Thompson         Head            44      Iowa            White            Own       Carpenter   

Sevat P Mikkelson       Head            57      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Julia Mikkelson         Wife            50      Norway          White  1885
Clarence Mikkelson      Son             24      Iowa                                       Road grader
Palmer Mikkelson        Son             22      Iowa                                       Farm laborer
Selma Mikkelson         Daughter        20      Iowa                                       Public school teacher

Amand T Grosland        Head            43      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Hattie A Grosland       Wife            39      Minnesota       White  
Emli L Grosland         Granddaughter   11      Iowa

Oscar S Ellingson       Head            44      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Cora Ellingson          Wife            33      Iowa            White
Orville Ellingson       Son             12      Iowa
Rose Ellingson          Daughter        9       Iowa

Eya Barnum              Head            60      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer 
Anna Barnum             Wife            53      Iowa            White
Clyde Barnum            Son             30      Iowa                                       Farmer  
Theodore Barnum         Son             27      Iowa                                       Farmer
Charley Barnum          Son             19      Minnesota                                  Farmer
Ruth Barnum             Daughter        14      Iowa
Harm Valentine          Father-in-law   82      Germany         White   1865 

Nora Nelson             Head            41      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer     
Nels B Nelson           Brother         37      Iowa            White
Mary Nelson             Sister          34      Iowa
Alfred Lansdowne        Nephew          19      Minnesota       White           

Tony J Hrubetz          Head            34      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Esther Hrubetz          Wife            33      Iowa            White 
Janet Hrubetz           Daughter        11      Iowa
Charles Hrubetz         Son             9       Iowa
Doris Hrubetz           Daughter        6       Iowa
Phillis Hrubetz         Daughter        4 5/12  Iowa
Frances Hrubetz         Daughter        3 4/12  Iowa
Elsworth Hrubetz        Son             0 4/12  Iowa

Emma Helgeland          Head            36      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Gilmer Helgeland        Son             18      Iowa            White
Selmer Helgeland        Son             13      Iowa
June Helgeland          Daughter        8       Iowa

Elmer Roppe             Head            31      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Anne Roppe              Wife            31      Iowa            White
Kenneth Roppe           Son             5       Iowa
Elaine Roppe            Daughter        2 3/12  Iowa
Erick Buttler           Father-in-law   78      Norway          White   1893 

Vernon Nystuen          Head            28      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer    
Esther Nystuen          Wife            25      Iowa            White
Marilyn Nystuen         Daughter        0 3/12  Iowa

Lewis Turvold           Head            43      Norway          White   1893     Own       Farmer
Lena Turvold            Wife            46      Norway          White   1893
Martin Orvedal          Lodger          18      Norway          White   1929               Farm laborer

Oscar Grosland          Head            23      Minnesota       White            Rent      Farmer          
Sarah Grosland          Wife            22      Iowa            White
LeVon O Grosland        Son             1 11/12 Iowa
Olin V Miller           Boarder         19      Iowa            White                      School teacher
Amos Hanson             Lodger          54      Iowa            White                      Farm laborer

Emil E Hanson           Head            45      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Clara Hanson            Wife            38      Iowa            White
Elmer O Hanson          Son             16      Iowa                                       Farm laborer  
Grace C Hanson          Daughter        13      Iowa
Ernest C Hanson         Son             3       Iowa

Peter I Peterson        Head            59      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Belle Peterson          Wife            52      Iowa            White
Ernie Peterson          Son             30      Iowa                                       Farm laborer
Pearl Peterson          Daughter        24      Iowa
Bert Peterson           Son             19      Iowa
Perdean Peterson        Son             16      Iowa
Grace Peterson          Daughter        15      Iowa
Lillian Bergo           Nephew          8       Minnesota       White    

Carl T Johnson          Head            48      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer    
Effie Johnson           Wife            40      Wisconsin       White   
Truman Johnson          Son             12      Iowa
Geneva Johnson          Daughter        9       Iowa
Thomas M Johnson        Father          82      Norway
Albert Husett           Brother-in-law  51      Wisconsin       White                      Farm laborer    
Bessie Cornelius        Niece           15      Minnesota       White    

Ole A Tonga             Head            53      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Gertie E Tonga          Sister          36      Iowa            White                      Servant
Carl Krogh              Lodger          38      Norway          White   1911               Farm laborer

Bennie Helgeson         Head            29      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Edwina Helgeson         Wife            23      Iowa            White
Elizabeth Helgeson      Daughter        6       Iowa
LeAnn Helgeson          Son             3 4/12  Iowa

Helmer Spilde           Head            54      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer 
Emma Spilde             Wife            39      Minnesota       White
Clara Spilde            Daughter        19      Iowa
Norma Spilde            Daughter        13      Iowa
Victor Spilde           Son             10      Iowa

Martin T Johnson        Head            51      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer 
Amanda Johnson          Wife            46      Iowa            White

Alfred C Halvorson      Head            33      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Bertha Halvorson        Wife            34      Iowa            White  
Lester Halvorson        Son             11      Minnesota
Alton Halvorson         Son             6       Iowa

Knut A Tonga            Head            49      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Bernice Tonga           Wife            18      Iowa            White
Bernadine Tonga         Daughter        16      Iowa

Martin A Harmon         Head            62      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Lizzie Harmon           Wife            66      Illinois        White
Sidney Harmon           Son             23      Illinois        White                      Farm laborer 

Clarence M Christianson Head            31      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer 
Oline Christianson      Wife            28      Iowa            White
Morris H Christianson   Son             0 6/12  Iowa
Bertha Christianson     Sister          20      Iowa

Oscar Ingebretson       Head            52      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Nora Ingebretson        Wife            42      Iowa            White
Clarence Ingebretson    Son             14      Iowa
Barnett Ingebretson     Son             13      Iowa
Vernice Ingebretson     Daughter        10      Iowa
Lester Ingebretson      Son             9       Iowa
Raymond Ingebretson     Son             6       Iowa

Jacob Hanson            Head            41      Denmark         White   1914     Rent      Farmer
Hattie Hanson           Wife            33      Iowa            White
Casper Hanson           Son             7       Iowa
Kenneth Hanson          Son             1 7/12  Iowa

Martin A Myre           Head            47      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer   
Laura Myre              Wife            31      Iowa            White
Gutorm Amundson         Lodger          53      Norway          White   1880               Farm laborer

Lewis T Hauge           Head            37      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer  
Clara Hauge             Wife            36      Iowa            White
Morris Hauge            Son             8       Iowa
Truman Hauge            Son             2 11/12 Iowa
Guttorim Haugen         Lodger          58      Norway          White   1886               Carpenter

Edward Lindely          Head            40      Norway          White   1892     Rent      Farmer
Selma Lindely           Wife            29      Minnesota       White  
Evelyn Lindely          Daughter        5       Iowa

Philip Myli             Head            30      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Lillian Myli            Wife            23      Minnesota       White 
Harvey Myli             Son             3 3/12  Iowa
Margaret Myli           Daughter        1 3/12  Iowa

Ragnild Johnson         Head            54      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer  

Arrie Stumo             Head            57      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Caroline J Stumo        Daughter        33      Iowa            White                      School teacher  
Thressa Stumo           Daughter        23      Iowa                                       School teacher
Peter Stumo             Son             20      Iowa                                       Farm laborer
Carma Stumo             Daughter        17      Iowa
Elef Ingene             Boarder         41      Norway          White   1891               Trucker  

Helmer J Hanson         Head            33      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Gladys Hanson           Wife            21      North Dakota    White

Knuth Roppe             Head            63      Norway          White   1867     Own       Farmer 
Ragnild Roppe           Wife            54      Iowa            White 
Irving Roppe            Son             20      Iowa                                       Works on road gang
Melvin Roppe            Son             17      Iowa                    1867               Builds roads
Ingeborg Roppe          Mother          92      Norway

Ole O Moen              Head            64      Norway          White   1877     Own       Farmer
Sigri Moen              Sister          71      Norway          White   1882
Theodore Grosland       Lodger          44      Iowa            White                      Farm laborer
Martin H Myre           Head            40      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Mabel Myre              Wife            34      Iowa            White 
Hazel Myre              Daughter        14      Iowa
Alice Myre              Daughter        8       Iowa
Marcella Myre           Daughter        4 10/12 Iowa
Hans Helgeson           Father-in-law   69      Norway          White   1881     

Carl Mikkelson          Head            46      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Peter Mikkelson         Son             2       Iowa
Joseph Mikkelson        Son             17      Iowa
Christina Mikkelson     Son             15      Iowa
Patte Mikkelson         Daughter        13      Iowa
Inga Mikkelson          Daughter        10      Iowa

Gundbor Ulberg          Head            70      Norway          White   1882     Own       

Lars Kleveland          Head            67      Norway          White   1883     Own       Farmer
Lena Kleveland          Wife            60      Iowa            White
Bertha Kleveland        Adopted Dght.   28      Iowa
Lloyd Dahle             Nephew          14      Iowa            White    
Clarence Grosland       Lodger          36      Iowa            White                      Farm laborer

Knut Haugen             Head            38      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer 
Olga Haugen             Wife            30      Iowa            White 
Kenneth Haugen          Son             10      Iowa
Gilma Haugen            Daughter        7       Iowa
Elvine Haugen           Daughter        4 8/12  Iowa
Gertrude Haugen         Mother          69      Norway                 1886

Ole A Johnson           Head            32      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Amy Johnson             Wife            26      Iowa            White
Alice Johnson           Daughter        5       Iowa
Levern Johnson          Son             4 2/12  Iowa
Lorraine Johnson        Daughter        1 7/12  Iowa
Ben Grosland            Lodger          42      Iowa            White                      Farm laborer       

Carl Hopperstad         Head            45      Norway          White   1903     Own       Farmer     
Inga Hopperstad         Wife            49      Iowa            White
Arlene Hopperstad       Daughter        11      North Dakota
Peter O Peterson        Father-in-law   73      Iowa            White    
Gertie Peterson         Sister-in-law   50      Iowa
Ruth Peterson           Sister-in-law   29      Iowa                                       Servant
Carl Johnston           Nephew          16      Iowa            White    
June Johnston           Niece           12      Iowa
Flern Johnston          Niece           11      Iowa

Helmer B Trurvold       Head            31      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Selma Turvold           Wife            31      Minnesota       White
Arvile Turvold          Son             6       Iowa
Laverne Turvold         Son             3 10/12 Iowa
Bersnel Turvold         Son             1 4/12  Iowa
Clara Midge             Cousin          19      Minnesota       White                      Servant   
Ellend Turvold          Lodger          48      Norway          White   1893               Farm laborer

Clara A Henryson        Head            53      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer

Arthur Hillman          Head            27      Minnesota       White            Rent      Farmer
Bertha Hillman          Wife            30      Iowa            White
Arlington Hillman       Son             9       Iowa
Harris Hillman          Son             7       Minnesota
Inez Hillman            Daughter        6       Iowa
Deloris Hillman         Daughter        4       Minnesota
Bernice Hillman         Daughter        2 3/12  Minnesota

Leon T Johnson          Head            53      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Emily Johnson           Wife            48      Iowa            White
Lillian Johnson         Lodger          15      Iowa            White    
Esther Erickson         Roomer          20      Iowa            White                      School teacher  
Einer Nelson            Lodger          29      Denmark         White   1904               Farm laborer 

Albert E Hanson         Head            43      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer  
Ella Hanson             Wife            37      Iowa            White
Lawrence Hanson         Son             2 5/12  Iowa
LeRoy Hanson            Son             2 5/12  Iowa

Elmer R Tenold          Head            43      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer 
Anne Tenold             Wife            41      Iowa            White  
Clarice Tenold          Daughter        14      Iowa
Marvin Tenold           Son             13      Iowa
Reuben Tenold           Son             13      Iowa
Olger Tenold            Son             4 1/12  Iowa

Clarence O Haugen       Head            40      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer 
Mabel Haugen            Wife            34      Iowa            White
Odean Haugen            Son             2 6/12  Iowa
Vera Haugen             Daughter        0 8/12  Iowa
George Bronson          Lodger          76      Wisconsin       White    
Knut Christianson       Lodger          40      Norway          White   1909               Farm laborer

Alfred M Kvale          Head            31      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer  
Erick O Kvale           Father          82      Norway          White   1880
Karen Kvale             Mother          68      Norway          White   1883

Peter O Kvale           Head            35      Iowa            White            Rent      Farm laborer
Mabel Kvale             Wife            28      Iowa            White

J Olaf Johnson          Head            32      New York        White            Rent      Farmer 
Esther Johnson          Wife            40      Iowa            White  
Arnold G Johnson        Son             6       Minnesota
Ruth E Johnson          Daughter        1 1/12  Iowa

Carl H Myre             Head            43      New York        White            Own       Farmer
Clara Myre              Wife            31      Iowa            White
Agnes Myre              Daughter        3 2/12  Minnesota
Berte Myre              Mother          69      Norway
Harry Larson            Nephew          21      North Dakota    White    

Hans N Degn             Head            59      Denmark         White   1895     Own       Farmer
Anna Degn               Wife            62      Germany         White   1895
Johannes Degn           Son             28      Denmark                 1904               Farm laborer
Henning Degn            Son             22      Iowa                                       Farm laborer
Ron Degn                Son             19      Iowa                                       Farm laborer

Paul Manor              Head            25      Wisconsin       White            Rent      Buttermaker      
Ruth Manor              Wife            23      Iowa            White

Oscar T Tenold          Head            47      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer 
Caroline A Tenold       Wife            47      Iowa            White
Orel K Tenold           Son             20      Iowa
Alton C Tenold          Son             18      Iowa
Leland O Tenold         Son             16      Iowa
Clifford L Tenold       Son             9       Iowa
Eleanor M Tenold        Daughter        8       Iowa
Julia Peterson          Servant         32      Iowa            White                      Servant    

Henry E Tenold          Head            46      Iowa            White            Own       Retail merchant
Minda Tenold            Wife            42      Iowa            White
Carma M Tenold          Daughter        15      Iowa
Orland H Tenold         Son             14      Iowa
Mildred K Tenold        Daughter        12      Iowa
Hardine H Tenold        Son             9       Iowa
Vern H Tenold           Son             3 5/12  Iowa
Dean H Tenold           Son             0 9/12  Iowa

Christian H Hanson      Head            48      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Milla Hanson            Wife            46      Iowa            White
Harvey Hanson           Son             15      Iowa
Vernon Hanson           Son             13      Iowa
Clayton Hanson          Son             8       Iowa
Earl B Henderson        Lodger          28      Iowa            White                      Farm laborer  

Julius B Harmon         Head            48      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Angie Harmon            Wife            35      Iowa            White
Arlene Harmon           Daughter        10      Iowa
Larrine Harmon          Daughter        7       Iowa
Roger Harmon            Son             4 10/12 Iowa
Lena Graften            Lodger          59      Iowa            White                      School teacher 
Manie Newton            Lodger          19      Missouri        White                      Farm laborer

Alfred O Tenold         Head            40      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer  
Carrie Tenold           Mother          76      Wisconsin       White
Reuben Hanson           Lodger          18      Iowa            White                      Farm laborer    

O Gustav Anderson       Head            65      Sweden          White   1882     Own       Farmer
Margaret Anderson       Wife            47      Iowa            White

Joseph Bosch            Head            38      France          White   1896     Rent      Farmer
Eva Bosch               Wife            37      Iowa            White
Joseph A Bosch          Son             10      Iowa
W Anna M Bosch          Daughter        8       Iowa
Cecil J Bosch           Son             3       Iowa
Ernest Cooker           Companion       33      Iowa            White                      Farm laborer

Gilbert Ostmo           Head            39      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer  
Leonard Hagen           Brother-in-law  28      Iowa            White                      Farm laborer 
Julia Hagen             Sister          31

Conrad H Cornelius      Head            48      Norway          White   1902     Own       Farmer
Karine R Cornelius      Wife            52      Iowa            White
Ole Cornelius           Son             22      Wisconsin                                  Farm laborer
Elizabeth Cornelius     Daughter        21      Iowa
Henry Cornelius         Son             16      Iowa
Reuben Cornelius        Son             12      Iowa

Walter Berhow           Head            41      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Mabel Berhow            Wife            40      Iowa            White 
Wesley Berhow           Son             19      Iowa                                       Farm laborer
Lowell Berhow           Son             17      Iowa                                       Farm laborer
Ruby Berhow             Daughter        16      Iowa
Grace Berhow            Daughter        14      Iowa
Marvin Berhow           Son             12      Iowa
Marjorie Berhow         Daughter        12      Iowa
Francis Berhow          Daughter        9       Iowa
Betty Berhow            Daughter        7       Iowa
Walter E Berhow         Son             4 2/12  Iowa
Richard Berhow          Son             2 1/12  Iowa

Martin Mostrom          Head            48      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Clarence Mostrom        Brother         41      Iowa            White
Clara Mostrom           Sister          54      Iowa            White                      Servant

Amund K Myre            Head            87      Norway          White   1867     Own       Farmer
Olia Myre               Wife            82      Norway          White   1852
George Myre             Son             42      Iowa                                       Farm laborer
Amanda Myre             Daughter        36      Iowa                                       Servant

Albert B Holstad        Head            41      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Amanda Holstad          Wife            37      Iowa            White
Bernice Holstad         Daughter        15      Iowa
Sophie Holstad          Son             14      Iowa
Alva Holstad            Daughter        12      Minnesota
Marcella Holstad        Daughter        10      Iowa
Arla Holstad            Daughter        8       Iowa
Arnold Holstad          Son             5       Iowa
Harlan Holstad          Son             2 6/12  Iowa

William F Ewing         Head            42      Illinois        White            Rent      Farmer
Elizabeth M Ewing       Wife            45      Illinois        White 
Earl F Ewing            Son             14      Iowa
Vern M Ewing            Son             8       Iowa
Donald C Ewing          Son             7       Iowa
Elizabeth A Ewing       Daughter        3       Iowa
Paul J Ewing            Son             1 7/12  Iowa

Hans P Christenson      Head            64      Denmark         White   1906     Rent      Farmer
Alma Christenson        Wife            30      Denmark         White   1927
Mathilda Christenson    Daughter        7       Denmark                 1927       
Niels P Christenson     Son             1 5/12  Iowa
Waldemar Christenson    Son             0 1/12  Iowa

Walter Larson           Head            46      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Laura Larson            Daughter        20      Iowa        
Clifford Larson         Son             18      Iowa

Otto Orpen              Head            31      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Ida Orpen               Wife            33      Iowa            White
Arlene L Orpen          Daughter        3 7/12  Iowa
Anne Orpen              Mother          63      Norway          White   1885
Pearl Orpen             Niece           19      Iowa
Ole Ballandby           Brother-in-law  32      Norway          White   1914               Carpenter
Mabel Ballandby         Sister          21      Iowa
Glen Ballandby          Nephew          4 7/12  Iowa
Alice Ballandby         Niece           1 10/12 Iowa

Charles Vanhooser       Head            23      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer 
Barbara Vanhooser       Wife            22      Iowa            White
Arthur M Vanhooser      Son             2 9/12  Iowa
Charles Vanhooser       Son             0 3/12  Iowa

Martin Ferley           Head            52      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Emelia Ferley           Wife            39      Wisconsin       White
Morris Ferley           Son             16      North Dakota
Lloyd Ferley            Son             10      Iowa

Kari Edwardson          Head            66      Norway          White   1886     Own        
Carl Edwardson          Son             34      Iowa            White                      Farmer

Ingvald Hamsund         Head            45      Norway          White   1907     Rent      Farmer
Emma Hamsund            Wife            51      Iowa            White  
Myrtle Hamsund          Daughter        17      Iowa
Maynard Hamsund         Son             15      Iowa
Melvin Dahle            Lodger          20      Iowa            White                      Farm laborer

Andrew Foss             Head            44      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Emma Foss               Wife            35      Iowa            White
Adrian Foss             Son             4       Iowa

George M Dokken         Head            40      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Wannie Dokken           Wife            25      Kentucky        White
Mary Dokken             Daughter        6       Iowa
Hazel Dokken            Daughter        3 10/12 Iowa
James Dokken            Son             1 4/12  Iowa
Mary Dokken             Mother          73      Norway          White   1887
Anna Dokken             Sister          49      Iowa

Ole E Foss              Head            72      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Rebene Foss             Daughter        39      Iowa            White

Edwin R Foss            Head            47      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer 
Ella Foss               Wife            50      Iowa            White
Alice Foss              Daughter        21      Iowa                                       School teacher
Arlene Foss             Daughter        15      Iowa
Karen T L Hauge         Head            58      Norway          White   1875     Own       Farmer 
Orville Hauge           Son             24      Iowa            White                      Farm laborer
Earnest Hauge           Son             20      Iowa
Leonard Hauge           Son             15      Iowa

Gilbert Olson           Head            54      Iowa            White            Rent      Carpenter
Ella Olson              Wife            56      Norway          White   1893
Jim G Olson             Son             30      Iowa                                       Carpenter
Roy Olson               Son             24      Iowa                                       Carpenter 
Olaf Olson              Son             23      Iowa                                       Carpenter
Pearl Olson             Daughter        21      Iowa                                       Servant
Cora Olson              Daughter        18      Iowa                                       Servant
Ida Olson               Daughter        15      Iowa

Melvin Hagen            Head            33      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer  
Amy Hagen               Wife            28      Iowa            White
Dale W Hagen            Son             8       Iowa

Roland B Johnson        Head            47      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer     
Clara Johnson           Wife            47      Minnesota       White
Clarence Johnson        Son             24      Minnesota                                  Carpenter
Alice Johnson           Daughter        19      Iowa                                       School teacher 
Royden Johnson          Son             12      Iowa
Walter Johnson          Son             10      Iowa

Benhard Nelson          Head            29      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Olga Nelson             Wife            23      Iowa            White
Bernice G Nelson        Daughter        4 11/12 Iowa
Hans A Pederson         Head            35      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer  
Alma Pederson           Wife            30      Iowa            White

Ole Pederson            Head            57      Norway          White   1877     Own       Farmer
Gustava Pederson        Wife            57      Norway          White   1894

Melvin Medlang          Head            38      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Mabel Medlang           Wife            31      Minnesota       White
James Medlang           Son             6       Iowa
Marvin Medlang          Son             4       Iowa
Morris Holstad          Lodger          22      Iowa            White                      Farm laborer

Southrich V Larson      Head            33      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer   
Marjorie Larson         Wife            28      Iowa            White
Madella Larson          Daughter        8       Iowa
Laraine Larson          Daughter        6       Iowa
Louise Larson           Daughter        4 5/12  Iowa
Merle Larson            Daughter        0 8/12  Iowa

Ross Cooper             Head            43      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Edith Cooper            Wife            41      Iowa            White
Kenneth Cooper          Son             14      Iowa
Charles Cooper          Son             9       Iowa
Warren Cooper           Son             7       Iowa

Truman Hogen            Head            36      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Florence Hogen          Wife            31      Iowa            White
Obert Hogen             Son             9       Iowa
Arnold Hogen            Son             8       Iowa
Delores Hogen           Daughter        5       Iowa
Marvin Hogen            Son             4 9/12  Iowa
Donald Hogen            Son             1 9/12  Iowa

Arvell Asbjornson       Head            28      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Lillie Asbjornson       Wife            30      Illinois        White
Alden Asbjornson        Son             3 11/12 Iowa

Bertha C J Nelson       Head            59      Norway          White   1871     Rent      Farmer

Theodore Asbjornson     Head            51      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Sarah Asbjornson        Wife            47      Iowa            White
Iona R Asbjornson       Daughter        15      Iowa

Cliff Julseth           Head            39      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Mennie Julseth          Wife            38      Iowa            White
Orville Julseth         Son             17      Iowa
Alvin Julseth           Son             14      Iowa
Thelma Julseth          Daughter        11      Iowa
Truman Julseth          Son             9       Iowa
Conrad Julseth          Son             6       Iowa
Minnie Wemkin           Boarder         20      Iowa            White                      School teacher

Thea Thoen              Head            57      Minnesota       White            Own       Farmer
Truman Thoen            Son             24      Iowa                                       Farm laborer
Raymond Thoen           Son             20      Iowa                                       Farm laborer
Gunder Ryerson          Brother         66      Norway          White   1867 

Even H Aarback          Head            52      Minnesota       White            Own       Farmer
Milton Aarback          Son             17      Iowa
Inez Aarback            Daughter        7       Iowa
John Skasle             Lodger          19      Norway          White   1928               Farm laborer  
Bennie Brunsvold        Head            29      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Lilly Brunsvold         Wife            28      Iowa            White 
Mavis Brunsvold         Daughter        1 9/12  Iowa
Lawrence Brunsvold      Brother         31      Iowa                                       Farmer 

Sven K Brunsvold        Head            57      Norway          White   1883     Own       Farmer
Anna Brunsvold          Wife            40      Norway          White   1915
Eldren Brunsvold        Son             13      Iowa
Berneice Brunsvold      Daughter        11      Iowa

Peter M Calgaarden      Head            32      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer 
Bennie Orpen            Brother-in-law  29      Iowa            White                      Well driller     
Olga Orpen              Sister          30      Iowa
Alwin Orpen             Nephew          8       Iowa

Stener Knutson          Head            67      Norway          White   1888     Own       Farmer
Gunhild Asleson         Housekeeper     68      Norway          White   1902               Servant

Elmer J Peterson        Head            38      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer   
Nellie Peterson         Wife            33      Iowa            White
Irene Peterson          Daughter        10      Iowa
Nora Peterson           Daughter        8       Iowa
Doris Peterson          Daughter        5       Iowa
Elsie Peterson          Daughter        2 7/12  Iowa
Conrad Peterson         Son             0 7/12  Iowa

Olaf Banken             Head            36      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer  
Clara Banken            Wife            36      Iowa            White
Carol Banken            Daughter        8       Iowa
Grace Banken            Daughter        4 5/12  Iowa
Phyllis Banken          Daughter        2 5/12  Iowa
Ruth Banken             Daughter        1 3/12  Iowa
Palmer Mikkelson        Hired Man       22      Iowa            White                      Farm laborer  

Clifford Seter          Head            28      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer 
Clara Seter             Wife            26      Iowa            White
Grace I Seter           Daughter        2 3/12  Iowa
Thomas Bratrud          Hired Man       20      Iowa            White                      Farm laborer      

Ernie Walk              Head            27      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Bernice Walk            Wife            24      Iowa            White

Thora Bratrud           Head            53      Norway          White   1895     Own       Farmer  
Harold Bratrud          Son             24      Iowa                                       Farm laborer
Anetta Bratrud          Daughter        15      Iowa
Ole Haugrud             Nephew          23      Norway          White   1927     Own       Road laborer

Rudolph J Myli          Head            31      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
C Mabel Myli            Wife            32      Iowa            White 
Harlan E Myli           Son             4 8/12  Iowa
Ruth C Myli             Daughter        1 3/12  Iowa
Elling Redalen          Father-in-law   75      Norway          White   1879 
Fhoda Redalen           Mother-in-law   63      Norway          White   1870

Olaf K Storre           Head            46      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer         
Malina Storre           Wife            49      Iowa            White
Paul Nelson             Hired Man       25      Denmark         White   1904               Farm laborer

Arville R Hogen         Head            33      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Hilma M Hogen           Wife            34      Iowa            White
Helen B Hogen           Daughter        6       Iowa
Orvin M Hogen           Son             3 11/12 Iowa
Anna B Hogen            Mother          63      Wisconsin                                  Nurse for private family
Nels Mostrom            Hired Man       56      Norway          White   1891               Farm laborer  

Ole O Kalgaarden        Head            73      Norway          White   1897     Own             
Olivia Kalgaarden       Wife            59      Norway          White   1872               
Gilbert O Kalgaarden    Son             26      Iowa                                       Farmer
Johnie Kalgaarden       Son             28      Iowa                                       Farmer  
George Kalgaarden       Son             26      Iowa                                       Farmer

Clarence Brunsvold      Head            36      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Mandeline Brunsvold     Wife            33      Iowa            White
Sylvia Brunsvold        Daughter        9       Iowa
Inez Brunsvold          Daughter        7       Iowa
Elir Nelson             Hired Man       24      Denmark         White   1928               Farm laborer

Gilbert Erickson        Head            39      Minnesota       White            Own       Farmer 
Emma Erickson           Wife            41      Iowa            White
Esther Erickson         Daughter        16      Iowa

Willie Larson           Head            27      Iowa            White            Rent      Farmer
Lucile Larson           Wife            23      Iowa            White

Alfred Anderson         Head            54      Sweden          White   1896     Own       Farmer   
Alena Anderson          Wife            54      Iowa            White
Alvin Anderson          Son             25      Iowa                                       Farm laborer 
Morris Anderson         Son             24      Iowa                                       Farm laborer
Amy Anderson            Daughter        17      Iowa
Margaret Anderson       Daughter        14      Iowa
J Adolph Hanson         Cousin          69      Sweden          White   1862 

Albert Anderson         Head            55      Sweden          White   1895     Own       Farmer
Alma Anderson           Wife            58      Sweden          White   1895
Freida E Anderson       Daughter        28      Iowa
E Rudolph Anderson      Son             22      Iowa
Carl W Mohr             Head            38      Michigan        White            Rent      Farmer               
Marie Mohr              Wife            31      Iowa            White
Dorothy Mohr            Daughter        13      Iowa
Maryne Mohr             Son             12      Iowa
Anita Mohr              Daughter        10      Iowa
Fern Mohr               Daughter        8       Iowa
Stanley Mohr            Son             6       Iowa

Clifford Mostrom        Head            27      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer        
Edna Mostrom            Wife            23      Iowa            White 
Lillian A Mostrom       Daughter        1 10/12 Iowa
Halstein O Mostrom      Father          78      Norway                  1873
Albert Mostrom          Brother         44      Iowa                                       Road grader
Irving Banken           Hired Man       16      Iowa            White                      Farm laborer    

Carrie Myli             Head            66      Iowa            White            Own       
Hartwick Myli           Son             33      Iowa            White                      Farmer
Amanda Myli             Daughter        25      Iowa
Bert Mostrom            Hired Man       39      Iowa            White                      Farm laborer

John A Berg             Head            52      Iowa            White            Own       Farmer
Belle Berg              Wife            50      Iowa            White
Ervin Berg              Son             22      Iowa                                       Farm laborer
Norma Berg              Daughter        20      Iowa                                       School teacher
Iona Berg               Daughter        18      Iowa
Genevieve Berg          Daughter        15      Iowa
Jenore Berg             Daughter        13      Iowa
Milton Berg             Son             11      Iowa
Bergit Haugen           Mother-in-law   87      Norway          White   1876     
Gina Haugen             Sister-in-law   47      Iowa            White 
Agnes Thoen             Daughter        29      Iowa            White                      Servant  
Source: National Archives Film T626_691 ED 4, Pages 1A-7A

Transcribed by Gordon Felland, 11/12/2004 (revised 6/6/2018)