Manly, Iowa
1930 Census


Listed by heads of household followed by household members and relationship.

Census taken during the month of April, 1930 by Fred Zarbrock.

Population: 1447


Name                    Relationship    Age     Birthplace      Race    Year	Occupation
Frank Yezek             Head            67      Iowa            White           None
Rosolino Yezek          Wife            62      Iowa            White

Sammuel Getts           Head            42      Russia          White   1908    Railroad worker
Kathrine Getts          Wife            35      Russia          White
Alix Getts              Son             17      Kansas
Minnie Getts            Daughter        15      Montana
Tillie Getts            Daughter        10      Colorado
Les Getts               Son             9       Iowa
Mary Getts              Daughter        7       Iowa

Frank Dostal            Head            47      Iowa            White           None
Mary Dostal             Sister          60      Iowa            White

Lenord Jackson          Head            35      Nebraska        White           Railroad worker
Ida H Jackson           Wife            33      Iowa            White
Delbert Jackson         Son             13      Iowa
Arlien Jackson          Daughter        9       Iowa
Calleen Jackson         Daughter        2       Iowa

Emil Kobes              Head            37      Germany         White   1910    Railroad worker
Nellie Kobes            Wife            32      Norway          White   1907
Jerold Kobes            Son             5       Iowa

Glenn Thorp             Head            36      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Violet Thorp            Wife            33      Iowa            White
Darvin Thorp            Son             13      Iowa
Donnovan Thorp          Daughter        11      Iowa
Jackson Thorp           Son             6       Iowa

George Clemenson        Head            38      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Byna Clemenson          Wife            38      North Dakota    White
Glyna Clemenson         Daughter        16      Minnesota
Ernest Clemenson        Son             15      Minnesota
Gunder Clemenson        Son             13      Minnesota
Myrthle Clemenson       Daughter        11      Minnesota
Arville Clemenson       Daughter        9       Minnesota
Reymen Clemenson        Son             7       Minnesota
Arline Clemenson        Daughter        5       Iowa
June Clemenson          Daughter        3       Iowa
Melton  Clemenson       Son             1       Iowa
Johanna Johnson         Sister-in-law   24      Minnesota       White           Servant

Merle Bartnick          Head            23      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Marjorie Bartnick       Wife            19      Iowa            White
Marilyn Bartnick        Daughter        0       Iowa

Sanliss Tapia           Head            43      Mexico          Mexican 1909    Railroad worker
Rose Tapia              Wife            36      Texas           Mexican
Mary Tapia              Daughter        10      Illinois
Gilbert Tapia           Son             9       Minnesota
Elizabeth Tapia         Daughter        7       Minnesota
Joseph Tapia            Son             4       Minnesota

Earl Naden              Head            44      Iowa            White           Salesman
Myrtle Naden            Wife            42      Iowa            White
Dale Naden              Daughter        16      Iowa
Jay Naden               Son             14      Iowa
Iona Naden              Daughter        9       Iowa

William Grefe           Head            40      Illinois        White           Farm worker
Neoma   Grefe           Wife            36      Illinois        White
Alice Grefe             Daughter        16      Iowa
Arthur Grefe            Son             15      Iowa
Willie Grefe            Son             13      Iowa
Leroy Grefe             Son             5       Iowa

Anna Pinta              Head            58      Czechoslovakia  White   1892    None
Edward  Pinta           Son             36      Iowa                            Carpenter
Emma Pinta              Daughter        32      Iowa
Charlie Pinta           Son             30      Iowa
Louis Cook              Grandson        20      Iowa            White

Ole Julier              Head            51      Norway          White   1903    Owns a hardware store
Cristne Julier          Sister          41      Norway          White   1913
John Holub              Roomer          70      Austria         White   1882

John Kruger             Head            56      Wisconsin       White           None
Mary Kruger             Wife            53      Wisconsin       White

Henry Miller            Head            61      Iowa            White           Policeman
Maggie  Miller          Wife            65      Iowa            White
Morrie Miller           Son             26      Iowa                            Salesman in clothing store
Clair Miller            Son             21      Iowa
William Quayle          Roomer          37      Illinois        White           Railroad engineer
Theodore Lindolson      Roomer          39      Iowa            White

Harm Oltman             Head            43      Iowa            White           Proprietor of feed store
Christene Oltman        Wife            42      Iowa            White
Irene Oltman            Daughter        15      Iowa
Clark Oltman            Son             9       Iowa
Max Oltman              Son             5       Iowa
Maria Oltman            Mother-in-law   76      Germany         White   1872

Isabel Amos             Head            62      Canada          White   1920
James Holby             Roomer          55      Canada          White   1878    Salesman in lunber yard

Francis Poole           Head            33      Kansas          White           Railroad worker
Elva Poole              Wife            29      Kansas          White
Margaret Poole          Daughter        7       Kansas
Marilyn Poole           Daughter        5       Iowa

John Reab               Head            31      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Ida Reab                Wife            30      Iowa            White
Alice Reab              Mother          68      Illinois

George Duncan           Head            45      Wisconsin       White           Railroad worker
Gertrude Duncan         Wife            44      Iowa            White
Mary Duncan             Daughter        11      Iowa
Lena Brantel            Mother-in-law   89      Germany         White   1853

Floyd Frizzell          Head            44      Iowa            White           Railroad conductor
Verna Frizzell          Wife            43      Iowa            White
Cloraine Frizzell       Daughter        21      Iowa
Mildre Frizzell         Daughter        17      Iowa
Gerald Frizzell         Son             13      Iowa
Homer Schlatterback     Lodger          31      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Charlie Knapp           Lodger          63      Minnesota       White
Robert Harnack          Son             0       Iowa            White
Lowery Bergeson         Lodger          28      Minnesota       White           Repairs watches
William Davey           Son             0       Iowa            White

Hellen Kalous           Head            39      Iowa            White
Grace Kalous            Daughter        13      Iowa
Kenneth Kalous          Son             3       Iowa
Arthur Kalous           Son             7       Iowa

John Weingart           Head            32      Russia          White   1904    Railroad worker
Myrtle H Weingart       Wife            31      Russia          White
Catrina Weingart        Daughter        11      Colorado
Harlin Weingart         Son             10      Colorada
Marry Weingart          Daughter        8       Colorado
Joseph Weingart         Son             6       Iowa
Barbara Weingart        Daughter        4       Iowa
John Weingart           Son             3       Iowa
Edward Weingart         Son             9/12    Iowa
Barbara Schrow          Mother-in-law   90      Russia          White   1915

Amelia Hovel            Head            71      Wisconsin       White           

William Connor          Head            33      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Gertrude Connor         Wife            31      Iowa            White
Geraldine Connor        Daughter        4       Iowa
Mabel Beinke            Sister-in-law   41      Iowa            White
Myron Beinke            Nephew          8       Iowa            White
Dewey Connor            Brother         29      Iowa            White           Railroad worker

Fred Logeman            Head            36      Iowa            White           Proprietor of implement shop
Gerdie Logeman          Wife            36      Illinois        White
Lenette Logeman         Daughter        7       Iowa
Florene Logeman         Daughter        4       Iowa
Margie Logeman          Daughter        1       Iowa

Gabriel Westly          Head            43      Norway          White           Physician
Stevens Westly          Son             8       Iowa
Davis Westly            Son             10      Iowa
Ida Holstad             Servant         22      Iowa            White
Beatrice Westly         Wife            35      Iowa            White
Linne Darnell           Boarder         25      South Dakota    White           Teacher

Emanuel Basgall         Head            40      Russia          White   1910    Railroad worker
Barbara  Basgall        Wife            38      Russia          White
Mary Basgall            Daughter        18      Kansas
Sylvester Basgall       Son             16      Colorado
Joseph Basgall          Son             14      Iowa
Clarence Basgall        Son             12      Iowa
Jacob Basgall           Son             9       Iowa
Katherine Basgall       Daughter        7       Iowa
Magdalene Basgall       Daughter        4       Iowa
Rose Basgall            Daughter        2       Iowa

Charley Prichard        Head            38      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Grace Prichard          Wife            36      Nebraska        White
Doris Prichard          Daughter        13      Minnesota
Lois Prichard           Daughter        11      Minnesota
Russell Prichard        Son             9       Minnesota
Lowell  Prichard        Son             6       Iowa
Jean Prichard           Son             3       Iowa

Ralph Cabeen            Head            47      Iowa            White           None
Mary Cabeen             Wife            46      Iowa            White
Beryl Cabeen            Daughter        15      Iowa
Margaret Lyng           Lodger          26      Iowa            White

Carl Williams           Head            48      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Amelia Williams         Wife            53      Germany         White   1877
Mary Louise Williams    Daughter        14      Iowa

Andy Tjaden             Head            40      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Nellie Tjaden           Wife            39      Iowa            White
George Tjaden           Son             20      Iowa
James L Mantz           Head            65      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Anttoniette Mentz       Wife            63      Iowa            White
James L Mentz           Son             28      Iowa                            Railroad worker

Scot Brown              Head            48      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Mabel Brown             Wife            43      Minnesota       White
James Brown             Son             19      Minnesota
Robert Brown            Son             15      Iowa
Merion Naegele          Roomer          20      Iowa            White           Teacher
Gerdine Anderson        Roomer          24      Minnesota       White           Teacher

Joseph Bednar           Head            77      At Sea          White           None
Mary Bednar             Wife            71      Austria         White

Claude Hicks            Head            52      Indiana         White           Railroad worker
Eva Hicks               Wife            50      Iowa            White
Nesla Hicks             Daughter        13      Iowa
Edgar Hicks             Son             10      Iowa

Marvin  Gilbertson      Head            30      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker
Iva Gilbertson          Wife            29      Iowa            White
Garnet Gilbertson       Son             7       Minnesota

Joseph Denneger         Head            30      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Justine Denneger        Wife            29      Iowa            White
Barbara Denneger        Daughter        3       Iowa
Josephine Denneger      Daughter        1       Iowa

Reed Fremont            Head            38      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Flossie Fremont         Wife            36      Iowa            White
Everett Fremont         Son             13      Iowa
Keith Fremont           Son             11      Iowa

Rolv H Gruenwald        Head            62      Iowa            White           None
Gertrude Gruenwald      Daughter        25      Iowa                            Bookkeeper for meat market
Roseline Gruenwald      Daughter        23      Iowa                            Teacher

Melvin Flatness         Head            30      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker
Ellen Flatness          Wife            25      Iowa            White
Maxine  Flatness        Daughter        5       Iowa
Margrard Flatness       Daughter        1       Iowa

Robert Crane            Head            33      Scotland        White   1921    Railroad worker
Anna H  Crane           Wife            33      Scotland        White   1921    
Robert Crane            Son             6       Minnesota
Isabell Crane           Daughter        1       Iowa

Avis H Mckercher        Head            64      Wisconsin       White           None
Ralph Mckercher         Son             34      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Jacob Werner            Head            71      Czechoslovakia  White   1876

Anton Sobolik           Head            59      Iowa            White
Anna Sobolik            Wife            48      Iowa            White           City street worker
Frank Skoda             Brother-in-law  43      Iowa            White
William Farley          Roomer          49      New York        White
Amid Lambert            Roomer          31      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker

William Pinta           Head            36      Iowa            White           Proprietor of gas station
Emma Pinta              Wife            34      Iowa            White
Donald  Pinta           Son             12      Iowa
Jack Pinta              Son             10      Iowa
Dorothy Pinta           Daughter        4       Iowa

James D Dorsey          Head            43      Colorado        White           Railroad worker
Carrie Dorsey           Wife            41      Kansas          White
Robert Dorsey           Son             20      Illinois
Dolores Dorsey          Daughter        17      Kansas

William Fitch           Head            79      Connecticut     White           None
Mary A Fitch            Wife            79      New York        White

Bret Finch              Head            57      Iowa            White           Janitor
Linda Finch             Wife            51      Iowa            White
Lawrence Rasmmssen      Son-in-law      32      Wisconsin       White           Railroad worker
Gladys Rasmmssen        Daughter        26      Iowa

Jacob Wise              Head            70      Bohemia         White   1898    None
Anna Wise               Wife            72      Bohemia         White

William Brennan         Head            29      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Mayme Brennan           Wife            26      Illinois        White
Joan Brennan            Daughter        3       Iowa
Steve Dorsey            Roomer          21      Colorado        White

Ehle Allen              Head            44      Minnesota       White           Traveling salesman
Alyda H Allen           Wife            36      Iowa            White
Zeola Allen             Daughter        19      Iowa
Florence Grove          Roomer          27      Iowa            White           Teacher

Alfred Rose             Head            36      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Martha Rose             Wife            39      Minnesota       White
Thomas Rose             Son             14      Minnesota
Dorothy Rose            Daughter        13      Iowa
Edward Mirrick          Roomer          42      Iowa            White           Conductor on the railroad
Leo Finnigan            Head            22      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Betty Finnigan          Wife            18      Iowa            White
Emil Walls              Father-in-law   56      Iowa            White
Arabis Finnigan         Brother-in-law  20      Iowa            White           Railroad worker

Roy Mitchell            Head            72      Wisconsin       White           Bookkeeper for the telephone Co.
Bessie H Mitchell       Wife            65      Wisconsin       White
John Roam               Head            58      Missouri        White           Railroad worker
Elizabeth Roam          Wife            57      Missouri
Benjaman Moore          Roomer          60      Wisconsin       White           Land agent

Mathias Mullin          Head            37      Illinois        White           Railroad worker
Euphenia Mullin         Wife            30      Iowa            White           Teacher

Laffelebt Orth          Head            50      Ohio            White           Clergyman
Oma H Orth              Wife            49      Illinois        White
Venita Orth             Daughter        18      Illinois
Lowell Orth             Son             20      Illinois

Harry Gavin             Head            30      Minnesota       White           Bookkeeper for the railroad
Elfreda H Gavin         Wife            29      Iowa            White
Darrel Gavin            Son             8       Minnesota
Patricia Gavin          Daughter        6       Iowa
Earl S Adams            Head            35      Vermont         White           Railroad worker
Rose Adams              Wife            31      Minnesota       White
John Adams              Son             6       Iowa
Blanche Kermes          Sister-in-law   18      Minnesota       White

Julien Olson            Head            40      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Inez Olson              Wife            37      Iowa            White
Delores Olson           Daughter        14      Iowa
Myra Olson              Daughter        13      Iowa
Irene Olson             Daughter        11      Iowa
Lemoyene Olson          Daughter        10      Iowa
Jackie Olson            Son             7       Iowa

Vernon Cook             Head            28      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Pearl Cook              Wife            26      Iowa            White
Gale Cook               Son             7       Iowa

Sanfort Lemier          Head            39      Iowa            White           Barber
Rose Lemier             Wife            38      Iowa            White
Carmen Lemier           Daughter        13      Iowa
Jewell Lemier           Daughter        11      Iowa
Leon Lemier             Son             7       Iowa
Elden Lemier            Son             4       Iowa

Albert Miles            Head            30      Ohio            White           Clergyman
Mary Miles              Wife            30      Ohio            White
Margaret Miles          Daughter        0       Iowa

James A Moore           Head            58      Wisconsin       White           Railroad worker
Minnie Moore            Wife            50      Iowa            White
Frank Moore             Brother         48      Wisconsin       White           Works in restaurant
William Mitchell        Head            44      Iowa            White           None
Luelle Mitchell         Wife            40      Iowa            White
Elmer Mitchell          Daughter        17      Iowa
Mabel Mitchell          Daughter        15      Iowa
Donald Mitchell         Son             14      Iowa
Harry Bosworth          Head            39      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker
Ida Bosworth            Wife            42      Iowa            White
Marjorie Bosworth       Daughter        16      Iowa
Harriett Bosworth       Daughter        11      Iowa

Louis Blattspieler      Head            45      Iowa            White           Proprietor or drug store
Amelia  Blattspieler    Wife            45      Iowa            White
Lois Blattspieler       Daughter        12      Iowa
Virginia Blattspieler   Daughter        11      Iowa
Robert Blattspieler     Son             5       Iowa
Elmer Sanford           Roomer          24      Iowa            White           Salesman in drug store
Harry Poffenberger      Roomer          24      Iowa            White           Teacher

Herman Bonker           Head            60      Iowa            White
Maggie Bonker           Wife            62      Iowa            White
Bertha Ennis            Head            35      Missouri        White           Telephone operator
Mae Ennis               Daughter        13      Missouri

Fred Peterson           Head            26      Missouri        White           Railroad worker
Lula Peterson           Wife            21      Iowa            White
Clarence C Peterson     Daughter        4       Iowa
Virginia Peterson       Daughter        2       Iowa

William Factor          Head            34      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker
Lucielle Factor         Wife            31      Michigan        White
Elline Factor           Daughter        10      South Dakota   
Betty Factor            Daughter        8       Iowa
Harold Factor           Son             6       Iowa
Shirley Factor          Daughter        2/12    Iowa

Otto Lichtenstein       Head            39      Germany         White   1906    Proprietor of bakery
Dora Lichtenstein       Wife            37      Minnesota       White
Ruth Lichtenstein       Daughter        17      Minnesota
Dorothy Lichtenstein    Daughter        15      Minnesota
Virginia Lichtenstein   Daughter        14      Minnesota
Margaret Lichtenstein   Daughter        11      Iowa
Russell Lichtenstein    Son             8       Iowa

Frank Busta             Head            80      Germany         White   1868    None
Mary Busta              Wife            75      Germany         White   1860
Helien Smith            Daughter        37      Iowa            White

Robert Allan            Head            48      Scotland        White   1895    Railroad worker
Ara Allan               Wife            38      Iowa            White
Robert Allan            Son             8       Iowa
Inez Allan              Son             6       Iowa

Gustaf Ehl              Head            56      Iowa            White           Clergyman
Anna Ehl                Relative        59      Iowa            White                Housekeeper

Emil Wendt              Head            48      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Verna Wendt             Wife            38      Wisconsin       White
Claude Wendt            Son             17      North Dakota
Roy Wendt               Son             14      North Dakota
Wadie Wendt             Son             12      North Dakota

Walter Webster          Head            39      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Fannie Webster          Wife            37      Illinois        White
Robert Webster          Son             7       Illinois        
Margaret Webster        Daughter        14      Iowa

John H Burrier          Head            52      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Pearl Burner            Wife            37      Minnesota       White
Marvin J Burner         Son             17      Minnnesota
Clarence L Burrier      Son             6/12    Iowa

Fred Thompson           Head            37      Illinois        White           Telegraph operator
Iona Thompson           Wife            32      Minnesota       White

Thomas Holden           Head            64      England         White
Oliver Holden           Nephew          24      Iowa            White           Milk delivery man
Rite Carrol             Servant         45      North'n Ireland White           Servant
James Carrol            Roomer          47      North'n Ireland White           Railroad worker

Edward Smith            Head            71      Iowa            White           None
Mary Smith              Wife            67      Iowa            White
Worth Ford              Son-in-law      36      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Clea Ford               Daughter        29      Iowa
Shirley Ford            Nephew          10      Iowa            White

Elmer Olson             Head            42      Wisconsin       White           Railroad worker
Hanna Olson             Wife            45      Norway          White   1907
Oscar Olson             Son             22      Iowa                            City worker
Alvin Olson             Son             18      Iowa                            Works in creamery
James Olson             Son             16      Wisconsin
Maynard Olson           Son             14      Wisconsin
Howard   Olson          Son             12      Wisconsin                       
Kenneth Olson           Son             7       Wisconsin

Oliver Hagen            Head            30      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Lottie Hagen            Wife            27      Iowa            White
Orville Hagen           Son             8       Iowa
Leone Hagen             Daughter        5       Iowa
Darris Hagen            Daughter        2       Iowa
Paul Hagen              Son             1       Iowa

Amos Johnson            Head            40      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Myrta Johnson           Wife            37      Iowa            White
Olive Johnson           Daughter        15      Missouri
Marion Johnson          Daughter        13      Iowa
Genevieve Johnson       Daughter        9       Iowa
Richard Johnson         Son             8       Wisconsin
Kenneth Johnson         Son             5       Wisconsin
Velma Johnson           Daughter        3       Iowa
Donald Johnson          Son             10/12   Iowa

Holmer  Starmesh        Head            29      Norway          White   1922    Janitor for railroad
Amanda Starmesh         Wife            24      Iowa            White

Oliver Rumley           Head            45      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Maude Rumley            Wife            45      Iowa            White
Myrtle Rumley           Daughter        24      Iowa                            Saleslady in dry goods store
Mary Rumley             Daughter        22      Iowa                            Saleslady
Theodore Rumley         Son             20      Iowa                            Laundress
Gerald Rumley           Son             18      Iowa
Gratton Rumley          Daughter        16      Iowa
Grace Rumley            Daughter        13      Iowa
Joseph Mackes           Head            45      Czechoslovakia  White   1911    Proprietor of meat market
Mary Mackes             Wife            44      Czechoslovakia  White   1900
Eleanore Mackes         Daughter        13      Iowa
Margaret Mackes         Daughter        11      Iowa
Nina Mackes             Daughter        8       Iowa

Emil Werle              Head            47      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Odessa Werle            Wife            40      Indiana         White
Ruth Werle              Daughter        18      Iowa
Orlo Werle              Son             14      Iowa

Michael Kelley          Head            50      West Virginia   White           Railroad worker
May A Kelley            Wife            39      Minneosta       White
Mary E Kelley           Daughter        7       Minnesota
John M Kelley           Son             3       Iowa
Joseph F Kelley         Son             1       Iowa
Thomas Kelley           Son             5       Minnesota

Dryen Smith             Head            56      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Ella Smith              Wife            48      Minnesota       White

Van Davies              Head            47      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Anna Davies             Wife            46      Iowa            White                
Kenneth Davies          Son             16      Iowa

Louis Duclos            Head            47      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Mamie Duclos            Wife            47      Iowa            White
Margret Duclos          Daughter        22      Iowa                            Typist in office
Bernard Duclos          Son             20      Minnesota
Donald Duclos           Son             18      Minnesota
Norma Duclos            Daughter        7       Iowa

Vern Glufach            Head            34      Iowa            White           Trucker
Laura Glufach           Wife            32      Iowa            White
Dorothy Glufach         Daughter        8       Iowa
Donald Glufach          Son             10      Iowa
Francis Glufach         Daughter        7       Iowa

Soren Westly            Head            49      Norway          White   1889    Physician
Florence Westy          Wife            39      Michigan        White           Physician
Soren Westy             Son             18      Iowa
Floris Westly           Daughter        14      Iowa
Charlotte Cron          Mother-in-law           Canada          White   1882

John Mitchell           Head            50      Iowa            White           County board of supervisors
Emma Mitchell           Wife            47      Iowa            White
Dorothy Mitchell        Daughter        25      Iowa
Martha  Mitchell        Daughter        18      Iowa
John Mitchell           Son             9       Iowa

Christina Sorenson      Head            33      Denmark         White   1901    Barber
Ella Sorenson           Wife            34      Minnesota       White           Hairdresser
Charles Sorenson        Son             3       Iowa

John Mikesch            Head            56      Wisconsin       White           Proprietor of hotel
Maggie Mikesch          Wife            49      Wisconsin       White
Mary Mikesch            Daughter        30      Wisconsin
Theodore Mikesch        Son             16      Iowa
Eveline Evens           Lodger          24      Iowa            White           Hotel waitress

Seaton Hurd             Head            43      Iowa            White           Proprietor of shoe store
Iowa Hurd               Wife            40      Iowa            White
Hatty Bellows           Mother-in-law   72      Wisconsin       White

Carl C Anderson         Head            22      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker
Frances Anderson        Wife            18      Nebraska        White

York Paul               Head            35      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Martie Paul             Wife            28      Iowa            White
Isadore Paul            Son             10      Iowa
Gerald Paul             Son             8       Minnesota
Etta Mae Paul           Daughter        4/12    Iowa

Theodore Johnson        Head            33      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Frances Johnson         Wife            35      Missouri        White

Maynard Fanta           Head            34      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Gladys Fanta            Wife            24      Iowa            White
Paul Fanta              Son             2       Iowa
Glyen Wise              Roomer          17      Iowa            White           Odd jobs

Frank Cabeen            Head            51      Iowa            White           Proprietor of gas station
Anna Wise               Grandmother     91      Czechoslovakia  White   1912

Albert Enabnit          Head            35      Iowa            White           Proprietor of drug store
Olda Enabnit            Wife            29      Wisconsin       White
Robert Enabnit          Son             10      Iowa

John Hurd               Head            52      Iowa            White           Proprietor of drug store
Kelles Hurd             Wife            49      Iowa            White
Wertry Hurd             Son             21      Iowa
Carrol Hurd             Son             19      Iowa
Bessie Hurd             Daughter        16      Iowa
Hugh Monahan            Head            56      Iowa            White           Rural mail carrier
Kathrine Monahan        Wife            56      Iowa            White
Mary Monahan            Daughter        30      Iowa                            Cashier in bank
Marcella Monahan        Daughter        29      Iowa                            Post office clerk
Vera Monahan            Daughter        26      Iowa
Bernadine Monahan       Daughter        22      Iowa
Hugh Monahan            Son             15      Iowa
Dorothy Monahan         Daughter        19      Iowa
Donald Monahan          Son             12      Iowa

Albert Schartz          Head            36      Iowa            White           Railroad engineer
Hazel Schartz           Wife            34      Iowa            White
Robert Schartz          Son             14      Iowa
Howaid Schartz          Son             6       Iowa

Edward Mundt            Head            32      Minnesota       White           Railroad engineer
Myrtle Mundt            Wife            37      Minnesota       White
Bert Mundt              Son             10      Iowa
Richard Mundt           Son             8       Iowa
Virginia Mundt          Daughter        6       Iowa
David Mundt             Son             2       Iowa

Martin Rothamel         Head            44      Russia          White   1913    Odd jobs
Rady Rothamel           Wife            47      Russia          White   1913
Margaret Rothamel       Daughter        12      Iowa
Jacob Rothamel          Son             17      At sea
Nicklaus Rothamel       Son             15      Iowa

James Williams          Head            24      New Mexico      White           None
Dorothy Williams        Wife            18      South Dakota    White
Dorothy J Williams      Daughter        2       Iowa
Shirley J Williams      Daughter        11/12   Iowa

Le Henry                Head            26      Iowa            White           Painter for railroad
Gertrude Henry          Wife            22      Iowa            White
Mildred Henry           Daughter        1       Iowa

Harry Livingston        Head            29      Iowa            White           Depot agent
Ester Livingston        Wife            27      Iowa            White
James Livingston        Son             7       Iowa
Marian Livingston       Daughter        6       Iowa
Joan Livingston         Daughter        4       Iowa
Harry Livingston        Son             3       Iowa

Lenard Asper            Head            46      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Eva Asper               Wife            44      Kansas          White
Thomas Dennison         Roomer          42      Iowa            While           Railroad worker

Herman Graney           Head            62      Wisconsin       White

Barbara Kutcher         Head            76      Czechoslovakia  White   1864    None

Ralph Moore             Head            32      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Mary Moore              Wife            27      Minnesota       White
Alice Moore             Daughter        9       Minnesota
Laird Moore             Son             6       Iowa

William Chapman         Head            58      Indiana         White           Carpenter
Alwyn Chapman           Son             27      Iowa                            Carpenter
Lovan Chapman           Daughter        16      Iowa
Genevieve Chapman       Daughter        14      Iowa

John Mcnulty            Head            34      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Kathleen Mcnulty        Wife            24      Iowa            White
Izetta Mcnulty          Daughter        3       Iowa

Daniel Garvey           Head            49      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Nellie Garvey           Wife            39      Norway          White   1908
William Garvey          Son             17      Iowa
Richard  Garvey         Son             15      Iowa
Hellen Garvey           Daughter        12      Minnesota
Mildred  Garvey         Daughter        10      Iowa
May Garvey              Daughter        0       Iowa

Lula Cooper             Head            29      Iowa            White           None
Calvin Cooper           Son             1       Iowa
Lloyd Cooper            Roomer          32      Iowa            White           Carpenter for railroad

Casper Stanner          Head            31      Wisconsin       White
Ingeborg Stanner        Wife            25      Minnesota       White

Edward Janish           Head            49      Iowa            White           Conductor on railroad
Laura Janish            Wife            49      Iowa            White
Daniel Janish           Son             9       Iowa

John Mullins            Head            40      West Virginia   White           Railroad worker
Florence Mullins        Wife            30      Iowa            White
John Mullins            Son             5       Illinois

Clarence Gilbertson     Head            32      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker
Myrtle Gilbertson       Wife            28      Iowa            White                Trucker
Mae Gilbertson          Daughter        5       Iowa
IreneGilbertson         Daughter        3       Iowa

Percy Loomer            Head            38      Iowa            White           Salesman in grocery store
Ester Loomer            Wife            36      Iowa            White
Winston Loomer          Son             13      Iowa
Wava Loomer             Daughter        11      Iowa
Danna Loomer            Daughter        2       Iowa
Patricia Loomer         Daughter        0       Iowa

George Waddle           Head            30      Kentucky        White           Merchant
Opal Waddle             Wife            28      Missouri        White
Lyle Waddle             Son             9       Iowa
Amy Waddle              Daughter        6       Nebraska
Dorothy Waddle          Daughter        4       Nebraska

Frank Kronberg          Head            38      Iowa            White           Carpenter
Emma Kronberg           Wife            34      Iowa            White
Mae Kronberg            Daughter        15      Iowa
Fred Kronberg           Son             17      Iowa                            Carpenter
Maggie Ciner            Head            62      Czechoslovakia  White   1888    None
John Schneider          Roomer          42      Iowa            White           Gas station worker

Louis Field             Head            63      Norway          White   1892
Hannah Field            Wife            59      Iowa            White
Ray Field               Son             33      Iowa                            Proprietor of lumberyard
Alvina Field            Daughter-in-law 28      Iowa                            Bookkeeper for lumberyard
Harry Rossiter          Head            48      Iowa            White           House painter
Anna Rossiter           Wife            47      Iowa            White
Marcelle Rossiter       Daughter        18      Iowa
Julius Kolosaret        Roomer          41      Wisconsin       White           Railroad worker

Louis Raul              Head            62      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Carrie Raul             Wife            58      Norway          White   1898
Elphie Raul             Daughter        22      Minnesota
Edwin Raul              Son             18      Canada

Lester Walk             Head            24      Iowa            White           Owns garage
Mildred Walk            Wife            19      Missouri        White

Albin Derner            Head            34      Iowa            White           Owns garage
Gwendolyn Derner        Wife            26      Iowa            White

Alferd E Turner         Head            51      Iowa            White           Conductor on railroad
Daisy Turner            Wife            45      Iowa            White
Ferd Bates              Roomer          43      Missouri        White           Railroad worker
Edward Meany            Roomer          40      Iowa            White           Railroad engineer
Harry E Meany           Roomer          21      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Lewis K Meany           Roomer          17      Iowa            White
Robert Meany            Roomer          8       Iowa            White
August Christiansen     Head            39      Iowa            White           Proprietor of feed store
Hazel Christiansen      Wife            35      Iowa            White
Ella M Christiansen     Daughter        4/12    Iowa

Nellie Keenan           Head            72      Kentucky        White           None
Nellie T Keenan         Daughter        32      Iowa            White
Andrew Grady            Nephew          36      Iowa            White           Railroad worker

John Weik               Head            47      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Fern Weik               Wife            47      Iowa            White

Frank Koehler           Head            36      Iowa            White           Traveling salesman
Mary Koehler            Wife            41      Iowa            White
Virginia Koehler        Daughter        12      Colorado

Benton Knight           Head            26      Indiana         White           Dentist
Dorothy Knight          Wife            23      Iowa            White
Duane Knight            Daughter        0       Iowa

Harley Chapman          Head            24      Iowa            White           Carpenter
Loudne Chapman          Wife            19      Iowa            White
Lourine Chapman         Daughter        0       Iowa

Emma Werle              Head            65      Iowa            White           None
Louis Werle             Son             44      Iowa
Arthur Werle            Son             37      Iowa                            Owner of pool hall
Welma Werle             Daughter        27      Iowa

John Nicewamer          Head            49      Nebraska        White           Taxi driver
Bessie Nicewarner       Wife            38      Iowa            White
Russell Nicewarner      Son             18      Iowa
Earl Nicewarner         Son             14      Iowa
Eldora Nicewarner       Daughter        12      Iowa
Harold Nicewarner       Son             9       Iowa

Jacob Krans             Head            56      Wisconsin       White           Grocery store proprietor
Villa Krans             Wife            54      Wisconsin       White
Mildred Krans           Daughter        19      Iowa
Melvin Krans            Nephew          24      Wisconsin                       Teacher

Elmer Walter            Head            31      Iowa            White           Postmaster
Ethelyn Walter          Wife            26      Iowa            White           Saleslady in grocery store

Frank Kewish            Head            55      Austria         White   1902    Odd jobs
Mary Keywish            Wife            46      Austria         White   1900
Edward Kewish           Son             15      Iowa                            Works in bakery
Martha Kewish           Daughter        13      Iowa
William Kewish          Son             10      Iowa
Wilma Kewish            Daughter        10      Iowa
Delia Kewish            Grandson        4       Iowa

Frank Hess              Head            42      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker
Alice Hess              Wife            40      North Dakota    White
Rose Hess               Daughter        13      Minnesota
Praecbel Hess           Daughter        11      Minnesota

George Backman          Head            50      Germany         White   1897    Railroad worker
Anna Backman            Wife            42      Pennsylvania    White
George Backman          Son             14      Iowa
Eleanore Backman        Daughter        9       Iowa
Donald  Backman         Son             7       Iowa                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Son     7
Mildred  Backman        Daughter        4       Iowa

Irving Janes            Head            37      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Palma Janes             Wife            34      Minnesota       White
Doreon Janes            Daughter        14      Minnesota
Estaline Janes          Daughter        12      Minnesota
Cleola Janes            Daughter        10      Minnesota
Dean Rossiter           Head            39      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Alida Rossiter          Wife            40      Iowa            White

Chester Hendrickson     Head            29      Iowa            White           Gas station proprietor
Bessie Hendrickson      Wife            28      Norway          White   1905
Ethlyn Hendrickson      Daughter        8       Iowa
Virgil Hendrickson      Son             4       Iowa
Winifred Hendrickson    Daughter        1       Iowa

Henry Knowles           Head            72      New York        White
Carrie Knowles          Wife            61      Iowa            White
Daniel Knowles          Son             36      Iowa                            Farm worker

Frank Couchenour        Head            77      Ohio            White           Delivers milk
Myrtie Couchenour       Daughter        47      Iowa            

Emilie Dobel            Head            70      Germany         White   1863

John Shannon            Head            52      Ohio            White
Lizzie Shannon          Wife            51      Iowa            White
Bart Shannon            Son             30      Iowa                            Railroad worker

Alfred Dyrhovd          Head            39      Iowa            While           Railroad worker
Bertha Dyrhovd          Wife            26      Iowa            White
Ruth Dyrhovd            Daughter        1       Iowa

Len Stangler            Head            46      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Josie Slangler          Wife            36      Iowa            White
Ralph Stangler          Son             10      Iowa
Marcelle Stangler       Daughter        1       Iowa
Frank Papp              Roomer          34      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Jacob Douglas           Head            29      Illinois        White           Railroad worker
Dorothy Douglas         Wife            27      Iowa            White
William Douglas         Son             6       Iowa
Robert Douglas          Son             4       Iowa

Luck Wilkie             Head            27      Kansas          White           Grocery store proprietor
Gladys Wilkie           Wife            24      Iowa            White
Rose Eileen Wilkie      Daughter        4       Iowa
David Wilkie            Son             2       Iowa
Deloise Wilkie          Daughter        1       Iowa

Harry Ashenfelder       Head            46      Ohio            White           Railroad worker
Dora Ashenfelder        Wife            45      Iowa            White
Marjory Ashenfelder     Daughter        19      Ohio                            Teacher
Irwin Ashenfelder       Son             17      Nevada
Emily Abbey             Mother-in-law   79      Illinois        White
Fred Slotterback        Roomer          20      Iowa            White           Pool hall attendant
Herbert Mecklenburg     Lodger          40      Iowa            While           Railroad worker
Clarence Rolla          Head            32      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Grace Rolla             Wife            22      Iowa            White
Bertha Rolla            Mother          73      Norway          White   
Ray Slotterback         Roomer          29      Iowa            White           Auto mechanic

Louis L Knudson         Head            49      Wisconsin       White           Insurance agent
Clara Knudson           Wife            47      Iowa            White                None
Gaylord Knudson         Son             22      Iowa                            Salesman in radio store

George Roney            Head            61      Minnesota       White           None

Samuel Jenkins          Head            58      North Carolina  White           Farm worker
Atta Jenkins            Wife            64      North Carolina  White

Lester Jenkins          Head            22      Missouri        White           Road construction
Ellen Jenkins           Wife            21      Minnesota       White

Mark Hansen             Head            26      Wisconsin       White           Drug store proprietor
Bonnie  Hansen          Wife            28      Iowa            White
Barbra A Hansen         Daughter        0       Iowa
Tillie Pesak            Roomer          51      Iowa            White           Furniture store proprietor

Josephine Yesek         Head            55      Iowa            White           Millner store proprietor
Etya Predmore           Head            40      Iowa            White           Electrician
Berth Predmore          Wife            40      Illinois        White

Rowland Rollins         Head            37      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker
Mabel Rollins           Wife            34      Minnesota       White
Mary Jane Rollins       Daughter        7       Minnesota
Margaret Rollins        Daughter        6       Minnesota
James Rollins           Son             12      Minnesota
Kenneth Rollins         Son             9       Minnesota
La Mayne Rollins        Daughter        15      Minnesota

Lan Wilson              Head            56      Indiana         White           Manager of grain elevator
Nelle Wilson            Wife            49      Illinois        White
Clara Johnson           Roomer          23      Illinois        White           Servant

James Novak             Head            46      Iowa            White           Owner of feed mill
Irene Novak             Wife            32      Iowa            White
Glayds Novak            Daughter        5       Iowa
Ruch Culver             Head            35      Iowa            White           Printer
Emma Culver             Wife            34      Nebraska        White
Robert Culver           Son             9       Iowa
Dorothy Culver          Daughter        8       Iowa
Beverly Culver          Son             3       Iowa

Clarence Rye            Head            45      Iowa            White           Bank cashier
Oline Torgeson          Mother-in-law   76      Norway          White   1887

Lenord Reindl           Head            25      Iowa            White           Truck driver
Margaret Reindl         Wife            23      Iowa            White
Mary Ellen Reindl       Daughter        5/12    Iowa
Joseph Hovel            Father-in-law   52      Iowa            White

August Harnack          Head            49      Iowa            White           Carpenter
Marie Hamack            Wife            51      Iowa            White
Roy Hamack              Son             21      Iowa                            Railroad worker
William Mccollins       Lodger          37      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Edward Varville         Lodger          27      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker

Peter Hansen            Head            55      Denmark         White           School janitor
Kenneth Hansen          Son             20      Wisconsin
Glynn Hansen            Son             15      Iowa
Dorothy Hansen          Daughter        10      Iowa
Jean Hansen             Daughter        9       Iowa

Ellen Kelley            Head            55      Wisconsin       White           None
Hanna Kelley            Sister          36      Wisconsin       White

Ida Holland             Head            72      Germany         White   1882    None

Cornelia Miller         Head            85      New York        White
Thomas Williams         Lodger          77      Connecticut     White
Peter Anderson          Lodger          68      Norway          White   1889
Charlie White           Lodger          63      Ohio            White
Gilbert Bednar          Lodger          35      Iowa            White           Mail carrier

Herman Redeker          Head            50      Illinois        White           Carpenter
Josephine Redeker       Wife            44      Iowa            White
Vera Redeker            Daughter        17      Iowa                            Restaurant waiter

Barney Lagman           Head            72      Germany         White   1880    None

Joseph Busek            Head            54      Austria         White   1916    Odd jobs

James Pinta             Head            39      Iowa            White           Lumberyard worker
Margaret Pinta          Wife            41      Wisconsin       White
Doraine Pinta           Daughter        14      Iowa
Leland Pinta            Son             11      Iowa
Ariene Pinta            Daughter        9       Iowa

Lloyd Iverson           Head            36      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Ida Iverson             Wife            32      Wisconsin       White
Shirley Iverson         Daughter        0       Iowa
Beverly Iverson         Son             9       Iowa

Joel Bray               Head            42      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker
Leota Bray              Daughter        15      Minnesota
Howard Couchenour       Roomer          46      Iowa            White           House painter

Walter Larson           Head            29      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker
Carrie Larson           Wife            25      Iowa            White
Gladys Larson           Daughter        7       Iowa
Jake Larson             Son             6       Iowa
Betty Larson            Daughter        4       Iowa

Clarence Nelson         Head            23      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Loretta Nelson          Wife            23      Minnesota       White
Thomas Davies           Head            31      Minnesota       White           Music teacher
Edith Davies            Wife            29      Iowa            White

Anna Hawe               Head            62      Iowa            White           None
Merion Hawe             Daughter        12      Iowa            White

Dedrick Coonrod         Head            87      Ohio            White           None

George  Huhn            Head            72      Pennsylvania    White           None
Emma Huhn               Wife            59      Iowa            White
Mabel Wilson            Lodger          30      Iowa            White           Insurance secretary

Frank Ellis             Head            54      Illinois        White           Cook in restaurant
Isabel Ellis            Wife            37      Minnesota       White
Enea Ellis              Daughter        10      Iowa

Guy Naill               Head            47      Pennsylvania    White           Railroad conductor
Laura Naill             Wife            39      Illinois        White

Ralph Amos              Head            46      Canada          White   1900    Railroad worker
Myra Amos               Wife            48      Nebraska

John Rapp               Head            30      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Erma Rapp               Wife            18      Missouri        White

John Johnson            Head            40      Denmark         White   1905    Newspaper printer
Irenee Mae Johnson      Wife            39      Kansas          White

Louis L Knudson         Head            46      Iowa            White           Carpenter
Mae Knudson             Wife            41      Iowa            White

Elizabeth Swedenske     Head            48      Iowa            White           Saleslady in grocery store

Frank Murphy            Head            39      Illinois        White           Auto salesman
Neske Murphy            Wife            31      Iowa            White           Teacher
Joseph Jesseph          Roomer          36      Minnesota       White           Auto repairman
Marion Jesseph          Roomer          22      Minnesota       White

Elmer Phillips          Head            41      Missouri        White           Railroad worker
Lois Phillips           Wife            34      Kansas          White
Evelyn  Phillips        Daughter        15      Iowa
Ruth Phillips           Daughter        12      Iowa
Ethel Phillips          Daughter        6       Iowa
Ellen Phillips          Daughter        4       Iowa

Ole Garnas              Head            36      Norway          White   1908    Railroad worker
Josephine Garnas        Wife            38      Iowa            White
Arnold Garnas           Son             7       Iowa
Oren Gamas              Son             6       Iowa

Loren A Parker          Head            57      Minnesota       White           Mail carrier
Atno Parker             Daughter        24      Iowa                            Teacher
Eva Parker              Daughter        18      Iowa
Frank Parker            Son             16      Iowa
Clara Parker            Daughter        12      Iowa
Donald Parker           Son             8       Iowa

George Crawfort         Head            55      Wisconsin       White           Carpenter
William Crawfort        Brother         57      Wisconsin       White           Farm worker

Ray Calkins             Head            40      Iowa            White           Pool hall proprietor
Mabel Calkins           Wife            29      Illinois        White        
Edward Nelson           Head            66      Norway          White   1890    Shoe store proprietor

Richard Williams        Head            39      Washington      White           Railroad worker
Hellen Williams         Wife            41      Iowa            White
Carolyn Williams        Daughter        9       Iowa
Richard Williams        Son             7       Iowa
Willard Raymond         Roomer          50      Rhode Island    White           Railroad worker

Charlie Germer          Head            72      Iowa            White           None
Emma Germer             Wife            73      Pennsylvania    White

Vem Kelley              Head            46      Iowa            White           Railroad conductor
Elisa Kelley            Wife            38      Iowa            White
Modesta Kelley          Daughter        16      Iowa
Shirley Kelley          Daughter        7       Iowa

James Martin            Head            32      New Jersey      White           Railroad worker
Katherine Martin        Wife            30      Iowa            White
Corrine Martin          Daughter        2       Iowa

Melvin Knutson          Head            27      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker
Theresa  Knutson        Wife            26      Iowa            White

James Brintle           Head            45      Wisconsin       White           Owner of a garage
Mae Brinte              Wife            43      Iowa            White
Vivian Brintle          Daughter        12      Iowa

Adam Bartz              Head            39      Illinois        White           Works on telegraph line
Agnes Bartz             Wife            37      Illinois        White
Muriel Bartz            Daughter        12      Iowa

Herman Schulte          Head            66      Iowa            White           None
Maggie  Schulte         Wife            63      Iowa            White
Louise Mckercher        Daughter        36      Iowa            White           
Cathrine Mckercher      Granddaughter   13      Iowa            White
Harriet Mckerchesr      Granddaughter   10      Iowa            White

George Bosworth         Head            79      Pennsylvania    White           None
Roy Bosworth            Son             46      Iowa                            Lawyer
Eva Phillippson         Servant         49      Wisconsin       White           Servant

Frank Smith             Head            55      Michigan        White           Jeweler
Saidee Smith            Wife            55      Illinois        White
Robert Smith            Son             19      Nebraska                        Odd jobs
Charlie Rahr            Roomer          37      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker

Fredrick Fehman         Head            50      Illinois        White           Railroad worker
Beatrice Fehman         Wife            50      Iowa            White

Herman   Stahl          Head            58      Germany         White   1886    Carpenter for railroad
Carhe Stahl             Wife            56      Sweden          White   1890
Lucy Stahl              Daughter        36      Iowa
Roy Stahl               Son             31      Iowa
Ernest Stahl            Son             24      Iowa

Henry Beck              Head            40      Illinois        White           Insurance agent
Mildred Beck            Wife            42      Iowa            White

Lee Johnson             Head            52      Sweden          White   1880    Railroad worker
Lillie Johnson          Wife            46      Illinois        White
Allen Johnson           Son             17      Illinois
Gordon Johnson          Son             7       Iowa

Earl Demick             Head            43      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker
Florence Demick         Wife            38      Minnesota       White
Jerry Aase Demick       Daughter        4       Minnesota
Edward  Andreason       Head            38      Denmark         White   1914    Buttermaker
Ida Andreson            Wife            39                      White
Adria Andreson          Daughter        9       Iowa                            
Naida Andreson          Daughter        8       Iowa
Howard Andreson         Son             6       Iowa

Henry Logemann          Head            62      Germany         White   1886    None
Emma Logemann           Wife            58      Iowa            White
Murrie Logemann         Daughter        29      Iowa                            Nurse

Elmer Pearson           Head            37      Indiana         White           Railroad worker
Opal Pearson            Wife            29      Minnesota       White
Earl Pearson            Daughter        9       Iowa
Selma Hanson            Roomer          31      Iowa            White           Bookkeeper in a law office
Clarence Clemenson      Roomer          32      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker

Charlie Arents          Head            44      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Ella Arents             Wife            46      Wisconsin       White
Obert  Arents           Son             21      Minnesota                       Railroad worker
Eldon Arents            Son             15      Iowa
Elwood  Arents          Son             15      Iowa

Standly Hanks           Head            36      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Lois Hanks              Wife            32      Iowa            White
Billie Hanks            Son             8       Iowa
Ethel Hanks             Daughter        13      Iowa

Ole Skinner             Head            61      Norway          White   1880    Carpenter
Sophie Skinner          Wife            58      Wisconsin       White

Martin Bootjer          Head            34      Germany         White   1907    Railroad worker
Mabel Bootjer           Wife            26      Michigan        White
Betty Bootjer           Daughter        8/12    Iowa

Orlin Menske            Head            29      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Bernice Menske          Wife            28      Iowa            White
Stanley Menske          Son             3       Iowa
Clifton Manske          Son             1       Iowa

Arthur Helland          Head            33      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker
Ida Helland             Wife            27      Iowa            White
Clarice Helland         Daughter        7       Iowa
Norma Jean Helland      Daughter        1       Iowa

John Nelson             Head            39      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker
Minnie Nelson           Wife            38      Iowa            White
Mary Nelson             Daughter        13      Iowa

Upton Helvig            Head            36      Iowa            White           Carpenter for railroad
Anna Helveg             Wife            35      Iowa            White
Edward Helvig           Son             14      Iowa
Walter Hetvig           Son             10      Iowa

Clarence Hanson         Head            51      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Bertha Hanson           Wife            52      Iowa            White
Lloyd Woldnig           Son-in-law      24      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Jery Woldnig            Grandson        2       Iowa            White
Herman Dobel            Roomer          53      Iowa            White
Mary Dobel              Roomer          53      Iowa            White

Bertha Ennis            Head            35      Missouri        White           None
Mae Ennis               Daughter        13      Missouri        

Julius Smith            Head            48      Wisconsin       White           Railroad worker
Anna Smith              Wife            48      Minnesota       White
George Smith            Son             20      Washington                      None
Lloyd Smith             Son             13      Canada
Monaca Smith            Daughter        11      Canada

Josie Murry             Head            42      Iowa            White           None
Lois Murry              Daughter        25      Iowa            White           Servant
Layton Murry            Son             20      Iowa                            Works in bakery
Westley Murry           Son             17      Iowa
Hellen Wyborney         Head            47      Iowa            White
Dalla Wyborney          Daughter        25      Iowa
Ray Trebil              Head            35      Iowa            White           Proprietor of milk station
Clara Trebil            Wife            35      Iowa            White
Dollene Trebil          Daughter        8       Iowa
Violet Trebil           Daughter        20      Iowa

Clarence Wallace        Head            38      Iowa            White           Plumber
Mildred  Wallace        Wife            34      Iowa            White
Russell Wallace         Son             16      Iowa
Marion Wallace          Daughter        8       Iowa
Jack Wallace            Son             7       Iowa
June Wallace            Daughter        5       Iowa                            
Max Wallace             Son             3       Iowa

Fred Zarbock            Head            56      Iowa            White           Insurance agent
Mary Zarbock            Wife            59      Iowa            White

Harry Klinge            Head            40      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Sylvia Klinge           Wife            35      Iowa            White
Robert Klinge           Son             15      Iowa
James Klinge            Son             13      Iowa
June Klinge             Daughter        6       Iowa

Edward Barla            Head            35      Iowa            White           Salesman in meat market
Kathrine Barla          Wife            34      Iowa            White
Donald  Barla           Son             6       Iowa
Made Baria              Daughter        12      Iowa
Tracy Kock              Mother-in-law   76      Austria         White   1850

Robert Spearing         Head            27      Iowa            White           Veternarian
Gladys Spearing         Wife            25      Iowa            White
Robert Spearing         Son             4       Iowa
Elaine Spearing         Daughter        2       Iowa

Glenn Babcock           Head            35      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Betty Babcock           Wife            33      Nebraska        White
Jaan Babcock            Daughter        12      Iowa
Glenn Babcock           Son             6       Iowa
Cathrine Babcock        Daughter        4       Iowa

George Pittot           Head            44      Iowa            White           Bookkeeper for railroad
Susie Pittot            Wife            41      Canada          White
Georgina Pittot         Daughter        12      Illinois
Ivadene Pittot          Daughter        7       Iowa

Frank Davey             Head            36      Wisconsin       White           Railroad worker
Elenore Davey           Wife            29      Iowa            White
Ralph Davey             Son             10      Iowa

Laura Reindl            Head            49      Iowa            White
De Atta Reindl          Daughter        19      Iowa                            Clerk at post office
Lorette Reindi          Daughter        19      Iowa                            Teacher
Genevieve Reindl        Daughter        15      Iowa
Mary Reindl             Daughter        11      Iowa

William Schulte         Head            59      Iowa            White           None
Mary Schulte            Wife            61      Iowa            White

Louis Collins           Head            35      Greece          White   1909    Railroad worker
Inez M Collins          Wife            26      Iowa            White
Sopha Collins           Daughter        7       Iowa
Margraett Collins       Daughter        6       Iowa
Nina Collins            Daughter        5       Iowa
Paul Collins            Son             4       Iowa
Gaylord Collins         Son             2       Iowa

Lewi Ridder             Head            28      Iowa            White           Pool hall proprietor
Dolores Ridder          Wife            24      Iowa            White
Rodger Ridder           Son             0       Iowa

George Endon            Head            36      Greece          White   1911    Railroad worker
Loretta Endon           Wife            29      Wisconsin       White
Franke Endon            Son             10      Iowa
John Endon              Son             8       Iowa
EIaenor Endon           Daughter        7       Iowa
Bessie Endon            Daughter        6       Iowa
Sylvia Endon            Daughter        5       Iowa

Andrew Seberson         Head            53      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker
Gurie Seberson          Wife            50      Minnesota       White
Bernice Seberson        Daughter        26      Minnesota                       Teacher
Ethel Seberson          Daughter        24      Minnesota                       Teacher
Margaret Seberson       Niece           13      Washington

Clayton Field           Head            40      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Cleo Field              Wife            37      Iowa            White
Harold Field            Son             19      Iowa
Donald Field            Son             15      Iowa
Daniel Field            Father-in-law   68      Ohio

Ernest Peterson         Head            36      Iowa            White           Repairs automobiles
Alice Peterson          Wife            35      Iowa            White
Gayle Peterson          Daughter        1       Iowa
John Duncan             Lodger          49      Germany         White   1883    Railroad worker

Benjaman Lake           Head            43      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Elizabeth Lake          Wife            32      Iowa            White
Mary Ann Lake           Daughter        2       Iowa
Joan Lake               Daughter        0       Iowa
Mary Lake               Mother-in-law   59      Iowa

William Kelley          Head            52      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Lottie Kelley           Wife            53      Iowa            White

Joseph  Murphy          Head            37      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Althia Murphy           Wife            34      Iowa            White
Gwendolyn Murphy        Daughter        13      Iowa
Evelyn Murphy           Daughter        10      Iowa
Edna Murphy             Daughter        7       Iowa
Ole Bennett             Head            20      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker
Palma Bennett           Wife            20      Iowa            White
Ralph Newton            Roomer          36      Nebraska        White           Railroad worker
Gertrude Newton         Roomer          26      Iowa            White

Fred Springer           Head            31      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker
Marion Springer         Wife            20      Minnesota       White

Charlies Batton         Head            74      Illinois        White           None
Florence Batton         Wife            71      New York        White

Hary Upchurch           Head            32      Illinois        White           Telegraph operator for railroad
Ella Upchurch           Wife            36      Iowa            White
Richard Upchurch        Son             4       Iowa
Robert Upchurch         Son             0       Iowa

Fred Blado              Head            54      Germany         White   1884    Railroad worker
Bessie Blado            Wife            46      Iowa            White
Roy Blado               Son             19      Iowa
Frank Blado             Son             15      Iowa
John Blado              Son             13      Iowa
Lottie Blado            Daughter        9       Iowa
Virgil Blado            Son             6       Iowa
Earl Blado              Son             1       Iowa

William Durner          Head            57      Michigan        White           Railroad worker
Mildred Durner          Wife            48      Iowa            White
Harold Durner           Son             19      Iowa                            Delivers groceries
Howard Durner           Son             17      Iowa
Clifton Durner          Son             13      Iowa
John Dahl               Brother-in-law  45      Iowa            White

Orve Brusch             Head            55      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Orma Brusch             Wife            50      Iowa            White
Arthur Brusch           Son             6       Iowa
Sadie Symore            Mother-in-law   79      Iowa            White
Earl Dern               Head            39      Missouri        White           Railroad worker
Jessie Dern             Wife            40      Minnesota       White
Marion Dem              Daughter        9       Iowa

Edward Vanakin          Head            61      Michigan        White           Railroad worker
Mae Vanakin             Wife            55      Pennsylvania    White

Florence Straus         Head            30      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Lola Straus             Wife            33      Iowa            White

David Jake              Head            54      Illinois        White           Railroad worker
Marie Jake              Wife            46      Iowa            White
Flossy Jake             Daughter        24      Wisconsin                       Waitress in restaurant
Margaret Jake           Daughter        21      Minnesota                       Servant
Carrol Jake             Son             19      Iowa
Walls Jake              Daughter        17      Iowa
Dora Jake               Daughter        14      Iowa
Donald Jake             Son             9       Iowa
Allice Ganen            Granddaughter   2       Iowa            White

Carl Enquist            Head            36      Kansas          White           Railroad worker
Julie Enquist           Wife            25      Minnesota       White
Flemming Nathan         Head            36      Alabama         White           Railroad worker
Estello Nathan          Wife            26      Iowa            White

John Call               Head            40      Illinois        White           Restaurant owner
Eveline Call            Wife            35      Illinois        White

James Primtl            Head            45      Minnesota       White           Owner of a garage
Mae Primtl              Wife            43      Minnesota       White
Vivian Primtl           Daughter        12      Iowa

John Mantor             Head            27      Iowa            White           Telegraph operator for railroad
Margaret Mantor         Wife            25      Minnesota       White
Joe Ann Mantor          Daughter        2       Iowa

John Nevels             Head            51      Iowa            White           Teacher
Emma Nevels             Wife            48      Iowa            White
Lowell Nevels           Son             19      Iowa
Lillian Nevels          Daughter        17      Iowa
Margaret Brier          Roomer          20      Iowa            White           Teacher

John Dunham             Head            49      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Laura Dunham            Wife            50      Iowa            White

Frank Wise              Head            71      Illinois        White           None
Mary Wise               Daughter        44      Iowa                            Telephone operator

Russell Daniels         Head            24      Iowa            White           Blacksmith
Bertha Daniels          Wife            23      Missouri        White
Donald Daniels          Son             2       Iowa

Charles Erwin           Head            46      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Bula Erwin              Wife            35      Arkansas        White
Elmore Erwin            Daughter        19      Oklahoma
Hazel Braselton         Lodger          30      Iowa            White           Teacher
Gretchen Junge          Lodger          26      Iowa            White           Teacher

Delia Heiny             Head            45      Illinois        White
Gaylord Ford            Son-in-law      39      South Dakota    White           Railroad worker
Fern Ford               Granddaughter   14      Iowa            White
John Ford               Grandson        12      Iowa            White

Grover Barrett          Head            37      Missouri        White           Railroad worker
Bertha Barrett          Wife            34      Iowa            White
Arline Barrett          Daughter        14      Iowa
Dorothy Barrett         Daughter        11      Iowa

Samuel Perkins          Head            50      Illinois        White           Railroad worker
Lillie Perkins          Wife            53      Pennsylvania    White
Austen Perkins          Son             27      Illinois                        Bookkeeper for the railroad
Samuiel Perkins         Son             19      Illinois
Marie Perkins           Daughter        15      Iowa
Westey Perkins          Son             7       Iowa

Albert Wilders          Head            31      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Mabel Wilders           Wife            32      Iowa            White
Robert Wilders          Son             3       Iowa
Roy L Cowell            Roomer          44      California      White           Engineer for the railroad

Wilbur Knowles          Head            28      Iowa            White           Owner of general store
Myra Knowles            Mother          58      Wisconsin       White           Saleslady in general store
Martha Knowles          Sister          20      Iowa
Dorothy Knowles         Sister          17      Iowa
Martha Blackmore	Grandmother	86	New York	White
Felipa Alice Blackmore  Aunt            74      Wisconsin       White
Alice Blackmore         Aunt            60      New York        White

John Page               Head            29      Louisiana       Negro           Railroad worker
Cora Page               Wife            24      Arkansas        Negro
Marry El Page           Daughter        8       Iowa
George Page             Son             6       Iowa
Ruth Page               Daughter        5       Iowa
Ruben Page              Son             4       Iowa
Delvis Page             Daughter        3       Iowa

Curly Brown             Head            34      Louisiana       Negro           Railroad worker
Ellenora Brown          Wife            34      Arkansasa       Negro
Mabel Brown             Daughter        15      Arkansas
Eloise Brown            Daughter        12      Arkansas
Hellen Brown            Daughter        8       Iowa
Rle Brown               Son             6       Iowa
Margaret Brown          Daughter        4       Iowa

Thomas Douglas          Head            50      Louisiana       Negro           Railroad worker
Lasio Douglas           Wife            44      Louisiana       Negro           Railroad worker
Cecil Douglas           Son             20      Arkansas
Alfonso Douglas         Son             10      Iowa
Vera Douglas            Daughter        7       Iowa
Lee Brown               Lodger          35      Louisiana       Negro           Railroad worker

Rhem Jordon             Head            33      Arkansas        Negro           Railroad worker
Carhe Jordon            Wife            28      Louisiana       Negro
Kathrine Jordon         Daughter        12      Iowa
John Jordon             Son             10      Iowa
Dolly Jordon            Daughter        8       Iowa
John Jordon             Brother-in-law  19      Arkansas                        Railroad worker

Alferd Lawery           Head            31      Arkansas        Negro           Railroad worker
Anna Lawery             Wife            30      Arkansas        Negro
Hazel Lawery            Daughter        9       Iowa

Howard Brown            Head            30      Missouri        Negro           Railroad worker
Lillie Brown            Wife            30      Kansas          Negro
Robert Brown            Son             13      Arkansas

Edward Tate             Head            35      Arkansas        Negro           Railroad worker
Admara Tate             Wife            32      Arkansas        Negro
Pinkie Tate             Son             16      Arkansas
Ovivia Tate             Daughter        15      Arkansas
Dewey Tate              Son             14      Arkansas
Lavell Tate             Daughter        8       Iowa
Wilma Tate              Daughter        5       Iowa
Harma Tate              Daughter        3       Iowa

Vernon Calvin           Head            29      Arkansas        Negro           Railroad worker
Besdie Calvin           Wife            27      Arkansas        Negro
Robert Calvin           Son             9       Arkansas
James Calvin            Son             7       Iowa
Calvin Calvin           Son             4       Iowa
Leo Calvin              Son             2       Iowa

William Barnett         Head            42      Texas           Negro           Meat packer
Pearlie Barnett         Wife            38      Arkansas        Negro
Cathern Barnett         Son             21      Arkansas
Lewis Barnett           Son             16      Arkansas
Flossie Barnett         Daughter        18      Arkansas

Alfred Moore            Head            29      Illinois        Negro           Railroad worker
Stella Moore            Wife            28      Missouri        Negro

William Salomon         Head            43      Florida         Negro           Railroad worker
Vera Salomon            Wife            30      Kansas          Negro
Sofay Ette Salomon      Daughter        9       Kansas
Mary A Salomon          Daughter        8       Nebraska
Henry L Salomon         Son             5       Iowa
Kathrine J Salomon      Daughter        2       Iowa
James R Salomon         Son             0       Iowa

Ephriam Green           Head            60      Louisiana       Negro           Clergyman
Reoga Green             Wife            37      Alabama         Negro
Everly Green            Daughter        18      Oklahoma

Gerry  Page             Head            32      Arkansas        Negro           Railroad worker
Lillie Page             Wife            30      Arkansas        Negro

Edward Travles          Head            29      Arkansas        Negro           Railroad worker
Edna Travles            Wife            28      Arkansas        Negro
Thressie Travles        Daughter        10      Iowa

John Gibson             Head            45      Louisiana       Negro           Railroad worker
Sophie Gibson           Wife            37      Louisiana       Negro
Paul Gibson             Son             13      Iowa
Olen Gibson             Son             11      Iowa
Maatile Gibson          Daughter        4       Iowa

Profit Dun              Head            39      Louisiana       Negro           Railroad worker
Mattie Dun              Wife            34      Texas           Negro
Leroy Dun               Son             9       Arkansas
Louis Dun               Son             7       Louisiana

Henry Johnson           Head            34      Missouri        Negro           Carpenter for railroad
Mary Johnson            Wife            36      Texas           Negro
James  Vrionis          Roomer          45      Greece          White   1910    Railroad worker
James Pifiler           Roomer          52      Greece          White   1912    Railroad worker
Sander Ermades          Roomer          47      Mexico          Mexican 1924    Railroad worker
Sandaonis Alfaro        Roomer          39      Mexico          Mexican 1926    Railroad worker
Famandis Santos         Roomer          50      Mexico          Mexican 1927    Railroad worker

Joseph Nargetich        Head            36      Austria         White   1910    Railroad worker
John Nargetich          Roomer          38      Austria         White   1909    Railroad worker
Louis Jafondin          Roomer          40      Austria         White   1905    Railroad worker
Joseph Wallant          Roomer          45      Austria         White   1907    Railroad worker

Ezequiel Vasqriez       Head            47      Mexico          Mexican 1919    Railroad worker
Juena Vasqriez          Wife            30      Mexica          Mexican 1919    None
Tony Gars               Boarder         38      Mexico          Mexican 1919    Railroad worker

Grace Zianmbo           Head            23      Mexico          Mexican 1920    Railroad worker
Maaria Zianmbo          Wife            29      Mexico          Mexican 1918
Conaneto Zianmbo        Daughter        6       Iowa

Antonio Alfaro          Head            30      Mexico          Mexican 1924    Railroad worker
Eulalia Alfaro          Wife            30      Mexico          Mexican 1924        
Crus Tores              Sister          24      Mexico          Mexican 1927
Kmado Tores             Niece           8       Mexico          Mexican 1927
Hilberto Tores          Niece           3       Mexico          Mexican 1927

Nick Diamontopoulaz     Head            46      Greece          White   1914    Railroad worker

Acencion Kniz           Head            30      Mexico          Mexican 1918    Railroad worker
Tregoria Kniz           Wife            28      Mexico          Mexican 1918
Carnen Kniz             Son             10      Texas
Rafael Kniz             Daughter        8       Texas
Elida Kniz              Daughter        6       Iowa
Ynacia Kniz             Daughter        3       Iowa
Migal Kniz              Son             6/12    Iowa

AreadioTinoes           Head            27      Mexico          Mexican 1920    Railroad worker
Guadalupe Tinoes        Wife            26      Mexico          Mexican 1920
Terisa Tinoes           Daughter        10      Mexico          Mexican 1920
Francisco Kniz          Head            34      Mexico          Mexican 1918    Railroad worker
Secundina Kniz          Wife            30      Mexico          Mexican 1918
Piedad Kniz             Son             14      Mexico          Mexican 1918
Domibile Kniz           Daughter        10      Texas
Merald Kniz             Son             9       Iowa
Maria Kniz              Daughter        7       Iowa
Benjamin Kniz           Son             5       Iowa
Laura Kniz              Son             2       Iowa
Flountno Kniz           Daughter        0       Iowa

Jose Kniz               Head            25      Mexico          Mexican 1920    Railroad worker

Kufino Janches          Head            25      Mexico          Mexican 1919    Railroad worker
Mieclino Janches        Sister-in-law   23      Mexico          Mexican 1924
Rosa Janches            Niece           24      Mexico          Mexican 1924
Agruelio Janches        Nephew          3       Iowa
Tongue Janches          Nephew          2       Iowa

Antos Hermandes         Head            36      Mexico          Mexican 1924    Railroad worker
Noelia Hermandes        Wife            24      Mexico          Mexican 1924
Rosalia Hermandes       Daughter        6       Iowa
Migel Hermandes         Son             3       Iowa
Juan Hermandes          Son             1       Iowa

Cuino Garcia            Head            35      Mexico          Mexican 1921    Railroad worker
Maria Garcia            Wife            33      Mexico          Mexican 1921
Max Garcia              Son             16      Mexico          Mexican 1921
Fidel Garcia            Son             7       Iowa
Ruben Garcia            Brother         24      Mexico          Mexican 1918    Railroad worker
Ramona Martinz          Uncle           45      Mexico          Mexican 1927    Railroad worker

Marcelis Louelez        Head            26      Mexico          Mexican 1917    Railroad worker
Rosa Abrelin            Sister-in-law   24      Mexico          Mexican 1910
Agrudio Abrelin         Nephew          5       Iowa
Earnrice Abrelin        Niece           3       Iowa
Anbino Lanches          Brother         30      Mexico          Mexican 1909    Railroad worker
Domican Matchongo       Roomer          35      Mexico          Mexican 1930

Rafael Brovo            Head            35      Mexico          Mexican 1912    Railroad worker
Amilia Zamarripa        Wife            27      Mexico          Mexican 1912
Diomicia Ramirez        Mother-in-law   62      Mexico          Mexican 1929
Antonia Bravo           Sister-in-law   25      Mexico          Mexican 1927
Juan Bravo              Niece           10/12   Iowa            Mexican
Racheal S               Bravo   Nephew  2       Iowa            Mexican
Sevastan Bravo          Brother         33      Mexico          Mexican         Railroad worker        

Banieko Panke           Head            40      Greece          White   1913    Railroad worker
Deno Stanol             Lodger          40      Greece          White   1923    Railroad worker
Herta Pariolane         Lodger          38      Greece          White   1917    Railroad worker
Javao Parcells          Lodger          41      Greece          White   1923    Railroad worker

John Holt               Head            26      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Mabel Holt              Wife            25      Iowa            White
Marjorie Holt           Daughter        4       Iowa

Phillip Gardemal        Head            34      Louisiana       White           Railroad worker
Kathryn Gardemal        Wife            30      Utah            White
Kathryn E Gardemal      Daughter        12      Oklahoma
Robert Gardemal         Son             10      Oklahoma

Jenny Carrie            Head            39      Kansas          White           None
Marrion Carrie          Daughter        21      Kansas
Izetta Carrie           Daughter        15      Nebraska
Laurence Carrie         Son             13      Iowa
Corrina Carrie          Daughter        10      Iowa
Reggy Carrie            Daughter        6       Iowa
Opal Carrie             Daughter        4       Iowa

Earl Winette            Head            40      Minnesota       White           Conductor on the railroad
Clara Winette           Wife            37      Minnesota       White
Edith Winette           Daughter        19      Iowa

Gerald Scheafer         Head            43      Iowa            White           Dentist
Jala Scheafer           Wife            38      Iowa            White
Donald Scheafer         Son             13      Iowa

Alvena Arp              Head            52      Germany         White   1889    Servant
Leonard Arp             Son             23      South Dakota    White
Mamey Arp               Son             19      South Dakota
Margaret Arp            Granddaughter   9       Minnesota

Lee Mensch              Head            41      Illinois        White           Machinist
Ethel Mensch            Wife            41      Iowa            White
Arvilia Mensch          Daughter        4       Illinois
Herbert  Caulhart       Lodger          49      Wisconsin       White           Railroad worker
Merle Caulhart          Lodger          9       Illinois        White

Joseph Varhanak         Head            45      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Matilda Varhanak        Wife            43      Iowa            White
Harold Varhanak         Son             15      Iowa
Lawrence Loehr          Lodger          22      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
George Devault          Head            48      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Maude Devault           Wife            49      Iowa            White
Pauline Devault         Daughter        23      Iowa
Mildred Devault         Daughter        22      Iowa
Jane Devault            Daughter        12      Iowa

John Burker             Head            41      Nebraska        White           Teamster in coal yard
Ruth Burker             Wife            36      Iowa            White
Orfa Burker             Daughter        16      Iowa
David Ellison           Roomer          41      England         White   1913    Railroad worker
Marvin Schmidt          Roomer          27      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker
William Seidler         Roomer          68      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Mary Bartusell          Lodger          24      Iowa            White           Waitress

Edward Nickols          Head            47      Indiana         White           Railroad worker
Emma Nickols            Wife            49      Minnesota       White

Edward Wisstlin         Head            41      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Genevie Wisstlin        Wife            39      West Virgina    White
Carl Wisstlin           Son             20      Iowa                            Delivers groceries
Frances Wisstlin        Daughter        16      Iowa
Dora Winters            Lodger          29      Illinois        White           Railroad worker
Carl Willis             Roomer          59      West Virginia   White           Railroad worker

Otto Humrick            Head            68      Ohio            White           Railroad worker
Clara Humrick           Wife            68      Ohio            White

Watson Tighe            Head            34      Nebraska        White           Jewelry store proprietor
Marie Tighe             Wife            27      Czechoslavakia  White   
Helien Tighe            Daughter        8       Nebraska
Robert Tighe            Son             6       Nebraska
Patricia Tighe          Daughter        11/12   Nebraska
Marion Tighe            Daughter        4       Iowa
Charlie Hogan           Lodger          29      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker

Clyde Bollar            Head            45      Illinois        White           Railroad worker
Ene Bollar              Wife            38      Iowa            White

Rufus Ewing             Head            50      Iowa            White           Janitor
Edda Ewing              Wife            40      Iowa            White
Irene Ewing             Daughter        10      Iowa
Mary Ewing              Mother-in-law   72      Sweden          White   1904

Arthur Newcom           Head            34      Michigan        White           Railroad worker
Alice Newcom            Wife            35      Iowa            White

Thomas Clayton          Head            72      Kentucky        White          
Selena Clayton          Wife            72      Illinois        White

Lyle Dillon             Head            32      Iowa            White           Blaffing store proprietor
Elsie Dillon            Wife            36      Iowa            White
Marion Dillon           Daughter        11      Iowa
Meredith Dillon         Son             9       Iowa
Marine Dillon           Daughter        3       Iowa

Andrew Mundt            Head            65      Norway          White   1887    Coal yard worker
Anna Mundt              Wife            52      Iowa            White
Melton Mundt            Son             23      Iowa                            Butcher
Arthur Mundt            Son             19      Iowa
Alfred Mundt            Son             15      Iowa
Estalia Mundt           Daughter        11      Iowa

Mckenty Jenkins         Head            26      Illinois        White           Farm worker
Gertrude Jenkins        Wife            23      Minnesota       White
Dolores Jenkins         Daughter        2       Michigan
Danna Jenkins           Sister-in-law   19      Minnesota

Albert Knutson          Head            41      Iowa            White           House painter
Effie Knutson           Wife            41      Iowa            White
Fred Knutson            Father-in-law   63      Iowa
Elizabeth Knutson       Mother-in-law   62      Minnesota

Oliver Jenkins          Head            48      Illinois        White           Railroad worker
Lyle Jenkins            Son             17      Iowa
Carl Jenkins            Son             15      Iowa

George Higby            Head            43      Kansas          White           Railroad worker
Ellen Higby             Wife            31      Iowa            White
Thomas Higby            Son             0       Iowa

Joseph Folie            Head            34      Minnesota       White           Grocery store proprietor
Nettie Folie            Wife            30      Minnesota       White           Saleslady in grocery store

James Coomes            Head            52      Illinois        White           Railroad worker
Anetta Coomes           Wife            45      New Mexico      White
Ebert Coomes            Son             19      Iowa
James Coomes            Son             7
Leno Morgan             Mother-in-law   67      Germany         White   1870

Charlie Sharp           Head            37      Missouri        White           Railroad worker
Grace Sharp             Wife            35      Wisconsin       White
Frank Abernathy         Lodger          27      Wisconsin       White           Railroad worker

Dave Thompson           Head            32      Illinois        White           Railroad worker
Loretta Thompson        Wife            25      Iowa            White
Edward Nobles           Lodger          39      South Dakota    White           Railroad worker
John Nobles             Lodger          69      South Dakota    White

Chester Nagel           Head            36      Minnesota       White           Cashier in bank
Alma Nagel              Wife            24      Minnesota       White
Dobel Mary Nagel        Roomer          69      Germany         White   1868

Glenn Jenkins           Head            19      Missouri        White           Road construction
Elenore Jenkins         Wife            19      Michigan        White

Thomas Pappas           Head            42      Greece          White   1907    Railroad worker
Gladys Pappas           Wife            37      Iowa            White
Stanly Pappas           Son             15      Iowa

Charlie Schindele       Head            39      Minnesota       White           Farm manaager
Serapta Schindele       Wife            39      Minnesota       White
Remadine Schindele      Daughter        13      Minnesota
Dallas Schindele        Daughter        11      Iowa
Dale Schindele          Son             11      Iowa
Pauline Schindele       Daughter        8       Iowa
Morries Schindele       Son             6       Iowa

Ella Rossiter           Head            75      Wisconsin       White

Lloyd Baker             Head            26      Iowa            White           Farmer
Ester Baker             Wife            25      Sweden          White   1907
Marshall Baker          Son             4       Iowa

Henry Herum             Head            75      Wisconsin       White           Blacksmith

Myron Recor             Head            40      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Gladys Recor            Wife            39      South Dakota    White
Gloyd Recor             Son             15      Kansas
Norman Recor            Son             12      Iowa

James E Kelley          Head            34      Iowa            White           Traveling salesman
Elsie Kelley            Wife            36      Iowa            White
Margaret Kelley         Daughter        3       Iowa
William Kelley          Son             2       Iowa
Harriet Kelley          Daughter        0       Iowa

Anna Richard            Head            32      Iowa            White           Waiter in restaurant
Ruby Richard            Daughter        12      Iowa
Selma Richard           Daughter        9       Iowa
Oscar Roslien           Brother         29      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Harry E Parkington      Lodger          26      New York        White           Railroad worker

Frank Kline             Head            29      Minnesota       White           Bricklayer

John D Silva            Head            28      Mexico          Mexican 1915    Railroad worker

Christian Herum         Head            73      Wisconsin       White           Farmer
Louisa Herum            Wife            59      Germany         White   1882

Olivia Cooper           Head            35      Iowa            White           Servant
Leon Cooper             Son             17      Iowa
Arlene Cooper           Daughter        7       Iowa
Nernesio Ruiz           Head            39      Mexico          Mexican 1918    Railroad worker
Consepsion Ruiz         Wife            33      Mexico          Mexican 1918
Maria L Ruiz            Daughter        14      Mexico                
Iremdad Ruiz            Son             11      Texas
Grogoris Ruiz           Son             10      Iowa
Salvador Ruiz           Son             8       Iowa
Marsial Ruiz            Son             6       Iowa
Tressa Ruiz             Daughter        4       Iowa
Telimon Ruiz            Son             2       Iowa
Juan Ruiz               Son             2/12    Iowa
Elizabeth Iverson       Mother          77      Norway          White   1855
Fredl Engbretson        Lodger          26      Minnesota       White           Odd jobs
Gordon H Mitchell       Roomer          76      Wisconsin       White
Ole Brystad             Housekeeper     34      Iowa            White           Railroad worker
Tony Novy                               48      Austria         White   1904    Electrician
James Rosenbaum         Lodger          24      New York        White           Butcher
Roy Rue                 Lodger          34      South Dakota    White           Meat packer
Arvie Nargreen          Assistant       43      Sweden          White   1905    Railroad worker
Edward Navari                           40      Iowa            White           General work
Milton Laird            Roomer          38      Michigan        White           Cook in restaurant
William Hurd            Roomer          26      Illinois        White           Railroad worker
Joseph Hart             Roomer          64      Texas           White           Farm worker

Fred Heustis            Head            28      Missouri        White           Carpenter for railroad
Elizabeth Heustis       Wife            21      Nebraska        White
Donald Heustis          Son             4       Iowa
Philys Heustis          Daughter        2       Iowa
Richard Heustis         Son             1       Iowa
Thomas Murphy           Father          74      Rhode Island    White
Mike Kanslo             Lodger          65      Yugoslavia      White   1901
Frank Mack              Roomer          68      North Carolina  White           Electrician
Dedrick Welsh           Roomer          45      Iowa            White           Butcher

William Grove           Head            52      Minnesota       White           Railroad worker
Miriam Grove            Wife            43      Iowa            White
Eldridge K Grove        Son             11      Iowa
Kathleen E Grove        Daughter        6       Iowa

John Barta              Head            35      Iowa            White           Trucker
Wyrtil Barta            Wife            31      Iowa            White
Lloyd Barta             Son             10      Iowa
Wilma Barta             Daughter        13      Iowa

Jeremiah Holland        Head            70      Iowa            White
Hawthorn Boesch         Lodger          26      Missouri        White           Cleryman
Samuel Arthaud          Lodger          43      Iowa            White           Barber

Source: National Archives Film T626_691 ED 16, Pages 1A-15A, 1B-14B.

Transcribed by Gordon Felland, 1/07/2005 (revised 6/25/2005)