Danville Township, Worth County, Iowa
1930 Census


The census was taken during the month of April, 1930 by Clarence Brunsvold.

Listed by head of household followed by household members and relationship.

Population: 529 (does not include the town of Hanlontown)


                                                                        Imm.  Own or 
Name                    Relationship    Age     Birthplace      Race    Year  Rent  Occupation       

Ralph W Garver          Head            37      Illinois        White         Own   Farmer 
Stella N Garver         Wife            34      Kentucky        White
Ernest Garver           Son             16      Illinois
Willard Garver          Son             13      Iowa
Albert Shintine         Servant         40      Illinois        White               Farm laborer    

Emmanuel P Hogbin       Head            36      Kansas          White         Rent  Farmer    
Hilda Hogbin            Wife            34      Iowa            White 
Norbert Hogbin          Son             8       Iowa
John J Longenecker      Servant         31      Iowa            White               Farm laborer    
Henry Berhow            Father-in-law   63      Iowa            White    

Henry R Tucke           Head            38      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Rachel A Tucke          Wife            37      Iowa            White
Viola A Tucke           Son             15      Iowa
Vern H Tucke            Son             8       Iowa

Henry J Beyer           Head            72      Pennsylvania    White         Own   Farmer    
Maude A Beyer           Wife            33      New York        White
Jennie A Beyer          Daughter        30      Iowa
Henry G Beyer           Son             28      Iowa                                Farmer
Myron L Beyer           Son             26      Iowa                                Odd jobs
Glen A Beyer            Son             25      Iowa                                Farmer
Arthur L Beyer          Son             23      Iowa                                Farmer 
Samuel W Beyer          Son             21      Iowa                                Odd jobs
Jessie E Beyer          Daughter        19      Iowa
Edna B Beyer            Daughter        17      Iowa
Marion A Beyer          Daughter        16      Iowa
Helen L Beyer           Daughter        13      Iowa

Lanna Wemken            Head            49      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
George P Wemken         Son             18      Iowa

Charles J Bonker        Head            56      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Ameis M Bonker          Wife            56      Iowa            White
Edna M Fahl             Daughter        32      Iowa                
Thos A Fahl             Son-in-law      36      Iowa            White               Farmer

Ellis Wharam            Head            44      England         White   1891  Own   Farmer 
Ethel J Wharam          Wife            44      Minnesota       White
Robert E Wharam         Son             6       Wisconsin
Phyllis L Taylor        Sister-in-law   7       Iowa            White    
Harriett J Bentley      Mother-in-law   75      Iowa            White    

George Hayter           Head            59      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Mary J Hayter           Mother          97      Tennessee
Lizzie Walk             Servant         56      Germany         White   1879        Private nurse 

Arno C Backhaus         Head            30      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Alma C Backhaus         Wife            24      Iowa            White

John W Kraft            Head            53      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Francis C Kraft         Wife            47      Iowa            White

Walter Amstemp          Head            44      Denmark         White   1914  Rent  Farmer 
Sarah E Williamson      Wife of Charles 39      Illinois        White               Housekeeper
Charles F Williamson    ??              49      Iowa            White               Farm laborer                 

William A Alitz         Head            49      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Alice L Alitz           Wife            40      Iowa            White               
Lois C Alitz            Daughter        14      Iowa

Louis F Meyer           Head            59      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Lena Benjegerdes        Servant         52      Iowa            White               Housekeeper

Earl F Schulte          Head            30      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Pearl M Schulte         Wife            26      Iowa            White
Truman W Schulte        Son             6       Iowa
Virgil E Schulte        Son             1 1/12  Iowa
Edward Eggsbrod         Servant         18      Iowa            White               Farm laborer                  

George Siewert          Head            71      Germany         White   1861  Own   Farmer 
Marie M Siewert         Wife            60      Germany         White        
Charles J Siewert       Son             33      Illinois                            Farm laborer
Lenore K Siewert        Daughter        27      Iowa            

Casper H Schulte        Head            33      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Anna E Schulte          Wife            33      Iowa            White
Hayden Richardson       Servant         19      Missouri        White               Farm laborer     

Willard W Schulte       Head            24      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Sylverne G Schulte      Wife            26      Iowa            White
Robert D Schulte        Son             0 11/12 Iowa

Minnie E Tantow         Head            70      New York        White         Own       
Leslie A Tantow         Son             33      Iowa                          Rent  Farmer
George W McMullen       Grandson        23      Iowa            White               Farm laborer    
Earl L McMullen         Grandson        21      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Clara A McMullen        Daughter        48      Iowa

Will B Kisner           Head            52      Illinois        White         Own   Farmer    
Amelia K Kisner         Wife            50      Illinois        White
Ellsworth M Kisner      Son             20      Iowa

Halvor F Banken         Head            57      Norway          White   1887  Rent  Day laborer 
Joice Banken            Wife            49      Iowa            White
Hilma J Banken          Daughter        19      Iowa
Oscar C Banken          Son             14      Iowa
Ole T Banken            Son             12      Iowa
Ella N Banken           Daughter        10      Iowa
Alice O Banken          Daughter        10      Iowa

Howard P Kisner         Head            61      New Jersey      White         Rent  Farmer    
Mildred Kisner          Wife            56      Canada          White 

Amil Nagel              Head            63      Wisconsin       White         Rent  Farmer    
Andres Nagel            Wife            62      Norway          White   1898
Wilbur Nagel            Son             35      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Gina Nagel              Daughter-in-law 29      Iowa
Charles Nagel           Son             24      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Pearl Nagel             Daughter-in-law 21      Iowa
Clifford C Nagel        Grandson        1       Iowa

Lyle E Payne            Head            21      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Opal E Payne            Wife            26      Iowa            White

Lockhart Wood           Head            78      Ohio            White         Own      
Melissa Wood            Wife            78      Ohio            White               
Lock R Wood             Son             40      Iowa                                Farm laborer  

Ben Clausen             Head            40      Germany         White   1913  Rent  Farmer 
Claus C Clausen         Son             18      Germany                 1913        Farm laborer
Inga M Clausen          Daughter        13      Iowa

Chris J Tietz           Head            30      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Mabel Tietz             Wife            27      Iowa            White  
William H Tietz         Son             0 6/12  Iowa
Carl Davies             Servant         20      Iowa            White               Farm laborer    

William F Tietz         Head            61      Germany         White   1873  Rent  Farmer 
Lena K Tietz            Wife            52      Iowa            White
Johnnie A Tietz         Son             24      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Richard W Tietz         Son             22      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Iona C Tietz            Daughter        20      Iowa
Helen T Tietz           Daughter        18      Iowa
Morris H Tietz          Son             15      Iowa
Marrie A Tietz          Daughter        12      Iowa
Bennie E Tietz          Son             5       Iowa

Will E Houck            Head            45      Illinois        White         Rent  Farmer    
Mabel L Houck           Wife            45      Illinois        White  
Donald W Houck          Son             17      Iowa
William F Houck         Son             15      Iowa
Nina K Houck            Daughter        12      Iowa
Merton R Houck          Son             10      Iowa
Jean L Houck            Daughter        6       Iowa
Susan K Wilber          Mother-in-law   69      Illinois        White    

Emil E Benjegerdes      Head            38      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Martha L Benjegerdes    Wife            37      Iowa            White
Irvin H Benjegerdes     Son             12      Iowa
Marcella L Benjegerdes  Daughter        10      Iowa
Kenneth V Benjegerdes   Son             2       Iowa

George A Benjegerdes    Head            59      Iowa            White         Own   
Louise H Benjegerdes    Wife            57      Germany         White   1882
Elsie I Benjegerdes     Daughter        33      Iowa                                Housekeeper
Nora A Gordon           Lodger          28      Iowa            White               Public school teacher    

Courtney H Lawyer       Head            32      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Leona L Lawyer          Wife            30      Iowa            White
Harold H Tietzen        Servant         20      Iowa            White               Farm laborer    

Nels L Roslien          Head            50      Minnesota       White         Own   Farmer    
Bertha Roslien          Sister          58      Minnesota
Clara Roslien           Sister          41      Minnesota
Mina Roslien            Sister          39      Minnesota
Nina Johnson            Niece           19      North Dakota    White    
Knut H Mostrom          Servant         48      Iowa            White               Farm laborer    

August Kaumm            Head            27      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Alma B Kaumm            Wife            29      Iowa            White
Melvin A Kaumm          Son             2       Iowa

Simon Roslien           Head            76      Norway          White   1877  Own   Farmer 
Sophia Roslien          Wife            54      Norway          White   1895
Selmer Roslien          Son             27      Iowa                                Farmer 
Clara Roslien           Daughter        24      Iowa
Bennie Roslien          Son             20      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Mildred Roslien         Daughter        12      Iowa
Anna Brosdal            Sister-in-law   57      Norway          White    

Tillford S Gilbertson   Head            56      Minnesota       White         ??    Farmer    
Anna Gilbertson         Wife            52      Iowa            White
Alvin S Gilbertson      Son             26      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Hannah E Gilbertson     Daughter        25      Iowa
John H Moretz           Head            69      Pennsylvania    White         Own   Farmer    
Jennie E Moretz         Wife            69      Pennsylvania    White
Guy P Moretz            Son             25      Pennsylvania
Myrtle A Moretz         Daughter-in-law 22      Iowa
Lillian A Moretz        Grandchild      1       Iowa

Oscar M Ausenhus        Head            34      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Esther V Ausenhus       Wife            33      Iowa            White
L Roy Ausenhus          Son             7       Iowa
Vernie E Ausenhus       Daughter        4       Iowa
Norris D Ausenhus       Son             1       Iowa

John J Brosdal          Head            59      Norway          White   1888  Own   Farmer 
Everine Brosdal         Wife            66      Norway          White   1875
Karina Brosdal          Daughter        29      Iowa
Gertie J Brosdal        Daughter        27      Iowa

Sam E Rasmussen         Head            61      Denmark         White   1898  Own   Farmer 
Julia S Rasmussen       Wife            41      Denmark         White   1921        
Fred T Rasmussen        Son             34      Denmark                 1898        Farm laborer
Walter D Rasmussen      Son             24      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Clement O Juul          Stepson         18      Denmark         White   1921 

John I Peterson         Head            65      Minnesota       White         Own   Farmer    
Julia Peterson          Wife            62      Iowa            White
Lenore Peterson         Daughter        19      Iowa
Clifford A Peterson     Head            31      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Maria Peterson          Wife            30      Iowa            White

Heister C Moretz        Head            40      Pennsylvania    White         Own   Farmer    
Edna L Moretz           Wife            39      Iowa            White
Evelyn L Moretz         Daughter        12      Iowa
Flora I Moretz          Daughter        9       Iowa
Lola G Moretz           Daughter        7       Iowa

Nels M Brunsvold        Head            37      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Josephine O Brunsvold   Wife            36      Iowa            White
Olger S Brunsvold       Son             12      Iowa
Burnell P Brunsvold     Son             10      Iowa
Donald D Brunsvold      Son             8       Iowa
Milford O Brunsvold     Son             4       Iowa

Ole S Brunsvold         Head            67      Norway          White   1867  Own   Farmer 
Regina E Brunsvold      Wife            61      Iowa            White
Selmer I Brunsvold      Son             26      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Ernest L Brunsvold      Son             23      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Timen J Brunsvold       Son             20      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Sarah Brunsvold         Sister          58      Iowa

Knut S Gilbertson       Head            62      Minnesota       White         ??    Farmer    
Olma L Gilbertson       Wife            65      Iowa            White 

Otto Mostrom            Head            30      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Lily S Mostrom          Wife            23      Iowa            White
Lila Mostrom            Daughter        3       Iowa

Martin A Paulson        Head            79      Norway          White   1880  Own   Farmer 
Helen T Paulson         Wife            67      Norway          White   1880
Clara P Paulson         Daughter        38      Iowa
Sophie R Paulson        Daughter        35      Iowa

Chris F Schneider       Head            60      New York        White         Own   Farmer    
Margaret Schneider      Wife            55      Iowa            White
Edwin Schneider         Son             19      Iowa
Marion Shepley          Servant         19      Iowa            White               Farm laborer              

Austin Sorenson         Head            67      Norway          White   1884  Own   Farmer 
Alice B Sorenson        Wife            60      Wisconsin       White
Tommy K Sorenson        Son             36      Iowa
Kelmer S Sorenson       Son             21      Iowa                                Farm laborer

Matt Johnson            Head            60      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Mattie Johnson          Wife            52      Iowa            White
Waldo B Johnson         Son             18      Iowa
Joye M Johnson          Daughter        14      Iowa

Carl O Paulson          Head            31      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Martha C Paulson        Wife            26      Iowa            White
Arnold D Paulson        Son             4       Iowa
Kathleen A Paulson      Daughter        2       Iowa
Alice L Paulson         Daughter        0 9/12  Iowa

Ole N Brunsvold         Head            72      Norway          White   1864  Own   Farmer 
Hannah C Brunsvold      Wife            43      Denmark         White   1895

Herman O Domholdt       Head            61      Norway          White   1888  Own   Farmer
Irene H Domholdt        Daughter        22      Iowa
Herman E Domholdt       Son             16      Iowa                                Farm laborer                 
Marie E Domholdt        Daughter        9       Iowa
Iver Domholdt           Brother         46      Norway          White   1910        Farm laborer

John E Anderson         Head            30      Iowa            White         Rent  Farm laborer    
Agnes M Anderson        Wife            28      Iowa            White
Myrtle S Anderson       Daughter        3       Iowa
Arlene O Anderson       Daughter        1       Iowa

Carl J Sether           Head            62      Norway          White   1883  Own   Stock farmer 
Ingrid Sether           Wife            79      Norway          White   1880
Josephine Sether        Daughter        32      Iowa

John Freitag            Head            56      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Mary Freitag            Wife            76      Norway          White   1870
Clifford G Adair	Adopted Son	22	New York	White               Farm laborer		

Edward Shrale           Head            46      Norway          White   1907  Own   Farmer
Minnie F Shrale         Wife            47      Iowa            White
Douglas E Shrale        Son             6       Iowa

Gilbert J Peterson      Head            40      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Cora O Sether           Servant         31      Iowa            White               Housekeeper     

Gustav K Bakken         Head            40      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Hannah Bakken           Wife            39      Iowa            White
Clifford Olson          Servant         19      Iowa            White               Farm laborer    

Ole L Moen              Head            60      Norway          White   1883  Rent  Farmer 

Albert Woods            Head            27      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    

Fred J McLaughlin       Head            34      Alabama         White         Rent  Farmer    
Letta L McLaughlin      Wife            25      Iowa            White 
Doris J McLaughlin      Daughter        3       Iowa

Oscar Elvin Dahl        Head            36      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Alice H Dahl            Wife            28      Iowa            White 
Bert O Dokken           Servant         23      Iowa            White               Farm laborer    

Bernard A Holstad       Head            72      Norway          White   1880  Own   
Gurine P Holstad        Wife            62      Norway          White   1876
Edward B Holstad        Son             35      Iowa                                Farmer
Gina Holstad            Daughter        30      Iowa                                Housework
Otto Holstad            Son             27      Iowa                                Farmer
Clara Holstad           Daughter        25      Iowa
Gilmer Holstad          Son             17      Iowa                                Farm laborer

George I Dahl           Head            40      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Bessie V Dahl           Wife            35      Iowa            White  
Philip E Dahl           Son             15      Iowa
Maurice R Dahl          Son             13      Iowa
Wallace H Dahl          Son             6       Iowa
Eugene Rippee           Servant         22      Missouri        White               Farm laborer       

Edward G Johnson        Head            51      Minnesota       White         Own   Farmer    
Hannah Johnson          Wife            49      Iowa            White
Maynard I Johnson       Son             18      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Clarence F Johnson      Son             15      Iowa
Elmer H Johnson         Son             9       Iowa
Halvor N Brunsvold      Head            65      Norway          White   1867  Own   Farmer 
Norman O Brunsvold      Son             24      Iowa            White               Farm laborer
Leonard H Brunsvold     Son             21      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Alma S Brunsvold        Daughter        14      Iowa
Nellie Overby           Sister          55      Iowa            White               House keeper      

Michael O Bray          Head            61      Norway          White   1880  Own   Farmer 
Lena H Bray             Wife            64      Norway          White   1882
Ole M Bray              Son             32      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Thea M Bray             Daughter        29      Iowa
Gunhild Bray            Daughter        28      Iowa                                House keeper 
Halver M Bray           Son             21      Iowa
Gina Skor               Lodger          22      Minnesota       White               Public school teacher      

Almer C Lestrud         Head            35      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Thomas G Lestrud        Brother         33      Iowa                                Farmer
Julia Lestrud           Mother          56      Iowa
Selmer Lestrud          Nephew          5       Iowa            White

Peter A Burtness        Head            33      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Melvin O Burtness       Brother         27      Iowa            White               Farmer
Christina Luckason      Servant         58      Iowa            White               House keeper  

Carl O Sparby           Head            47      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Lena T Sparby           Wife            43      Iowa            White 
Orin L Sparby           Son             15      Iowa
Alvin B Sparby          Son             13      Iowa
Clarence O Sparby       Son             11      Iowa

Roy E Eibey             Head            33      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Nita B Eibey            Wife            27      Iowa            White
Irene D Eibey           Daughter        6       Iowa
Richard E Eibey         Son             3       Iowa
Roy R Stratton          Head            48      Iowa            Negro         Rent  Farmer    
Anna M Stratton         Mother          71      Kentucky        Negro 
Velva L Stratton        Sister          35      Iowa
May R Stratton          Grandchild      13      Iowa            Negro

John H Kuchar           Head            52      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Carrie M Kuchar         Wife            35      Iowa            White  
Margaret A Kuchar       Daughter        10      Iowa
Kenneth H Kuchar        Son             8       Iowa
Wayne R Kucher          Son             6       Iowa

Arthur J Bonker         Head            31      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Alma L Bonker           Wife            31      Iowa            White
Milus W Bonker          Son             8       Iowa
Lawrence A Bonker       Son             4       Iowa
Ernest W Bonker         Brother         23      Iowa

Ellis H Knowles         Head            39      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Velma M Knowles         Wife            28      Iowa            White
Beverly B Knowles       Daughter        8       Iowa
Robert H Knowles        Son             3       Iowa

John H Backhus          Head            56      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Anna Backhus            Wife            54      Iowa            White
Alto H Backhus          Son             27      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Harry F Backhus         Son             15      Iowa
Harlon H Backhus        Son             21      Iowa

Oscar C Schulte         Head            31      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Marie K Schulte         Wife            27      Iowa            White

Frederick H Schulte     Head            28      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Charlotte G Schulte     Wife            23      Pennsylvania    White   
John H Schulte          Son             4       Iowa
Joe R Elnestrom         Servant         23      Colorado        White               Farm laborer  

Roy I Barrett           Head            39      Kentucky        White         Rent  Farmer    
Myra B Barrett          Wife            42      Kentucky        White

Clifford R Abrams       Head            47      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Mary C Abrams           Wife            46      Iowa            White
Albert A Theilen        Head            23      Illinois        White         Rent  Farm laborer    
Anna N Theilen          Wife            18      Oregon          White

John Lee                Head            55      Norway          White   1881  Own   Farmer 
Lava Lee                Wife            52      Iowa            White
Irvin M Lee             Son             23      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Selmer Lee              Son             18      Iowa
Raymond Lee             Son             16      Iowa

Elmer O Holton          Head            37      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Sadie H Holton          Wife            30      Iowa            White
Stanford E Holton       Son             9       Iowa
Ardith G Holton         Daughter        4       Iowa
Rolfe J Holton          Son             0 5/12  Iowa

Elmer C Mostrom         Head            34      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Myrtle J Mostrom        Wife            25      Iowa            White 
Marcela E Mostrom       Daughter        2       Iowa

George A Brattrud       Head            44      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Agnes K Brattrud        Wife            40      Iowa            White
Kermeth L Brattrud      Son             18      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Gaylord A Brattrud      Son             17      Iowa
Florence I Brattrud     Daughter        15      Iowa
Orville H Brattrud      Son             12      Iowa
Lawrence E Brattrud     Son             9       Iowa

Holgart Clausen         Head            41      Denmark         White   1893  Own   Farmer 
Oscar L Elvesether      Head            39      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Alma Elvesether         Wife            37      Minnesota       White
Orville T Elvesether    Son             17      Iowa
Tom Erickson            Father-in-law   77      Norway          White   1868 
Alvin Johnson           Servant         21      North Dakota    White               Farm laborer           
Alma Jenkins            Niece           18      Iowa            White               House work

Ottis O Brattrud        Head            58      Wisconsin       White         Own   Farmer    
Thomas K Brattrud       Brother         49      Iowa                          Own   Farmer
Konnow Brattrud         Brother         41      Iowa                          Own   Farmer
Ed O Brattrud           Brother         35      Iowa                          Own   Farmer

John C Brattrud         Head            54      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Anne T Brattrud         Wife            41      Iowa            White
Clarence J Brattrud     Son             18      Iowa
Wilma F Brattrud        Daughter        14      Iowa
Eleanor K Brattrud      Daughter        4       Iowa
Rosemary P Brattrud     Daughter        1       Iowa

Peter Brenno            Head            43      Norway          White   1905  Own   Farmer 

Melvin Bakken           Head            29      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Bertine Bakken          Wife            26      Norway          White   1922
Thelma G Bakken         Daughter        4       Iowa
Geneve B Bakken         Daughter        3       Iowa
Silvia M Bakken         Daughter        0 9/12  Iowa

Irwin J Worden          Head            50      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Frances E Worden        Wife            41      Indiana         White
Frannie E Ottinger      Stepchild       16      Indiana         White    
Louise E Ottinger       Stepchild       14      Indiana         White 

Carl F Bremley          Head            29      Illinois        White         Rent  Farmer    
Pearl M Bremley         Wife            27      Iowa            White 
Kathleen K Bremley      Daughter        5       Iowa

Palmer Lee              Head            28      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Hazel E Lee             Wife            23      South Dakota    White
James H Lee             Son             0 1/12  Iowa

Burr A Payne            Head            53      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmere    
Agnes K Payne           Wife            30      Iowa            White
Lloyd W Payne           Son             12      Iowa
Madeline Payne          Daughter        10      Iowa
Cecil E Payne           Son             8       Iowa
Lois M Payne            Daughter        5       Iowa
John Biza               Servant         32      Czechoslovakia  White   1913        Farm laborer 

Bernard G Kisner        Head            29      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Winifred E Kisner       Wife            31      Iowa            White
Alvin Groven            Servant         24      Minnesota       White               Farm laborer    

Ralph M Patton          Head            32      Missouri        White         Rent  Farmer    
Beryl L Patton          Wife            40      Iowa            White 
Catherine I Patton      Daughter        8       Iowa
Patricia A Patton       Daughter        6       Iowa
Ruth H Patton           Daughter        4       Iowa
Louise V Patton         Daughter        1       Iowa

Carl H Dietrich         Head            42      Germany         White   1896  Own   Farmer
Anna S Dietrich         Wife            44      Iowa            White
Edna M Dietrich         Daughter        15      Iowa
Leonard P Dietrich      Sister          14      Iowa
Mildred H Dietrich      Daughter        12      Iowa
Glenn W Dietrich        Son             10      Iowa
Wayne H Dietrich        Son             6       Iowa

Edward D Klein          Head            46      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Leora M Klein           Wife            31      Iowa            White
Myron D Klein           Son             15      Iowa
Harold L Klein          Son             13      Iowa
Everett R Klein         Son             7       Iowa

Erhard A Kaiser         Head            43      Germany         White   1923  Rent  Farmer 
Anna M Kaiser           Wife            44      Germany         White   1924
Elfrieda P Kaiser       Daughter        11      Germany                 1924
Erma A Kaiser           Daughter        8       Germany                 1924

Ole L Roslien           Head            55      Minnesota       White         Own   Farmer    
Bertha O Roslien        Wife            45      Iowa            White
Bernice A Roslien       Daughter        9       Iowa
Mildred I Field         Lodger          20      Iowa            White               Public school teacher

Albert L Brunsvold      Head            51      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Ella B Brunsvold        Wife            43      Iowa            White
Alice B Brunsvold       Daughter        22      Iowa
Harriet B Brunsvold     Daughter        9       Iowa
Lyla K Brunsvold        Daughter        2       Iowa
Peder O Pederson        Servant         34      Iowa            White               Farm laborer  

Leonard A Medlang       Head            39      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Edna G Medlang          Wife            38      Iowa            White
Norris E Medlang        Son             14      Iowa
Leslie E Medlang	Son	        10      Iowa
Mabel F Evanson         Sister-in-law   40      Iowa            White             

George A Thompson       Head            43      South Dakota    White         Rent  Farmer    
Hansena Thompson        Wife            43      Iowa            White
Lester O Thompson       Son             20      Iowa                                Farm laborer  
Muriel W Thompson       Son             18      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Gerin H Thompson        Son             13      Iowa

Andrew P Brenno         Head            42      Norway          White   1903  Own   Farmer 
Hanna C Brenno          Wife            34      Iowa            White 
Olaf T Brenno           Son             11      Iowa

Lester L Moretz         Head            33      Pennsylvania    White         Rent  Farmer    
Leila C Moretz          Wife            29      Iowa            White
Maynard D Moretz        Son             10      Iowa
Delmar J Moretz         Son             6       Iowa
Hebert G Moretz         Son             4       Iowa
Reveora M Moretz        Daughter        1       Iowa

Knut F Flaaten          Head            39      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Clara Flaaten           Wife            31      Iowa            White
Truman A Flaaten        Son             12      Iowa
Gorda P Flaaten         Daughter        8       Iowa

Trygve H Haugen         Head            68      Norway          White   1886  Own   Farmer 
Marie F Haugen          Wife            58      Norway          White   1900
Carl P Kalgaarden       Son-in-law      34      Iowa            White               Farmer    
Gunhild Kalgaarden      Daughter        26      Iowa
Amund A Rust            Servant         67      Norway          White   1878        Farm laborer 
Erick O Brunsvold       Head            42      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Agnes S Brunsvold       Wife            41      Iowa            White
Curtis L Brunsvold      Son             9       Iowa
Fern B Brunsvold        Daughter        7       Iowa
Milton Peterson         Servant         22      Iowa            White               Farm laborer   

Melvin Mostrom          Head            37      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Estella Mostrom         Wife            24      Iowa            White           
Ardis Mostrom           Daughter        2       Iowa

Olaf Hoel               Head            55      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Agnes Hoel              Wife            52      Iowa            White     
Clarence H Hoel         Son             26      Iowa
Fern Hoel               Daughter        14      Iowa

Carl B Brunsvold        Head            36      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Ida Brunsvold           Wife            32      Iowa            White
James O Brunsvold       Son             19      Iowa
Ruby T Brunsvold        Daughter        8       Iowa
Velma M Brunsvold       Daughter        5       Iowa
Wallace L Brunsvold     Son             2       Iowa
Sckafer Abraham         Servant         18      Iowa            White               Farm laborer   

Nels A Ausenhus         Head            70      Norway          White   1871  Own   Farmer 
Emma Ausenhus           Wife            65      Iowa            White
Ivan Holmberg           Servant         29      Sweden          White   1917        Farm laborer 

Homer J Gentry          Head            35      Illinois        White         Own   Farmer    
Anna V Gentry           Wife            34      Illinois        White  
Charles O Gentry        Son             0 11/12 Iowa

Louis Schneider         Head            28      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Mary M Schneider        Wife            29      Iowa            White
Cletus J Schneider      Daughter        6       Iowa
Carl L Schneider        Son             3       Iowa
Clement A Schneider     Son             0 4/12  Iowa

Tom Peterson            Head            43      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    

Gaylord C Tenold        Head            35      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Grace N Tenold          Wife            33      Iowa            White
Gladys P Tenold         Daughter        7       Iowa
Genevieve E Tenold      Daughter        6       Iowa
Lyle O Tenold           Son             4       Iowa
William M Brumley       Servant         26      Illinois        White               Farm laborer

Albert L Fach           Head            62      Pennsylvania    White         Own   Farmer    
Louise Fach             Wife            38      New York        White
Ed Fach                 Son             33      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Vincent P Fach          Son             31      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Albert L Fach           Grandchild      6       Iowa            White 
Clarence M Fach         Grandchild      4       Iowa
Dorothy M Fach          Grandchild      2       Iowa

Martin E Hagen          Head            34      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Ida E Hagen             Wife            32      Iowa            White
Eldon O Hagen           Son             7       Iowa
Raymond J Hagen         Son             3       Iowa
Irvin M Hagen           Son             3       Iowa
Marlin B Hagen          Son             2       Iowa
Arnold C Halverson      Servant         19      Iowa            White         Rent  Farm laborer               

Cecil J Platts          Head            33      Iowa            White         Rent  Farmer    
Mary R Platts           Wife            28      Iowa            White

Erick H Myli            Head            60      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Clara Myli              Wife            52      Iowa            White
Thelma Myli             Daughter        23      Iowa
Hilma Myli              Daughter        31      Iowa
Edna Myli               Daughter        20      Iowa
Nina Myli               Daughter        18      Iowa
Ethel Myli              Daughter        16      Iowa
Gail Myli               Daughter        14      Iowa
Oscar Woods             Servant         29      Iowa            White               Farm laborer 

Otto Smeby              Head            64      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Randina Smeby           Wife            58      Iowa            White 
John O Smeby            Son             30      Iowa                                Farmer
Oscar A Smeby           Son             23      Iowa                                Farmer
Helen C Smeby           Daughter        23      Iowa

Christ Schott           Head            58      Germany         White   1888  Own   Farmer 
Christina Schott        Wife            58      Denmark         White   1882
Dewey Schott            Son             21      Iowa                                Farm laborer
Norman L Storre         Head            37      Iowa            White         Own   Farmer    
Anna L Storre           Wife            30      Iowa            White  
Herman A Storre         Brother         35      Iowa                                Farmer

Source: National Archives Film T626_691, ED 6, Pages 1A-6A, 1B-5B

Transcribed by Gordon Felland, 11/19/2004 (more info added 6/13/2018)