Bristol Township, Worth County, Iowa
1930 Census


Census taken by Clara Otterstad durnig the month of April, 1930.

Population: 674 (does not include the town of Joice).

Listed by head of household followed by household members and relationship.

Name                    Relationship    Age     Birthplace      Race    Year    Occupation

Anton J Strom           Head            57      Iowa            White           Farmer  
Dikka Strom             Wife            53      Iowa
Lottie N Strom          Daughter        17      Iowa
Dora A Terbeck          Daughter        20      Iowa            White           Farm worker
Herman H Terbeck        Son-in-law      25      Iowa

Abel A Sanden           Head            30      Iowa            White           Farmer
George A Sanden         Uncle           63      Norway                  1878

Peter G Ostmo           Head            34      Iowa            White           Farmer
Gustav J Ostmo          Father          69      Norway                  1869
Christine D Ostmo       Mother          71      Norway                  1882
John G Ostmo            Brother         46      Iowa                            Farm worker
Minda G Ostmo           Sister          40      Iowa

Albert M Hanson         Head            60      Iowa            White           Farmer
Mary K Hanson           Wife            60      Iowa
Eleanor W Hanson        Stepdaughter    18 
Gilmer Peterson         Lodger          23      Iowa            White           Farm worker

Walter N Bergland       Head            30      Iowa            White           Farmer
Rachel E Bergland       Wife            30      Iowa
Wallace E Bergland      Son             4 5/12  Iowa
Betty F Bergland        Daughter        0 10/12 Iowa
Alvin Thorson           Lodger          22      Iowa            White    

Gilman H Lee            Head            53      Iowa            White           Carpenter
Carrie Lee              Wife            48      Iowa
Roscelin G Lee          Daughter        19      Iowa
Ragna Trustem           Mother-in-law   69      Norway          White   1870 
Blanche Piffer          Cousin          11      Minnesota       White    

Tollef S Rud            Head            55      Norway          White   1886 
Randy Rud               Sister          48      Norway                  1886
John Eik                Lodger          29      Norway          White   1929    Farm worker
Hannah Bray             Boarder         25      Iowa            White           Teacher
Otto Kalheim            Head            57      Iowa            White           Farmer
Ellen Kalheim           Wife            38      Iowa
Arnold Kalheim          Son             16      Iowa
Johnny Kalheim          Son             12      Iowa
Evelyn Kalheim          Daughter        9       Iowa

Otto Skatter            Head            37      Norway          White   1913    Farmer
Gunhild Skatter         Wife            36      Norway                  1913
Mildred Skatter         Daughter        10      Iowa
Alfred Skatter          Son             8       Iowa
Obert Skatter           Son             6       Iowa
Agnes Skatter           Daughter        4 1/12  Iowa
Ruth Skatter            Daughter        2 2/12  Iowa

Edward Bergland         Head            55      Minnesota       White           Dry goods
Ingeborg Bergland       Wife            50      Norway                  1898
Clifford Bergland       Son             29      Iowa                            Insurance agent
Melvin Bergland         Son             27      Iowa                            Odd jobs
Glen Bergland           Son             17      Iowa

William E Bilstad       Head            54      Iowa            White           Farmer
Ingebret E Bilstad      Brother         50      Iowa                            Farm worker
Ole L Johnson           Head            52      Iowa            White           Farmer
Christine Johnson       Wife            45      Iowa

Eric N Peterson         Head            36      Iowa            White           Farmer
Irene D Peterson        Wife            35      Iowa
Debert S Peterson       Son             12      Iowa
Vaughn D Peterson       Son             9       Iowa
Laura D Peterson        Daughter        1 11/12 Iowa

Joesph P Larson         Head            37      Iowa            White           Farmer
Gardia N Larson         Wife            28      North Dakota
Mary L Larson           Daughter        3 2/12  Iowa
Peter Larson            Father          74      Norway                  1861
Otto Nappe              Farm Hand       35      Norway          White   1924    Farm worker
Ben Larson              Boarder         32      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Martin Quammen          Boarder         36      Norway          White   1921    Odd jobs

Lauritz N Larson        Head            39      Iowa            White           Farmer
Anna Larson             Wife            40      Iowa
LeRoy B Larson          Son             13      Iowa
Norman D Larson         Son             10      Iowa
Royden P Larson         Son             9       Iowa
Ivanell M Larson        Daughter        4       Iowa
Maynis I Larson         Daughter        5       Iowa
Wallace I Larson        Son             2 11/12 Iowa

Hartvig C Olson         Head            30      Iowa            White           Farmer
Lillian A Olson         Wife            29      Iowa
Frank C Olson           Son             5       Iowa
Raymond H Olson         Son             3 8/12  Iowa
Gladys R Olson          Daughter        1 9/12  Iowa

Martin K Dahlseid       Head            61      Iowa            White           Farmer
Julia B Dahlseid        Wife            59      Iowa
Zelda Dahlseid          Stepdaughter    6       Iowa
Norris A Otterstad      Farm Hand       21      Iowa            White           Farm worker

Knut K Savre            Head            40      Iowa            White           Farmer
Knut Savre              Father          70      Norway                  1880
Thora Savre             Mother          70      Norway                  1880
Gilbert Holstad         Lodger          39      Iowa            White           Farm worker

Carl Slattum            Head            63      Minnesota       White           Farmer
Lena Slattum            Wife            59      Iowa

Wilhelm Amundson        Head            43      Norway          White   1898    Farmer
Clara Amundson          Wife            36      Iowa
Blanch S Amundson       Daughter        13      Iowa
Orva C Amundson         Daughter        12      Iowa
Viva L Amundson         Daughter        9       Iowa         
Curtis W Amundson       Son             4       Iowa

Knut Midboe             Head            46      Iowa            White           Farmer
Torgus Midboe           Father          76      Norway                  1886
Helen Midboe            Sister          48      Iowa
Laura Midboe            Sister          40      Iowa

Alfred J Lindflott      Head            39      Iowa            White           Farmer
Selma Lindflott         Wife            38      Iowa
Dean R Lindflott        Son             1 5/12  Iowa
Olaus Lindflott         Father          85      Norway
Aletta Lindflott        Mother          69      Norway
Johanna Lindflott       Aunt            79      Norway
Melvin Lindflott        Brother         33      Iowa                            Odd jobs
Mayme Lindflott         Sister-in-law   32      Iowa                            None
Harold Trainer          Father-in-law   21      Iowa            White           Farm worker
Gerhard Dell            Head            51      Iowa            White           Farmer
Arleigh R Dell          Son             20      Iowa
Carrie H Dell           Mother          77      Wisconsin 
Inez M Strom            Niece           19      Iowa            White           Servant

Ole K Brunsvold         Head            54      Norway          White   1882    Farmer
Carrie E Brunsvold      Wife            53      Wisconsin
Clarie O Brunsvold      Son             27      Iowa                            Farm worker
Nola K Brunsvold        Daughter        22      Iowa
Eldon M Brunsvold       Son             14      Iowa
Marvel C Brunsvold      Son             12      Iowa
Conrad E Otterstad      Head            29      Iowa            White           Farmer
Lars O Otterstad        Father          74      Norway                  1886
Dorte Otterstad         Mother          68      Norway                  1886
Clara A Otterstad       Sister          42      Iowa                            Private nurse
Deana Otterstad         Sister          31      Iowa                            Hospital nurse
Lillian E Otterstad     Sister          27      Iowa
Nels S Otterstad        Uncle           64      Norway                  1886    Farm worker

Christ Halvorson        Head            62      Norway          White   1879    Farmer
Anna Halvorson          Wife            58      Iowa
Clarence Halvorson      Son             21      Iowa                            Farm worker
Joseph Halvorson        Son             15      Iowa

Lars Anderson           Head            54      Iowa            White           Farmer
Mary Anderson           Wife            47      Denmark                 1892

Nels G Ugland           Head            29      Iowa            White           Farm worker
Clara E Ugland          Wife            19      Iowa

Ole O Nappe             Head            51      Norway          White   1903    Farmer
Thea B Nappe            Wife            39      Norway                  1901
Opal I Nappe            Daughter        14      Iowa
Elaine M Nappe          Daughter        4 11/12 Iowa
Lauritz C Nappe         Nephew          14      Iowa 

Miller Tilhus           Head            56      Iowa            White           Farmer
Hannah Tilhus           Wife            43      North Dakota
Anna Tilhus             Daughter        12      North Dakota
Helen Tilhus            Daughter        7       Iowa

Halvard Rosenquist      Head            66      Norway          White   1884    Lutheran Pastor
Benny C Rosenquist      Wife            64      Norway                  1882

Levor Levorson          Head            70      Iowa            White           Farmer
Ida O Levorson          Wife            66      Norway                  1873
Mina C Levorson         Daughter        42      Iowa                    
Martha C Levorson       Daughter        34      Iowa
Selmer Levorson         Son             27      Iowa                            Farm worker
Edwin L Levorson        Son             24      Iowa                            Farm worker
Valborg V Levorson      Daughter        22      Iowa
Margaret Johnson        Aunt            86      Norway          White   1854 

Ingeborg Trustem        Head            79      Norway          White   1870    None
Carl Trustem            Son             58      Iowa                            Odd jobs
Andrena Trustem         Daughter        45      Iowa
Peter Trustem           Son             43      Iowa                            Farm manager
Melvin Trustem          Son             38      Iowa                            Carpenter

Nels Levorson           Head            67      Iowa            White           Farmer
Helene Levorson         Sister          72      Iowa
Anna Gullikson          Cousin          69      Norway          White   1886    None

George Evans            Head            30      Iowa            White           Farmer
Tom Evans               Father          67      Wales                   1883
Catherine Evans         Mother          64      Wales                   1882
Glennis Evans           Brother         27      Iowa                            Painter
Sarah Jenkins           Aunt            61      Wales           White   1882 

Henry Evenson           Head            34      Iowa            White           Farmer
Beula Evenson           Wife            31      Iowa
Viola Evenson           Daughter        10      Iowa
Elaine Evenson          Daughter        8       Iowa
LaVonne Evenson         Daughter        1 1/12  Iowa
Theodore Rollefson      Farm hand       38      Iowa            White           Farm worker

Jennie Homes            Head            23      Iowa            White           Truck farmer
Pearl Homes             Sister          20      Iowa
Charlotte Homes         Sister          18      Iowa

Selmer Haroldson        Head            28      Iowa            White           Farmer
Evelyn Haroldson        Wife            22      Wisconsin
Sidney E Haroldson      Son             3 2/12  Iowa
Severin Trontvedt       Boarder         42      Iowa            White           Farm worker

Almer Halvorson         Head            31      Iowa            White           Farmer
Bessie Halvorson        Wife            26      Iowa                            Teacher

Clarie Dahl             Head            23      Iowa            White           Farmer

Anton Haugebak          Head            39      Iowa            White           Farmer
Florence Haugebak       Wife            31      Iowa
Millicent Haugebak      Daughter        14      Iowa
Marvin Haugebak         Son             10      Iowa
Marle H Haugebak        Son             10      Iowa
Anthony Haugebak        Son             9       Iowa
Lorna Wahrman           Niece           11      Washington      White           
Frank Doyle             Lodger          52      Indiana         White           Farm worker

Arthur Bjelland         Head            34      Iowa            White           Farmer

Thomas Bjelland         Head            62      Norway          White   1882    Farmer
Malinda Bjelland        Wife            60      Illinois
Truman Bjelland         Son             28      Iowa                            Farm worker
Chester Bjelland        Son             26      Iowa                            Farm worker
Ruth Larson             Niece           4 7/12  Minnesota       White    

Ellef Hagen             Head            64      Norway          White   1886    Farmer
Julia Hagen             Wife            62      Iowa
Carl J Hagen            Son             21      South Dakota
Selma B Hagen           Daughter        17      Iowa

Andrew Gandokken        Head            43      Iowa            White           Farmer
Margret Gandokken       Wife            43      Iowa
Andrew O Gandokken      Son             4 11/12 Iowa
Ruth M Gandokken        Daughter        3 8/12  Iowa

Lewis Lageson           Head            43      Iowa            White           Farmer
Mary Lageson            Mother          68      Norway                  1864

Albert Hagen            Head            31      Iowa            White           Farmer
Ida A Hagen             Wife            25      Iowa
Clarie J Hagen          Son             0 7/12  Iowa
John Storkken           Lodger          30      Norway          White   1929    Farm worker

Arnold Lien             Head            28      Iowa            White           Farmer
Lars Lien               Father          68      Iowa
Carrie Lien             Mother          70      Iowa
Lane Lien               Brother         34      Iowa                            Road construction
Selmer Lien             Brother         32      Iowa                            Road construction

Ned M Johnson           Head            40      Iowa            White           Farmer
Marie Johnson           Wife            37      Minnesota
Glen E Johnson          Son             13      Iowa
Harland E Johnson       Son             11      Iowa
Eunice E Johnson        Daughter        6       Minnesota
May N Johnson           Daughter        3       Minnesota

Ingebert Trilhus        Head            66      Iowa            White           Farmer
Kristi Trilhus          Wife            69      Iowa

Martin Winden           Head            28      Iowa            White           Farmer
John Winden             Father          56      Iowa
Serina Winden           Mother          59      Iowa
Simon Winden            Brother         22      Iowa                            Farmer

Jack Carr               Head            57      Iowa            White           Farmer
Mabel Carr              Wife            50      Iowa

Bernt Legard            Head            36      Minnesota       White           Farmer
Elma Legard             Wife            27      Oklahomma
Arlene Legard           Daughter        3 7/12  Iowa

William Olson           Head            45      Iowa            White           Farm worker
Amada Olson             Wife            41      Minnesota
Ruth A Olson            Daughter        13      Minnesota
Wilma M Olson           Daughter        8       Minnesota
Lois C Olson            Daughter        6       Minnesota

Clarence B Burdick      Head            68      Iowa            White           Farmer
Nellie Burdick          Wife            64      New York
Artemteie Wright	Sister-in-law	70	New York	White		

Clarence Burdick        Head            26      Iowa            White           Farm worker
Merle Burdick           Wife            28      Iowa
Blaine Burdick          Son             5       Minnesota
Joy Burdick             Daughter        4 5/12  Minnesota
Ronald Burdick          Son             2 6/12  Minnesota
Carmen Burdick          Daughter        0 6/12  Minnesota

Oscar Wiggins           Head            71      Iowa            White           Farmer
Flora Wiggins           Wife            68      Iowa

Odin L Enerson          Head            34      Iowa            White           Truck farmer
Gena Enerson            Wife            34      Minnesota

Selmer S Kleven         Head            27      Iowa            White           Farmer

Nels E Lundon           Head            50      Norway          White   1909    Farmer
Helga Lundon            Wife            49      Norway                  1909
Elmer Lundon            Son             16      Iowa
Ida Lundon              Daughter        12      Iowa
Nora Lundon             Daughter        9       Iowa
Milton Lundon           Son             5       Iowa
Laura Olson             Daughter        19      Iowa            White    

Robert H Greeley        Head            76      Iowa            White           Truck farmer
Rhoda Greeley           Wife            72      Iowa
Catherine Johnson       Boarder         23      Iowa            White           Teacher

Michael Kelly           Head            45      Illinois        White           Farmer

Herman Boomgarden       Head            43      Iowa            White           Farm worker
Edna M Boomgarden       Wife            36      Germany                 1893
Lubbo H Boomgarden      Son             17      Iowa                            Farm worker
Ann E Boomgarden        Daughter        16      Iowa
Martin E Boomgarden     Son             15      Iowa

Ole M Charlson          Head            36      Iowa            White           Farmer
Margret J Charlson      Wife            35      Iowa
Blanche C Charlson      Daughter        11      Iowa
Elizabeth D Charlson    Daughter        8       Iowa
Oscar B Charlson        Son             4 3/12  Iowa
Charles C Johnson       Father-in-law   53      Iowa            White           Farm worker

Peter A Dahlby          Head            48      Iowa            White           Farmer
Marie Dahlby            Wife            48      Iowa
Daniel J Dahlby         Son             22      Iowa                            Farm worker
Thelma L Dahlby         Daughter        16      Iowa
Aaron R Dahlby          Son             14      Iowa
Melba M Dahlby          Daughter        11      Iowa
Vivian M Dahlby         Daughter        6       Iowa

William Larson          Head            60      Norway          White   1887    Farmer
Helen Larson            Wife            60      Illinois

Albert J Rowe           Head            41      Iowa            White           Farmer
Clara T Rowe            Wife            39      Iowa
Grace E Rowe            Daughter        13      Iowa
J Duane Rowe            Son             12      Iowa
Alice T Rowe            Daughter        11      Iowa
Floyd W Rowe            Son             10      Iowa
Shirly E Rowe           Daughter        9       Iowa
Harold M Rowe           Son             7       Iowa
Mavis L Rowe            Daughter        5       Iowa
Beverly P Rowe          Daughter        0 9/12  Iowa

Clifford T Sanden       Head            29      Iowa            White           Farmer
Ole Sanden              Father          68      Norway                  1893
Anna Sanden             Mother          57      Norway                  1893
Clara J Sanden          Sister          20      Iowa
Melvin G Sanden         Brother         17      Iowa                            Farm worker

Spencer A Bjelland      Head            38      Iowa            White           Farmer
Jennie Bjelland         Wife            39      Norway                  1907
Doris O Erikson         Cousin          14      Iowa            White    
Lenis J Larson          Uncle           63      Illinois        White    

Leroy Ulsted            Head            27      Iowa            White           Farmer
Ruth R Ulsted           Wife            21      Illinois                        Teacher

Jack Hiler              Head            76      Ohio            White           None

Allan Gilbertson        Head            64      Wisconsin       White           Farmer
Emma Gilbertson         Wife            61      Wisconsin
Helen Gilbertson        Daughter        30      Wisconsin

Peter K Leegaard        Head            43      Minnesota       White           Farmer
Carina Leegaard         Wife            42      Norway                  1893
Coretta O Leegaard      Daughter        19      North Dakota
Clarence J Leegaard     Son             17      North dakota
Olga E Leegaard         Daughter        15      Minnesota
Clara P Leigaard        Daughter        13      Minnesota
Pearl A Leegaard        Daughter        10      Iowa
Myrtle C Leegaard       Daughter        8       Iowa
Palmer L Leegaard       Son             5       Iowa
Noris L Leegaard        Son             3 5/12  Iowa

Peter Reinsmoen         Head            41      Iowa            White           Farmer
Olga Reinsmoen          Wife            37      Minnesota
Mildred C Reinsmoen     Daughter        16      Iowa
Carma M Reinsmoen       Daughter        13      Iowa
P Orland Reinsmoen      Son             8       Iowa
Carol J Reinsmoen       Daughter        6       Iowa

Carl M Reinsmoen        Head            39      Iowa            White           Farmer
Oline Reinsmoen         Wife            41      Iowa
Clarice Reinsmoen       Daughter        12      Iowa
Orville Reinsmoen       Son             9       Iowa
Opal Reinsmoen          Daughter        6       Iowa
Georgia Reinsmoen       Son             4 2/12  Iowa

Wilhelm A Willand       Head            48      Iowa            White           Farmer
Clara M Willand         Wife            43      Iowa
Mildred O Willand       Daughter        19      Iowa
Opal A Willand          Daughter        18      Iowa
Walter K Willand        Son             16      Iowa
Esther M Willand        Daughter        14      Iowa
Orin M Willand          Son             13      Iowa
Stanley R Willand       Son             10      Iowa
Clarence W Willand      Son             8       Iowa
Myrtle J Willand        Daughter        6       Iowa
Harry R Fox             Head            36      Iowa            White           Farmer
Alfaretta D Fox         Wife            33      Iowa
Dale H Fox              Son             11      Iowa
Lewis Guttormson        Head            53      Iowa            White           Farmer
Borghild Guttormson     Wife            31      Norway                  1920
Carman L Guttormson     Daughter        8       Iowa
Henery G Guttormson     Son             6       Iowa
Liv Johnson             Mother-in-law   70      Norway          White   1921 
Thor G Hanson           Brother-in-law  26      Norway          White   1921    Farm worker

Thomas Ulsted           Head            63      Norway          White   1886    Farmer
Carrie Ulsted           Wife            57      Illinois
Lawrence Ulstad         Son             19      Iowa                            Farm worker

Ole Stordahl            Head            58      Norway          White   1872    Farmer
Anna G Stordahl         Sister          48      Iowa
Florence Ostrove        Niece           14      Iowa            White    

Palmer Calgaard         Head            26      Iowa            White           Farmer
Orrie B Calgaard        Wife            22      Iowa

Martin Jensen           Head            41      Denmark         White   1902    None
Minnie Jensen           Wife            47      Iowa
Dean Jensen             Son             10      Iowa
Geraldine Jensen        Daughter        7       Iowa
Nancy Hooper            Mother-in-law   73      Ohio            White            

Edward Meeken           Head            44      Minnesota       White           Farmer
Alice Meeken            Wife            30      Minnesota
Marion Meeken           Daughter        10      Iowa
Richard Meeken          Son             7       Iowa 
Edward Meeken           Son             4 1/12  Minnesota
Margaret Meeken         Daughter        1 11/12 Iowa

John Roslien            Head            30      Iowa            White           Farmer
Dagny G Roslien         Wife            21      Iowa
Ida Langberg            Mother-in-law   64      Norway          White   1884 

Adolph Winden           Head            33      Iowa            White           Farmer
Minnie Winden           Wife            29      Iowa
Marvin A Winden         Son             5       Iowa
Wallace B Winden        Son             2 9/12  Iowa

Abel Rensmon            Head            32      Iowa            White           Farmer
Luella R Rensmon        Wife            32      Iowa
Agnes L Rensmon         Daughter        5       Iowa
Dorothy A Rensmon       Daughter        4 8/12  Iowa
Helen M Rensmon         Daughter        1 2/12  Iowa

Nels A Stalheim         Head            46      Wisconsin       White           Farmer
Karine Stalheim         Wife            41      Iowa
Catherine Stalheim      Daughter        12      Iowa
Kenton O Stalheim       Son             10      Iowa
Denols Stalheim         Son             5       Iowa
Lorene Stalheim         Daughter        1 10/12 Iowa

George J Peterson       Head            48      Iowa            White           Farmer
Tilda Peterson          Wife            52      Norway                  1894
James Peterson          Son             20      Iowa
Stella C Peterson       Daughter        18      Iowa
Elton Peterson          Son             14      Iowa
Emil Peterson           Son             12      Iowa

Marie Reinsmoen         Head            72      Norway          White   1886    None

Bernt M Holstad         Head            48      Iowa            White           Farmer
C Mathilda Holstad      Wife            42      Iowa
Arnold M Holstad        Son             16      Iowa
Marlene E Holstad       Daughter        14      Iowa
Carman L Holstad        Daughter        12      Iowa
Violet B Holstad        Daughter        9       Iowa
Marion B Holstad        Daughter        6       Iowa
Dale R Holstad          Son             3       Iowa

Gilman Anderson         Head            27      Iowa            White           Farmer
M Ollatta Anderson      Wife            29      Iowa
Marine G Anderson       Son             0 11/12 Iowa
Oline Chose             Brother-in-law  15      Iowa            White    

Albin J Levorson        Head            39      Iowa            White           Farmer
John Levorson           Brother         32      Iowa
Alma Levorson           Sister-in-law   28      Iowa
Morris E Levorson       Nephew          4 11/12 Iowa

Arne A Trilhus          Head            44      Wisconsin       White           Farmer
Pernella Trilhus        Sister          59      Iowa

Thomas Ellingson        Head            32      Iowa            White           Farmer
Ida H Ellingson         Wife            25      Iowa
Truly I Ellingson       Daughter        4 2/12  Iowa
Dorothy O Ellingson     Daughter        0 11/12 Iowa

Palmer Land             Head            30      Iowa            White           Farmer
Mabel A Land            Wife            22      Iowa
Eunice C Land           Daughter        8       Iowa
Ardan L Land            Son             0 3/12  Iowa

Helmer Sanden           Head            28      Iowa            White           Farmer
Amund A Sanden          Father          66      Norway                  1880
Julia Sanden            Mother          57      Iowa
Clarence R Sanden       Brother         25      Iowa                            Farm worker
Alpha G Sanden          Sister          21      Iowa                            Farm worker
Gilman Sanden           Brother         18      Iowa
Irene C Sanden          Sister          12      Iowa
Alice R Hanson          Cousin          20      Iowa            White    

A Miller Trilkus        Head            51      Iowa            White           Farmer

Oscar C Kaasa           Head            35      Iowa            White           Farmer
Inger Kaasa             Wife            34      Iowa
Caroline N Kaasa        Daughter        11      Iowa
Olga C Kaasa            Daughter        6       Iowa 
Ina O Kaasa             Daughter        2 1/12  Iowa
Ole I Kaasa             Father          72      Norway                  1866
Walter Sorbo            Father-in-law   21      Iowa            White           Farm worker
Nina C Feeley           Niece           18      Iowa            White    

Ole T Haugo             Head            50      Norway          White   1888    Farmer
Anna Haugo              Wife            50      Norway                  1901
Agnes T Haugo           Daughter        23      Iowa
Torgus Haugo            Son             21      Iowa                            Farm worker
Thora E Haugo           Daughter        16      Iowa
Theodore A Haugo        Son             15      Iowa
Gunild R Haugo          Daughter        14      Iowa
Ruth R Haugo            Daughter        12      Iowa
Harold E Haugo          Son             10      Iowa
Amanda T Haugo          Daughter        9       Iowa
Walter B Haugo          Son             7       Iowa
Anna Haugo              Mother          93      Norway                  1888

Tollef Nappe            Head            37      Norway          White   1914    Farmer
Hanna Nappe             Wife            35      Norway                  1901
Ruth M Nappe            Daughter        10      Iowa
Orland C Nappe          Son             8       Iowa
Stanley T Nappe         Son             7       Iowa
Ralph O Nappe           Son             4 9/12  Iowa
Wilmer Nappe            Son             2 11/12 Iowa
Alice C Nappe           Daughter        1 2/12  Iowa
Even L Hagen            Head            56      Iowa            White           Farmer
Jennie Hagen            Wife            52      Iowa
Elmer T Hagen           Son             36      Iowa
Bennie M Hagen          Son             20      Iowa
Mildred E Hagen         Daughter        18      Iowa
Gilman R Hagen          Son             16      Iowa
Floyd O Hagen           Son             12      Iowa
Thelma L Hagen          Daughter        11      Iowa
Aldore L Hagen          Son             8       Iowa

Amund T Groe            Head            61      Iowa            White           Farmer
Johanna J Groe          Wife            55      Norway                  1894
Edith Groe              Daughter        21      Iowa
Norris Groe             Son             17      Iowa
Kenneth Groe            Son             14      Iowa
Cora Groe               Daughter        12      Iowa
Sophus M Stensrud       Head            24      Iowa            White           Teacher
Leona C Stensrud        Wife            26      Minnesota

Rudolph B Groe          Head            39      Iowa            White    
Elna M C Groe           Wife            35      Minnesota
Ronald D Groe           Son             12      Iowa
Andrey G Groe           Daughter        7       Iowa

Knut Bergo              Head            55      Iowa    White                   Farmer
Ida Bergo               Wife            38      Iowa
Stella R Bergo          Daughter        17      Iowa
Orville J Bergo         Son             16      Iowa
Rudolph M Bergo         Son             14      Iowa
Norris E Bergo          Son             11      Iowa
Earnest L Bergo         Son             7       Iowa
Glen A Bergo            Son             3 4/12  Iowa
John T Bergo            Son             1 1/12  Iowa
Ragnild Bergo           Mother          81      Norway                  1865
Harriet M Bergo         Niece           11      Minnesota

W Roy Bergan            Head            33      Iowa            White           Farmer
Nora A Bergan           Wife            33      Iowa
Donald S Bergan         Son             7       Iowa
Ruth D Bergan           Daughter        6       Iowa

John F Maher            Head            38      Iowa            White           Farmer
Frances S Maher         Wife            32      Iowa
Paul E Maher            Son             11      Iowa
Marjory A Maher         Daughter        7       Iowa

Ole N Unsag             Head            36      Norway          White   1913    Farmer
Carrie Knutson          Brother         59      Iowa            White    

Selmer B Johnson        Head            42      Iowa            White           Farmer
Anna Johnson            Sister          50      Iowa

Albert O Westland       Head            58      Iowa            White           Farmer
Martha Westland         Wife            61      Iowa
Clarence Westland       Son             34      Iowa                            Farm worker
Nora Westland           Daughter-in-law 34      Iowa
Doris Westland          Grandchild      4 10/12 Iowa
Dorothy Westland        Granddaughter   4 10/12 Iowa
Faye Westland           Granddaughter   2 10/12 Iowa
George Westland         Son             24      Iowa                            Farm worker

John S Medlang          Head            35      Iowa            White           Farmer
Martha P Medlang        Wife            28      Iowa
Marcelle J Medlang      Daughter        5       Iowa
Loraine B Medlang       Daughter        3 1/12  Iowa
Virgil D Medlang        Son             1 10/12 Iowa
Amlett Harmon           Lodger          17      Iowa            White           Farm worker

Tom Quisling            Head            50      Norway          White   1888    Farmer
Annie Quisling          Wife            46      Norway                  1889
Mable Quisling          Daughter        21      Iowa
George L Quisling       Son             19      Iowa
Neuman H Quisling       Son             16      Iowa
Walter W Quisling       Son             14      Iowa

Iver Flattum            Head            39      South Dakota    White           Farmer
Bertina Flattum         Wife            42      Iowa
Elaine Flattum          Daughter        9       Canada

Elwin A Sheimo          Head            35      Iowa            White           Farmer
Clara E Sheimo          Wife            35      Iowa
Roger N Sheimo          Son             4 10/12 Iowa
Mary M Sheimo           Daughter        1 2/12  Iowa
Bernie L Benson         Servant         21      Iowa            White           Servant

Oscar Calgaard          Head            35      Iowa            White           Farmer
Martha S Calgaard       Wife            33      Iowa
Maynard O Calgaard      Son             8       Iowa
Roy K Calgaard          Son             5       Iowa

Frank L Rowe            Head            31      Iowa            White           Farmer
Annie Rowe              Wife            39      Iowa
Milo O Rowe             Son             16      Minnesota
Adeline V Rowe          Daughter        14      Minnesota
Delores J Rowe          Daughter        12      Minnesota
June F Rowe             Daughter        6       Iowa
Elizabeth J Rowe        Daughter        4 3/12  Iowa
Faye P Rowe             Daughter        1 5/12  Iowa

Bernt Loken             Head            37      Iowa            White           Farmer
Tilda M Loken           Wife            40      Iowa
Percy Basset            Lodger          18      Minnesota       White           Farm worker

Nels H Nelson           Head            32      Iowa            White           Farmer
Alice C Nelson          Wife            27      Iowa
Veron D Nelson          Son             3 11/12 Iowa
Dennis E Nelson         Son             1 5/12  Iowa
Lewis Halvorson         Lodger          27      Iowa            White           Farm worker

Tom Kopseng             Head            24      Iowa            White           Farm worker
Anna B Kopseng          Wife            25      Iowa
Arthur T Kopseng        Son             3 11/12 Iowa

Annie Meehan            Head            67      North Ireland   White   1867    None
Verena M Meehan         Daughter        30      Minnesota
Wilford P Meehan        Son             38      Minnesota                       Carpenter

Corbit Adams            Head            37      Kentucky        White           Farmer
Sarah Adams             Wife            40      Iowa
Eva J Adams             Daughter        12      Iowa
Carmen M Adams          Daughter        10      Iowa
Cora J Adams            Daughter        9       Iowa
James W Adams           Son             7       Iowa
Blanche M Adams         Daughter        3 11/12 Iowa
Douald L Adams          Son             2 1/12  Iowa

Charles Platts          Head            43      Iowa            White           Farmer
Josephine Platts        Wife            41      Iowa
Ruth M Platts           Daughter        5       Iowa
Harriet J Platts        Daughter        2 6/12  Iowa
Palma Munson            Servant         25      Iowa            White           Servant
Arthur Lund             Lodger          24      Norway          White   1908    Farm worker

Edwin Vaale             Head            47      Iowa            White           Farmer
Emma Vaale              Wife            43      Wisconsin
Sidney E Vaale          Son             18      Iowa
Opal E Vaale            Daughter        15      Iowa
Ernest C Vaale          Son             10      Iowa
Marie E Vaale           Daughter        8       Iowa
Truman E Vaale          Son             6       Iowa
Eileen V Vaale          Daughter        4 10/12 Iowa
Russell E Vaale         Son             3 10/12 Iowa
Oren E Vaale            Son             2 1/12  Iowa

John K Salland          Head            38      Minnesota       White           Farmer

Edward G Ryan           Head            36      Iowa            White           Farmer
Sarah J Ryan            Mother          70      Iowa
Mary Ryan               Sister          34      Iowa
Carl Bergdale           Lodger          23      Iowa            White           Farm worker

Halvor Olson            Head            59      Norway          White   1892    Farmer
Hoggie Olson            Wife            52      Norway                  1880
Avril Osland            Lodger          16      Iowa            White    
Carl Hanson             Boarder         50      Iowa            White           None

John H Petersburg       Head            33      Iowa            White           Farmer
Hazel C Petersburg      Wife            31      Iowa
Robert W Petersburg     Son             9       Iowa
Eugene C Petersburg     Son             7       Iowa
Harland W Petersburg    Son             4 11/12 Iowa

Ole G Dolen             Head            57      Norway          White   1875    Farmer
Ragnild Dolen           Wife            56      Iowa
George E Dolen          Son             27      Iowa                            Farm worker
Anna O Dolen            Daughter        22      Iowa
Allan Woolery           Boarder         69      Iowa            White           None

Gilbert Quisling        Head            49      Iowa            White           Farmer
Tilda Quisling          Wife            41      Iowa
Odler Quisling          Son             14      Iowa
Alice Quisling          Daughter        12      Iowa
Clarence Quisling       Son             9       Iowa

Elias Helgeson          Head            58      Iowa            White           Farmer
Sophia E Helgeson       Wife            49      Iowa
Ida A Helgeson          Daughter        20      Iowa
Leonard N Helgeson      Son             25      Iowa
Earnest S Helgeson      Son             11      Iowa
Eather Mc Helgeson      Daughter        6       Iowa            White    
Nels N Egge             Father-in-law   85      Norway          White   1868 

Oscar C Aamodt          Head            34      Iowa            White           Farmer
Clara M Aamodt          Wife            32      Iowa
Clarine I Aamodt        Daughter        8       Iowa
Orin J Aamodt           Son             6       Iowa
Carol O Aamodt          Son             4 1/12  Iowa
Truman C Peterson       Lodger          24      Iowa            White           Farm worker

Tollef H Bakken         Head            59      Norway          White   1893    Farmer
Bergit Bakken           Wife            54      Iowa
Marie J Bakken          Daughter        23      Iowa
Joesph H Bakken         Son             19      Iowa
Johnnie Bakken          Son             13      Iowa
Tenora B Bakken         Daughter        11      Iowa
Clarence Slattum        Head            30      Iowa            White           Farmer
Lily A Slattum          Wife            32      Iowa
Cecil L Slattum         Son             9       Iowa
Verna L Slattum         Daughter        4 3/12  Iowa
Richard D Slattum       Son             2 1/12  Iowa
Darrel R Slattum        Son             0 9/12  Iowa
Charlotte J Wogen       Sister-in-law   30      Iowa            White           Teacher

Alfred M Petersburg     Head            32      Iowa            White           Farmer
Alma C Petersburg       Wife            25      Iowa
Duane L Petersburg      Son             5       Iowa
Richard W Petersburg    Son             3 6/12  Iowa
Donald W Petersburg     Son             1 6/12  Iowa

Christ O Rusley         Head            52      Iowa            White           Farmer
Lena Rusley             Wife            52      Iowa
Bennie J Rusley         Son             22      Iowa                            Farm worker
Jeanette S Rusley       Daughter        20      Iowa
Julius O Rusley         Son             18      Iowa

Edward Barry            Head            47      Iowa            White           Farmer
Bella M Barry           Wife            45      Indiana
Millard L Barry         Son             22      Iowa
Marion G Barry          Son             20      Iowa
John E Barry            Son             14      Iowa
Ervin L Barry           Son             10      Iowa
Merle E Barry           Son             10      Iowa

Bert E Anonson          Head            45      Nebraska        White           Farmer
Clara B Anonson         Wife            37      Iowa
Kermit A Anonson        Son             13      Iowa
Spencer J Anonson       Son             10      Iowa
Berton C Anonson        Son             3 3/12  Iowa
Eleanor G Anonson       Daughter        1 10/12 Iowa

Theodore Huso           Head            44      Iowa            White           Farmer
Tilde Huso              Wife            41      Iowa
William M Huso          Son             20      Iowa
Lloyd E Huso            Son             17      Iowa
Telmer G Huso           Son             13      Iowa
Clark L Huso            Son             3       Iowa
Oscar Huso              Cousin          44      Iowa            White           Odd jobs

Jesse A Evanson         Head            28      Iowa            White           Odd jobs
Martha E Evanson        Wife            24      Iowa
Donlen B Evanson        Son             3 6/12  Iowa

Otto Evenson            Head            33      Iowa            White           Farmer
Torgus Evenson          Father          85      Norway                  1880
Anne K Evenson          Mother          74      Norway                  1880
Anna Evenson            Sister          50      Norway                  1880
John Evenson            Brother         39      Iowa                            Odd jobs
Helmer T Bang           Lodger          20      Iowa            White           Farm worker

Jorgen G Brunsvold      Head            43      Iowa            White           Farmer
Bella Brunsvold         Wife            36      Iowa
Beatrice J Brunsvold    Daughter        15      Iowa
Eunice V Brunsvold      Daughter        18      Iowa
Ona V Brunsvold         Daughter        11      Iowa
Ennis J Brunsvold       Son             2 4/12  Iowa
Elias Bjorland          Lodger          32      Norway          White   1927    Farm worker

Ole G Gunderson         Head            61      Iowa            White           Farmer

Edward Daley            Head            64      Illinois        White           Farmer
Cora Lint               Servant         46      Canada          White   1896    Servant
Oscar T Olson           Son-in-law      33      Iowa            White           Farm worker
Orville Olson           Grandson        1 9/12  Iowa
Source: National Archives Film T626_691 ED 3, Pages 1A-7B

Transcribed by Gordon Felland, 11/6/2004 (revised 3/24/2005)