Barton Township, Worth County, Iowa
1930 Census


Census taken by Henry White during the month of April, 1930.

Population: 570

Listed by head of household followed by members and relationship.

Name                    Relationship    Age     Birthplace      Race    Imm.Year   Occupation        Owns or Rents
Paul Dasen              Head            49      Illinois        White       	   Farmer            O            						   									   					  
Sama Dasen              Wife            40      Iowa            White
Vincie Dasen            Daughter        11      Iowa

Clarence Anderson       Head            35      Iowa            White              Farmer            R      
Albertine Anderson      Wife            34      Iowa            White
Ruth Jean Anderson      Daughter        9       Iowa
Roger Anderson          Son             2       Iowa
Sam Severson            Head            52      Iowa            White	           Farmer	     O 
Sarah Severson          Wife            50      Iowa            White
Roy Severson            Son             28      Iowa
Emma Ellingboe          Mother-in-law   78      Illinois        White              Farmer                       
Andrew Severson         Head            59      Iowa            White              Farmer            O   
Julia Severson          Wife            54      Iowa            White
Orvie Severson          Son             24      Iowa                               Farm Laborer 

Gunder Ellingson        Head            51      Iowa            White              Farmer            O  
Betha Ellingson         Wife            49      Iowa            White
Leland Ellingson        Son             25      Iowa                               Farm Laborer
Grace Ellingson         Daughter        19      Iowa
Glenn Ellingson         Son             8       Iowa
Lorry Ellingson         Daughter        6       Iowa

Charles Jones           Head            48      Illinois        White              Farm manager      R  
Cora Jones              Wife            42      Illinois        White
Arthur Jones            Son             17      Iowa                               Farm Laborer
Cecil Jones             Son             14      Iowa                               Farm Laborer 
Kathryn Jones           Daughter        11      Iowa
Gordon Jones            Son             8       Iowa

Forest Saylor           Head            38      Iowa            White              Farmer            R  
Ida Saylor              Wife            33      Iowa            White
Edith Saylor            Daughter        15      Iowa
Blaine Saylor           Son             13      Iowa
Darlene Saylor          Daughter        11      Iowa
Violet Saylor           Daughter        9       Iowa
Ivan Saylor             Son             5       Iowa

August Stehn            Head            50      Iowa            White              Farmer            ?
George Stehn            Relative        46      Iowa            White              Farmer

H P Kuhlman             Head            43      Denmark         White   1905	   Farmer            R  
Cora Kuhlman            Wife            41      Minnesota       White
Charles Kuhlman         Son             21      Iowa                               Laborer for Contactor
Harold Kuhlman          Son             19      Iowa                               Laborer for Contactor
Vernon Kuhlman          Son             18      Iowa                               Farm Laborer
Norma Kuhlman           Daughter        14      Iowa
Bernice Kuhlman         Daughter        12      Iowa
Howard Kuhlman          Son             10      Iowa
Helen Kuhlman           Daughter         8      Iowa
Jay Kuhlman             Son              6      Iowa
Harley Kuhlman          Son              3      Iowa
Allan Kuhlman		Son		4/12	Iowa

H. F. Brown		Head            44      Iowa        	White	           Farmer	     R  		  
Elvina Brown            Wife            40      Iowa            White
Verna Brown             Daughter        19      Iowa
Harold Brown            Son             17      Minnesota       White              
Hazel Brown             Daughter        13      Iowa
Calvin Brown            Son             5       Iowa
Ilene Brown             Daughter        3       Iowa

Adolph Stehn            Head            46      Germany         White              Farmer            O    
Mabel Stehn             Wife            40      Minnesota       White
Ethel Stehn             Daughter        17      Iowa                               Maid 
Russel Stehn            Son             12      Iowa
Della Stehn             Daughter        7       Iowa
Delmar Stehn            Son             7       Iowa

Carl A Olson            Head            30      Iowa            White              Farmer            ?   
Alice Olson             Wife            24      Iowa            White    

Clarence Johnson        Head            33      Iowa            White              Farmer            R               
Ruth Johnson            Wife            32      Iowa            White
Florence Johnson        Daughter        11      Iowa
Eleanor Johnson         Daughter        9       Iowa
Dale Johnson            Son             5       Iowa
Margaret Johnson        Daughter        4       Iowa
Mildred Johnson         Daughter        2       Iowa
Charles Johnson         Son             0       Iowa

William Stehn           Head            63      Germany         White   1869       Farmer            O   
Christesvie Stehn       Wife            53      Iowa            White
Walter Stehn            Son             25      Iowa                               Laborer 
Dorothy Stehn           Daughter        24      Iowa                               Maid
Ferdinand Stehn         ?               9       Iowa                  

Peter Stehn             Head            29      Iowa            White              Farmer            ?
Louise Stehn            Wife            22      Iowa            White

Eugene Seater           Head            37      Iowa            White              Farmer            O   
Minnie Seater           Wife            31      Iowa            White                
Rose Seater             Daughter        7       Iowa
Betty Jean Seater       Daughter        4       Iowa

S John Fallmouth        Head            47      Iowa            White              Farmer            ?
Edward Fallmouth        Brother         40      Iowa            White              Farmer
Emma Fallmouth          Sister          34      Iowa            White              Servant
Arnold Fallmouth        Nephew          7       Iowa
Lawrence Fallmouth      Brother                 USA             White              Farmer 

Sever S Knudtson        Head            49      Iowa            White              Farmer            O
Stella Knudtson         Wife            39      Minnesota       White
Stanley Knudtson        Son             5       Iowa
Sole Ann Knudtson       Daughter        1 1/12  Iowa
Knudt Knudtson          Brother         53      Iowa
Lawenence Froh          Nephew          19      Iowa            White              Laborer   

Iver Knudtson           Head            41      Iowa            White              Farmer            O

Ole S Anderson          Head            73      Iowa            White              Farmer            O            
Mary Anderson           Wife            56      Iowa            White
Anton Anderson          Son             29      Iowa                               Laborer
Olaf Anderson           Son             27      Iowa                               Laborer
Melvin Anderson         Son             25      Iowa                               Laborer
Selma Anderson          Daughter        23      Iowa
Olga Anderson           Daughter        20      Iowa
Gilbert Anderson        Son             18      Iowa
Leslie Mcgillivray      Head            32      Iowa            White              Farmer            R
Sama Mcgillivray        Wife            31      Iowa            White
Andrey Mae Mcgillivray  Daughter        6       Minnesota
Leslie C. Mcgillivray   Son             1 8/12  Minnesota

Nellie Gordon           Head            48      Iowa            White              Farmer            O              
Anton Gordon            Son             22      Iowa                               Laborer
Arthur Gordon           Son             20      Iowa                               Laborer  
Roy Gordon              Son             16      Iowa
Clarice Gordon          Daughter        14      Iowa
Ruth Gordon             Daughter        13      Iowa
Lynn Gordon             Son             11      Iowa
Olive Gordon            Daughter        8       Iowa
Norman Gordon           Son             6       Iowa

Nels Gordon             Head            27      Iowa            White              Farmer            R
Ed Cody                 Boarder         61      Norway          White    
Ellen Cody              Boarder         63      Illinois        White    

Benford Ellingson       Head            ?       Iowa            White              Farmer            R
Alice Ellingson         Wife            26      Iowa            White
Lucile Ellingson        Daughter        8       Iowa
Mildred Ellingson       Daughter        7       Iowa
Betty Lou Ellingson     Daughter        2       Iowa
Marion Ann Ellingson    Daughter        4/12    Iowa

Fred Kruse              Head            24      Iowa            White              Farmer            R 
Bertha Kruse            Sister          21      Iowa            White
John Kruse              Brother         19      Iowa                               Laborer                              
Charley Kruse           Brother         17      Iowa                               Laborer
Minnie Kruse            Mother          53      Germany         White    

R M Seater              Head            47      Iowa            White              Farmer            ?
Eulalia Seater          Wife            41      California      White
Roland Seater           Son             7       California
Maree Seater            Daughter        9       Iowa

Fritz Kuhlman           Head            61      Denmark         White              Farmer            O  
Harvey Kuhlman          Son             19      Iowa            White
Hans Kuhlman            Brother         56      Denmark                            Laborer

Virgil Ropp             Head            29      Missouri        White              Farmer            R 
Rosalie Ropp            Wife            28      Iowa            White
Vivian Ropp             Daughter        6       Iowa
Fern Ropp               Daughter        5       Iowa
Glenys Ropp             Son             3       Iowa
Henry Hanson            Lodger          21      Iowa            White              Laborer     
Vera Barnum             Sister-in-law   23      Iowa            White              Public school teacher 

A J Kleinworth          Head            55      Iowa            White              Farmer            O
Harvey Kleinwerth       Son             28      Iowa            White

Norris Culbertson       Head            32      Iowa            White              Farmer            R    
Sela Culbertson         Wife            29      Iowa            White
Jack Culbertson         Son             6       Iowa
Dean Culbertson         Son             5       Iowa
Frances Culbertson      Daughter        2       Iowa

Irvin Culbertson        Head            34      Iowa            White              Farmer            R 
P E Grenier             Head            55      Iowa            White              Farmer            R  
Cora Mae Grenier        Wife            49      Kansas          White
Mabel Grenier           Daughter        23      Iowa
Joe Grenier             Son             17      Iowa                               Laborer
Robert Grenier          Son             14      Iowa
Mae Grenier             Daughter        13      Iowa
Fae Grenier             Daughter        13      Iowa
Dorothy Grenier         Daughter        12      Iowa
Pearl Grenier           Daughter        9       Iowa
Louise Grenier          Daughter        6       Iowa
James Grenier           Son             4       Iowa

Elling Ellingson        Head            63      Iowa            White              Farmer            O
Serena Ellingson        Wife            62      Iowa            White
Benny Ellingson         Son             25      Iowa                               Laborer 

W C Schauer             Head            47      Iowa            White              Farmer            O 
Theresa Schauer         Wife            50      Iowa            White

Wesley Salton           Head            28      Iowa            White              Farmer            R
Berdah Salton           Wife            28      Iowa            White
Roger Salton            Son             8       Iowa
Roy Salton              Son             3       Iowa

Henry Nagel             Head            53      Illinois        White              Farmer            R
Alma Nagel              Wife            45      Missouri        White
Howard Nagel            Son             20      Illinois                           Laborer 
Evelyn Nagel            Daughter        17      Illinois
Lucy Nagel              Daughter        14      Minnesota
Ena Nagel               Daughter        12      Iowa
Rodger Nagel            Son             8       Iowa

Ole O Torgerson         Head            65      Norway          White              Farmer            R   
Sarah Torgerson         Wife            55      Minnesota       White
Tom Torgerson           Son             40      Minnesota                          Laborer
Edith Torgerson         Daughter        28      Minnesota

Lawrence Braun          Head            27      Iowa            White              Farmer            R
Helen Braun             Wife            27      Iowa            White
Wilford Braun           Son             7       Iowa
Anna May Braun          Daughter        6       Iowa 
Kenneth Braun           Son             3       Iowa
Ethel Braun             Daughter        1 1/12  Iowa
Marcella Braun          Daughter        7/12    Iowa

J J Orman               Head            46      Nebraska        White              Farmer            R
Ella Orman              Wife            31      Kansas          White
Loyal Orman             Son             17      Nebraske                           Laborer
Evald Orman             Son             13      Nebraska
Pauline Orman           Daughter        12      Nebraska
Ethel Mae Austin        Stepdaughter    12      Kansas          White    
Niolet Austin           Stepdaughter    10      Kansas
David Orman             Son             7       Nebraska
Delbert Orman           Son             5       Nebraska                 
Peter M Larson          Head            80      Denmark         White   1881       Farmer            O
Peter M Larson          Son             52      Denmark         White   1881
Annie Larson            Daughter        45      Iowa

H F Millis              Head            54      Iowa            White              Farmer            R  
Laura Millis            Wife            48      Missouri        White
Clarence Millis         Son             23      Missouri                           Laborer  
Dorothy Millis          Daughter        17      Missouri
Pearl Millis            Daughter        6       Missouri

H G Heifner             Head            38      Iowa            White              Farmer            R 
Rhgene Heifner          Wife            32      Iowa            White
Ada Heifner             Daughter        25      Iowa
Glendon Heifner         Son             10      Iowa
James A Seater          Head            49      Iowa            White              Farmer            O
Nellie Seater           Wife            48      Iowa            White
Donald Seater           Son             23      Iowa                               Laborer
Robert Seater           Son             14      Iowa
Chester Vanston         Head            35      Iowa            White              Laborer           R  
Mary Vanston            Wife            29      Nebraska        White
Le Roy Vanston          Son             10      Iowa
Leland Vanston          Son             8       Iowa
Betty Vanston           Daughter        4       Iowa

Tony Peterson           Head            38      Denmark         White              Farmer            R
Emma Johnson            Housekeeper     53      Iowa            White              Housewife 
Neal Johnson            Lodger          26      Minnesota       White              Laborer  
Lyda Johnson            Lodger          15      Dakota          White    

Lucy Kenison            Head            67      Minnesota       White              Farmer            O  
Alice Kenison           Daughter        54      Iowa

Oscar Nichols           Head            59      Iowa            White              Farmer            R   
Anna Nichols            Wife            41      Wisconsin       White
Nellie Nichols          Daughter        14      Minnesota
Helen Nichols           Daughter        5/12    Minnesota
Harold Nichols          Son             5       Minnesota

George Lawrence Nichols Head            29      Iowa            White              Farmer            R
Clara Nichols           Wife            30      Iowa            White
Thelma Nichols          Daughter        9       Minnesota
Donald Nichols          Son             6       Minnesota
Frances Nichols         Son             3       Minnesota

A S Carlson             Head            46      Sweden          White   1903       Farmer            R  
Maria Carlson           Wife            43      Sweden          White
Hazel Carlson           Daughter        14      Iowa
Everett Carlson         Son             17      Iowa
Pearl Carlson           Daughter        13      Iowa
Walter Carlson          Son             10      Iowa
Dorothy Carlson         Daughter        6       Iowa

Morse Larson            Head            53      Norway          White   1895       Farmer            O 
Birdie Larson           Wife            50      Norway          White
Bernice Larson          Daughter        18      Iowa
Lillian Larson          Daughter        16      Iowa
Clark Luther            Head            41      Iowa            White              Farmer            R 
Ethel Luther            Wife            34      Wisconsin       White
Mildred Luther          Daughter        17      Iowa
Earl Luther             Son             11      Iowa
Herbert Luther          Son             8       Iowa
William Schultz         Head            49      Iowa            White              Laborer           R
Cora Schultz            Wife            38      Iowa            White
Clifford Schultz        Son             16      Iowa
Carl Schultz            Son             9       Iowa
Kathryn Schultz         Daughter        8       Iowa

Blair S McCready        Head            36      Iowa            White              Farmer            R
Anna McCready           Wife            33      Iowa            White
Donald McCready         Son             4       Iowa
Daryl McCready          Son             1       Iowa

Lloyd Mowers            Head            35      Iowa            White              Farmer            R 
Anna Mowers             Wife            34      Iowa            White
Evelyn Mowers           Daughter        12      Iowa
Ruth Mowers             Daughter        8       Iowa
Earl Mowers             Son             7       Iowa
Dale Mowers             Son             4       Iowa
Jack Johnson            Hired Man       24      USA             White              Laborer

Carl G Olson            Head            49      Norway          White              Farmer            R
Ida Olson               Wife            54      Wisconsin       White
Gunda Olson             Daughter        28      Iowa
Elmer Olson             Hired Man       24      Iowa            White              Laborer           

Lawence Belz            Head            25      Iowa            White              Farmer            R 
Ruth Belz               Wife            19      Iowa            White
Carl Belz               Son             0 6/12  Iowa
Lawrence Borchardt      Head            28      Iowa            White              Farmer            R
Rose Borchardt          Wife            23      Iowa            White
Gaylis Borchardt        Daughter        2       Iowa
Harley Kirschgatter     Head            30      Iowa            White              Farmer            R
Minnie Kirschgatter     Wife            31      North Dakota    White
Adolph Kirschgatter     Father          61      Germany

Glen Kittelson          Head            27      Iowa            White              Farmer            R 
Della Kittelson         Wife            25      Iowa            White
Glen Dale Kittelson     Son             4       Iowa
Robert Wayne Kittelson  Son             2       Iowa
Charles Nicholson       Father          63      Illinois        White              Laborer               

Mike Gurney             Head            60      Hungary         White              Farmer            R 
Annie Gurney            Wife            55      Hungary         White

A A Walk                Head            32      Iowa            White              Farmer            R 
Matie Walk              Wife            35      Iowa            White
Merle Walk              Son             11      Iowa

J B Shepley             Head            66      Iowa            White              Farmer            R
Laura Shepley           Wife            64      Iowa            White
Orville Shepley         Son             23      Iowa                               Laborer

Arthur Shepley          Head            33      Iowa            White              Farmer            ?
Ruth Shepley            Wife            29      Minnesota       White
Samual Shepley          Daughter        9       Iowa
Blaine Shepley          Son             7       Iowa
Dale Shepley            Son             5       Iowa
Iris Shepley            Daughter        3       Iowa
Gladys Shepley          Daughter        1       Iowa

Amil Kirchgatter        Head            31      Iowa            White              Carpenter         R
Mabel Kirchgatter       Wife            27      Illinois        White

F M Kenison             Head            56      Iowa            White              Farmer            O
Etta Kenison            Wife            52      Iowa            White

Martin Walk             Head            63      Germany         White              Farmer            O 
Amelia Walk             Wife            56      Iowa            White
Richard Walk            Son             30      Iowa                               Farmer
Henerietta Walk         Daughter        23      Iowa
Alfreda Walk            Daughter        18      Iowa

Rudolph A Pahl          Head            41      Iowa            White              Farmer            R
Emma Pahl               Wife            36      Iowa            White
Olga Pahl               Daughter        14      Iowa
Lucile Pahl             Daughter        5       Iowa
Walter Hollatz          Head            39      Iowa            White              Farmer            R
Annie Hollatz           Wife            36      Iowa            White
Margaret Hollatz        Daughter        5       Iowa

Isaac Thon              Head            66      Iowa            White              Farmer            O
Esther Thon             Daughter        21      Iowa                               Teacher
Della Thon              Daughter        24      Iowa                               Student
Eunice Thon             Daughter        26      Iowa                               Telephone operator
George Olson            Head            52      Iowa            White              Farmer            O
Alice Olson             Wife            48      Iowa            White
Alendore Olson          Daughter        20      Iowa                               Student 
Elaine Olson            Daughter        17      Iowa				   Student		   	 
George Olson            Son             10      Iowa
Wanda Olson             Daughter        8       Iowa
Roy E Rekow             Hired Man       23      Iowa            White              Laborer

R M Sherrard            Head            47      Illinois        White              Farmer            R
Blanche Sherrard        Wife            38      Iowa            White
Laverne Sherrard        Daughter        15      Iowa
Robert Sherrard         Son             13      Iowa
Arlington Sherrard      Son             8       Iowa
Roy H Kenison           Head            38      Iowa            White              Farmer            O
Althea Kenison          Wife            35      Iowa            White
Viola Kenison           Daughter        15      Iowa
Howard Kenison          Son             12      Iowa
Marjorie Kenison        Daughteron      4       Iowa
Donald Kenison          Son             1       Iowa

J R Sasel               Head            32      Iowa            White              Carpenter         R 

George Gellerman        Head            54      Illinois        White              Farmer            O
Emma Gellerman          Wife            48      Iowa            White
Lloyd Gellerman         Son             23      Iowa                               Laborer           
Verna Gellerman         Daughter        20      Iowa
Myrtle Gellerman        Daughter        16      Iowa

A M Collinson           Head            52      Illinois        White              Farmer            R 
Emma Collinson          Wife            46      Iowa            White
Leona Collinson         Daughter        23      Iowa                               Private nurse 
Adell Collinson         Daughter        14      Iowa
Twilla Collinson        Daughter        11      Iowa
John Frangen            Head            33      Iowa            White              Farmer            R
Erma Frangen            Wife            27      Germany         White
Alfred Frangen          Son             9       Iowa
Dorothy Frangen         Daughter        6       Iowa
Eugene Frangen          Son             1 1/12  Iowa

A F Krueger             Head            54      Germany         White              Farmer            O
Martha Krueger          Wife            50      Iowa            White
Albin Krueger           Son             20      Iowa
Ivan Krueger            Son             18      Iowa
Elmer Krueger           Son             26      Iowa                               Brick layer
Wm. Petznick            Father-in-law   85      Germany         White 
William Petznick Jr.    Head            53      Iowa            White              Farmer            O

Otto H Bublitz          Head            50      Iowa            White              Farmer            O
Babebta Bublitz         Wife            44      Germany         White
Linda Bublitz           Daughter        18      Iowa
Clara Bublitz           Daughter        16      Iowa
Pearl Bublitz           Daughter        12      Iowa

Gustav Anderson         Head            38      Iowa            White              Farmer            R
Anthur Anderson         Brother         32      Iowa            White              Farmer
Mary Anderson           Mother          62      Iowa            White

C J Elliot              Head            57      Illinois        White              Farmer            O
Hatine Elliot           Wife            53      Iowa            White
Charlotta Elliot        Daughter        14      Iowa

William F Browm         Head            51      Iowa            White              Farmer            O    
Minnie Browm            Wife            47      Iowa            White
Saura Browm             Daughter        20      Iowa
Pearl Browm             Daughter        14      Iowa
Wilma Braum             Daughter        12      Iowa
Harold Browm            Son             7       Iowa

Leonard Krueger         Head            54      Wisconsin       White              Farmer            O 
Rosa Krueger            Wife            27      Iowa            White
Marena Krueger          Daughter        22      Iowa

Otto H Braun            Head            45      Iowa            White              Farmer            O 
Alvina Braun            Wife            41      Iowa            White
Hazel Braun             Daughter        20      Iowa
Dorothy Braun           Daughter        19      Iowa
Harold Braun            Son             18      Iowa
Gertrude Braun          Daughter        16      Iowa
Armond Braun            Son             14      Iowa
Evelyn Braun            Daughter        9       Iowa
Violet Braun            Daughter        6       Iowa
Everett Braun           Son             4       Iowa

G W Kerchgatter         Head            65      Germany         White              Farmer            O 
Emma Kerchgatter        Wife            52      Iowa            White
George Kerchgatter      Son             18      Iowa
Vera Kerchgatter        Daughter        12      Iowa
J P Martin              Head            63      Illinois        White              Farmer            R
Minnie Martin           Wife            54      Illinois        White
K E Martin              Son             32      Illinois        White    
Mary Martin             Son             24      Virginia
Keneth Eugene Martin    Son             1 10/12 Iowa

Edward Betke            Head            55      Wisconsin       White              Farmer            O 
Edmia Betke             Daughter        19      Iowa
Wilma Bethke            Daughter        16      Iowa
Ruth Bethke             Daughter        14      Iowa

Henry Walk              Head            55      Iowa            White              Farmer            O   
Louise Walk             Wife            46      Germany         White
Frieda Walk             Daughter        16      Iowa
John Walk               Son             14      Iowa
Prudence Walk           Daughter        13      Iowa
George Walk             Son             12      Iowa
Gilbert Walk            Son             6       Iowa
Paul Walk               Son             3       Iowa

Herman Krueger          Head            30      Minnesota       White              Farmer            R
Matie Krueger           Wife            24      Iowa            White
Arlene Krueger          Daughter        2       Iowa
Lois Krueger            Daughter        6/12    Iowa

Matt Olson              Head            54      Iowa            White              Farmer            O
Ida Olson               Wife            52      South Dakota    White
Everett Olson           Son             17      Iowa
Bernice Olson           Daughter        16      Iowa
Keneth Olson            Son             12      Iowa
Irving Olson            Son             10      Iowa
C A Anderson            Head            52      Iowa            White              Section Foreman   O
Emily Anderson          Wife            43      Iowa            White

Maurice Gearhart        Head            40      Minnesota       White                                O                  
Joseph Gearhart         Son             16      Iowa
Orville Gearhart        Son             15      Iowa
Samuel Gearhart         Son             12      Iowa
Geneva Gearhart         Daughter        11      Iowa
Genevieve Gearhart      Daughter        11      Iowa
Merle Gearhart          Son             6       Iowa

H T Doughan             Head            41      Illinois        White                                R              
Anna Doughan            Wife            37      Iowa            White

Laverne Carberry        Head            38      Iowa            White              Section Laborer   O
Tillie Carberry         Wife            33      Iowa            White
Leslie Carberry         Son             10      Iowa
Eugene Carberry         Son             8       Iowa
Lloyd Carberry          Son             5       Iowa
Dorlan Carberry         Son             1 6/12  Iowa

S W Birdsall            Head            42      Iowa            White              Storekeeper       R
Elizabeth M Birdsall    Wife            42      Iowa            White
Earl W Birdsall         Son             17      Iowa
Dorthy S Birdsall       Daughter        15      Iowa
E R Walter              Head            34      Iowa            White              Minister          R   
Frieda Walter           Wife            28      Illinois        White
Harold Walter           Son             4       Illinois

Elmer West              Head            57      Nebraska        White              Section Laborer   R
Jessie West             Wife            54      Indiana         White
Genevieve West          Daughter        22      Nebraska
Claude West             Son             15      Nebraska

Emma C Hummel           Head            60      Illinois        White                                O    
Dan Hummel              Son             25      Iowa                               Section Laborer
Lester Hummel           Son             53      Iowa
Glen Vanevery           Head            32      Iowa            White              Farmer            R  
Lucy Vanevery           Wife            24      Iowa            White
Virginia Mae Vanevery   Daughter        5       Iowa
Glen Dale Vanevery      Son             13      Iowa
Lynn Onille Vanevery    Son             2       Iowa

Henry O Ruffridge       Head            42      Iowa            White              Farmer             R
Ruth E Ruffridge        Daughter        17      Iowa
Myran O Ruffridge       Son             16      Iowa
Harvey M Ruffridge      Son             14      Iowa
Lloyd Alfred Ruffridge  Son             12      Iowa
Donald Floyd Ruffridge  Son             10      Iowa
Pearl Jane Ruffridge    Daughter        7       Iowa

Leonard Walk            Head            37      Iowa            White              Farmer            O   
Edvina Walk             Wife            35      Iowa            White
Clarence Walk           Son             12      Iowa
Edna Walk               Daughter        7       Iowa

Otto G Walk             Head            43      Iowa            White              Farmer            O
Lydia Walk              Wife            39      Iowa            White
Marella Walk            Daughter        16      Iowa
Ethelyn Walk            Daughter        14      Iowa
Willard Walk            Son             11      Iowa
Winton Walk             Son             8       Iowa
Lorraine Walk           Daughter        2       Iowa
Walter Walk             Head            30      Iowa            White              Farmer            O 
Ida Walk                Mother          62      Iowa            White
Albert Bork             Hired Man       20      Iowa            White              Farm laborer  

Edwin Walk              Head            31      Iowa            White              Farmer            O
Jennie Walk             Wife            32      Iowa            White
Earl Walk               Son             12      Iowa
Cecil Walk              Son             10      Iowa
Lucile Walk             Daughter        8       Iowa
Dellis Walk             Son             5       Iowa
Everrett Walk           Son             1       Iowa

A W Schultz             Head            34      Iowa            White              Farmer            O
Laina Schultz           Wife            30      Iowa            White
Harriet Schultz         Daughter        8       Iowa
Dorothy Schultz         Daughter        7       Iowa
Kenneth Schultz         Son                     Iowa
Vernon Walk             Brother-in-law  16      Iowa            White    

Albert E Walk           Head            35      Iowa            White              Farmer            O 
Gertrude Walk           Wife            30      Iowa            White
Llyod Walk              Son             11      Iowa
Claude Walk             Son             9       Iowa
Glenn Walk              Son             6       Iowa
Fern Walk               Daughter        4       Iowa
Ruby Walk               Daughter        2       Iowa
Donald Walk             Son             8/12    Iowa

John Rademaker          Head            62      Germany         White   1891       Farmer            O 
Anna Rademaker          Wife            64      Germany         White
John Rademaker Jr       Son             23      Iowa                               Farm Laborer

Frank Dieterich         Head            62      Germany         White   1883       Farmer            O 
Lena Dieterich          Wife            53      Iowa            White

William Dieterick       Head            67      Germany         White   1887       Farmer            O 
William C. Dieterick    Son             43      Germany                            Farm laborer
Walter Dieterick        Son             22      Iowa                               Farm laborer

Gustav Dieterick        Head            39      Iowa            White              Farmer            R     
Anna Dieterick          Wife            40      Michigan        White
Rueben Dieterick        Son             8       Iowa
Albert Feldt            Head            69      Germany         White              Farmer            O

Alfred Krueger          Head            37      Iowa            White              Farmer            O
Lydia Krueger           Wife            32      Iowa            White
Evelyn Krueger          Daughter        11      Iowa
Alpha Krueger           Daughter        9       Iowa
Wilford Krueger         Son             8       Iowa
Elroy Krueger           Son             6/12    Iowa
Arnie Bublitz           Hired Man       19      Iowa            White              Farm laborer     

Fred Kuntz              Head            44      Iowa            White              Farmer            O 
Lydia Kuntz             Wife            39      Iowa            White
Ruth Kuntz              Daughter        21      Iowa
Ella Kuntz              Daughter        19      Iowa                               Rural school teacher 
Earl Kuntz              Son             18      Iowa
Pearl Kuntz             Daughter        16      Iowa
Vernon Kuntz            Son             14      Iowa
Ethel Kuntz             Daughter        12      Iowa
Marcella Kuntz          Daughter        7       Iowa
Kennit Kuntz            Son             2       Iowa
Gene Kuntz              Son             3/12    Iowa

Otto Bartz              Head            55      Wisconsin       White              Farmer            0 
Amelia Bartz            Wife            59      Germany         White
Irving Bartz            Son             32      Iowa
Lawence Bartz           Son             29      Iowa
Arthur Bartz            Son             27      Iowa
Harvey Bartz            Son             16      Iowa
Albert Zarlina          Head            41      Iowa            White              Farmer            O
Bertina Zarlina         Wife            31      Norway          White
Emil Pagel              Head            39      Iowa            White              Farmer            0 
Elise Pagel             Wife            29      Minnesota       White

Fred Petznick           Head            46      Iowa            White              Farmer            O 
Helena Petznick         Wife            49      Iowa            White
Alvin Petznick          Son             16      Iowa
Dorothy Petznick        Daughter        14      Iowa
Evelyn Petznick         Daughter        5       Iowa
A F Bork                Head            63      Wisconsin       White              Farmer            R      
Emma Bork               Wife            51      Iowa            White
Esther Bork             Daughter        26      South Dakota
Bertha Bork             Daughter        29      South Dakota
Emma Bork B             Daughter        27      South Dakota
Lloyd Bork              Son             24      South Dakota
Mytrle Bork             Daughter        22      South Dakota
Gusta Bork              Daughter        20      South Dakota
Clara Bork              Daughter        18      South Dakota
Ruth Bork               Daughter        15      South Dakota

Otto Lange              Head            58      Wisconsin       White              Farmer            O 
Amelia Lange            Wife            54      Wisconsin       White

William Bartz           Head            52      Wisconsin       White              Farmer            ?
Mary Bartz              Wife            54      Iowa
Alvine Bartz            Son             20      Iowa
Harold Bartz            Son             19      Iowa
Gustave Lange           Head            62      Germany         White              Farmer            O    
Lizzie Lange            Wife            54      Iowa            White
Walter Lange            Son             28      Iowa                               Tiler
Herman Feldt            Head            39      Iowa            White              Farmer            R 
Olga Feldt              Wife            41      Wisconsin
Leona Feldt             Daughter        15      Iowa
Arnold Feldt            Son             14      Iowa
Gladys Feldt            Daughter        12      Minnesota
Della Feldt             Daughter        8       Minnesota
Donald Feldt            Son             3       Minnesota
Joe Paschall            Hired Man       40      Minnesota       White              Farm laborer
August Mielke           Head            69      Germany         White              Farmer            O 
Wilhelmina Mielke       Wife            69      Germany         White   1883
M Martus                Head            56      Belgium         White   1887       Farmer            R
Emma Martus             Wife            53      Belgium         White
Sylvian Martus          Son             24      Belgium
Annie Warie Martus      Daughter        18      Nebraska
Mary Ann Martus         Daughter        17      Iowa

Herbert Strich          Head            35      Iowa            White              Farmer            R
Alvia Strich            Wife            36      Iowa            White
Glen Strich             Son             3       Iowa

Otto Dieterich          Head            31      Iowa            White              Farmer            R
Hildgard Dieterich      Wife            26      Iowa            White

Source: National Archives film T626_691 ED 1 Pages 1A-6A, 1B-6B
Transcribed by Gordon Felland, 10/2004 (added info 5/30/18)