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A group of very special people willing to give up their time to help. Please remember these nice people are doing this on their time. They maybe limited on how much time they can time they can spend and how many questions they can answer in a given time frame.


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Doris Bernhardt. Please note: Doris is willing to look up names in the books but can not go to the cemeteries, thanks for understanding.Doris is willing to do cemetery lookups for Floyd, Logan Park and Graceland Cemeteries I'm willing to do lookups for those 3 cemeteries, as long as the request is limited to one or two names per request (for instance, husband and wife). What I want to avoid are those requests for all names for a particular surname. debernhardt@hotmail.com
Mona Sarratt Knight has offered to do lookups for Woodbury County in the 1940 Iowa Press Association's Who's Who in Iowa and the 1900 census for the Sioux City Women's & Babies' Home listing about 15-20 women and infantsmknight0718@cox.net
Nancy Crawford Spallinger,   " History of Woodbury and Plymouth Counties, Iowa, 1891. It was first published by A. Warner & Co Publishers 1890-1891. It is indexed. I will do look-ups in the index for those who need information spalljn@thewavz.com
Paula Hinkel will do lookups in the 1925 Sioux City directory and in the Graceland Cemetery directory. I also have yearbooks for 1930 and 1935 East High School and 1931 Central High School.Paula Hinkelphinkel@pacbell.net
 Stacey Wessling I own a copy of the Polk's 1927 Sioux City Directory, and will volunteer to do look-ups in it for free. Also the "List of Pew Holders in St. Joseph's Catholic Church Sioux City, Jan 1897." This is a list of about 125 people. This explanation states: " Those whose names are upon this list have any claim upon the services of the priests of St. Joseph's church. Others may be attended in charity; not in justice.scrmom68@msn.com
Vickie S. Buettner I have the Anthon Centennial Book from 1988 with the Cemetery listings for Oak Hill, St. Joseph's Catholic Church Cemetery, Midway Lutheran Cemetery, Peiro Bethel Church Cemetery all of which are in/near Anthon, IA. Which is in SE Woodbury County. I will gladly look up any questions for people.buetvsia@netins.net
Cindy Reichard I have Central High School yearbooks for 1924, 1925 and 1926 and will gladly do lookups.Careichard@aol.com


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