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Name: Larry Souder
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My Location: ?
Date: Sat 11/1/2003 12:11 PM
 hello my name is Larry Souder and my mothers name is Gwendolyn Kaye Traver she was born in Woodbury County Iowa in 1945 and adopted at birth by Lawrence Albert Traver and Ella Elberta Traver I am , along with my mother very interested in locating here heritage we know her mother was Indian and possibly her father also. If you can ,or inform me ,how to locate our heritage info. thank you very much, larry souder

Name: Sandra Iver
My Location: ?
Date: Fri 10/31/2003 10:32 PM
My grandmother, Ethel Eliza Jackson, was adopted in Sioux City in about 1896, at the age of 5. She believed she was born in Sioux City on February 17, 1891 to a mother/family named Plunkett. She also believed her adoptive parents (Eugene Jackson and Fredrika Brandt) were acquainted with her birth mother. I am looking for any information I can find on either her birth or adoptive parents. I am especially interested in knowing if she may have been an "Orphan Train" rider.

Name: Donald R. McWhorter / Mr. Harold Clayton Dill
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My Location: ??????????
Date: Sun 10/19/2003 6:58 PM
My name is Donald R. McWhorter and I am a friend of Mr. Harold Clayton Dill. I am searching for Mr. Dill's birth parents and their home of record.
Mr. Dill has told me he was born at the Crittenton Foundling Home and was adopted through the Crittenton Home in Sioux City, Iowa, in late July or early August of 1923 (Mr. Dill was approximately 14 days old at time of adoption.) Mr. Dill's date of birth is 23 July 1923. The adoptive parents were:  George Douglas Dill and Mary Elizabeth "Mae" (Biser) Dill.

Name: Sarah Stoops
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My Location: Knoxville Iowa
Date: Mon 7/21/2003 12:32 AM
I am writing looking for information about unwed mother's homes in Sioux City. My grandma, Ottillia Brungardt, gave birth in Sioux City on April 8th, 1947.  She was in her mid 30's at the time of my mother's birth, and had spent most of her pregnancy in an unwed mothers home there. I am looking for anyone who may have known her during this period of her life. She passed away in 1976 without ever telling my mother anything about that time of her life. All we have been told, from her sister, was that she was told, the father to her baby was a shoe salesman from Cherokee. This would have been in the summer of 1946 that my grandma spent time in Cherokee, I believe she was working as an RN, and right out of the service . My mother would love any information someone has about any of these things, to help put together a picture of this time in her mother's life.

My Location: Unknown
Date: Fri 1/10/2003 8:42 PM
Could you add the following information to your site for adoptees looking.
Birth Name: Jerry Le Roy Winter (Winters), White Male
Adoptive Name: Marlin Lloyd Fultz
birth date: February 28,1944    02/28/44 2/28/44 2/28/1944 02/28/1944
place of adoption: Florence Critten Home, Sioux City, IA
adopted @ 3 months old
has a sister 2 years older
Adoptive parents names: William Lloyd Fultz and Nellie Louise Fultz (Helvig)
Adoptive parents lived in Roth, IA
Nellie was an elementary teacher
William was a ranch-hand.

My Location:  
Date: Wed 6/13/01 7:44 AM
My husband's birth name was Delmar Rager.  He was picked up at the Boys and Girls Home in Sioux City summer of l949 by his adopted father.  The Boys and Girls home have no record of him, however.  His birthday is July 16, l946.  We are looking for relatives.

Name: Curtis George Weins
My Location: Whiteriver, AA.
Date: Wed 6/13/01 6:20 PM
I was born 10/19/56 at Methodist Hospital in Sioux City, Iowa. I was adopted shortly after birth by individuals whom I believe were related to my birth mother; however, they did not disclose her name. My parents are both deceased and I would like to know my birth mother. Any help you can be would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Name: Delmar Rager
My location: ?
Date: Wed 6/13/01 7:44 AM
My husband's birthname was Delmar Rager.  He was picked up at the Boys and Girls Home in Sioux City summer of l949 by his adopted father.  The Boys and Girls home have no record of him, however.  His birthday is July 16, l946. We are looking for relatives.

Name: Linda Hart.
Location: Des Moines
Date: Mon 4/2/01 11:24 AM
My mother's married name is Ruth Anderson. .
My mother was adopted. Her birth parents are Arthur/Mabel Johnson. Mabel's birth name was Tuck. The last address I have on them from the research I've done so far is in Sioux City.
Mabel was in the Cherokee Mental Health Institute until 1950. I believe that Arthur died in 1942, but I'm not sure. I'd like to locate death records on them, as well as their marriage record,
and birth records on their children. Also, I believe that my mother had a couple of sisters -- married names of Mrs. Ray Eitel and Dorothy Maxwell. Their last known addresses were in
Dayton, Ohio. Any clues on searching for information on them? Thank you.


Name: Brian Miller
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Location: Cedar Rapids IA
Date: Wed 3/14/01 8:54 PM
I am looking for information on a place in Sioux City that would have housed unwed mothers/expecting mothers. I was born in that place in 1965. I was adopted by my current parents from this place and am looking for information on my birth parents.

Name: Judy Blackman
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Location: ?
Date: Wed 12/27/00 12:56 PM
I am looking for my mothers parents . her adopted name was Dorothy Eleanor Smith. She was adopted by the family of Judge Ellison Smith and Ruth  Smith of Sioux City. They were acquainted with the birth parents and I do know their were siblings in the family that were older brothers. I believe that the lived in the same area of  Sioux City as my grandparents.  My grandparents lived at 34th and Jackson .  My mother was born on Sept 20, 1916.  She was adopted when she was a toddler  2-3 yrs old . I believe it was a private adoption.   If anyone has any news about this I can be emailed at .

Name: Julie Wedge
Location: Landers CA
I am looking for any information on a John or Mae Richardson born March 29, 1930 in Sioux City, Iowa of Woodbury county. Their possible birthplace is St. Monica's home for unwed mothers. They were born to Lena Samantha Richardson AKA Sammy or Mancie of Terry Montana, who was my grandmother. Any information you could give me on either or these two would be appreciated. 

Name: Clair Woertendyke
Location: ?
Date: Fri 7/21/00 7:31 AM
My father was adopted in December 1919 to Charles and Agnes Woertendyke in Sioux City. My father remembers going out to the home and was given a dog on one visit. His adopted mother and sister took him there. I tried to check out the Foundling Hospital in New York City but they say they don't know nothing (no record). We believe he might have been on an "orphan train" because he appeared in Sioux City without notice. Is there any other way to get into the records that you know of? Feel free to call me. 800-327-1970

Name:  Mert Alphonsine
Location: ?
Date: Wed 5/10/00 6:14 PM
A baby boy was born on AUGUST 9, 1923, possibly in Sioux City, (Woodbury County), IA. Other possibilities include Hanson County, SD, or Lincoln County, SD. Birth name MIGHT have been "George Henry," but this is a calculated guess. The baby boy was adopted at the age of 13 months (approx. in September 1924) by Joseph and Lelah Nordseth, of Emery (Hanson County), SD. Joseph was the son of Jens Peter Nordseth and Gorena R. Nordtvedt. Joseph’s siblings included: Alma, Alpha, Eline, Norman, Palmer, Olaf, Marie. The boy was renamed "Leland James Nordseth." He went by the name of "Lee." Shortly after Lee’s wife gave birth to their first and only son, Lee was killed in a trucking accident in Iowa in February of 1944. Circumstances surrounding Lee’s birth: This is "family story" so no idea where the truth lies. It is believed that Lee’s parents were teenagers (from the Sioux City area?) who ran away from home. At some point they married. Not sure if they married before or after Lee’s birth. The parents of the teens tracked down the teens, brought them home, and had the marriage annulled. At some point, Lee was placed in an orphanage in Sioux City, Iowa. Name: "Critten" or "Crittenton" Home; or "Florence Critten Center." The legal adoption, however, took place in Hanson County, Iowa; Judge Moore officiating. It is possible that the birth family and the adoptive family were acquainted, but not sure. Lee’s descendants are looking for his birth family. If any one has any information, it would be greatly appreciated!

Name:  Mark Weisbrod
Date: Sun 3/26/00 6:36 PM
I am attempting to find information about my birth family. I was born August 29, 1954 in Sioux City Iowa, in Lutheran Hospital at 10:45 am. The attending doctor was Dr. Hefferman. I have been told my birth mother was possibly from Salix, Sloan, or Seeney Iowa.

Name:  Gary Hansen
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Location: Carrollton, Texas
Date: Thu 2/17/00 4:33 AM
Searching for our youngest brother Robert Edwin Hall of the George F. Hall family which resided at 217 Ross Street in Sioux City from 1946 - 1953?. Family of four children, Nancy born April 6, 1947, Gary born September 28, 1948, Richard born November 11, 1949, and Robert born possibility in 1952. Our mothers name was Arloene Mildred Hall (Anderson), daughter of Alice and Helmer Anderson of 2220 S. Helen Street in Morningside. Our father was from Schaller Iowa and worked as a roofer.  The four children were placed in the Boys and Girls home for adoption due to family problems. Nancy and Gary were adopted by Henry and Emma Hansen of Remsen, Iowa, and Richard was adopted by Elzie and Fern Robinson of Dayton, Iowa. Richard was recently reunited with Nancy and Gary and we look forward to finding our youngest brother. Any information especially birth date or adopted name would be helpful

Name: Mark Weisbrod
E-Mail: bad Email
Location: ?
Date: Sat 10/23/99 6:37 PM
I am attempting to find information about my birth family. I was born August 29, 1954 in Sioux City Iowa, in Lutheran Hospital at 10:45 am. The attending doctor was Dr. Hefferman. I have been told my birth mother was possibly from Salix, Sloan, or Seeney Iowa.

Name: M Rapp 
Location: ?
Date: Wed 10/13/99 2:06 AM
Searching for Nancy Anne Giffin nee Cody who gave birth to a son in Sioux City on 9-16-58, was attended by a physician in a hospital, probably not an Iowa resident, said to have been married, other children and from Pennsylvania. Need to find any information from Iowa vital stats that would help me find her; need medical information. Thank you

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