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Decorah Guard
Part of the third regiment of Iowa Volunteers


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Our Brave Volunteers

Source: Decorah Republic - May 16, 1861 Page 5

The following is a small portion of the 4 columns documenting the full day of events that commemorated the historic send-off

Business was nearly suspended, with all the rest business men felt an anxiety to know the future of the Guards, equal to that felt by the boys themselves. The minutes passed by very, very slowly in waiting; but they passed, and at last the wished for Captain came. And what a greeting he received! If Willett lives to be a Brigadier or Major General, He cannot receive a heartier greeting than was given him that morning. All were eager for a nod, or a shake of the hand, and then for
Of this they were not long deprived. — The Decorah Guards were accepted to compose a part of the Third Regiment of Iowa Volunteers under the last requisition from the President, and were ordered, to be ready to start for the rendezvous at Keokuk by the succeeding Thursday. Orders had been sent to McGregor to charter the first available steamboat in behalf the State, to take the Guards, the McGregor, West Union, Clarksville (Butler Co.,) and Dubuque companies to the place of rendezvous and that they must be ready to go as soon as the boat was obtained and made ready. This was the substance of the news he brought; but not all. Information such as was pleasant to hear, about the condition of the company as compared with other companies the Captain had seen was also told; the action of the Legislature stated; but we must pass that now.
By most of them it was hailed with joy. “For the war” was what they wanted. Some who had not prepared for so long an absence were not so ready to rejoice; but it grew out of their lack of preparation rather than from any misgivings or dread of so long a period of war.

The oldest men in the company (two of them) are aged 36 ; one is aged 34 , one 32, one 31, one 30, one 29, two 28, three 27, three 26, six 25, eight 24, seven 23, ten 22, nine 21, nine 20, eleven 19, ten 18. making a total of officers and men of 85. with an average of 22 years, 6 months, 22 days.

We give a list of the members as their names are signed to the oath of allegiance to the United States of America:

G. R. WILLETT. Captain.
ENOS I WEISKR, 1st Lieutenant,
OLE A ANDERSON, 2d Lieutenant,
GEO. McKAY, Orderly Sergeant,
A. H McMURTRlE, 2d Sergeant,
ROBERT RAY. 4th Sergeant.
HILTON ROSS, 2d Corporal,
CUAS. F BROWN, 3d Corporal,
JOSEPH S. NEFF, 4th Corporal,
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Privates (74)
Allen, A. J.
Armstrong, Zimiri
Barrett, Washington
Bartholomew, C. F
Blackman, James M.
Brace, William H
Bridge, Jonathan
Brink, John K.
Brown, Calvin
Bunt, Geo.
Camp, Seth T.
Carpenter, Richard E.
Crandall, H. E.
Culver, Geo.H.
Culver, George
Daskam, Hiram S.
Daskam, James S
Dean, Orville E.
DeCow, Henry R.
Dennis, Phineas M
Drake, Aaron K.
Egge, Gilbert E.
Egge, John E.
Ellingson, Sevenr
Esty, Wilber F.
Farber, Joseph
Gjorsten, Gjitle
Green, Henry
Grove, Hans A.
Gulbranhson, Hans
Gurney, Charles W.
Hall, David
Harmon, John
Hawpris, Nicholes
Hazen. Elmore
Heath, Thomas
Heckart, William B.
Hendrickson, Wm. J.
Huckins, William
Jacobson, John M
Jeffers, Samuel
Johnson, Harvey
Kelley, Thomas A
Kellogg, Matthew
Kightlinger, Abralmm
Knapp, Edward
Knudtson, Gilbert
Knudtson, Knud
Lamb, Lafayette
Larsen, Peter
Lyneli, John
McKay, Cyrus
Miller, Wm. B.
Nelson, Hans A.
Odell, Charles W.
Olsen, Karel
Olsen, Martin E.
Peterson, Knudt
Robinson, Sylvester
Sheldon, Henry H
Sheridan, Jason
Shindler, Michael
Smith, Samuel D.
Stensen, Hans H.
Stockdale, John Wesley
Sutherland, Francis J.
Symms, William M.
Thoresen, Andrew
Van Louven, Geo. N.
Vreeland, Levi W.
Walrath, Wilbur M.
Watson, Charles C
Wise, Daniel
Wise, Elijah

The scans of the above information were extracted from the Winneshiek County Newspaper Micro-Film using: Advantage Preservation software and these scans were transcribed by Bill Waters.

Please, contact the County Coordinator to submit additions or corrections.

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