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Co. H, Ninth Iowa Infantry
Source: Decorah Republican May 4, 1899 P 1 C 8

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A War Relic

There was brought to our examination a few days ago a relic of the War of the Rebellion—yea, two of them— that proved very interesting. One was an '‘extra” issued out of the Republican office (It was called the Republic, at that time,) on the24th of March, 1862, giving the mortality list of Co. H, of the 9th Iowa regiment in the battle of Pea Ridge, which took place March 6th and 7th. We have a number of readers to whom a copy of this extra will prove very Interesting, and we reproduce it:

Republic Office Monday. 2 p, m., 24th, 1832.
We get the list of killed and wounded in tho 9th, by the Dubuque Times, this p. m., and hasten to lay before the friends of members of Company H the mortality list of that Company. It numbers 21 names! One other Company has more(32)—this shows how the boys fought! A few names are miss-spelled, and we have not time to make corrections. -Eds. Republic.
Privates—Hugh Irwin, Henry Ward.
Sergeant C. E. Header, slightly in knee.
Wm. Salee, slightly in thigh.
Edwd Obrabam, slightly in arm.
Clark H. Davis, slightly in foot.
Henry Wilsie, slightly in leg.
Edward Ryan, dangerously in Shoulder

Barrett, Danieldangerously inbreast
Hamilton, AndrewdoArm
Dempsey, Thomasslightly inthigh
Clark, Hiramdofoot
Blake, E A.dothigh
Gates, Ambrosedoside
Hall, H. E.doleg
Lupher, Jacob P.dothigh
Mann, Garrisondohip
Merrical, Jusins G.doleg
Mallerson, Christiandoknee
Pedlar, Phillipdoleg
Perry, Alvin M.doside
Smith, Williamdoarm
Rotner, Martin V.doside
Thompson, Anfindofoot
Hunt, Elidoleg

The other relic Is a printed roll of the Company, such as was supplied to many companies in many regiments, for all the states, by printing houses that made this & specialty. This roll was bought by Ambrose Gates and was framed and hung in his parlor until on an occasion a gentle cyclone came along and “played ducks and drakes" with that house, that parlor and that framed roll. It was found and afterwards restored to its owner in a very dilapidated state, in fact, ripped and torn to pieces. It has been pasted together, and with no material portion gone.

From this and other data is gleaned some facts in which the surviving members of Company H take a justifiable pride. The company was the second one enlisted from Winneshiek County, and the membership came mainly from the northern part of the county. M. A Moore, of Burr Oak, was its first captain. First and last it had 135 members, and of these 100 were finally enrolled as among the '‘killed” or "wounded” some of the latter carry several scars, as, for instance, Ambrose Gates was wounded six times. It is a question: How many companies were there with such a record? It is not strange that this should be so when the list of memorable engagements the 9th participated in is recalled. It was with Gen. Curtiss in his memorable campaign through Missouri, culminating at Pea Ridge; was with Grant at the siege and assault of Vicksburg; participated In "the battle above the clouds” at Lookout Mountain; was at Mission Ridge, Kennesaw, Atlanta, and following Sherman to the sea, participated In the siege of Savannah, and the capture of Columbus, S. C., and Raleigh, N. C.

The men of the 9th Iowa have reason to be proud of the record they made.

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