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38th Iowa
1895 Reunion

Source: Decorah Republican Oct. 10, 1895 P 4 C 2


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Held at New Hampton last week on Wednesday and Thursday. The Saturday Gazette gives a very full and quite interesting report of this event, and says “This city never had a gathering in which more interest was taken.” There were in attendance 4 members of Co. A, 7 of Co. B, 13 of Co. C, 6 of Co. D, 5 of Co. E, 13 of Co. F, 6 of Co. G, 7 of Co. H, 8 of Co. I. and 2 of Co. K—making a total of 71. Accompanying wives or daughters carried the total up to a round 100. The camp-fire held Wednesday evening was a brilliant one. It was voted to meet annually hereafter and Waverly was chosen the next rendezvous. A feature of the occasion was a memorial service in which a list of the honored dead of the regiment, and their place of burial, was read. Thursday noon the veterans were banqueted by the ladies of the New Hampton Relief Corps. Those who attended from this county' were:—

38th Iowa
Civil War Veteran
Company Residence
Anderson, Geo. M.Co. EFrankville
Burton, L. G.Co. KKendallville
Hallman, E.Co. DFreeport
Humphrey, G. R.Co. DOrleans tp.
Lang, MoritzCo. EBluffton
McCusker, P.Co. EDecorah
Plomteaux, C. H.Co. DFort Atkinson
Smead, S. R.Co. KFrankville
Warn, S.Co. EFreeport
Weiler, JacobCo. CFt. Atkinson

Accompanying visitors—Miss Della McCusker and L. L. Cadwell, Decorah, Mrs. Webster and Mrs. Burroughs, of Ossian.

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