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38th Iowa
1894 Reunion

Source: Decorah Republican Oct. 11, 1894 P 4 C 2


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THE 38th IOWA Last day of the Reunion — A List of those Present.—An Enjoyable time.

The “boys" of the 38th Iowa closed their reunion on Thursday afternoon last. The morning session was devoted to business, such as election of officers, choosing the next place of holding the reunion, etc. New Hampton was agreed upon as the meeting place for next year, and the first Wednesday and Thursday in October as the days of holding same. Dr. A. Babcock, of New Hampton, was chosen commander of the association for the ensuing year, J. H. Parsons, senior vice commander, J. F. Dayton, junior vice commander, C. W. Sherman, quarter-master, and Win. Johnson, adjutant.

The following resolutions were also adopted:— Headquarters 38th Iowa Veteran Association. Decorah, Iowa, Oct. 4th, 1S94. Be it resolved by the members of said association here assembled, that we are under a lasting debt of gratitude and kindness to the people of Decorah, Iowa, for the interest they manifested in us and for their labors in making our reunion a most pleasant and profitable meeting. Resolved, further, that we extend to the officers of said association, and more especially to our adjutant and comrade, Pat McCusker our thanks for their labors in our behalf.

Resolved, that to the ladies of the Relief Corps of Decorah we will ever remember them for the kindly reception they gave us and for the bountiful repast which they provided for us and for their devotion to the comrades and their wives. May their lives be as the roses and at last inherit that loyal Diadem provided for the loyal, faithful and true. J. J. Berkey, A. Babcock, J, W. Rogers.

In the afternoon between the hours of 1:30 and 4 the veterans paid their respects to Mrs. D. H. Hughes, whose husband was their commander. During the reception remarks were made by George F. Harwood, of Tarkio, Mo., which caused tears to come to many eyes.

The “boys" all affirm that they had a royal good time, and the letter of comrade Jennings published in another column voices the sentiment that many of them personally expressed. Following we give a list of those present, We have failed however in recording the members of “Co. Q.” who reported, hut as it included a large number from Col. Hughes Post, it is hardly necessary for a full record:—

38th Iowa
Civil War Veteran
Company Residence
Adams, HenryEDecorah
Anderson, A TENordness
Anderson, G MEDecorah
Athay, Jennie L Mrs.W/DSparland, IL.
Babcock, AFNew Hampton
Bacher, J A Mrs.W/DWaverly
Bacon, C CGRandalia
Baker, HDBurr Oak
Bandle, Miss GertieW/DHesper
Bandle, W Mrs.W/DHesper
Banker, O AIOcheyedan
Barker, E IDCresco
Barrett, O M Lt.DSan Diago, Cal.
Barron, F W Lt.CSpirit Lake
Bendickson, ODLake Mills
Berkey, J J Capt.AWest Union
Bigley, ThosDAlma
Bloomfield, H FEDecorah
Bollman, EDFreeport
Bricknor, H lEDecorah
Bucher, J ABWaverly
Burrel, JAHawkeye
Burton, L GKKendallville
Cameron, J LKDecorah
Carson, E WDUnion
Casey, PELanesboro, Minn,
Clarke, BDCresco
Connor, IHElgin
Cooke, JFWest Union
Cummings, TICresco
Dayton, JGWebster City
Desart, L EHWest Union
Doolittle, MrsW/DWest Union
Doty, S W Mrs.W/DWest Union
Doud, W MHDouglas
Dougherty, E CBElgin, IL.
Dougherty, E MBWaterloo
E.Tubbs, S Mrs.W/DWest Superior
Eaton, W AIChester
Elwell, Clara L Mrs.W/DWest Union
Everingham, B DICresco
Ferren, A C Lt.EDecorah
Finch, B WGWest Union
Finch, B W Mrs.W/DWest Union
Fitch, E EAGalva, IL.
Gifford, JACresco
Goddard, A LDAlgona
Haaf, PeterEAlma
Haaf, Peter MrsW/DAlma
Hakins, L DICharles City
Hallman, BerthaW/DFreeport
Hallman, J HDCresco
Hallman, NettieW/DFreeport
Harwood, Geo FCTarkio, Mo
Hemminch, C TKFrankville
House, JFWest Union
House, J MrsW/DWest Union
Howe, H O Mrs.W/DAlva
Ives, AFWaucoma
Ives, A MrsW/DWaucoma
Jennings, I MAVolga City
Johnson, WmCNew Hampton
Johnson, Wm Mrs.W/DNew Hampton
Kinsey, WmAWest Union
Koppn, JohnELocust
Kundson, NEMayville, N D
Lange, MEBluffton
Lee, Hannah Mrs.W/DNew Hampton
Lee, LFJericho
Leonhart, M FFBrush Creek
Martin, R Mrs.W/D
Mathus, JFMarshalltown
Mattocks, W MHWaudena
Maydole, E A Mrs.W/DHesper
McCarthy, J E Mrs.W/DJackson Junction
McCusker, PEDecorah
Mintey, WICresco
Nichols, SICresco
Niles, R SGHawkeye
Niles, R. S. MrsW/DHawkeye
Noland, DDBluffton
Obriham, KEDecorah
Osgood, L KGHawkeye
Osgood, Miss BessieW/DHawkeye
Parson, J HCRepublic
Parsons, J H Mrs.W/DRepublic
Pitts, J HADouglass
Plomteaux, C HDFt Atkinson
Riser, GFFredericksburg
Riser, M M Mrs.W/DFredericksburg
Robertson, G.EWaukon
Rogers, J W Capt.FWest Union
Ronco, J JFFrederika
Ronco, J J MrsW/DFrederika
Sawyer, C WICresco
Scripture, G GCCharles City
Shattuck, G. W.KFrankville
Sherman, C WCNew Hampton
Sherman, Mary Mrs.W/DNew Hampton
Skelton, CKPostville
Smith, W MHWaterloo
Solason, Mrs.W/D
Spears, C DFSumner
Spears, E J Mrs.W/DSumner
Steen, Martin T.ELake Mills
Stone, W HCAlta Vista
Stontes, A PHScotch Grove
Stowell, O GCAlpha
Suckow, F WEHot Springs, S. D.
Town, S DDCresco
Tubbs, S EEWest Superior, Wis.
Warn, VetEFreeport
Wayman, T CAWest Union
Wayman, T C Mrs.W/DWest Union
Weller, JCFt Atkinson
Werner, Chas JCNew Hampton
Williams, T W Mrs.W/DLawler
Williams, TWCLawler
Worth, L D Mrs.W/DHesper
Wright, J GCNashua
Zimmerman, GHMount Hope, Wis.

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