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Puzzle Pieces Photo by Bill Waters

Welcome to the assembly area where Winneshiek cemetery puzzles are pieced together from the variable bits of available information. I have placed most of the WPA data into identified cemeteries. I started with 9470 names and I have placed over 9450 names. These are the 17 WPA names that I have not placed into an identified cemetery. In order to complete the Winneshiek County cemetery puzzle these gravestones must be connected to a known cemetery. To complete the puzzle I need all the help I can get. If you have any ideas please contact me. To contact me click on "County Coordinator" below the following table.

Name Age Birth Death  WPA Cemetery  WPA Township
Christianson, Maria 76     1852 1928 Orleans
Cooke, Caroline M. 62     1822 1884 21-Mar Decorah
Ellsworth, D. B. 74     1822 10-Jan 1896 09-Mar Decorah
Gilman, Rosa                  57       1805            1862            Leach Farm          Decorah
Headington                      no dates          no dates                              Canoe
Hubbard, John          81       no dates          no dates                              Decorah
Huston, John B.        50       1816              1874 Oct 19       Misc Monroe              Bloomfield
Johnson, Ellen M.       75       1845            1920                               Decorah
Kennelly, Catherine C.  60     1822           1858 May 15    Tillepaugh Farm     Bluffton
Kennelly, Timothy              no dates       no dates       Tillepaugh Farm     Bluffton
Nolan, Patrick        67       1820            1887 Feb 7                       Bluffton
Obrien, C. J.                 no dates      no dates      Leach Farm
Ruffridge, William  66       1870 May 12   1936 Jun 27   Misc no cem. Listed
Seavey, Mary Jane   38       1832          1870 Feb 10                    Decorah
Torsen, Lucy Treat         42   1864          1906                           Decorah
Townsend, Michall          55   1816          1871 Dec 25 Misc Monroe             Bloomfield
Name-List  End Age Birth Death Cemetery Township 

Please, contact the County Coordinator to submit additions or corrections.

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this page was last updated on Saturday, 26 July 2014