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 St. Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery Spillville Iowa

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St. Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery Spillville Iowa - photo by Bill Waters

Welcome to the Saint Wenceslaus Cemetery Page. The Spillville St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church is the oldest continuously operating Czech Catholic Church in the United States. These cemetery tables include links to photos of 200 Iron Cross Markers. These Iron Crosses were manufactured and sold by Charles Andera. This document summarizes data for 1564 graves is mainly based on a 100% Photo survey conducted by Bill Waters in October, 2012 and was created by merging the information found in the Works Project Administration (WPA) 1930ís Graves Registration Survey (419 Records), the ongoing Iowa Gravestone Photo Project (GPP) (1672 Records), and the ongoing IAGenWeb Obituaries (Obits) (244 Records). These pages also incorporate information gleaned from a cemetery book found in the Spillville library. It is titled St. Wenceslaus Cemetery Spillville, Iowa. The book was assembled by Winneshiek County Genealogical Society members and includes burials through July 1989. The book was photographed by Barry Zbornik and was transcribed by Joy Moore. I used the transcribed data extensively as I processed the various St Wenceslaus cemetery data that I had accumulated. I asked for permission to post the information directly from this cemetery book but I was refused permission by the Spillville library staff. These tables incorporate 118 pointers to photos of the deceased. The left columns of the tabulation indicate the source of the summary data WPA (W), GPP (G) and Obits (O). A camera Icon indicates that either an obit or a GPP record or both display a photo of the deceased. Note that some records have more than one source; this is because in many cases the information is redundant. If there is a disagreement, your county coordinator has used his best judgment about which information to include in the compilation. This summary contains a wealth of information that was made available by volunteers taking pictures and transcribing data. Those volunteers are to be applauded, keep up the good work! [Coordinator's note: The numbers in this summary do not "add up" for a variety of reasons, the main ones being that many married women (123) have 2 GPP records one with their maiden name and one with their married name, that most Family Stones (23) have adjacent smaller stones that mark individual graves.]

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St. Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery Section Map

St. Wenceslaus Cemetery Section and Row Map

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