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 St. Mary's - Our Lady of Seven Dolors Old Cemetery Burials at Festina, Iowa

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Photo submitted by Bruce Kuennen - Bruce obtained the photo on Facebook. If anyone knows any particulars about these burials, please contact your County Coordinator and that information will be posted on these pages

Facebook comments noted by Bruce Kuennen and submitted on 9/10/2018. The location of the old cemetery is on the same side of the street as the Parish Center. (South side of B32). It is located in the far Southwest corner of that property. Originally this was to be the cemetery. Blue pan clay made it unsuitable so they moved it behind church.

Carolin Kauten commented on Facebook that church records do not indicate who was buried in the old cemetery. She was told that some of the persons buried there were moved to the new cemetery, generally people who could afford to do so.

First burial 1859 in the new cemetery behind the church.

See the following table for possible names for those buried in the first St. Mary's - Our Lady of Seven Dolors Cemetery

NamesDBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Werner, Walburga
Jan. 2, 1852
Father: Christopher Werner (1822-1866)
Mother: Walburga Schoeberl (1828-1903)
Schneeberger, Theresia (Schoeberl)
Jan. 11, 1831
Jan. 31, 1856
Father: Joseph Sebastian Schoeberl (1798-1856)
Mother: Anna Maria Wein (1791-1881)
Schneberger, Christiana Margaretha (Karl)
abt 1823
Dec. 31, 1855
Father: Johann Christian Karle (1804-1867)
Mother: Susanna Katharina Kimmich (1805-1870)

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