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1899 Early Store Closing Petition

Source: Decorah Republican June 29, 1899 P 4 C 2

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A Petition. DECORAH, Iowa, May 30th, 1899 We, the undersigned, sympathizing with the efforts of the clerks to close shop doors at half-past six p m. for July and August, petition the merchants of this city to grant their request:

Allison, Mrs
Baker, Mrs AC
Baker, Mrs F D
Baker, Mrs F H
Barfoot, Miss Louis
Beard, Mrs R W
Bogardus, Miss L C
Brown, Mrs C A
Couse, Mrs L L
Dayton, Jennie L
Dayton, Martha C
Freeman, Mrs W
Greene, Mrs E M
Griswold, Mrs A W
Groves, Mrs
Grow, Mrs A W
Hawes, Mrs J D
Hawley, Mrs
Heinberg, Mrs L
Holcomb, Mrs Lewis
Hoyt, Mrs E W
Hughes, Mrs A M
Lockard, Mrs. L L
Logsdon, Mrs T P
Matteson, Mrs L
McKay, Mrs L A
McKinney, Mrs J A
Miller, Mrs L J
Montgomery, Mrs M H
Montgomery, Sadie
Oehler, Mrs G
Otteson, Miss Hannah
Ousley, Mrs A S
Parks, Mrs Caroline
Pike, Mrs
Putnam, Mrs F S
Ranken, Mrs A M
Reaves, Mrs H A
Rudolph, Mrs Ed
Schenok, Mrs C E
Severson, Mrs A M
Simpson, M A
Slack, Mrs R J
Smilie, Mrs N A
Thomas, Mrs A D
Vance, Mrs N W
Weiser, Mrs M L
Willett, Mrs Malhon
Wohlford, Nellie A
Wohlford, Mrs E

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