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1896 Decorah Bicycle Owners
Source: Decorah Republican June 11, 1896 P 4 C 2


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Decorah Bicycle Census—238 Wheels
—57 Kinds—$15,000
With the view of ascertaining the number of wheels being ridden in Decorah we have been taking a census of the wheels and riders during the past week. While we have secured a large portion of them we are sure that the list is not complete, and will be glad to hear from anyone whose name does not appear. The census shows there are fifty-seven different wheels being used. Of these the Decorah comes first in number, with thirty-seven. The Rambler is second with sixteen: the Fowler third with thirteen; and the Columbia fourth with twelve; Victor and Falcon eleven each; Phoenix ten; Westminster nine; and the balance from eight down to one each. At an average price of $60 each, which is reasonably low, the 238 wheels enumerated reach a value of nearly $14,000—quite a bunch of money to he invested in a single luxury even in a town the size of Decorah Look them over and see if your name is there. We know we have omitted the names of a number who ride but do not own wheels;—
Abbey, EdRambler
Adams, B HRambler
Adams, JohnWestminister
Adams, WalterCrescent
Adams, WillWaverly
Amundson, HenryEldredge
Amundson, RobBelvidere
Amy, AbbieDecorah
Anundsen, ArthurThistle
Anundsen, BBelvidere
Anundsen, F HEldredge
Archmoody, T FPhoenix
Arnesnn, OttoThistle
Assein, GusRambler
Auchmoody, LonPhoenix
Bailey, AliceCrescent
Bailey, E CVictor
Baker, E RVictor
Baker, F HFowler
Baker, FlorenceFowler
Baker, FredFowler
Baker, G FColumbia
Baker, GraceWestminister
Baker, KateFowler
Baker, WillFowler
Barfoot, A FRambler
Barrow, TeeDecorah
Bauder, OscarFalcon
Bear, AlexDecorah
Bear, BenDecorah
Bear, Ben MrsPhoenix
Bear, EdRambler
Bear, GertrudeDecorah
Bear, JosephineDecorah
Beard, EmmaBen Hur
Benedict, RayDecorah
Bennett, ChasSunbeam
Berg, BerthaImperial
Bernatz, WmWaverly
Bidne, SanderCrawford
Bierman, FredImperial
Bloomfield, FrankWaverly
Bradish, AWarner
Brown, ClaraDecorah
Brunner, FrankRoad King And Queen
Bullls, RuthSechler
Burdick, C W and wifeHumber
Cameron, JohnAmerica
Carey, MaeWestminister
Chamberlin, EugeneSanspareil
Christen, MyrtleDecorah
Christopher, GraceDecorah
Collins, W HIde
Colnon, CarrieEclipse
Conover, F W and wifeColumbia
Coolant, C C MrsWaverly
Corban, JohnCovendry
Couse, L LProgress
Coutant, C CColumbia
Crawford, ANo 5 SpeciaL
Crittenden, D D MrsIde
Curtin, E JDecorah
Daubney, J W MrsDecorah
Daubney, MoreyCrawford
Daubney, RossKingman
Davidson, LizzieFalcon
Davidson, StellaFalcon
Duncan, J H and wifeColumbia
Easton, H LRambler
Elvidge, HenryColumbia
Elvidge, Henry MrsPhoenix
Enger, L M.Belvidere
Enger, MelvinNew Mail
Frettheim, OleWestminister
Gilbertson, MissThistle
Gilbertson, RoyFalcon
Goddard, ClaraDecorah
Goddard, FredDecorah
Goddard, H C and wifeDecorah
Goddard, HerbDecorah
Gotove, CharleyPierce
Gove, MaePierce
Graham, EllaDecorah
Green, DothaCountess,
Green, GraceWabash
Green, H JSuperb
Green, MarionGarland
Greer, LillieSpaulding
Groves, JasBen Hur
Grow, A WVictor
Grundeson, GVictor
Haakenson, A LThistle
Halvorson, S E JMonarch
Hanson, HaldorBelvidere
Hanson, LouisWarner
Haskell, HerbertIdeal
Haug, AmyPhoenix
Hawes, J D MrsSpaulding
Headington, HallieImperial
Headington, HerbVictor
Hegg, EmmaBelvidere
Hegner, CarrieDecorah
Hegner, MinnieDecorah
Heyer, ArnoldWestminister
Hoffoss, OlafVictor
Hogan, WillAjax
Hogle, W MEagle
Holm, O NEclipse
Holmes, H WEldredge
Holmes, I NRambler
Holverson, ChristineDecorah
Holway, E WVictor
Holway, RuthFalcon
Hoyt, AllieGarland
Hoyt, E WFowler
Hull, BessieCrescent
Hutchinson, H JNapoleon
Jackwitz, NordenFalcon
Johnson, AmandaEagle
Jones, InezDecorah
Kelley, FrankWarner
Kelley, ThosRambler
Kline, HughRambler
Knoke, ChrisWestminister
Korsrud, OleRambler
Landers, FredEagle
Larson, Ellen and NettieCorona,
Larson, WmBen Hur
Lennon, HawleyFowler
Lennon, LouiseFowler
Lesa, ClaraDecorah
Lincoln, AlbertaFowler
Liquin, OleWestminister
Lloyd, F A MrsMonarch
Mackenstadt, ChasDecorah
Mackenstadt, RogerDecorah
Marlow, EllaRoad King And Queen
Marlow, J AColumbia
Marsh, C S MrsDecorah
Marsh, J JHumber
Marsh, Miss JoSechler
McClaskey, TheoWaverly
McIntosh, BDuke
McKay, B JRambler
McKay, MaySpaulding
McMasters, FrankCzar
Merrill, MottCleveland
Mikkelson, MissDecorah
Miller, RobRambler
Moss, L N and wifeImperial
Moss, LucileLittle Trilby
Murriwsh, FredAlix,
Myrick, W CDecorah
Nelson, OscarCrawford
Nordheim, W OVictor
Ode, O P and wifeFalcon
Oliver, VernJohn Elling’s 999
Paine, H D MrsEagle
Peterson, ADuke
Petre, JohnPierce
Phelps, Miss JessicaTriangle
Pope, J W and wifeDecorah
Portman, KateColumbia
Postmark, AlbertBelvidere
Potter, S VDecorah
Proper, JVictor
Qualley, ChrisCredenda
Qualley, Nels CRoad King And Queen
Quandahl, N NPhoenix
Ramsey, MarthaDecorah
Reed, CharleyTelegram,
Reed, WallaceSpaulding
Reeves, HenryColumbia
Relf, M G MrsEldredge
Reum, FrankRambler
Riley, F JRambler
Riley, F J MrsWaverly
Riley, HarryIdeal
Riley, WalterFowler
Rima, IrsWarwick
Ringdabl, PeterDuke
Ringdahl, EdDuke
Ringoen, SevertDecorah
Rude, EmmaFalcon
Rudolph, ChasPetite, Jr
Rudolph, EWyeth
Rudolph, E MrsSunbeam
Sampson, AlbertCourier
Schall, O ARambler
Schall, O A MrsPierce
Schaoll, EugenePierce
Schwarz, OttoEclipse
Scriver, LottieFalcon
Selsvold, GeoWestminister
Severson, MabelCrescent
Shea, WalterEagle
Smith, ArthurPhoenix
Sorbo, Ole NImperial
Strand, O AColumbia
Tavener, A EFowler
Thayer, GeoNew Mail
Thomas, HallDecorah
Thompson, H FFowler
Thompson, IdaPhoenix
Thompson, TheoVictor
Topliff, RayBen Hur
Torsen, M T MrsPhoenix
Tracy, AlliePhoenix
Tracy, RoyColumbia
Tuttle, BenCourier
Tuttle, LoisFalcon
Updegraff, CassieDecorah
Van Pelt, HarryWestminister
Vance, AlbertLindsay
Vick, KnutDuke
Weiser, C J and wifeDecorah
Weiser, E J and wifeHumber
Weiser, HarryScorcher Jr
Whitney, L B and wifeImperial
Willett, NormanFowler
Wilson, ArthurRambler
Wilson, GeoVictor
Young, GraceSpaulding
Zeigelmeyer, WmWarner

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