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1895 Judges and Clerks of Election
Source: Decorah Republican Sept. 12, 1895 P 2 C 1


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The following: named persons were appointed and designated as judges and clerks of election within and for the different voting precincts of Winneshiek county for 1895:
Ackerson, JohnJudgeBurr Oak Township
Adams, N. H.JudgeDecorah, 3d ward
Akers, J. M.JudgeBluffton Township
Albertson, A. H.ClerkSumner Township
Amondson, JonasClerkPleasant Township
Anderson, G. M.JudgeFrankville Township
Baker, F. H.JudgeDecorah, 2d ward
Baker, G. F.JudgeDecorah, 4th ward
Bark, AddisonJudgeFremont Township
Barnes, R.ClerkFremont Township
Barth, ValentineJudgePleasant Township
Beers, Geo.JudgeMadison Township
Bernatz, A.JudgeDecorah, 1st ward
Blakeman, Ed.ClerkDecorah Township
Brinkman, Geo.JudgeLincoln Township
Brockamp, GeorgeJudgeWashington, 1st Precinct
Brown, C. C.ClerkOrleans Township
Brown, H. C.JudgeOrleans Township
Casterton, O.JudgeHighland Township
Cody, W. F.ClerkMilitary Township
Conover, FredJudgeDecorah, 3d ward
Crawford, T. J.JudgeFrankville Township
Daubney, J W.ClerkDecorah, 4th ward
Dostal, A.ClerkCalmar, 1st Precinct
Doubek, Jos.JudgeWashington 2d Precinct
Ellingson, O. W.JudgePleasant Township
Elliott, HenryClerkBluffton Township
Evans, O. C.ClerkGlenwood Township
Francis, G. F.JudgeDecorah, 2d ward
Funke, HenryJudgeSpringfield Township
Funke, Wm.JudgeMilitary Township
Gehling, HenryJudgeWashington, 1st Precinct
Glover, Chas.JudgeCanoe Township
Golberg, P. O.JudgeHesper Township
Grindeland, K. L.JudgeHighland Township
Haas, Geo.JudgeJackson Township
Hanlon, J. W.ClerkBurr Oak Township
Harvey, J. W.JudgeBloomfield Township
Haugen, O. G.ClerkSpringfield Township
Headington, J. J.ClerkCanoe Township
Hegg, JohnClerkSpringfield Township
Herold, JohnJudgeSumner Township
Hiatt, C. A.JudgeHesper Township
Hislop, Geo.JudgeDecorah Township
Hogan, Jas.ClerkDecorah Township
Hornberger, JacobJudgeLincoln Township
Hove, Ole P.JudgeMadison Township
Hoyt, E. W.JudgeDecorah, 3d ward
Huber, P. J.ClerkWashington 2d Precinct
Huinker, T. H.ClerkWashington, 1st Precinct
Ira, Jos.JudgeSumner Township
Istad, A. T.ClerkMadison Township
Jacobson, C.ClerkGlenwood Township
Jirak, John J.JudgeJackson Township
Kapler, O.ClerkCalmar, 2d Precinct
Kittinger, D. F.JudgeBloomfield Township
Koppen, JohnJudgeCanoe Township
Krumm, ChristJudgeWashington 2d Precinct
Larkcn, M. C.JudgeBluffton Township
Larson, NelsClerkHighland Township
Lennon, C. B.ClerkDecorah, 3d ward
Lester, Jas.ClerkFremont Township
Libbey, I. A.JudgeOrleans Township
Limbeck, FrankClerkMilitary Township
Linde, Ole J.ClerkLincoln Township
Ludwig, JohnClerkSumner Township
Luros, C. A.ClerkHighland Township
Lyons, PatJudgeJackson Township
Masters, C. N.JudgeBurr Oak Township
McCauley, Thos.ClerkBluffton Township
McCusker, PatJudgeDecorah, 4th ward
McGovern, MilesClerkJackson Township
McMahon, M. A.ClerkJackson Township
McMillan, A.ClerkWashington 2d Precinct
Merrill, M. H.JudgeDecorah, 1st ward
Miller, HenryJudgeCalmar, 1st Precinct
Moen, John A.JudgeGlenwood Township
Morss, B. B.ClerkDecorah, 2d ward
Morton, PeterJudgeOrleans Township
Musser, J. A.ClerkBloomfield Township
Myran, N. H.ClerkMadison Township
Nelson, O. W.JudgeHesper Township
Neste, P K.JudgeMadison Township
Nicholson, M. J.JudgeSpringfield Township
Nolan, Thos.JudgeBluffton Township
Olson, N. A.ClerkCanoe Township
Olson, Ole P.JudgeCanoe Township
Peck, WilberClerkFrankville Township
Peterson, JohnClerkCalmar, 1st Precinct
Pike, R. C.ClerkDecorah, 3d ward
Pike, S.JudgeLincoln Township
Portman, R. F. B.ClerkDecorah, 4th ward
Powers, PatrickJudgeBloomfield Township
Powers, Thos.ClerkDecorah, 1st ward
Quandahl, N. N.JudgeDecorah, 1st ward
Riley, Ed.ClerkDecorah, 2d ward
Ringoen, M. R.ClerkLincoln Township
Roach, JohnJudgeFremont Township
Rocksvold, O. P.JudgeGlenwood Township
Rollins, C. E.JudgeBurr Oak Township
Roney, PeterJudgeDecorah Township
Rowe, H. C.ClerkHesper Township
Ruffridge, Geo.ClerkPleasant Township
Rustad, G. O.ClerkDecorah, 1st ward
Schupanitz, JohnClerkWashington, 1st Precinct
Sherven, OleJudgeSumner Township
Shrieber, F. A.JudgeWashington 2d Precinct
Sieidemantel, HenryJudgeMilitary Township
Smith, DanJudgeFremont Township
Snyder, HiramJudgeDecorah Township
Soland, E. E.JudgeSpringfield Township
Stoen, Tosten H.JudgePleasant Township
Sydow, C.JudgeCalmar, 2d Precinct
Tenold, Ole P.JudgeCalmar, 1st Precinct
Teskey, W. E.JudgeDecorah, 4th ward
Thompson, O. P.JudgeDecorah, 2d ward
Thompson, OleJudgeMilitary Township
Thunte, Jos.JudgeWashington, 1st Precinct
Tingvold, H. C.ClerkHesper Township
Tuma, MikeJudgeCalmar, 1st Precinct
Tupy, M. A.JudgeCalmar, 2d Precinct
VanWey, J. J.ClerkFrankville Township
Ward, W. H.ClerkBurr Oak Township
Webber, H. J.ClerkOrleans Township
Weitgenant, Jos.ClerkBloomfield Township
Westby, G. A.JudgeGlenwood Township
Wevley, Iver M.JudgeHighland Township
Willson, W. H.ClerkCalmar, 2d Precinct
Wilson, Chris.JudgeFrankville Township
Wood, ChasJudgeCalmar, 2d Precinct

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