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1894 Petit Jurors
November Term

Source: Decorah Republican Nov. 15, 1894 P 5 C 4


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District Court, November term. STATE OF IOWA WINESHIEK COUNTY
To the Sheriff of Winneshiek County: You are hereby commanded to summon the following named persons:

Ask, A P.Madison
Bakke, Ole E.Frankville
Bean, Ed.Decorah
Best, FrankJackson
Blackburn, R. A.Lincoln
Blanchaine, C, H.Military
Bolger, JohnDecorah
Brandt, IverDecorah
Browford, JohnBloomfield
Burns, JohnJackson
Bush, S. H.Washington
Dahlen, A.O.Glenwood
Estey, G. W. Jr.Bloomfield
Goddard, H. J.Washington
Graham, DavidDecorah
Hogan, J.W.Decorah
Hoyt, E. W.Decorah
Huinker, Theo.Washington
Hunter, S. A.Bloomfield
Ira, JosephJackson
Johnson, HecklarBluffton
Johnson, MartinOrleans
Jones, F. E.Bloomfield
Kelly, HughBurr Oak
Kennedy, Wm.Decorah
Koester, H.Washington
Krumm, HermanJackson
Langhast, JohnCanoe
Lein, J. M.Hesper
Losen, PeterHesper
Luros, ChristianHighland
Mallaney, Wm.Freemont
McMillen, JamesCanoe
Milne, JohnBurr Oak
O’Neal, JohnDecorah
Patzer, HenryMilitary
Peck, LeeFrankville
Price, DanBurr Oak
Rathburn, G. C. W.Frankville
Renaas, EmilGlenwood
Rustad, OleHighland
Seim, O. H.Pleasant
Seressel, JosephMilitary
Shurthlif, Wm.Freemont
Stoskoff, Theobold Jr.Pleasant
Tangen, O. T. C.Military
Wangsnes, JohnSpringfield
Whtiney, C. H.Hesper


Burns, JamesJackson
Ellingson, KittelHighland
Funke, Wm.Military
Hegg, JohnSpringfield
Kittinger, D. F.Bloomfield
Meyer, JacobCalmar
Miller, CharlesBurr Oak
Moore, C. O.Decorah
Paley, W J.Lincoln
Peterson, EinarCanoe
Rosa, PeterFrankville
Westby, G.Glenwood

to be and appear before the District Court of Winneshiek County, Iowa, at the Court House in said County, at One o'clock. P. M. on the 27th day of November, A. D. 1894 to serve as Petit Jurors, and then and there to continue until duly discharged, and have you then and there this writ. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand, and affixed the Seal of said Court, at Decorah, Iowa, this the29th day of October, A. D 1894 Henry Elridge, clerk. By A. L. Haakenson, Deputy.

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