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1894 Election Results
Source: Decorah Republican Nov. 15, 1894 P 4 C 3


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A List of those elected in each Township, Nov. 6th.

Justices—W. A. Harvey, D. A. Allspaugh.
Constables—L. A. Woolsey, Abe Oxley.
Clerk—J. A. Musser.
Trustee—J. W. Harvey.
Assessor—A. H. Uhley.

Justices—W. W. Carter, H. B. Corlett.
Constables—D. D. Rosa, W. A V. Cahalan.
Clerk—W. F. Cody.
Trustees—Wm. Funk, H. Scheidemantel.
Assessor—Hans H. Dalaker.

Justices—M. A. Cubish, Theo. Huinker.
Constables—Joseph Hylte. John Rothmeyer.
Clerk—P. .T. Huber.
Trustee—Henry Gehling.
Assessor—Theo. Huinker.

Justices—J. G. Krall, J. H. Hoey.
Constables—Michael Kovarik, Chas. Kundt.
Clerk—M. McMahan.
Trustees—Geo. Haas.
Assessor—J. H Hoey.

Justices—G. H. Van Wey, G. J. Cooper.
Constables—L. C. Spaun, Frank Daniels.
Clerk—J. J. Van Wey.
Trustee—Geo. M. Anderson.
Assessor—J. D. Schenck.

Justices—M. J. Nicholson,O. A. Lomen
Constables—Albert Smetling, John Wangsnes.
Clerk—John Hegg.
Trustee—M. J. Nicholson.
Assessor—J. H. Numedahl.

Justices—Jacob Meyer, O. Kapler.
Constables—H. L. Miller, Joseph Kapinos.
Clerk—A. Dostal.
Trustee—M. A. Tupy.
Assessor—J. G. Mashek.

Justices—Frank Boushka, John O. Linde.
Constables—Joseph Ira, Iver Linde.
Clerk—Albert Albertson.
Trustee—Joseph Ira.
Assessor—Frank Jr. Kovarik

Justices—O. C. Carlsburg, C. Jacobson.
Constables—O. A. Berg, James L. Ira.
Clerk—C. Jacobson.
Trustee—G. A. Westby.
Assessor—O. H. Sivesind.

Justices—E. Mather. R. F. Gibson.
Constables—John Bloomfield, Thos. Flemming.
Clerk—T. T. Vick.
Trustee—George Hislop.
Assessor—Nels F. Ramsey.

Clerk—A. T. lstad.
Constable— Narve Foss.
Trustee—P. K Neste.
Assessor—B. O. Bakken.

Justices—AV. H. Klemme, Fred Hoyt.
Constables—E. A, Hoyt, E. A. Bakken.
Clerk—O. J. Linde.
Trustees—S. Pike. Geo. Brinkman.
Assessor—Theo. Gessell.

Justices—Edwin Hover, Samuel Stoskoff.
Constables—Berge Horvey, John Ottesen.
Clerk—Jonas Amundsen.
Trustee—Valentine Barth.
Assessor—Albert G. Christian.

Justices—C. F. McClain, E. O. Ellingson.
Constables—Thos. Gilman, John Langhast.
Clerk—N. A. Olson.
Trustee—Ole P. Olson.
Assessor—Michael Foss.

Justices—Wm. Murdock, Moritz Lange
Constables—Geo. Emery, Fred Lenhart.
Clerk—Henry Elliott.
Trustees—T. Nolan, Andy Corolan.
Assessor—William Muldoon.

Justices—Henry Goocher, F. L. Harris.
Constables—Claude Morton, W. F. Gager.
Clerk—C. C. Brown.
Trustee—H. C. Brown.
Assessor—A. S. Rivers.

Justices J. K. Goldbro, N. N. Larson.
Constables—C. P. Olson, L. N. Larson.
Clerk—Nels Larsen,
Trustee—K. L. Grindeland.
Assessor—John J. Bjerke.

Justices—D. A. Hill, W. B. Van Vleit
Constables—E. Halsey, W. Tillapaugh.
Clerk—H. C. Rowe.
Trustee—C. A. Hiatt.
Assessor—Perry Whitney.

Justices—Z. B. Landin, P. Pfeifer
Constables—Almon W. Jewell, M. E Marsh.
Clerk—W. H. Ward.
Trustee—Clayton E. Rollins.
Assessor—Alvin Rollins.

Justices—P. L., Thayer, Nels Ellingson
Constables—Arthur Yates, Harker Puntney.
Clerk—R. Barnes.
Trustee—Addison Burke.
Assessor—John Jacobsen.

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