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Valder Normal School
1898 Graduates

Source: Decorah Republican June 16, 1898 P 4 C 4

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The Commencement Exercises of the Vaider Business College and Normal School will be held in the Grand Opera House at Decorah, la., Friday Evening, June 24,1898, at 8 P. M.
Invocation... . Rev. L. L. Lockard
Oration—Andrew Stiley, The Need of the Ideal
Oration—Nelius J. Johnson . The Nile
Oration—Ada M. Chase., Buttoned up People
Tenor Solo—S. Halverson . .. Selected
Oration—James Byrnes . . Benjamin Franklin
Oration—H. G. Leikvold . . How to Succeed
Recitation—Mary M. Scott. . Margery Grey
Oration—W. P. Donald,
No excellence Without Labor
Oration—Elsie A. Miller, The Sunny Side of Life
Oration—George B. Wilson ..........Grit
Clarinet Solo—M. J. Soukop......Selected
Oration—Julia L. Hcekle..........Courtesy
Oration—Jos. J. Conry ....Whither Goest Thou
Presentation of Diplomas . ..Prof. G. A. Oliver
Graduates of ’98.


Aygarn, Heber
Brorby, Lizzie E.
Byrnes, Jas.
Chase, Ada M.
Conry, Joseph J.
Coughlin, Maggie
Donald, Will. P.
Epley, B. B.
Gardner, Emma D.
Giesen, Chas. Wm.
Gunderson, Chas.
Heckle, Julia L.
Hydle, S. M.
Johnson, Nelius J.
Klorlien, Fred T
Leikvold, Henry G.
Miller, Elsle A.
Scott, Mary M
Stiley, Andrew
Tavener, Myrtle L.
Wilson, Geo. B.


Ball, Ed.
Bleka, Elmer
Cornell, Welton
Dayton, J. S.
Fosse, Alvin
Gilse, Fred
Gremm, Nicholas
Hallan, Oscar
Healy, John
Heiserman, W. E.
Hezel, Franclsca
Honsey, Ingvald
Johnson, Anna
Johnson, Marie
Lee, Oscar
Lindberg, Oscar
Miller, Louise
Myron, A. O.
Oliver, Judson
Reilly, Chas. E.
Relf, R.
Rice, Will P.
Schissel, W.
Syee, Jennie
Thune, H. C.
Todd, Ella
Trzclnski, C. E.
Trzclnski, J. J
Turner, Arthur
Vaala, Mamie
Youmans, Ed.


Benedict, F. E.
Bochner, Geo.
Call, Myrtle
Carr, Ella
Dahley, Etta
Elvidge, Lottie
Halverson, Hermon
Hezel, Franclsca
Hitchcock, Bessle
Pringle, Albert
Reed, Ida
Renken, Tillie
Richards, Ade
Stortz, Emma
Syee, Jennie
Thompson, Anfin
Toomey, M. O.

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