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Teachers Institute
1903 Attendees

Source: Decorah Republican Mar. 19, 1903 Page 1 Col 7
and Apr. 9, 1903 Page 7 Col 5


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Mar. 19, 1903
Announcement of the Winneshiek Co.
Normal Institute for 1903.
The Forty-third Annual Session of tile Winneshiek County Normal Institute will convene in the high school building in Decorah, March 30, 1903, and continue two weeks.

No effort has been spared in securing the best of talent of instructors. The list as now made up consists of Supt. H. A. Dwelle, of Waukon, Iowa; Supt. E. L. Coffeen of Decorah; Prof. F. C. Clark of Calmar; Prof. T. I. Gifford of Valdor Normal School, Decorah; Prof. H. L. Walter of Decorah High School, and the following ladies: Miss Julia Breckenridge of Decorah Institute, Miss Ella Treat, supervisor of music. Decorah and Cresco, Miss Esther L. Bissell, teacher of English, Decorah high school, and Mrs. Mae Algyer, instructor in primary methods, Decorah Institute. The work to be given by each is as follows

Mr. Dwelle--Civics, Economics, C. Didactics and C. and A. Arithmetic.
Mr. Coffeen—Reading and History in each of the C, B and A Divisions and B and A Didactics.
Mr. Clark—Orthography in the C. B. and A. Divisions.
Mr. Gifford—B. and A. Grammar, B. Arithmetic, and A. Geography.
Mr. Walter—Physics and Algebra, Normal Division.
Miss Breckenridge—C. Grammar, C. and B. Geography and Physical Culture Work and Hygiene for all Divisions.
Miss Treat—Music in all Divisions.
Miss Bissell—Literature in Normal Division.
Mrs. Algyer—Primary Methods, C. B. and A. Divisions.

The teachers of the county are well acquainted with Mr. Coffeen mid Miss Treat so no introduction of them is required, but the other members of the faculty may not bo so well known, and we take this opportunity of introducing briefly each of them.

Mr. Dwelle was several years ago county superintendent of Cerro Gordo county, later he was president of Nora Springs Academy, and at present is superintendent of City Schools, Waukon, Iowa.  Mr. Dwelle is an instructor of many years experience and usually returns from year to year to the counties in which he has given instruction. He is calm, clean and thorough in his work, and will make a strong instructor for us.

Mr. Gifford comes well prepared by many years experience in public school work, and later principal of Pike Seminary, New York, and now of Valdor Normal School, where he has proven a strong addition to the faculty, being a live, energetic instructor

Mr. Clark is well known to the older teachers of the county, being himself a teacher of extended experience in the county, having been principal of Ossian schools twelve years and of Calmar school the past six years. He is a strong, thorough, and popular instructor, having had several years experience In institute work.

Mr. Walter who will have charge of the work in physics and algebra came to Decorah as science instructor in Decorah high school, after having graduated from Wisconsin University at Madison, and having taught in the high school at Algona. Mr. Walter has built up the science work In the high school until it stands at the front rank among the schools of Its size in the state.

Miss Breckenridge is thoroughly equipped for her work, by graduating from the University of Minnesota and by several years of very successful experience in teaching, She has proven a very popular instructor with her students, and competent judge of pronounced her second to none in the state as an Instructor In her lines of work.

Miss Bissell who will give the work in literature, Is a teacher of several years' experience In her work. She is a graduate of Cornell College, and has spent, some time as a student of languages at Chicago University. In her work In the high schools of Waukon, McGregor and Decorah she has proven a very thorough and popular teacher. Her work will be very pleasant and profitable for the teachers.

Mrs. Algyer made special preparations for her work in the Iowa State Normal School from which she graduated in 1893. She has, since then, been a successful primary teacher in the Decorah schools until recently, and now is instructor in primary methods at Decorah Institute, where her work has been highly appreciated.

Owing to the urgent demand for trained teachers, every teacher should avail herself of every means of advancing herself in her work. The institute furnishes very much help in doing this, hence every teacher and those planning to teach should attend. The regular program and announcement will be sent on application to the county superintendent.

Arrangements are being made for two or more lectures during the institute. The lecture that everybody will want to attend will be given by Dr. George E. Vincent of Chicago University who captivated the audience at the Decorah High School Commencement last spring. Mr. Vincent will be with us Tuesday evening. March 31st. Supt. V. I. Crane of Marshalltown will probably be with us the second week. Arrangements are being made for a social evening one night during the Institute when a short program will be given and an old fashioned spelling match held, the first and second best spellers being given appropriate prizes. For further information write for formal announcement and program to
Ellis J. Hook, County Superintendent

Apr. 9, 1903
The Largest Normal Institute for Several Years.
The annual session of the county normal institute, now approaching its end, is the largest of recent years, the enrollment showing 222 teachers and students in attendance.
Following is the roster.

NameSchool System
Arneson, C BDecorah
Arneson, Fred WDecorah
Auchmoody, EdnaDecorah
Baner, AnnaCalmar
Barlow, Cora EOssian
Batchelder, SusiePostville
Beard, Rees ADecorah
Blodgert, CarlieDecorah
Blount, BlancheDecorah
Brekke, LenaSpillville
Brorby, LizzieDecorah
Bryant, Rebecca AProsper, Minn.
Bullis, AdaDecorah
Campbell, HarrietteCalmar
Casterton, MyrtleHesper
Chase, ElsieProsper, Minn.
Child, Chas LDecorah
Child, FlorenceDecorah
Christofersen, AliceDecorah
Cooney, RitaLawler
Crane, MarthaDecorah
Crawford, MaryDecorah
Curtin, JennieConnor
Curtin, SadieConnor
Daly, GertrudeCalmar
Daskam, MyraKendallville
Daskam, W AFort Atkinson
Daubney, EdithDecorah
Deming, Kate L.Fort Atkinson
Denning, GraceDecorah
Dick, BlancheBurr Oak
Drugsvold, TenaSpillville
Dungey, JennieJackson Junction
Dunning, AmyDecorah
Eager, ArthurDecorah
Egeland, Wm ODecorah
Eiken, GelinaDecorah
Ellingson, HannahHighlandville
Erickson, IdaCalmar
Espeeeth, JosieCalmar
Fifie, LindaKendallville
Fisher, MinnieLawler
Fitzgerald, KateCresco
Gaffney, J CDecorah
Gager, FlorenceKendallville
Garden, LillieNordness
Garden, MaryNordness
Gardner, MaudeCresco
Gellerman, NettaDecorah
Glass, NannieFort Atkinson
Glenn, MaudeDecorah
Greer, LillianDecorah
Grindeland, NettieSattre
Gunderson, ChasRidgeway
Gunderson, GinaCalmar
Gustafson, AmeliaCalmar
Hankedahl, AnnaCalmar
Haugen, AgnesDecorah
Haugen, SophieNordness
Headington, MayDecorah
Hegg, ElizabethDecorah
Hegner, CarolineDecorah
Hegner, Wilma CDecorah
Hildebrand, Ellen DDecorah
Hill, GraceDecorah
Hislop, RhoeDecorah
Holahan, JosieCastalia
Holahan, LidaCastalia
Holmes, FannieDecorah
Horley, WVolga
Horn, KathleenDecorah
Hove, NettieDecorah
Hoverson, EllaBurr Oak
Huber, AddieFort Atkinson
Huber, CeliaFort Atkinson
Jack, FlorenceWaucoma
Jack, PearlWaucoma
Jacobson, ChristineDecorah
Jergenson, ClaraDecorah
Jergenson, GullickDecorah
Johnson, GeoDecorah
Johnson, GeorgeDecorah
Johnson, GeorgeNasset
Johnson, Henry CDecorah
Johnson, KatherineDecorah
Johnson, LizzieNordness
Johnson, LottieDecorah
Johnson, MarieDecorah
Johnson, MyrtleLocust
Johnson, PaulineDecorah
Jossendal, SynnevaLocust
Kapinos, Mary A ESpillville
Kave, VashtlCalmar
Kern, GeorgeDecorah
Kessey, IdaDecorah
Kittilsby, AnnaCalmar
Kittilson, LeanderHighlandville
Kline, Geo.Prosper, Minn.
Kneeekern, IdaFrankville
Knox, AnnaCanton, Minn.
Knox, MarCanton, Minn.
Kornmeyer, AnnaDecorah
Kruchek, SSpillville
Kubish, TillieFort Atkinson
Laudberg, EmilyBismark, N. D.
Lawrence, MateNavan
Leland, MaggieHighlandville
Letchford, MabelFrankville
Lewis, AltaCresco
Lewis, Lucy LCresco
Livingston, E MayCastalia
Lockwood, Eliza EJackson Junction
Lockwood, Florence KJackson Junction
Logsden, DiliaDecorah
Lommen, LauraOssian
Manson, MabelDecorah
McGary, AnnaOssian
McGovern, AliceJackson Junction
McGovern, MamieJackson Junction
McLaughlin, JosephlneDorchester
McLaughlin, KatherynDorchester
McMullen, BessieDecorah
McMullen, MattieDecorah
Mestad, EmmaHighlandville
Meyer, EdnaCalmar
Miers, MabelJackson Junction
Moen, BerthaDecorah
Moen, IngerCalmar
Moore, MaggieCresco
Moore, S JCresco
Morrison, MaryDecorah
Mullaney, AnnaPlymouth Rock
Munson, AmeliaOssian
Natvig, Annetta CSaude
Natvig, MatildaSaude
Natvig, Minnie LDecorah
Nelson, A AngnetusDecorah
Nelson, MabelDecorah
Nesheim, ClaraDecorah
Nesheim, EmmaDecorah
Nesset, StellaRidgeway
Olson, Carrie MCalmar
Olson, GertrudeDecorah
Oyloe, LuraOssian
Pederson, EdwardDecorah
Plack, ChristineDecorah
Plunkett, JohnHesper
Powers, LucyDecorah
Putman, GraceDecorah
Quackenbush, EllaDecorah
Rathbun, BessieCastalia
Reeves, LeoOssian
Reid, FredDecorah
Reque, DikkaDecorah
Riste, ClariseDecorah
Riveland, ThoneOssian
Robinson, AdaFreeport
Robinson, GuyFreeport
Roney, RoyDecorah
Roney, Roy EDecorah
Rue, LouiseRidgeway
Ryan, HannahDecorah
Schaub, EmmaDecorah
Schaub, MaeDecorah
Schissel, FelicitaFort Atkinson
Seifert, AdolphSpillville
Seim, LenaConover
Sexton, Lottie ERidgeway
Sharp, TillaDecorah
Slinde, CarrieLawler
Sluka, KathieFort Atkinson
Sonkup, FrankSpillville
Steele, OrnDecorah
Stevens, VilaFreeport
Stinsen, DeliaCresco
Stinson, ClaraFreeport
Stone, ElmaNew Hampton
Street, Alfred BDecorah
Street, J PDecorah
Sullivan, FlossieOssian
Sweningson, IdaDecorah
Tavener, NettieDecorah
Teske, TillieDecorah
Teskey, AmeliaDecorah
Test, Ellen JSpillville
Thomas, H HDecorah
Thompson, Cora ROssian
Thompson, LouiseOssian
Thompson, SophieSpillville
Thompson, Therese M.Ossian
Thompson, TillaDecorah
Turk, Anna LCanton, Minn.
Tyler, ClementineDecorah
Tyler, Jennie AFreeport
Veme, GenaCalmar
Vick, EllaDecorah
Vick, TheodoreDecorah
Wagner, J BOssian
Weber, Gae CHesper
Webster, GraceDecorah
Welch, MaymeCalmar
Weldon, AgnesDecorah
Wemark, OacarRidgeway
Whalen, JennieCanton, Minn.
Whalen, LizzieCanton, Minn.
Whalen, Monnie SDecorah
Whitmell, Marie TDecorah
Whitmell, MrsDecorah
Williams, LizzieDecorah
Willsie, CharityProsper, Minn.
Winger, Dena BCalmar
Winger, IdaCalmar
Winger, Oscar LDecorah
Winn, Emma GCalmar
Wohlford, LillianCalmar
Wright, OralDecorah

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