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Source: Decorah Republican May 2, 1901 P 2 C 2

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Ten Holders of State Certificates.—Twenty-eight Hold County "Firsts,"—Supt. Hook Explains Grades.

In another place is given the program of what will be a great educational event. It is the May meeting of the educators of Allamakee, Clayton, Chickasaw, Fayette and Wlnnesheik counties. Read it, for it will bo a big event.

From the Winneskeik County Teachcr for April, that came to hand Tuesday, we find the names of those who may be justly termed the star teachers of the county. It makes a list of ten who hold “state certificates.” This credential is good for five years ind permits the holder to ramble all over the state and teach regardless of local authorities. These are the persons:

Following is the list of those in attendance.

Clark, F. C.Holmes, FannieMcKay, MaeUhley, Mary
Coffeen, E. L.Hook, E. J.Rathbun, Bessie
Hegner, MinnieLandgren, MaryRice, Mae

We also find In same a list of teachers who have by their proficiency acquired first grade certificates that are good for two years, to-wit:

Barloon, W. J.Garden, LillieKrnchek, StephenRice, Mae
Brickner, S. E.Garden, MaryLee, EdnaRussell, C. A.
Caldow, W. A.Gminder, LilyLemon, CJeoraStinson, Clara
Carr-Bechel, MaggieHalvorson, HansMoen, BerthaStortz, Josie
Clark, LeviHammond, P. F.Neufert, HelenaTodd, Evengeline
Cornell, ZoeJerviss, Thos.Peterson, ChristinaWeitgenant, Lorena
Danbney, EdithKallevang, OlafQuandahl, SarahWhalen, Minnie

Supt. Hook explains that the difference in grades does not fully indicate the differences in teachers. He says many second grade certificate holders may be in all respects, save one, equal to, or even better, than holders of first certificate. The lines of division are thus explained by Supt, H.:—

First Grade—The requirements are an average of 92 per cent., with no branch below 90 per cent., except physics, algebra, civics and economics; the grade in these may be as low as 85 per cent.

Second Grade—The requirement is an average of 85 per cent., with no branch below 75 per cent.; and for third grade an average of 80 per cent., with no branch below 70 per cent. However, only the third grade is given to those of no teaching experience, unless they have had normal training and special work in theory and practice of teaching.

It will be seen that one may have an average of a possible 100 por cent, and still hold only a second grade, If the four higher branches are not included, while one having the higher branches may have only enough above 92 to bring the average up to the requirement.

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