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1959 Special School Bond Election

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South Winneshiek School Rendering

Special School Bond Election

$440,000 School Building Bonds

FRIDAY, JULY 3, 1959
12 Noon to 7 P. M.


District No. 1—Spillville City Hall
District No. 2—Calmar Public School
District No. 3—Ossian City Hall

South Winneshiek Community School District

South Winneshiek Community Building Program


On May 5, 1958, the voters went to the polls and decided to form a new school district, the South Winneshiek Com- munity School District. A new board of directors was elected on May 29th, and the school district is now operating as of July 1, 1958.

During the organization and planning stage of this new district, it was stated that existing schoolhouse facilities would be used in so far as they were adaptable to the edu cational program, and that some remodeling of present facilities would be necessary. At that time, it was also stated, that some new construction would be necessary.

Therefore, after extensive studies and consultations with architects, education experts from the State Department of Public Instruction, finance consultants, the State Fire Marshal’s Office and others, your Board is submitting a building proposal for your consideration. We believe it an
economically sound program, adequately meeting the District’s requirements at a minimum cost to the taxpayers.

By any comparison we have one of the best reorganized school districts in the State, and one that is far more economical than any school district around us. Now in order to keep this district and operate an approved school we must comply with school standards as established by the State of Iowa. This building program will adequately provide for schoolhouse facilities and will make possible an educational program that will meet state standards. We strongly recommend that you support the Board’s building program.

Study this pamphlet and give this matter serious consideration. The Board can proceed further only with your approval, and strongly urges you to cast a “Yes” ballot on July 3, 1959.
Lloyd H. Strand_________________President
I. B. Bjonerud__________________Secretary
Adrian Smith___________________Treasurer
J. C. Iverson______________Superintendent
Very truly yours,

Lawrence Buchheit ______________Director
Rudolph Remmen ________________Director
Robert Balik _____________________Director
Don Meyer _______________________Director

South Winneshiek School First Floor Plan

Remodeling of and construction of an addition to the present school building are required to meet the needs. With
voter approval the Board plans to construct the following additional rooms and facilities:

Science Laboratory and Storage
Music Room
Typewriting Classroom
Gymnasium and AuditoriumThe present school building would be remodeled to provide:
Vocational Agriculture Rooms
Special Education Classroom
Girls’ and boys’ locker rooms, showers, toilets, storage, and physical education office

The present school building would be remodeled to provide:

Larger Study Hall
School Lunch Kitchen
Homemaking Classroom
School Lunch Dining Area
Bookkeeping Room
7 Interchangeable Classrooms
Kindergarten Room
2 Elementary Classrooms
High School Principal’s Office
Business Machines Room
Teachers’ Workroom

A new boiler required for the addition will be installed in the present boiler room.

Ground Floor Plan

Board of Education

R. Balik, R. Remmen, I. Bjonerud (Sectretary), L. Bucheit, D. Meyer, L. Strand (President),
A. Smith (Treasurer) (not pictured)



Source: Bond proposal and 1960 yearbook- Submitted by Linus Cremer

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