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Luther College
1901 Graduates

Source: Decorah Republican June 20, 1901 P 2 C 4

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Annual Commencement Exercises held at the College Gymnasium Yesterday.

The parting of the ways came once more for a class at Luther College yesterday, and twenty-one young men were graduated to take their places In the world’s work. Of late it seems to have been popular for the class to consist of twenty-one, and as their average age is very close to twenty-one it may be said that the class In all senses of the word has come of age.

It is seldom there is a marked difference in commencement exercises or graduating classes at Luther More particularly is there a similarity, marked chiefly by uniform high standing as a class and general excellence and splendid character as young men These are some of the things that have made for Luther a name that many a larger institution might well envy.

When we turn to the college catalogue and read that out of 360 graduates, (32 of whom are numbered among the dead) 360 are clergymen, 58 are teachers, 32 are studying theology, 22 are physicians and medical students, to say nothing of 124 students who did not graduate but have since become clergymen, we do not feel that any words of praise that we might utter could add one iota of lustre to either the college or the students as they come and go.
The program of yesterday’s exercises is as follows.

Prayer by Rev. I. B. Torrison.
Oration by Rev. S.S. Reque.
Valedictory by 0. J. Prens
Address and Conferring of Degrees by President
Rev. Laur Larsen
Benediction by Rev. J, A. Otteson

The graduates are:

Anderson, Andrew O.Ossian
Aspelund, JosephMondovi, Wis.
Berven, SvenLilly, So. Dakota.
Bidne, SanderDecorah.
Brauer, Julius JMabel, Minn.
Clausen, Nils V.Red Wing, Minn.
Dreng, John OManitowoc, Wis.
Estrem, Carl OWillmar, Minn.
Fugile, A EdwinAshby, Minn.
Geraid, Guy H.Bird Island. Minn.
Guttebo, Lauritz HHuxley, Iowa
Hexom, John DWashington Prairie, Iowa.
Jacobsen, GustavStoughton, Wis.
Linde, Henry J Ridgeway, Iowa.
Livdahl, CarlHickson, So. Dakota
Preus, Ove J HDecorah
Saner, CarlGlenvllle, Minn
Skinnemoen, John SAshby, Minn.
Teisberg, Carl B,Ashby, Minn.
Thorstenson, K SAmboy Minn.
Wollan, OliverGlenwood, Minn

The commencement exercises of the preparatory department of the college were held Tuesday afternoon at four o’clock, the program being as follows:
Hymn Invocation.
Address by Prof. E. Strom.
Recitation—“ Ave Cesar, morituri te sainutant !”
Henry Saxvik
Recitation—Antiguity of Freedom, L. Quarve.
Recitation—En Hjaolper, Oliver Ruen.
Presentation of Diplomas by the President.

The graduates were:

Bervin, LonisMindrum, OscarQuarve, LevardSponheim, Oscar H
Gilbert, WalterMoe, CarlRaen, OliverStabeck, Clement
Guttormsen, SigvartNordlie, ArthurSaxvik, HenrySwenson, Orin L
Hegg, GustavPalmer, Knut RSchjeldahl, Theodor
Johnson, Bergel APrestgaard, Peder OSorlein, Henry

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