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Luther College
1897 Graduates

Source: Decorah Republican June 17, 1897 P 4 C 2

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One of the Largest Classes Luther College has ever had Graduates.


New Features in the Commencement at Immaculate Conception. Academy.

The thirty-first commencement exercises of Luther College occurred at the college gymnasium yesterday morning, commencing at ten o’clock. It will long be remembered by those who participated in it because of a band reunion which brought a large number of former students and graduates here, some of whom had not been back on such an occasion in twenty years or more. Another feature was the size of the class. It is the third largest class which has graduated from the college, having seventeen members. The class which enjoys pre-eminence in numbers is that of 1879. It had nineteen, while that of two years later had eighteen.

The members of the graduating class are:

GraduateHome Town
Austvold, Edwin B.Glenwood, Minn.
Gullixson, AndrewBode, Iowa.
Hagestad, Knudt M.Ettrick, Wis.
Hallanger, Christopher M.Bode, Io.
Lewison, EliVermillion, S. D.
Lunde, AmundStoughton, Wis.
Lyngaas, Ingeman M.Frankville, Io.
Markhus, Alfred L.Red Wing, Minn.
Normann, Theodore S.Dalton, Minn.
Pederson, SamuelRenville, Minn.
Sorenson, AndrowDecorah.
Steensland, Johan G.Saude, Iowa.
Strom, Oscar A.Zumbrota, Minn.
Thompson, Christian S.Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin.
Unseth, Joseph B.Westby, Minn.
Winger, Johan E.Nordness, Iowa.
Wollan, Gustav B.Glenwood, Minn.

Following is the program of the exercises:

Prayer........................Rev. A. G.Stub
Russia, a Modern Problem..... G. B. Wallan
Norshedsperioden........... C. M. Hallanger
Addesss and Conferring of Decrees.
Valedictory.................. K. M. Hogestad
Remarks.................Rev. O. N. Fosmark
Seldom if ever has there been such a large number of visitors at a Luther College commencement as at this one. Our reporter noted many familiar faces of former graduates on the grounds and in the audience.

Among those present were:

Akre, O. J.Rev.
Anderson, ChristianMr.
Bothne, ErlingMr.
Brevig, Olaf L.Mr.
Brevig, SamuelMr.
Clausen, CarlMr.
Doeving, C.Rev.
Fosmark, O. M.Rev.
Gullixson, G. A.Rev.
Gullixson, HermanMr.
Halvorson, NilsMr.
Heimdal, OlafMr.
Hektoen, MartinMr.
Hougstad, C.Rev.
Johnson, A. O.Rev.
Kaansa, Edw.Mr.
Kasberg, KarlMr.
Landsverk, JohnMr.
Melby, C. A.Rev.
Moldstad, J. A.Mr.
Moore, HenryMr.
Mugelssen, G.Mr.
Omlie, OscarMr.
Otterson, J. A.Rev.
Peterson, John R.Mr.
Quammen, A. G.Mr.
Reque, GerhardMr.
Reque, LauritzMr.
Reque, P. A.Mr.
Saervold, OlaMr.
Saevre, B. K.Mr.
Skaeden, EugeneMr.
Teisberg, A. K.Mr.
Thoen, J. E.Rev.
Thorson, AugustMr.
Torrison, NormanMr.
Tufte, F. C.Rev.
Xavier, JohnMr.
Xavier, KarlRev.

Doubtless there are many more whose names we were unable to learn. These, however, represent classes back as far us 1872. A glance over the catalogue reveals a variety of occupations represented in the list. Besides the clergymen there is the secretary of the Minnesota state railroad commission, several professors, doctors, teachers, theological and medical students; not many in commercial life, but all men to whom the college may point with pride.

Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock, a class of twenty-three graduated from the preparatory department of the college. The following program was rendered:

Recitation—The Trial. .. . S. Berven
Song…........ Symphonic
Recitation—Frau Hitt.......J. O. Deng
"Frackfugiene vanderr hjem ... G. N. Livdahl
Soug.......................... Symphonic
Address ...................Rev. E. Jensen
Presentation of Diplomas.
Prayer and Benediction.

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