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Immaculate Conception Academy
1891 Commencement

Source: Decorah Republican July 2, 1891 P 5 C 3

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Commencement Exercise.

The sixth annual commencement exercises of the Immalculate Conception Academy of this city took place at the school building Tuesday evening. As usual there was a large audience of friends of the institutition present to listen to the successful rendition of an unusually long programme of twentytwo numbers. Yon Suppe’s “Light Cavalry,” played by the graduates Misses C. Weldon and M. Grinselle, was the opening number. This was followed by the chorus “Lord of Heaven.” Miss L. Powers delivered the salutatory address, welcoming those who evinced such kind interest in the work of the pupils. " Monuments” was the subject of a well written and delivered class essay by Miss K. Protlieroe, of the class of ’92. Following this in turn was an instrumental duet by Misses L. Langenhorst and K. Wilson, recitation, “The Death of Montezuma,” by Miss R. McAndrews; violin solo, “Les Melodies des Alps,’.’ by Master Ben McKay, and an essay on “Peaceful Conquests,” by Miss K. Wilson, all of which were good. The parasol drill with song by a company of twenty or more little girls thoroughly pleased the audie ice. The recitation of “The Dandy Fifth” by Muster Ben McKay was well received. Following an instrumental duet by Misses M. Madden and M. Johnson, Miss M. Grinselle delivered an essay on "The Influence of Woman” that contained much good thought and study. Tile dairy maids' drill was prettily performed by a company of young girls and was highly appreciated. The recitation of the “Ruggleses’ Dinner Party” by Miss M. Johnson was very amusing and received hearty applause. The rendition of a fantasic by Misses M. Hutchinson and M. Grinselle was exceedingly good, as was also the recitation of “Over the Hills to the Poor House,” by Miss M. Whalen, and the song “Come Where the Lillies Bloom,” by the vocal class. “Estheticism,” was the subject of Miss C. Weldon’s essay, and she handled it well. After a mazurka played by Misses M. Hutchinson and L. Drake, the graduating honors were conferred by Rev. Fr. Garralmn, following which Miss Grinselle delivered the valedictory, in which she dwelt with much feeling on the school life just ended The exercises closed with the chorus “Star of Descending Night.” At the close the audience was addressed by Rev. McGraw, of Charles City.

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