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Decorah High School
1900 Graduates

Source: Decorah Republican June 21, 1900 P 2 C 3

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Graduating Exercises of the Decorah High School—Class of 1900. The school days of the Class of 1900. ended In an exceedingly pleasant—one might almost say brilliant—commencement. Of all those who started out five years ago, twelve persevered to the end, attained the mastery of the course of studies, and earned the diplomas which were promised to the successful students.
These twelve are:

1900 GraduatesOrations/Essays
Amy, Abby L.Heroes
Anderson, C. MelvinPush
Asseln, LouiseCharacter
Baker, Kate FWestward Ho
Beard, Bess A.Dirt
Beard, GertrudeThe World a’wheel
Bullis, Ruth N.The Signicance of Mythology
Heinberg, Rose L.Shadows
Hiller, Marie L.Success
Shipley, Elizbeth ESacrifice of Life to Human Progress
Vance, Macha L.The Great Century
Ward, Ella C.The Developement of the Novel

The closing event of this school life was, of course, in the graduating exercises, which took place at the Grand Opera House last Thursday evening. All the surroundings were bright and lovely, and so perfect were the arrangements that there was not a hitch that marred the pleasures of the occasion. We have not the space in which to reproduce all the orations and essays, or the temerity to venture upon a crltcism of any, and are too wise to attempt to discriminate where all did so well. There was something in each effort worthy of praise, either in elevation of thought, eloquence in diction, superiority in voice,or gracefulness in manner. Some fell short of perfection in one or more respects, and none entirely succeeded in all respects. It can be truly said that the friends of each one of these young people have right to be proud of the good work they did. Marsh's Opera House Orchestra furnished the music, and it was well suited to the occasion.

In the absence of Mr. Holway, president of the school board, Mr. Arthur F Anundson distributed the diplomas. His address had two merits, it was brief and witty. Likewise it said some truthful things not usually advanced In such addressee, and then, before the audience had ceased smiling audibly, distributed the diplomas on the principle that first come, first served. Doubtless they were properly sorted up after congratulations were over. Friday evening the class had a very pleasant reception at the High School rooms.

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