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Decorah High School
1898 Graduates

Source: Decorah Republican June 23, 1898 P 1 C 5

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DECORAH HIGH SCHOOL. The Class of '98 Graduates, and Acquit Themselves with Honor.


1898 Graduates
Bergeson., Robert Bernhardt
Houg., Ruby Evelyn
Larsen., Karen
Roswold., Olive Anfried
Updegraff., Mary
Wilson., Arthur B.
Wolfsberg, Palma Lenida
Young., Grace Adele

The Decorah High School Class of 1898 has completed its career. Of the many who were in the race at the beginning of the high school course only those named above persevered to the end. One by one, probably for good reasons in most cases, their associates dropped out of the endeavor, leaving only eight to finish. That these have acquitted themselves nobly it is not necessary to say; and it goes almost without saying that teachers, relatives and friends regard these young people with added esteem for the zeal and high purpose they have displayed by their scholarship.

The High School room was nicely decorated, and crowded full of guests, while the program, as published last week, was duly rendered. We cannot do more than indicate the general tenor of each oration, and we could not, if we would, make any adverse criticism of any effort.

“An Uncrowned Queen,” the subject of Miss Young’s oration, was a very graceful, well-worded, loving and appreciative review of the life of Miss Frances E. Willard.

Arthur B. Wilson discussed “Accidentals," or the little things introduced into life’s chords, making the harmonies even more delightful, or marring them entirely. In matter and manner the effort was highly creditable to the author.

“A Norse Crusade,” by Miss Karen Larson, was the story of Sigurd Jorsalfar, (the crusader) who as King of Norway in the 12th century contributed sixty ships and ten thousand men to the Crusades of the Cross. It was a well told story.

Miss Mary Updegraff discussed “English Ballads,’ and their place in literature as molding the poetic and moral character of the English speaking people. Her thoughts were richly illustrated by liberal quotations, nicely rendered, from some of the most famous of these ballads.

Miss Palma Wulfsberg answered the question “Does a College Education educate?” in the affirmative, provided —the aim of the student is to acquire an education. Her contention was that never before were the student's advantages so great, or the work of a college so superior, as now.

Robert B. Bergeson's idea of “Municipal Government” was very pessimistic as to exciting conditions, when compared with the best results secured in English and European cities: but more hopeful as to the future, when an educated people shall slough off its Tammany's and other rings that through party lines fatten on the body politic.

all these orations were well written, creditably declaimed and richly deserving of warm praise, from any point of view.

Recitations were given by Miss Ruby Houg and Miss Olive Roswold. “A City Singer in a Country Church,” by the latter, was a beautiful story nicely told. "Toccoa, the Beautiful,” by Miss Hong, was also charmingly rendered.

The music of the occasion was supplied by the High School Glee Club The excellence of the selections and good work of the club proves the wisdom of adding music to the course of study and the value of Miss Treat’s service as a teacher.

The diplomas were then presented to each graduate by President Holway in a few direct and well-chosen words.

The class reception at the high school rooms in the evening was a most pleasant occasion. The seats in the High School room were removed, the room decorated, rugs spread, and the spacious halls made it a delightful place for fully enjoying the pleasures of such a gathering. There was a goodly company present In spite of the threatened rain.

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