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Decorah Institute
1897 Graduates

Source: Decorah Republican Sept. 2, 1897 P 1 C 5

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Sixth Annual Commencement held last Friday Evening. Last Friday was a red-letter day for Decorah Institute. It culminated in the graduation of the class of 1897—a class consisting of seven students, viz:

Anderson, Martin E.
Culmsee, Carl F.
Cutting, Jas. A.
Lashley, Mame
Roberg, Richard
Scott, Nellie
Swennumson, Esther

The assembly room had been profusely decorated in the class colors of red, white and blue, in crescent and other forms. The audience that gathered in the evening filled every inch of space, and hundreds went away unable to gain admission even to the vestibule, The music of the occasion was of an unusually high grade, it being rendered by Luren, the Opera House orchestra, and lastly and best by Joseph J. Kovarik, whose two numbers on the violin, delighted all.

The Class, however, was the Chief point of interest. The work of the several members deserves only praise. We have not space for reference to each Individual, and we can easily understand the truth of Mr. Breckenridge’s claim that of the many superior classes he has graduated not one exceeds this in Intellectual promise.

In conferring diplomas Mr. B. borrowed a thought from a Sabbath school graduation service in June last, in which the instructor of the class that was being promoted from the infant class to the intermediate department, was called upon to state what were the requirements of graduates. Acting on this idea Mr. Breckenrldgo briefly stated what a Decorah Institute diploma stands for. In addition to proficiency In the common branches, it covers studying general history, geometry, algebra and physics, for four term's to each branch; In physical geography, geology, botany, rhetoric and English composition, English literature, civics and Latin and Greek roots, two terms to each study: and one term each to parliamentary law, economics, didactics and psychology. This means an aggregate of 34 terms of hard study—a term standing for three months. The standing of a student who graduates in no branch can be below 90 per cent. Certainly the student who passes triumphantly through such a course may be proud of a diploma that represents so much.

Many readers of the Decorah REPUBLICAN have pursued all of the above branches, and are able to judge intelligently of the breadth of the work. Prof, Breckenridge hopes to secure from the public school the privilege of placing his students in chemistry under charge of its laboratory instructor in this important branch.

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