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Collection of Photos Submitted by
Jill McCarville

this page was last updated on Sunday, 25 May 2014

Jill McCarville found this set of over 400 old Winneshiek County photos stored in an old drawer by some unknown person. She rescued them and has submitted them for display on the Winneshiek County IAGenWeb site. They appear to be from some historical document published after 1914 but probably before 1920. If someone can identify the document, please contact your county coordinator.

Organized by page #

Page #
Section III Title
Officials and Court House, Occupied in 1904
Prominient Businessmen of the City of Decorah
Prominient Businessmen of the City of Decorah
Some Winneshiek County Farm Residences
Prominent Citizens of Decorah Township
Some Winneshiek County Farm Residences
Member of City Council and Leading Citizens of Calmar
Prominent Citizens of Calmar and Jackson Townships
Prominent Citizens of Hesper Township
Prominent Citizens of Burr Oak and Summer Townships
Prominent Citizens of Madison and Fremont Townships
Prominent Citizens of Frankville Township
Prominent Citizens of Orleans Township
Prominent Citizens of Orleans Township
Prominent Citizens of Canoe Township
Prominent Citizens of Miltary and Canoe Townships
Prominent Citizens of Springfield Township
Prominent Citizens of Glenwood and Springfield Townships
Leading Citizens of Lincoln and Hesper Townships
Prominent Citizens of Bloomfield Township
Prominent Citizens of Pleasant Township
Prominent Citizens of Bluffton Township
Prominent Citizens of Highland Township

Organized alphabetically across all Pages

Page #
Aaker, Helge
Aasen, C. C. Residence
Acres, E. R.
Allen, I. J. Mr. and Mrs
Anderson, A. P.
Anderson, Anon
Anderson, Fred K. Mr and Mrs
Anderson, G. P.
Baardson, Halvor
Bailey, A. K.
Baker, G. F.
Bakke, O. E.
Bakke, O. E. Mrs
Bakke, O. E. Mrs Residence
Bakken, E. A.
Bakken, G. O. Mr and Mrs
Bakken, K. E. Rev
Baldwin, D. W.
Barfoot, B. T.
Barthell, H. F.
Barthell, J. W.
Barthelme, Philip
Bear. Ben
Becker, J. D.
Behrens, D. H.
Berg, N. M.
Bergan, Ole
Berger, Arne
Bernatz, A.
Bjorgo,G. K. and family
Bjorgo,Magne K.
Bjornedrud, Ole Peterson
Blakeman, E. Mr and Mrs
Bleka, Anud
Blekeberg, Bertha Mrs.
Blekeberg, C. O.
Boe, Andrew O. Mr and Mrs
Bolson, Christian Mr and Mrs
Bolson, E. C. Mr and Mrs
Bragestad. J. N.
Broghammer, Charles
Broghammer, Chas. Residence
Broghammer, Michael
Brown, Cleorna
Brown, David A.
Brown, H. C.
Bucknell, G. G.
Bucknell, G. G. Residence
Burdick, C. W.
Burgess, Geo. Mr and Mrs
Burgess, Thos.
Burgess, Thos. Mrs.
Burreson, Solve Mr. and Mrs.
Burrows, L. D. Mr. and Mrs.
Butz, Delbut Mr and Mrs
Butz, Henry
Calmar Public School
Cameron, Jas. L.
Cameron, John
Cameron, John Residence
Cameron, L. J. Mr and Mrs
Campbell, Hamilton
Campbell, Hamilton Mrs.
Carolan, John
Carolan, P. J. Mr and Mrs
Carter, M. J.
Carter, M. J. Residence
Chandler, A. A.
Chandler, Bryan A.
Christen, Siogne
Christen, Swen
Crawford, T. J.
Curran, James Mr. and Mrs.
Curtin, E. J.
Curtis, A. P. and family
Curtis, W. L. Mr and Mrs
Cutting E. W.
Daniels, James Mr. and Mrs.
Danielson, Andrew and family
Danielson, Ole Mr and Mrs
Doerr, Wm.
Dowd, Edward
Dowd, Thos.
Drake, W. N.
Dresselhaus, Lambert Mr. and Mrs.Hovde, Ole O. Mr. and Mrs.
Drew, John J. Residence
Elithorp, F. G.
Ellingsen, Albert Mr. and Mrs.
Ellingsen, E. H. MD
Ellingsen, Harold
Ellingson, Ole
Engen, C. H. Mr and Mrs
Engen, Thron H.
Erickson, Edward
Estey, G. W. Jr.
Estrem, J. C.
Evenson, Hover Mr. and Mrs. (Hoyme)
Fadness, N. H. and family
Finn, John
Finn, Timothy
Fladland, Ole J. Mr and Mrs
Flatland J. O.
Flatland, H. O.
Fleming, L. H.
Foley, Patrick
Foley, Rose
Foss, Mons Mr and Mrs
Fosse, L. T.
Fredenburgh, J. Mr and Mrs
Frerich, C. J.
Gaarstad, G. L. Mr and Mrs
Gager, Nelson
Gager, Nelson Mrs
Geving, B. J. Mr and Mrs
Giesen, H. J.
Gjevre, N. H.
Goddard, C. N.
Goettelman, Joseph
Goettelman, Philip
Gossman Jacob E. and Family
Graves, Knute
Green, H. J.
Griffeth, J. W. Jr
Gulbranson, Engebert (Soland)
Gulbranson, Engebert (Soland) Mrs
Haas, Annie Mrs.
Haas, Julius
Haines, E. R.
Halloran, Maurice and family
Halseth, J. I.
Halvorson, Halvor Residence
Hanson, Daniel Mr and Mrs
Hanson, F. J.
Hanson, L. J. Mr. and Mrs.
Hanson, Martin
Hardy, J. M.
Harmon, M. A.
Hauber, Geo.
Haug, J. H.
Haug, J. J.
Haugen, Aase G.
Haugen, K. I.
Haugen, Peter L.
Hawks, A. A.
Hegg, John
Helmer, J. P. and family
Henderson, Hans Mr and Mrs
Henderson, Nels
Henningsgaard, Ole Mr. and Mrs.
Herold, Michael Mr. and Mrs.
Heuser, Gottfried
Hexom, Christian O. Mr and Mrs
Hexom, J. C.
Hiatt, C. A.
Hildahl, Bros.
Holton, A. T.
Hopperstad, Ole J.
Hopperstad, Ole J. and Family
Hovde, Ole O. Mr. and Mrs.
Hovden, J. K.
Hover, Edwin
Hover, H. A.
Hovey, Mary Mrs
Hovey, O. P.
Hovey, Ole O.
Hovey, Peter E.
Hovey, T. T.
Hoyt, E. A.
Humphrey, Anna Mrs
Humphrey, John A.
Istad, A. T.
Iverson, Ole, Mr. and Mrs.
Jacobson, Arbraham Hon.
Jacobson, J. J. Mrs
Jacobson, John Residence
Jewell, B. E.
Jirvak, W. A. Mr and Mrs
Johnson, S. G.
Johnson, W. C.
Johnson. C. E. Residence
Kabela, Chas. Mr and Mrs.
Kapinos, Frank
Katterud, Hanson Mr and Mrs
Kaye, John
Kelley, John Mr. and Mrs.
Kiesau, Henry
Kittelson, Gunder Mr and Mrs
Kjome, G. N.
Kjorlein, O. K.
Kjorlein, O. K. Mrs.
Klein, M. J.
Klemme, W. H. Hon
Kleve, Barney Mr and Mrs
Kneeskern, Frank
Knutson, Haavor
Koch, J.
Koren, V. Rev
Kvale, O. G.
Lambert, Abram, Mr and Mrs.
Lambert, W. F.
Landsrud, A. O. Mr and Mrs
Landsrud, T. E.
Lane, Andrew
Lansing, August Mr and Mrs
Lansing, Wenzel Mr and Mrs
Larsen, Andrew O.
Lein, N. L. Mr and Mrs
Letchford, T. R.
Letchford, T. R. Mrs.
Libbey, I. A.
Libbey, N. B.
Libbey, N. B. Mrs
Lincoln, E.
Linnevold, Magnes Anderson
Lomen, O. O.
Long, Elizabeth
Long, Robert
Losen, John S.
Lovoos, A. H.
Lubke, John F.
Maltby, C. O.
Marllow, E. G.
Marlow, C. C.
Martinson, Hans
Martinson, Torkel
Mattison, Ole Residence
McBride, Arthur
McBride, Hugh
McCue, Barney Mr. and Mrs.
McKay, B. J.
McManus, J. J.
McMartin, D. A. Mrs.
McMillen, J. H.
McMillen, Jas. Mr and Mrs.
McMillen, R. A. Mr. and Mrs.
McMullen, Jas. Mr and Mrs
Meader, E. E.
Melbostad, Anna (Larson)
Melbostad, Geo. and family
Meyer, Andrew Mr and Mrs
Meyer, Carl
Meyer, Jacob
Meyer, L. A.
Meyer, Peter
Meyer, Peter F.
Meyer, W. A.
Miller, H. Jr
Mizener, George
Moore, C. O.
Morton, Peter
Morton, Peter Mrs
Mundt, Chas. Mr. and Mrs.
Mundt, Henry Mr and Mrs
Murdock, Wm.
Murdock, Wm. Mrs
Murtha, J. F.
Murtha, James Mrs
Myrah, A. P.
Myrah, Peter H.
Nasset, H. O. and family
Nesset, O. E. Mr and Mrs
Nicholson, H. P. Sr
Nolan, M. A. Mr. and Mrs.
Nolan, Patrick
Norton, W. J.
Novak, A. A.
Novak, Albert Mr and Mrs
Novak, Mary
Ode, Geo. P.
Ode, Ole P.
Odson, John Mr and Mrs
Olsen, Borre
Olson, A. G. Mrs
Olson, Andrew Residence
Olson, Christ
Olson, I. B.
Olson, O. P.
Ophem, N. H. Mr. and Mrs.
Ossian Catholic Chuch and School
Ossian City Hall
Owen, E. E.
Pederson, Knud
Perry, E. J.
Peterson, Ed Mr and Mrs
Pierce, Abel Mr. and Mrs.
Pierce, Thos. M.
Pilgrim, C. C. Mr. and Mrs.
Plank, J. H. and family
Potter, F. J.
Prann, A. W.
Punteney, G. V. Mr and Mrs
Punteney, Wm. Mr and Mrs
Qualley, J. T.
Qualley, T. J.
Quien, Andrew
Ramsey, N. E.
Ramsey, N. E. Residence
Rastetter, George
Rastetter, Joseph
Rathbun, G. W.
Rathbun, Walter
Rauscch, John
Rausch, John Mrs.
Rice, Ebenezer
Rice, Ebenezer Mrs
Richart, Nicholas
Richert, John
Ricks, A. A.
Ridgeway Public School
Risdahl, A. L.
Roberts, T. E.
Robinson, A. B.
Rocksvold, O. P.
Rodvag, Thomas Mr and Mrs
Rodvang, Thomas Residence
Rollins, J. C.
Rollins, J. C. Mrs
Rordorf, Albert
Rosenbaum, Andrew Residence
Rotvold, H. O.
Rowlee J. Q. and family
Rowlee, Wm.
Running, Gilbert
Running, J. J.
Scheidemantel, Henry
Scheimantel, Henry Residence
Schreiber, F. A. Residence
Schuette, John
Sellman, H. E.
Selnes, Chas. E.
Selnes, O. M.
Selnes, R. O. Mr and Mrs
Severson, Asle
Sharp, A. J.
Shellhammer, Fred Mr. and Mrs.
Sheveren, E. A.
Shevern, O. E.
Silver Springs Creamery
Sime, T. E.
Simpson, Robert
Skaaren, J. E.
Skaaren, L. J.
Slebiska, James
Slebiska, Jas. J.
Slebiska, Joseph
Smith, E. L. Mr. & Mrs.
Smith, H. S.
Smith, P. J. Residence
Snell, F. B.
Sorenson, H. S. Mr and Mrs
Spillville Public School
Springfield Church
Stead, John
Stead, John Mrs.
Steno, C. J.
Stenseth, Jacob and wife
Stoen, Harold Halstenson
Stolsvig, J. Johnson Rev
Stor?, T. O. Residence
Stortz, Lawrence Mr and Mrs
Stoskopf, John Mr. and Mrs.
Strand, W. M.
Talbert, L. H. Residence
Talloug, Ole O.
Taylor, Log House
Tenold, O. A.
Thingvold, H. Chr. And Family
Thomas, F. B.
Thomas, H. R.
Thompson, Aase
Thompson, Gullick
Thorkelson, Gisle
Torbinson, Ole
Torgeson, Sam
Torgeson, Sam Mrs.
Untereiner, Jacob
Upton, J. G. Judge
Valder, Charles H.
Vick, K. T.
Vick, N. L.
Vik, G. K.
Vik, K. K. Residence
Wagner, Philip
Walton Frank
Watros, G. T. Mr and Mrs
Watros, O. G.
Webster, C. A.
Weiser, C. J.
Whitney, L. B.
Williams, E. P.
Wilson, E. A. Mr and Mrs
Winneshiek County Court House
Winneshiek County Poor Farm
Winship, Geo. C.
Wise, Samuel Sr.
Woldan, James
Woldan, Joseph Mr and Mrs
Worth, Fordyce Dr.
Yarwood, G. W.
Yarwood, G. W. Mrs

Please, contact the County Coordinator to submit additions or corrections.

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