Stephen was one of only 4 persons to make the entire 3,500 miles trip being on the road with the horse hitch for 16 months.

From 1982 until the present time, Helen has been employed by Winneshiek Co. as Public Health Nurse during a transitional era for health care.

In 1992 when Stephen left the farm to make the trek across America, Adrian then residing in town, continued to plant and harvest corn and beans on the Zbornik farm and still works part-time as senior Van driver for Northeast Iowa Community Action and is a volunteer lector for St. John’s Catholic Church. Helen is now Supervisor of the Home Care Aide Program for Winneshiek Co. Public Health.

Stephen, after graduating from Turkey Valley High School, obtained a degree in Horse Husbandry from Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids and then when he returned to the farm a degree in Farm Mechanics from Northeast Iowa Technical Institute (now Northeast Iowa Community College). Stephen lives in rural Calmar and is employed by a local excavation contractor.

Susan received a degree in dietetics from Viterbo in LaCrosse, Wl and earned a Masters Degree in Counseling from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Susan is presently living in Sydney, Australia and is employed as a Diabetic Counselor at St. George Hospital. Susan plans to marry Andrew Thompson on 14 Sep 1996. Andrew, a consulting actuary for William M. Mercer, received his education at Capetown University in Capetown, South Africa.

Catherine “Cathy” received a degree in Cosmetology from Capri in Dubuque, IA. Cathy lives in Cedar Rapids and is a hair stylist at Hair Contractors in Marion, IA.

Julie, having attended Sam Houston University and the University of Iowa, is employed at Apex Heating and Refrigeration in Chicago. She does oil paintings by independent assignment.

John, an engineer graduate from Iowa State University, is employed as an Advanced Process Engineer in Optical Systems for 3-M in Menominee, Wl. John’s spouse, Carol (Bouska), obtained a degree in finance from Drake University in Des Moines and is employed by Westconsin Credit Union, Menominee.

Sarah, who received a degree in Music Education from Viterbo College, is teaching music to kindergarten through 8th grade at Fall Creek Community Schools, Fall Creek, Wl.

During a time when Frank observed his children struggling with providing a good standard of living for their families, Frank gave encouragement with these words, 'All one should expect from life are its simple comforts.” These words of wisdom spoken by a gentle, God-fearing man will long be remembered by those Frank loved, to be passed on to future descendants of the Zbornik family.

Zoulek, Jan and Mary (Kunt)

(Joyce Zoulek)

Bio Photo  

Jan and Mary Zoulek

On March 15, 1867, a passport was issued to Jan Zoulek, a stone cutter (1828-1891), to emigrate from Smolec, Bohemia, to America. His parents were Frantisek and Anny Kalal Zoulek of House No. 31 in Smolec. Permission to come with him on his passport were his wife, Mary (1828-1918), daughter of John and Katherine Kas Kunt, and their children: Mary (1850-1930), Anna (1855-1923), Rose (1857-1889), Katherine (1860-1946), Josephine (1863-1923), Antonia (1866-1961), and Anna Zoulek (1849), sister of Jan Zoulek. One son, Joseph had died at age six in Bohemia. They arrived in Chicago where Anna, Jan’s sister, remained with another brother, Joseph. From there, Jan and his family traveled to Spillville, Iowa, to settle on the farm which was purchased on May 16, 1867. Three more children were born after they settled in Spillville. They were Frances (1868-1945), John J. (1871-1955), and Helen (1873-1953). These children married residents from the Spillville area. Mary - Joseph Mikesh on 11 Feb 1868; Anna - John T. Fisher on 22 Oct 1874; Rose - Joseph Swehla on 22 Feb 1876. Rose died in childbirth on 9 Mar 1889, and her sister, Frances, then married Joseph Swehla. Katherine - Frank Soukup on 16 Nov 1880; Josephine - John Soukup on 24 Nov 1885; Antonia - Clemence Herold in 1888; Helen - James Shevik, and John J. married Frances Huber on 10 Oct 1893. As the only son of the family, John J. Zoulek took over the family farm. On 10 Oct 1893, John married Frances Huber, daughter of John and Magdelen Herzog Huber. They became parents of three children: Clara (1895-1983) who married William Wagner in 1911. After his death, she married Joseph D. Bouska. Emma (1897-1956) married Joseph Junko on 21 Nov 1916. George J. (1899) married Viola Kostka on 17 Dec 1924; George J. Zoulek and Viola Kostka, daughter of Charles and Eleanora Shileny Kostka, were married at Assumption Parish in Little Turkey, Iowa, by Father Joseph Gregor on 17 Dec 1924. They settled on the family farm north of Spillville. Their children are:


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