a kerosene lantern, and kerosene lamps were used in the home. Firewood was cut by hand, and clothes washed by hand and hung on the clothesline. Like most homes, it had a cistern outside the house to catch the rain water for washing clothes. When the daughters were grown, around Thanksgiving and Christmas time, the Youngs would butcher ducks and geese and sell them to people in Decorah. They had 2 or 3 rows of large pine trees north of the house, and it was fun in the evening to hear the winds whistling through the pines. Wasn't so much, fun in the winter time when there were heavy snows, roads drifted shut, and much shoveling done by hand. All four children of George and Minnie attended the school at the 4 corners to the east. The mail boxes were also at that corner. There wasn’t a lot of mail, but the family always enjoyed Seed Catalogs, Montgomery Ward, and Sears and Roebuck Catalogs, that eventually ended up in the outside toilet where they got read for the last time. Every farm family looked forward to the programs at the country schools and Christmas programs at the church.

Young, George H. Jr. & Luella Maria (Pfister)

(Luella Young)

George H. Young, Jr. was born 27 Dec 1905 in Hesper Twp., the son of George Young, Sr. and Minnie Gutzka. George Young, Sr. was born 31 May 1869 at Alsace-Loraine, France, the son of Jacob and Margaret Young. George Jr. had three sisters: Violet (Mrs. L. C. Bolson); Gertrude (Mrs. Jerome Ruffridge); and Elsie (Mrs. Ray Smalley).

George Jr. married Luella Maria Pfister 25 Oct 1942. Luella was born 17 Jul 1910 in Highland Twp., the daughter of Alvin P Pfister and Caroline A. Burmeister. Alvin Pfister was born 27 Feb 1878 in Winneshiek Co. and died 28 Sep 1957. Alvin’s parents were George Adam Pfister and Matilda Wilson. Alvin had one brother, Willet. Caroline Burmeister was born 24 Apr 1883 in Harmony, MN and died 31 Dec 1981. Caroline Burmeister’s father was William T Burmeister who was born 30 Jun 1856 and died 16 Aug 1916. Caroline’s mother was Mary Bigalk. Caroline’s siblings were Johanna, Matilda, Johnny and twins who died at 6 months of measles. Luella’s siblings were: Walter (Myrtle Headington); Elsie (Sandford Osmundson); Lester (Alma Osmundson); George (Anna Cunningham); Norman (Betty Henningsen); and Gordon (Barbara Borseth).

George and Luella had one daughter, Lorna Gail,. Lorna married Gary Brevig and they had a son, Greg. After her divorce from Gary Brevig, Lorna married Clair Berge and they presently live in Glendale, AZ. Lorna has two grandchildren, Devon and Drew Brevig.

Luella writes: I lived in Highland Twp. but attended school in Pleasant Twp. since it was just a mile to walk. In 1923, at the eighth grade graduation, I carried a banner we had made for our school at Locust. Three of us carried the flag through town in the march up to the city park where exercises were held. After graduation from Decorah High School I attended St. Olaf College for one year, then transferred to Iowa State Teachers College at Cedar Falls, IA. I taught at Locust two years. My grandfather and my sister, Elsie, had taught there before me. I also taught one-half year in Grundy Co. to help my girl friend as she became ill and couldn’t finish. Then I decided I’d like to be more with people so worked as a clerk in National Tea Co. Food store in Austin for two years, then a year in St. Peter and a year in Minneapolis, MN. After my marriage to George Young, Jr. we farmed for 20 years until he passed away from cancer 6 Dec 1962. While on the farm between Burr Oak and Locust I was a member of the local school board as secretary for 16 years. I remember the store at Locust very well. It was a favorite place for men to gather to play cards after work and talk.

After my husband died I moved to Mabel, MN. I cared for a lady in her home after she had a stroke until, with massage, she recovered the use of her arm. Then I went back to working in Benson’s store. After moving to Decorah I started working in the food service at Luther College. I worked there 10 1/2 years and really missed the students when I retired in 1975.

I have been asked to sing at many occasions and still sing at the meal site in Decorah. I enjoy the fellowship and friends there. I have stitched many quilts and enjoy embroidery work and playing cards. Also, I've enjoyed all the traveling I have done.

In spite of several surgeries I have remained active and enjoy life.

Young, Jacob and Margaret

(R. L. Bolson)

Jacob and Margaret Young came to the United States from Alsace-Lorraine when George was 14 years old. Children in order of ages were Jacob, John, George, Mike, Margaret (Maggie), Dick, and Phillip, who was born in Winneshiek Co.

Bio Photo

Gertrude and Elsie Young, daughters of George and Minnie Young.

Jacob married Kate Pfister - had a son Alfred and a daughter Emma. Kate and Emma died from TB. He then married Mary Barth and had 5 children: Clara (Mrs. Melvin Solem), Lydia (Mrs. Wm Sherwin), Lenna (Mrs. Earl


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