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In 1986, after 12 years at UPS (United Parcel Service), Jim purchased Tindell Shoes and Repair in Postville which he operated for four years. In Jan of 1991, he returned to Luther College for a semester of computer science courses and in June of the same year he accepted the position as programmer/analyst with Sweet Computer Service, Inc. in West Union where he is currently employed. Laurel has been employed at Luther College since March 1981, the last four years at the Computer Center.

Both sons are graduates of Luther College and have become Minnesotans. Brian lives in Roseville and works with disabled, retarded folks while slowly pursuing a BA degree from Concordia College in Environmental Science. David married Tanya Marie Elsbury of Cedar Falls on 10 Aug 1991 and resides in Lakeville, MN. He is employed as a Systems Analyst at West Publishing Company in Eagan, MN and will complete his MBA in Dec or 1995 from St. Thomas University. They are expecting their first child in May 1966.

Womeldorf, Joan

(Lilly Womeldorf)

Joan Marie Womeldorf was born in Iowa City, IA. She came to be part of the Erlin and Lilly Womeldorf family 5 Jan 1965. She joined one brother, Roger Paul.

Joan's early life seemed full of accidents. First, she broke her ankle when she got her foot caught in the spokes of her brother's bicycle while being given a ride. The worst parts were getting the cast on, and then off — she screamed both times, but handled the inconvenience of having it on very well. Another time she accidentally locked herself in the bedroom and couldn’t open it again — her dad had to rescue her through a window. She also fell out of bed and cut her chin badly enough to require stitches. Another time she happened to walk by a ladder that was propped up against a corn crib her dad and brother were working on, and the wind took it, banging her on the head — more stitches.

Joan attended Decorah Public Schools, graduating from high school in 1982. While in junior high school, Joan went out for basketball, softball and tennis. She worked in the library and was a teacher’s aide in the grades. Joan began taking piano lessons the summer before first grade from Nora Hendrickson, and by the time she was in high school, she was taking lessons at Luther College from Dr. John Strauss. She also began cello lessons from Jeanette Spilde while in the sixth grade. By the time she was in high school, her music skills were very good and she was extremely busy accompanying for various occasions. She continued her education at Luther College, graduating in 1986 with a music major. While at Luther, she was first chair cello in the orchestra for three years, and was very busy taking piano lessons and accompanying. After Luther, Joan got her master’s degree from Western University of Illinois at Macomb, IL in music composition in 1988. A special honor was when her composition was chosen for performance by the orchestra at WUI. Joan went on to Iowa City to the University of Iowa to complete her Ph.D. course work in music composition.

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Joan Marie Womeldorf 1982 High School Graduation

Since then, Joan has worked with the Minnesota Opera, playing a synthesizer for their national opera tour of “Don Giovanni,” and piano for many mini-tours in the Twin Cities area. She continues to need other employment in the off-season, and accompanies musicals in the area, works as musical director, and does temporary work. She has had full-time employment with fabric stores as their managers, and at the present time is working for Mill End in Burnsville. She lives in Golden Valley and continues to enjoy the Twin City area.

Womeldorf, Lewis Nelson and Aasine (Anderson)

(Frances M. Jeffers)

Lewis Nelson Womeldorf born 5 Nov 1862 in Pleasant Twp. was the son of Winneshiek Co. pioneers, David and Mary (Smith) Womeldorf. He attended the rural school in


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