both dairy and beef herds plus feeder cattle. David is a Lector and Communion distributor at St. Benedict's Catholic Church. He also serves on the Farm Service Board of Directors and the Winneshiek County Dairy Council. In his leisure time David loves to ski.

Wise, Dick and Julie (Burnside)

(Madelyn Wise)

Dick Anthony Wise is the son of Wilbur and Madelyn (Willson) Wise. He grew up on the family farm east of Locust in Pleasant Twp. While he was growing up Dick was active in 4-H. He graduated from Decorah High School in 1987 and attended Ellsworth Junior College, Iowa Falls, IA for a year. In high school Dick was tri-captain for the football team and went to state 2 years in wrestling.

Dick now farms with his brother David in Pleasant Twp. He also does custom baling and has a beef herd and feeder cattle.

Dick married Julie Burnside on 27 Jul 1992 at St. Benedict’s Catholic Church, Decorah. Julie received her undergraduate degree from the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls in May 1992 and her graduate degree in speech pathology in May 1994.

Dick and Julie have a son, Sawyer Wilbur, born 20 Jun 1995. Dick and Julie live on a farm in Sec. 10, Pleasant Twp. Julie is a Speech Pathologist for Keystone Area Education Agency. Dick enjoys hunting and fishing in his free time.

Wise, Sylvester and Ida (Peterson)

(Patricia Wise Hutchison)

Bio Photo  

Sylvester and Ida Wise 50th Wedding Anniversary December 15, 1970

Samuel "Sylvester" Wise was born 14 Feb 1896 on the family farm in Sec. 16, Pleasant Twp., Winneshiek Co. He was the 15th and youngest child of Samuel and Catherine (Baird) Wise. The family called him Sylvester because his father and grandfather before him also were named Samuel. Sylvester attended a rural school in Pleasant Twp. and Valders' Business College, Decorah. He served in the Army (Casualty Detachment #38-163rd Depot Brigade) in World War I. He was stationed in Ft.

Robinson, NE; Camp Dodge, IA; and Hell's Gate Depot, NH. He was stationed at Camp Dodge during the flu epidemic of 1918. According to Sylvester so many men died “the bodies were stacked like cord wood.” Sylvester married Ida Caroline Peterson 15 Dec 1920 at her parent’s home in Pleasant Twp. Ida was born 15 Jun 1896 in Pleasant Twp. She was the oldest child of Julius and Julia (Kjerland) Peterson. Ida was educated in a rural school in Pleasant Twp. and Valders' Business College, Decorah. She worked as a secretary in Chicago for 6 years before she was married.

Sylvester and Ida were blessed with 4 children: Eleanor Jean (b. 26 Jul 1922, m. Melvin Jacobsen), Katherine Mae (29 Jul 1926-24 Mar 1995, m. Duane Fouchea), Patricia Ann (m. Clifford Hutchison) and Warren Samuel (m. Shirley Ruroden). Sylvester and Ida spent their life farming on the farm where Sylvester was born. His grandfather had filed a claim on the land in 1855 and moved his family there in 1856 from Illinois. Sylvester raised hogs, sheep, and had a milking herd. Field work was planting and harvesting corn, oats, and hay (clover and alfalfa). Sylvester was active in the Rural Electrical Association which brought electricity to farms in the area during the 1930’s. He also was a leader in the use of soil conservation methods in farming, such as: contour plowing and tree planting and helped organize the Winneshiek County Soil Conversation Association. He had a dam built on his farm by the Civilian Conservation Corps to control a big ditch eroding through the farm. Sylvester also was a member of the Farm Bureau and the Elks.

Ida cared for their four children plus an invalid sister-in-law (Elizabeth Wise) and a “mentally challenged” brother-in-law (Isaiah Wise) who also lived on the homeplace. She helped with the milking, took care of the chickens, planted a large garden and canned. Canning consisted of canning meat from butchered hogs; vegetables from the garden; making sauces such as: applesauce, gooseberry sauce, and ground cherry sauce; and jams from plums and blackberries. During the 1940's and 50’s Ida actively worked to raise funds in Pleasant Twp. for the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis to fund research to find a cure for infantile paralysis. Sadly, every summer infantile paralysis (more commonly known as polio) crippled or took the lives of many children and adults. Ida had lost her half-sister, Laura, to infantile paralysis. She often donated the money she earned selling eggs to the fund raising drive. By the mid-1950’s a vaccine had been developed and all school age children were vaccinated against infantile paralysis.

Sylvester and Ida were members of the Congregational Church in Decorah when the children were small. After their family was grown they joined the Canoe Ridge Lutheran Church. Entertainment for Sylvester and Ida was visiting with relatives and neighbors, listening to the radio, reading, and playing cribbage. They never took a vacation in their lives as they had to stay on the farm to milk the cows and feed the chickens.

Sylvester and Ida sold the farm in 1969 and moved to Decorah. Sylvester died 7 Aug 1979. Ida died 6 Oct 1980.


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