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Robert Roy “Robbie” and Joseph Roy Joey". All are very active in their Lutheran churches in the Twin Cities. (See Wilkins, Clarence & Violet Vick)

Wilkins, Clarence Olton and Violet (Vick)

(Charlotte Wilkins Lee)

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Violet was born 28 Dec 1901 to Tollif and Anna Vick in her Aunt Mary’s house on Washington Street, a block from Rural Ave. in Decorah. The Vicks lived near 711 Vernon St. Violet “Vickie” would go from door to door selling cream from the cows her parents pastured on their property on the hillside behind their house. Vickie loved to play in the park. During high school she and her friends would gather to have a breakfast of bacon and eggs cooked over one of the gas stoves the park provided in the shelters. When Violet graduated form Minneapolis Business College she worked as assistant chief telephone operator for Northwestern Bell in Decorah.

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Clarence Olton, born 8 Jun 1903 in Murray, IA, was working for the telephone company in Decorah as a lines man when he met Violet. Due to ill health he had to change vocations and became a barber. He was working in Traer, IA when Violet and he were married on 7 Jun 1926. After a short time they moved to Rockville, NE and were there about a year. Moving back to Decorah Clarence worked in Ed Herwig’s Barbershop. WWII came and he worked in the Ankeny, IA Ammunition Factory, commuting to Decorah every 3 or 4 months. After the war he worked at the Bucknell Barbershop until he and Harry Grindeland opened the Grand Barbershop on the corner of the Grand Theater. Clarence always had a huge garden and milked goats for several years. In retirement he had a garden not only in Decorah but also at Battle Lake, MN where they had a cottage. Both were kept almost weedless.

Violet and Clarence made their home with her mother Anna at 507 Mechanic Street and cared for her until she passed away in 1938. Violet and Clarence had 5 children: Clarence Harvey, Rosalie, George, and twins Charlotte and Charlene. George Franklin was born 28 Dec 1933 and died 18 Mar 1934 from whooping cough. In 1940 they moved to 408 Jefferson Street. They lived there until the early 60's when they moved to Pearl Street. They built a house across from the radio station in the country.


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