ters were: Henry, Gideon, Rebecca, Mary, Rachel and Julia.

Henry and Lydia were married 3 Nov 1852 in Charlotteville, Norfolk Co., Ontario, Canada.

Bio Photo

Henry Winters White

They had 9 children: Nathaniel, Clarinda, Julia Matilda, Samuel, Charity, Emma, Eber, Ernest and Hiram Winford. All the children were born in Simco, Norfolk Co. Nathaniel Winters (b. 14 Feb 1854) married Eleanora Blanche Lindstrom (b. 12 Apr 1869 near Jefferson, IA), the daughter of August and Mary Bertha (Hollum) Lindstrom. Nathaniel and Eleanora were married 4 Apr 1894 in Sioux Falls, SD. They had 5 children, born in Canistota, SD: Mary Elizabeth, Alice May, Jennie Rebecca, Nancy Elise and Marie Jane. Nathaniel died 25 Aug 1934 and Eleanora died 4 Feb 1930, both in Canistota. They are buried in Riverside Cemetery. Clarinda Catherine (b. 9 Sep 1855) married William Philemas Shear 22 Mar 1875. They had 5 children: Hattie, Mabel, Emma, Ernest W., and Lydia. Ernest Wesley was born in 1887 in Canistota, SD. He married Ada Vande Wall in 1916. Their children are: Randall, Hazel, Ruth, Henrietta and Wesley. Ernest died in 1959. Clarinda died 7 Jul 1932 and William died in 1937 as the result of a buggy accident. Both are buried at Riverside Cemetery near Canistota. Julia Matilda (see Nathaniel Banning storvl. Samuel Henrv fb. 25 May 1859) married Ina J. Vance 15 Mar 1885. Their children are: Ward, Wayne, Bessie, Everett, Esther and Ethel. Samuel died 10 Jan 1905 and Ina died 12 Aug 1934. Both are buried in Riverside Cemetery. Charity Rebecca (b. 18 Apr 1861) married James Arthur Goforth 27 Mar 1892 in Canistota. Their children are: baby boy (died in infancy), Clara, Edith and Lois. Charity died 3 Jul 1931 and James died 7 Jul 1928. Both are buried in the Masonic Cemetery in Barnard, MO. EmmaE. (see David Banning story). Eber Weslev (b. 25 Dec 1864) married Frances Adeline Grandy 25 Dec 1891 in Canistota. Their children are: Florence, Charles, Henry, Edith, Roy, Clifford, Oliver, Earl, Elsie and Orval. Frances died 25 May 1970 and Eber died 24 Jul 1945. They are both buried in Riverside Cemetery.

Ernest Ephraim (b. 1 Nov 1866) married Minnie Adeline Weiland 21 Mar 1896 in Canistota. Their children were: Jane and Benjamin. Ernest died 3 Jun 1932 and Minnie died 20 Apr 1952. Both were buried in Riverside Cemetery. Hiram Winford (b. 9 Oct 1868) died 27 May 1883 near Sioux Falls. He is believed to be buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Sioux Falls.

Henry died 1 Aug 1907 and is buried in Riverside Cemetery. Lydia died 6 Oct 1869 and is buried in Potts Cemetery, Norfolk Co. Henry and the nine children came to Winneshiek Co. in 1869.

Wicks, Claude and Olive (Olson)

(Marvin Wicks)

Claude Edmund Wicks was born 15 Jan 1892 at Hay Springs, NE to John and Evaline (Burrows) Wicks. He was the second of 6 children and the only child not born in Winneshiek Co. As a teenager he returned to Hay Springs and spent the summer there with cousins. They had many horses and it was the boys’ job to break them to ride. Claude stated if you could stay on them for one ride they were considered “broke." As a young man he became a school teacher and taught in the Chase School in Hesper Twp. Claude and his horse Jeff were frequent visitors at the Frank Nash farm where Olive Olson worked and at her home which was next to the Wicks’ farm.

Claude and Olive Gertrude Olson were married 16 Apr 1913 at the home of her parents, Peter and Mary Julia (Emery) Olson. Peter and family had moved to a farm 2 1/2 miles west of Burr Oak. Attendants at the wedding were Claude’s brother Roscoe and Olive’s sister Lottie. Olive was born 19 Feb 1894 in one of the stone houses along the river in Bluffton.

Bio Photo

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Wicks

After the honeymoon trip by train they made their first home in Burr Oak. Olive recalled watching the neighbors’ coyote catch chickens. Although tied to a tree the animal would leave slack in its chain so it could jump on the bird. Claude was teaching at Lost Nation School and they soon moved to the farm with his parents and family. Probably in the spring of 1914 they moved to the Mary Stewart farm, 20 acres in the southeast corner of Section 1, Bluffton Twp. In that same year they purchased land from


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