Angel, OR. Julie is a Park Ranger at Silver Falls State Park in Sublimity, OR. Julie has one daughter Kara Brooks Whalen 1987. Kara was placed for adoption 1 Jul 1987. Julie is single.

Joyce died 27 Feb 1982 and is buried at Cumberland. Jim married Bessie Louise (McCarty) Warner 20 Jul 1995. Bess was born at Caddott, Wl to Robert Kimball and Hilda Marie (Christopherson) McCarty. Bess was the widow of Robert Wesley Warner. She and Robert had 7 children. Bess drove an Augusta school bus for 23 years and retired in 1995.

Wheatman, Henry — Family

(Roger Wheatman)

In 1854 five young Englishmen from the farming area of Lincolnshire, England, came to the United States. They came to the Midwest and settled on plots of land between Decorah and Calmar, IA. These young men were to become the founders of the Wheatman, Vine, Yarwood and Pickford families in this area. Henry Wheatman was one of these men and he homesteaded some land in the northeast corner of Calmar Twp. about 5 miles south of Decorah. In 1857, after getting his farm established, he sent back to England for his bride. He met Maria Daniels in New York State and they were married at South Alabama, Genesee Co., New York on 2 Aug 1857.

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Henry Wheatman

They were successful farmers and raised a family of 6 children. Henry was born in 1828 and lived a long life, dying in 1919 at age 91. Marie was born in 1836 and passed away in 1892 at age 55.

Mary (1858-1943) married William Lambert and they had 4 children. Alice did not marry. Cora married Martin Helseth and they had one daughter Edna Mae. She married Mike McCarthy and they had no children. Charles married but had no children. Hazel married Gerhart Steine and they had no children.

Robert (1860-1937) at one time was Decorah’s city marshal. He married Mary Nelson and they had 2 daughters. Lenora married Harry Edwards and they had no children. Mildred married Charles Busch and they had one son John. John married Barbara Layfield and they had 2 boys Charles and Michal.

Richard (1862-1957) was a farmer and married Rachel Fristad and they raised a family of 10 children. Clara (1887-1948) married Hartvik Numedahl and they had 2 sons Raymond and Vernon. Raymond married Margaret Bullerman and they had 5 children: Karen, Ronald, Robert, Cheryl and Randall. Vernon married Velma Staley and they had 3 children: Gail Marie, Larry and Edith. Mabel E. was born in 1889 and died at the age of 2. Herbert (1890-1968) did not marry. He sen/ed in the army in France during World War I. Ernest (1892-1985) married Alice Numedahl and they had one daughter Verdis who married Forest Little. They had 2 boys Thomas and Donald. Ralph (1894-1966) did not marry. Robert (1896-1930) married Selma Twenge and they had one son Roger. Roger married Frances Erickson and they had one daughter Patricia. Frances died in 1981 and in 1982 Roger married Muriel Nicholson. Mabel (1899-1975) married Elmer Numedahl. They had 2 children Esther and Kenneth. Esther (1921-1994) was ill most of her life and did not marry. Kenneth married Bertha Simenson and they have 2 children Gary and Laurie. Stella (b. 1901) married Clarence Numedahl. They had one son Richard who was killed in World War II. He was a First Lieutenant and the navigator on a bomber that was shot down over Germany. Shortly before going overseas he married Audrey Thompson but they had no children. Ethel (b. 1903) married Ernest Hagen and their only child died shortly after she was born. Walter (1906-1936) died at the age of thirty and did not marry. One of the unusual aspects of this family is that three of Richard and Rachel's daughters married three Numedahl brothers and one of the sons married a cousin of the three brothers.

Almond (1868-1967) was a farmer and married Bertha Fristad, a sister of Richard’s wife Rachel. Since 2 brothers married 2 sisters all of their children were double cousins. Almond and Bertha raised 3 children. Aimer (1885-1992) married Emma Vick and they had 3 children. Elsie married Elmer Neste and they had one son Dale. Alvin married Charlotte Hillberg and they had 3 children. Alan married Marie Stull, Gregory married Cathy Cawn and Beth married Mike Thul. Helen married Lyle Gilbertson and had 2 children. Carolyn married Ronald Gutteberg and Carl married Marliz Riley. Myrtle (1893-1985) married Joseph Flaskerud and they raised 3 girls. Arlene married Louis Tveter and they had 3 children: Janelle, David and Lou Ann. Pearl married Gerald Gilbertson and they had no children. Ruth married Lester Branhagen and they had 4 children: Richard, Julie, Diane and Alan. Beatrice (1905-1995) married John Luzum and they had no children.

George (1874-1949) did not marry.

John (1877-1951) married Anna Klemma and they had one daughter. Grace (1892-1978) married Edwin Gross and they had no children.

The Wheatman family has been proud of the fact that many members have lived long lives. Starting with the


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