Allamakee Co. Theodore J. was born 7 Mar 1861 in Allamakee Co. and died 9 Apr 1937 in Manitoba, Canada. On 25 Dec 1897 he married Sylvia Stahl. Sylvia was born 31 Jul 1871 in Michigan and died 28 Aug 1929 in Allamakee Co. They had 5 sons and 2 daughters.

Henrietta died 31 Jan 1892; William died 23 Dec 1901. Both died at Forest Mills and are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Waukon, Allamakee Co.

Wermager, Orville and Palma (Casterton)

(Myrtle Noecker)

Bio Photo

Palma and Orville Wermager 25th Wedding Anniversary

Palma Augusta Casterton was the 2nd child born to Josiah and Augusta Casterton. Her birth happened in a rather unusual way 18 Feb 1917. Her mother was visiting her mother-in-law Prudence Casterton who lived about 3 miles away and Palma decided it was her birthday - so she was born at the home of her grandmother.

Palma was educated in the rural one-room school where her older sister and in later years her younger siblings also went to school. She graduated from Decorah High School in 1934. Palma worked for L Tatro Co. in Decorah, and in 1936-37 taught at the Kenyon School in Winneshiek Co. She became a nurse receiving her R.N. in 1941 at the Kayier School of Nursing in Rochester, MN. She was hired as administrator of the old Spring Grove Hospital for 2 years.

Palma married Orville Wermager 20 Jun 1942 and along with her many nursing duties she helped her husband on his farm near Spring Grove where he had lived all his life. Orville graduated from Spring Grove High School in 1933 and was a Pioneer Seed Sales Representative for 28 years. In 1962 Palma and other R.N.’s provided full R.N. coverage for licensing the newTweeten Memorial Hospital in Spring Grove, MN. In 1964 she became blind, ending her nursing career.

Orville and Palma discontinued farming and moved to an apartment in Decorah in 1973. Orville worked for the Decorah Feed Store and later for Wheatman Cleaners for 11 years. In Feb 1989 Palma fell and because she needed additional care was admitted to the Eastern Star Home in Decorah where she passed away 13 Jun 1994.

H. Weselmann & Sons

(Martha (Weselmann) Huinker)

Henry Weselmann was born in Hamburg, Germany 15 Dec 1868. He came to America in 1885 at the age of 17. He spent some time working in Elkader to pay for his passage to America. Henry moved to Calmar in 1891 and started a meat market and stock buying business in partnership with G.A. Meyer.

In 1896 Henry terminated his business relationship with Mr. Meyer and formed a new partnership with Ernest Herr. Henry sold meat from a small horse drawn wagon which he operated on a schedule no matter what the weather. He was remembered long after the “route” was discontinued because of the delicacies, such as bologna, which he always carried with him and passed out freely. In 1907 Henry and his partner built the brick building on the main street in Calmar which was one of the largest meat markets in northeast Iowa. Following Mr. Herr’s death, Jacob Becvar became Henry’s partner until 1942. At that time Henry’s 2 sons, Ralph and Alvin, became his partners under the name of H. Weselmann & Sons. Following Ralph's death in 1952, Lester Numedahl leased the business for some time. Alvin and Ralph’s son, Loren, operated the business together for a while. Then Loren took over the operation. During this time the business was known as the Weselmann Market. The meat market was particularly well known for its dried beef and ring bologna. The business consisted of a retail store in Calmar, a wholesale delivery route which served several grocery stores and markets in the area as well as it own slaughtering facility. The meat market had several employees. Loren closed the business in 1972/73. The Weselmann name still remains in the marble floor of the building in Calmar which in recent years housed a flower shop and now a thrift shop.

Henry Weselmann married Zetta Elizabeth Robbins 10 Apr 1898 at Calmar. She was born 19 Jul 1868 at Columbus, Wl. She had come to Calmar to care for her grandparents, the Henry Millers.

Henry and Zetta became the parents of 6 children: Ralph Otto (b. 19 Jan 1899) married Gertrude Boe 3 Nov 1923. Ralph and Gertrude had 3 children: Roger; Loren Dale; and Martha Elizabeth. Roger married Delores Bratkovic; they have 3 children: Dennis, Randal Charles and Brian David (m. Terry). Loren married Joanne Wangsness; they have 4 children: Kevin Dale, Karla, Kathy Lynn and Loren. Kevin married Sharon; they have 2 children: Emily and Anna Ruth. Karla married Steve Brown. Kathy married Greg Vick; they have 2 children: Andy and Katy. Loren, Jr. married Helen Weiss 24 Jul 1982. Martha married David L. Huinker; they have 4 children: Zetta Martha, Clark David, Doreen Sue and Karwyn Colene. Zetta married Ed Pilch; they have 2 children: Courtney Leah and Evan Samuel. Clark married Laura Smith; they have 2 sons: Jacob and Cole. Doreen married Tracy Blackmer. Doris


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