now employed at Deco Products, Inc. David married Marcella Marie Hartman, daughter of Raymond and Patricia Hartman on 13 Jul 1974 at the Holy Cross Catholic Church in Minneapolis. They have two sons, Tyler John and Matthew Lee. Roger works in the community through Spectrum Industries. He has never married. Wesley attended NIACC (North Iowa Area Community College) in Mason City, IA from 1976-77. He continued his education at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, IA. In the summer of 1978 (through the Iowa Regents Study Program Abroad), he studied German at the University of Vienna, Austria. Wesley is employed at Mid-American Energy Co. as a Systems Analyst in Sioux City. He married Rhonda Lynn Cain, daughter of George and Shirlee Cain on 11 Aug 1979 at Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Cherokee, IA. Wesley and Rhonda are the parents a daughter, Janee Marie.

Gladys graduated from Decorah High School in 1943. Walter graduated from Decorah High School in 1938. He served in the U.S. Navy from 27 Jun 1942 to 10 Oct 1945. He received the Bronze Star and was cited for exceptional service to his country. After he was discharged from the Navy, Walter and Gladys moved to the Wepler Farm north of Decorah on old Highway 52. Walter died 10 Nov 1979 and was buried in Phelps Cemetery.

Werhan, Augustus (Henry) and Emma (Segrist)

(Regina Ann Carolan Wilkens)

When the Werhans came to the U.S., the German spelling of Wehrhahn — Wehrehan — Werhane was changed to the English spelling ‘‘Werhan’’. The Werhans - the relatives on my mother's side of the family - came from Hanover Bekum, Pine, Germany. They first came to Cook Co., IL.

The first known Werhans were Hans and Anna (Kruiis) both born in the year 1650 in Algermissen. They were married, lived and died in Germany. They had a son, Henri (Henning) Wehrhahn, born 4 Jan 1685 and died 2 Mar 1745, Algermissen, Germany. Henri was married 9 Apr 1714 to Anna Maria Weythoph (Weytkopf) of Algermissen, Westphalia, Germany. They lived in Harsum, Germany. He was a swine herder. Both died in Germany. Their son Johann Hinrich Werhane, was born in Harsum 29 Mar 1732 and died 29 Mar 1779. Johann married in 1764 in Equord Exaudi, Westphalia, Germany. He married Anna Maria Klinge of Equord who was born 31 Mar 1741 and died 27 Dec 1818. Johann was a day laborer. Both died and are buried in Germany.

Johann and Anna Maria’s son, Johann Berend Heinrich Werhane, was born 1 Jan 1779 and died 30 May 1825. He was a linen weaver. He married Anna Maria Rowohlt (28 Apr 1782-7 Jan 1848) in 1814. She was renamed Dorothea Elizabeth Rodewald. Both are buried in Germany.

Their son, Heinrich Christoph Wehrhan (renamed William H.C. Werhan when he came to the U.S.) was born 14 Mar 1815 in Bekum, Germany. He died 23 Dec 1901 at Forest Mills, Allamakee Co., IA. He married Anna Dorothea Henrietta Reiss on 2 Jul 1839. She was born

20    Jul 1814 in Duttenstedt, Westphalia, Germany; she died 31 Jan 1892 at Forest Mills. Both are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Waukon, Allamakee Co. William and Anna migrated to Cook Co., IL near Chicago in 1849.

Anna Dorothea Henrietta Reiss’ father was Johann Heinrich Christoph Reiss and died 6 Sep 1842 in Pine, Germany. Johann married Use Marie Linneman of Siersse, Germany. Use died 2 Apr 1854. Her grandfather was Johann Christian Reiss who was born and died in Germany. Johann married Johanna Sophia Witters on 27 Apr 1777.

Henry Augustus ‘Aug” Werhan was born 31 Dec 1849 in Cook Co., IL near Chicago. His parents were William and Henrietta (Reiss) Werhan. Augustus died 15 Dec 1896, age 47. He was married 14 Mar 1875 to Emma "Em” Segrist. Emma was born 17 Mar 1861 in Winneshiek Co, IA and died 4 Oct 1931, age 70, at Cresco, IA. Both Augustus and Emma are buried in Oak Lawn Cemetery, northeast of Cresco. Emma's parents were Lewis Segrist who was born in 1835 in Canada and died 27 Jan 1902. Lewis was married on 31 Aug 1857 to Mary Ann Joyce. Mary Ann was born 29 Sep 1842 in Indiana and died 26 Nov 1923. Both Lewis and Mary Ann are buried in Minert Cemetery, Post Twp., Postville, IA. Mary Ann was married at the age of 14. They had 10 children which they raised in a small log house on a 40 acre farm in Post Twp., Allamakee Co., IA.

After Augustus died, Emma married Phillip L. Gordanier on 2 Sep 1912. Phillip was born 12 Apr 1849 in Canada and died 5 February 1927, age 77. He is buried in Hardin Cemetery, Hardin, IA.

Augustus and Emma Werhan had 5 sons and 2 daughters: Darwin L. (29 Feb 1876-19 Jul 1969) was married 21 Nov 1899 to Mary Jane Healy (7 Nov 1874-25 Oct 1960). (Note: The year 1876 was a leap year.) Mary Henrietta (16 Sep 1877-8 Nov 1924) was married 12 Sep 1906 to Dennis Patrick Horn (16 Jun 1878-20 Mar 1947). Both are buried at St. Benedict’s Catholic Cemetery, Decorah, IA. They had 3 daughters. Charles Eli (Jerry) (5 Dec 1879-3 Oct 1945) was married 24 Sep 1907 to Catherine Ellen Horn (25 Nov 1876-11 Nov 1947). Both are buried at St. Benedict’s Catholic Cemetery. They had 2 sons. Henry Levi (Lee) (15 Oct 1882-31 Mar 1960) was married 26 Dec 1906 to Helga Amilie Westby (13 Sep 1885-13 Jun 1965). Both are buried at Oak Lawn Cemetery. They had 2 sons and 4 daughters. Bert Augustus (10 Mar 1886-17 Jun 1941) was married 4 Dec 1907 to Tilda S. Albertson (6 Dec 1885-15 Mar 1981). Both are buried in Oak Lawn Cemetery. They had 1 son and 2 daughters. Cleora Annetta (Nettie) (19 Dec 1887-15 Jan 1965) was married 14 Sep 1910 to Louis C. Gatherman (28 Jan 1882-10 Jul 1944). They are buried in Iroquois Cemetery, Webb, IA. They had 4 sons and 2 daughters. Edward Andrew (Ed) (4 Aug 1890-7 Dec 1956) was married 25 Jun 1913 to Rose C. Rouch (22 Mar 1896-5 Sep 1971). Both are buried at Aspen Grove Cemetery, Burlington, IA. They had 2 sons and 1 daughter.


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