Ward, Fay R.

(Fay R. Ward)

I, Fay R. Ward, was born 17 Nov 1917 in Crawford Co., Wl. My parents were Levi R. Ward (16 Nov 1894-May 1966) and Flora (Young) Ward (21 Mar 1897-5 Dec 1956). They were married 7 Apr 1915. I have 2 sisters and one brother: Helen V. (b. 16 Dec 1922) married C. Roscoe Hansen on 10 Jun 1941. They live in Fennimore, Wl. Gyneth E. (b. 7 Oct 1927) married Clarence Wheeler on 23 Oct 1945. They live in Aledo, IL. Emil D. married Shirley House on 12 Jun 1954.

Bio Photo

Front row: Parents Flora (Young) and Levi R. Ward.
Second row: Emil and Gyneth, Helen and Fay R.

We lived on a farm in Crawford Co. I attended grade school in a one-room school in Pasey Valley near Steuben, Wl graduating from the 8th grade in 1933.1 then attended 4 years of high school at Wauzeka, Wl graduating 4 Jun 1937.

I farmed with my Dad for 4 years and then married Sadie Y Copas on 12 Feb 1941 at Wauzeka. Sadie was born 8 Jul 1920 in Wauzeka. In 1942 we purchased a dairy farm in Cytron Valley near Steuben. We farmed for 10 years and then sold the farm in 1952. I learned the cheese making trade and made cheese until I retired 29 Jul 1977.1 came to Iowa 1 Jul 1959 to manage the Central City, IA Farmer’s Dairy Co-op. Later I worked at Ryan, IA Dairy Co-op. On 1 Jul 1962 I became a manager/ cheese maker for the Frankville Farmer's Dairy Co-op for 15    years. In 1975 we had the grand champion cheese in the State of Iowa.

Sadie Y and I became the parents of 4 children: Kevin married Donna McKenna on 28 May 1966. They have 2 sons: Kevin, Jr. and Kris. Kevin, Jr. married Johanna Fisher on 11 Aug 1990. They have one son, Adam. Kris married Wendy Hobbs on 9 Feb 1991. Kris and Wendy have had 2 sons: Kristopher (died in infancy) and Kris, Jr.. Karen married Kenneth Comley on 1 Jan 1961. They have 3 children: Brian, Gina and Darrin. Brian is unmarried. Gina married Dennis Betzer on 19 Apr 1980. They have 3 children: Dustin, Sasha and Shannon. Darrin married Laura Wilson on 3 Jun 1985. They have 3 children: Kathlyne, Heather and Christopher. Karen and Kenneth divorced and Karen later married Arlan Carter. Shane married Jennifer Hammel on 8 Dec 1973. They have no children. Robin Duane was born and died 13 Dec 1956.

Sadie Y died 18 Jun 1976. On 14 Oct 1978 I married Sadie (Borseth) Lensch. She was born 11 Jan 1920. We live in our home at Frankville, IA. We are now enjoying retirement. Sadie and I pass our time working in our vegetable garden and our many flower gardens. We enjoy visiting our children and their families.

Ward, Sadie (Borseth)

(Sadie Ward)

I, Sadie Borseth, was born in Winneshiek Co. on 11 Jan 1920. My parents were Carl and Ida (Erickson) Borseth. We lived on a farm in Springfield Twp. I went to a one-room school, Hamre No. 6, for 8 years and graduated from the 8th grade. I can still remember the freshly baked loaves of bread and cinnamon rolls that came out of the oven as we came home from school. Sometimes there was the big churn on 4 legs standing in the kitchen. That meant Mom had just finished churning butter and we would have a slice of fresh bread with butter and jam or peanut butter. Yum-yum! I enjoyed country life. We picked corn with a husking peg on our hand. We would each take 2 rows at a time. We would husk the corn and throw it into the wagon which was pulled by a team of horses. Dad would say “giddy-up" and the horses would pull the wagon a little ways - just far enough for us to throw each ear in the box - and then he would say “Whoa" and the horses would stop. I always helped pick corn. The corn was unloaded into the crib.

I had 5 brothers and one sister. Aria (b. 11 Mar 1921) and her husband, Lester Hirsch, live at Charles City, IA. Lester served our country in the military and now is a farmer and carpenter. Norman (b. 10 May 1923) and his wife, Lillian Peterson (b. 20 Feb 1920) live in Decorah.

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Fay and Sadie Ward


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