in Canton, IL to Glenn Edward and Karen Elizabeth Dent Potter. Michael and Ann met during Nordic Fest of 1992    at the Clarksville Diner where Ann was working in the diner’s first summer of operation. Mike was brought in by two Amish friends from Canton, MN who thought that he needed a “good woman.” Mike was not about to be set up and Ann knew nothing of the Amish men's plans.

Both Mike and Ann were surprised to like each other a whole lot and both changed many plans to stay together in the area which had become dear to both of them. Mike and Ann were married a little over a year later on 5 Sep 1993 at the Washington Prairie Lutheran Church just outside of Decorah. Ann is the manager of student work at Luther College and has been active in several community affairs. Michael is accomplished at house siding, plumbing and is now pursuing the work he was trained to do - trimming and caring for trees - with the Brinks Tree Service of Waukon.

Ann and Mike have settled in a quaint old house on Maple Avenue in Decorah north of the Montgomery Mansion and once the home of Monnie Whalen, a long time teacher in the Decorah Schools.

Wander, George and Caroline (Mueller)

(Caroline Wander)

Bio Photo  

Left to right, standing: Ron Soppe, Debra (Wander) Soppe, Suzanne (Wander) Merrick, Randal Merrick.
In front: George and Caroline Wander.

George John Wander was born 20 Jun 1921 in Bloomfield Twp., Winneshiek Co. to John George Wander and Christina Michel Wander. John George Wander was born on 17 Nov 1869 in Clayton Co., IA. His father, Georgies Wander, was French, and had emigrated to the United States after serving in the French Army. His mother was Frances Light Wander. John George Wander married Christina E. Michel who was born 3 Oct 1882 in Buffalo, NY 4 Apr 1904. In 1913 John George and Christina (Michel) Wander bought a farm in Bloomfield Twp. on the west edge of Castalia where they lived for the rest of their lives. Their children were Joseph, Jacob, Lloyd (1910-1916), Margaret, Phillip, and George John.

George John attended school at the Castalia Public School. He learned to be a farmer while working at home with his father and brothers. He served in the military for 3 years in the South Pacific during World War II.

George and Caroline Mueller were married 20 Aug 1946 at the West Clermont Lutheran Church in Clermont, IA, Fayette Co. Caroline was born 13 Nov 1923 at Farmersburg, Clayton Co., IA, the daughter of William H.F. and Leida (Ahlers) Mueller. After their marriage, George and Caroline bought the Wander home farm in Bloomfield Twp., Castalia and farmed there for 37 years. They have 2 daughters: Suzanne Kay and Debra Jean. Suzanne married Randal W. Merrick on 24 Sep 1966 at Anamosa, IA. They now live in Kentucky. Debra married Ronald Soppe on 23 Jun 1973 at Castalia. They farm in Clayton Co. and have one son, Derick Soppe.

George and Caroline have always been active members of the Zion Lutheran Church in Castalia. They have now sold their farm and are living in Postville, Alamakee Co., IA. They enjoy traveling.

Wangsness, Ellend and Martha (Tollefson)

(Hazel Wangsness and son Wayne Wangsness)

Ellend Wangsness (1874-1952), the son of Herman and Johannes (Wangsness) Wangsness, married Martha Tollefson (1878-1973) on 19 May 1897. Martha’s parents were Ole Tollefson Twenge and Berit Egge. (see Twenge story)

Ellend and Martha lived on several farms in northeast Iowa, including Ossian, Castalia, Jerico and Springfield Twp.

Once Ellend was returning from a day’s work on the Tollefson farm. He had received a chunk of meat for his work that day and was carrying it through the woods on his way home. A pair of wolves started shadowing him, getting closer and closer. Ellend knew it was no use to run and he did not want to give up meat because that was all the family had to eat that night. He made it to the edge of the woods before the wolves came for him and they gave up.

Ellend and Martha were the parents of 4 children: Bertha, Henry, Marie and Elmer. Bertha (1895-1988) married Richard Arness. They had 2 children: Ethel and Francis. Ethel (b. 1920) married Errol Felke. Their children are: Nanferd, Leon and Kathleen. Nanferd was a long distance mail trucker and married to Amy Tix and lived in Minneapolis. Nanferd is now married to Judy Swehla and lives on Highway 9 east of Decorah and works in Maintenance at Luther College. Leon is a United Parcel Service driver. He is married to Sandy Snitker and lives in Decorah. They have 3 daughters: Shelly, Kim and Kerry. Shelly married Peter McCaffrey. They had a son, Kalob and a daughter, Kaisha. Shelly is now married to Kevin Patten. Kathleen married Dale Worth. They had a daughter, Diane. Kathleen is now married to Michael Riley. Francis (b. 1922) married Irma Haugen. They have 2 children: Robert and Ruth. Robert lives with his parents. Ruth married Dennis Gerleman. Their


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