Vick, Tollif and Anna (Foss)

(Charlotte Wilkins Lee)

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Sadie Vick

Tollif (Toilet, Tolif, Tolef) was born 2 Feb 1860 in Winneshiek County. He married Anna Foss born 22 Jan 1859. They lived at or near 711 Vernon St., Decorah, IA. Tollif milked a couple of cows and owned the hillside behind the house for the cows to graze on. Tollif worked in the implement shop on Water Street. He was a volunteer fireman. During the first Luther College Main Bldg, fire he helped with the bucket brigade, handing buckets of water up from the river to put the fire out. He suffered from pneumonia after that and died suddenly of a heart attack while at work.

Anna was a great cook. She often helped Pip Qualley's wife when they served dinners to the many Luther students. Anna was an excellent seamstress. Anna and Tollif had 4 children: Arthur (See: Vick, Arthur); Sadie; a baby and Violet (See: Wilkins, Clarence).

Bio Photo

Tollif and Anna (Foss) Vick

Sadie (b. 11 May 1890 - d. 10 Oct 1912) had polio as a small child and was left crippled. She enjoyed writing and receiving post cards, hand work - rugs and embroidery- and making scrapbooks with greeting cards and items she found in magazines. Sadie sent and received many post cards.

Tollif died in July 1919. Anna sold the Vernon St. house and bought the house at 507 Mechanic St. Anna died from congestive heart failure 23 Apr 1938. They are buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in Decorah along with their infant child and Sadie. They were members of First Lutheran Church. (See: Vick, Tolleiv story) and (Foss, John story).

Vine, Theodore and Myrtle (Sharp)

(Marilyn Kallevang)

Theodore Julius Vine was born in Madison Twp., Winneshiek Co, IA on 4 Jul 1895, the son of Charles William and Emma (Istad) Vine. Charles was born in Winneshiek Co. 1 Nov 1860. Emma was born in 1869 in Vestre Slidre Norway. They were married in Winneshiek Co. about 1892 and had 3 sons: Theodore, Ernest and Clarence (d. as infant). When Emma died from tuberculosis at age 31, Charles married Lena Fristad. They had 2 sons: Clifford and Walter.

Bio Photo  

Theodore Vine family. Front row: Marilyn (Vine) Kallevang Myrtle, Robert, Theodore and Darrell.
Back row: Alvin, Harlan, Carleton and Eldon.
Photo was taken June 6, 1951, when Harlan and Carleton were home on furlough.

Theodore married Myrtle Evelyn Sharp (b. 21 Dec 1903, Canoe Twp.) on 10 Feb 1926. Myrtle was the daughter of Charles and Stella (Headington) Sharp who were married 27 June 1900 in Canoe Twp. Charles was born 17 Jun 1873, Canoe Twp., and Stella was born on 23 Dec 1879 in Winneshiek Co. The Sharps had 4 children: Myrtle, Lloyd, Kenneth and Marian.

Theodore and Myrtle had 7 children: Marilyn, Harlan, Carleton, Eldon, Alvin, Darrell and Robert. Marilyn attended rural Canoe Twp. schools. She began school in what is now the School-house Art Gallery in Burr Oak, IA. She graduated from the Decorah High School having taken the Normal Training Course. After teaching 3 years in rural schools, she married Durwin Kallevang 29 Aug 1948 in Decorah, IA. Their 3 children are: Gary, Steven and Joyce.

Harlan attended rural schools and Decorah High School. In 1948 he joined the


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